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Ashland accepted Victor and Adam's bid for Cyaxares. Adam found a text message Chelsea had sent to Sharon, pretending to be him. Rey collapsed. Amanda walked out on Devon after she found Elena's bracelet at his penthouse. Nate dumped Elena. Ashland became suspicious of Kyle and Tara.
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Ashland accepted Victor and Adam's bid for Cyaxares, Amanda walked out on Devon, and Nate dumped Elena
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Nikki forcefully sets boundaries for Adam Nikki forcefully sets boundaries for Adam
Monday, March 15, 2021

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria admitted to Billy that she was still in love with him. Billy asked Victoria how long she'd been aware of her feelings. Victoria immediately became distraught and cried that it had been a mistake to have mentioned it, admitting she'd lost control of her emotions. Victoria made it clear she didn't expect Billy to return the sentiment because he'd made it clear he was committed to Lily. Billy reminded Victoria that he'd asked her if she was ready for him to find happiness by moving on with Lily. Victoria assured Billy that she truly wanted what was best for him. Billy indicated he was open to discussing Victoria's feelings, but she became increasingly flustered and asked him to leave.

Traci stopped by Lily's office, hoping to share the names of writers she'd tapped for the media conglomerate's forthcoming fiction platform. After Traci asked about Billy, Lily mentioned Victoria's attempts to worm her way back into Billy's life. Lily acknowledged that Billy had a responsibility to maintain closeness with his young children, though it seemed Victoria was sometimes using the children as an excuse to monopolize Billy's time. Lily explained that Victoria had also become a competitor in a business deal, which had complicated both the deal and Billy's personal interactions with Victoria.

Traci pressed Lily to honestly share how she felt. Lily said she couldn't shake her suspicion that Victoria wasn't truly ready to let go of Billy. Traci suggested Lily let Billy know how deeply Victoria's frequent disruptions were upsetting her. Traci added that relationships couldn't thrive without complete honesty and trust. Traci left after Billy arrived.

Billy told Lily he'd ended up at Victoria's office, though he'd only intended to take a walk. Lily told Billy they should have a discussion about Victoria. Billy agreed, adding that the situation had become more complicated. Billy told Lily that Victoria claimed she'd placed a bid on Cyaxares Media to protect him because she feared Adam and Victor's aim was to acquire control of the company so they could use it against him. Fearing Billy would then retaliate, Victoria had hoped to prevent a war from breaking out yet again. Lily agreed that given all that had happened, Victoria had understandably stepped in to thwart an approaching train wreck.

Billy admitted he'd felt insulted because Victoria seemed to believe he was the same guy he'd always been. Lily said she'd known all along that Victoria still had feelings for Billy. Billy apologized to Lily for not having trusted her. Billy said Victoria had admitted she was still in love with him. Lily was taken aback to hear her suspicions were indeed true. Billy explained that Victoria had blurted out her feelings and had also insisted she had no expectation of Billy changing his feelings for Lily. Lily replied, "And you believed her?"

Billy told Lily he'd taken Victoria at her word when she'd said she didn't intend for him to change his feelings for her. Billy stressed that his feelings for Victoria were in the past, insisting that he loved Lily and didn't foresee anything coming between them. Lily replied, "Except maybe you." Lily said that Billy might not be as sure of his feelings for her as he believed he was. Billy insisted he knew his heart and his head and vowed that his heart belonged to Lily. Lily recalled her history with Cane and said that real love never died. Lily advised Billy to search his soul before they deepened their relationship.

As Adam served himself a cup of coffee, he boasted to Chelsea that things were about to turn around for them. Chelsea, remaining covertly immobile and mute in her wheelchair, thought to herself that Adam had no idea of the changes she had in mind. Adam informed Chelsea that Dr. Cavett would be stopping by, adding that he hoped to hear a good report. Adam mentioned the recent business meeting with Ashland Locke, noting how good it had been to have Victor by his side. Chelsea thought to herself that, once again, Adam sought to gain his father's approval while at the same time still pining for Sharon, despite Chelsea having stood by him and loved him through everything.

After Dr. Cavett arrived, Adam assured Chelsea that her improvement would put them closer to achieving their plans. Chelsea thought to herself, "Oh, please. You want me to stay immobile, powerless, so I can't get in the way of your affair with Sharon."

After Adam stepped out and before the doctor began the exam, Chelsea reminded herself to be careful not to disclose in any way that she'd been improving and could speak and move. After Dr. Cavett completed her exams, she expressed sorrow that Chelsea's improvement hadn't progressed as they'd hoped, though the doctor stressed that there were no set timetables for recovery. Chelsea thought to herself that the doctor had no idea what was really going on. After the doctor left, Chelsea was impressed that she'd fooled an expert. Chelsea wheeled herself to the coffee table, picked up Adam's tablet, and initiated a text message to Sharon.

Sharon called out to Rey after he momentarily passed out. Sharon was about to summon an ambulance when Rey roused. Rey insisted he didn't need an ambulance and asked how long he'd been unconscious. Sharon said it had only been a few seconds, but she was adamant that Rey should visit the emergency room to be checked out. Rey was pale and sweaty and suggested he'd caught a bug. Sharon recalled that Rey had earlier complained of dizziness, though she hadn't realized how bad he'd felt.

Rey admitted he'd become upset after his and Sharon's therapy session, though he doubted it was the reason for his chills and nausea, which he blamed on the leftovers he'd had for lunch. Sharon cried, "You scared me half to death." Rey was surprised that Sharon was so deeply concerned about his welfare. Sharon apologized for their disagreement and everything else they'd been going through. Rey suggested they take things, especially their counseling and the issues with Adam, one day at a time. Rey told Sharon that his sister's Cuban chicken soup could help. Sharon reluctantly left to pick up the soup while Rey stayed put and rested.

Sharon stopped by Society to pick up Lola's chicken soup for Rey. Sharon thanked Lola for being kind and supportive to Faith and for identifying the young person responsible for taking and sharing the photo used to bully Faith. Lola said she cared about Faith, adding that they were family. Recalling the photo of Adam kissing Sharon, Lola asked Sharon what was going on. Sharon assured Lola she loved Rey and admitted the situation with Adam was complicated.

Lola acknowledged that Rey was willing to fight for his and Sharon's marriage, so she hoped Sharon was, too. Sharon replied, "I promise you that I am." Sharon excitedly announced that she and Rey had attended their first counseling session together, though she admitted it had initially been difficult sharing her true feelings. Lola replied, "What matters is where you end up, right?" Sharon agreed, but Lola seemed uneasy after Sharon stepped out of the kitchen.

Adam met with Nikki at the Grand Phoenix. Nikki admitted she'd been surprised to learn that Victor had joined together with Adam, both personally and financially, to make a deal with Ashland Locke. Adam said he wasn't surprised to hear that Nikki wasn't pleased to learn that he and Victor were competing against Victoria. Nikki explained that her main concern was Adam's cozy new working relationship with Victor. Adam claimed Victor had made the decision, not him. Nikki said it was because Victor longed to believe he mattered to Adam as his father. Adam replied that his father did matter to him, especially after Victor had supported him when Chelsea had fallen ill and the rest of the family had turned their backs on them.

Nikki suggested Adam focus more on Chelsea instead of his pursuit of business deals. Adam insisted that running a company would make him a better father and husband. Nikki replied, "If you get the job. Personally, my money is on Victoria." Nikki reminded Adam how he'd repeatedly rebuffed Victor, and she insisted that she'd never forgive Adam for the anguish he'd caused for her husband, children, and grandchildren. Nikki added that whether or not Adam ended up running the media company, he should stick with his original plan to leave town after Chelsea recovered and be with their son. Nikki added that she had no doubt Chelsea would agree.

Adam ran into Sharon at Society as she was paying for her order of chicken soup. Adam explained that he'd stopped by for a drink while Chelsea was meeting with her doctor. Adam asked Sharon if she had a moment to meet with him, but she said she needed to return home. Adam pleaded for one minute, so Sharon agreed to listen while he insisted he had not taken the missing items from her home. Adam asked Sharon if she'd followed his suggestion and approached Rey about the missing items. Sharon said there was no need, adding that Rey wasn't petty enough to take the things Adam had given her.

Sharon took a few steps toward the door and paused when Adam inquired about Faith. Sharon cried, "You really want to push all my buttons today, don't you?" Adam said everything he did and said seemed to annoy her, even though his aim was to be honest and sincere. Sharon explained that Adam messed up her life, even when it wasn't his intention. Adam said it was the last thing he'd ever want to do. Sharon cut off the conversation and told Adam she had to leave. Adam seemed troubled after Sharon abruptly left.

After Sharon returned home, she called out to Rey. He didn't answer. Sharon heard her phone ping and checked her messages. Sharon was shocked to read a message she thought Adam had sent. It read, "I can't stop thinking of you. What I wouldn't do for us to be free." Rey entered and said, "You look upset. Something wrong?"

Sharon told Rey she was worried about him and passed along Lola's message for him to get well soon. Rey reported that he still felt nauseated and was experiencing chills, body aches, and fever. While Sharon was in the kitchen, heating a bowl of soup, Rey sat on the sofa, clutching his abdomen. When Sharon returned to the dining area with the soup, she found Rey curled up on the sofa, shivering beneath a throw. Rey said, "Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better." Sharon said she feared something was seriously wrong.

Chelsea was confused when Sharon didn't immediately reply to the text message she'd sent from Adam's phone number. Chelsea thought to herself that she'd been certain Sharon would respond to a message supposedly sent by the love of her life. Chelsea heard the door lock, so she immediately set down Adam's tablet and rolled herself back near the fireplace. Adam said he'd learned from Dr. Cavett that Chelsea hadn't made much progress. Chelsea blinked once to confirm.

Adam encouraged Chelsea not to give up because she would beat her condition. Chelsea thought to herself, "I've beat this already. Next, I'm going to beat you." After Adam suggested consulting a different doctor, Chelsea thought to herself that soon, she'd no longer be Adam's problem.

Nikki entered Victoria's office and reminded Victoria she'd neglected to forward information about some contracts they'd been working on. Victoria admitted she'd forgotten. Nikki asked Victoria why she was distracted, suggesting it had to do with awaiting word from Ashland Locke. Victoria mentioned that she'd failed to follow up on the contracts because Billy had stopped by. Nikki took a deep breath and replied, "Oh, well, that's what happened. What did he do this time?"

Nikki clarified and asked what had happened between Victoria and Billy. Victoria explained that she'd told Billy she'd placed a bid on Cyaxares Media to protect him from Victor and Adam. Victoria admitted she'd told Billy more than she should have, having expressed old feelings she fully intended to regain control of and manage going forward. Nikki commiserated about how difficult it was to do the right thing.

Victoria insisted that she and Billy were strictly friends and co-parents, so there was no reason to discuss it. Nikki replied, "You are a strong, powerful, independent woman, but that doesn't mean you have to build a fortress around yourself." Victoria bristled and insisted she hadn't. Nikki assured Victoria that it was okay to look back. Victoria, annoyed, claimed she'd take her mother's advice into consideration.

Amanda walks out on Devon Amanda walks out on Devon
Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Amanda stopped by Devon's penthouse to let Devon know she would be filing his donor agreement first thing in the morning. She informed him that she'd emailed him a copy, but she thought she should talk him through the changes in person to get his approval. He asked if she gave all her clients such special treatment, and she purred that she was only concerned with the needs of one particular client. Amanda glanced over at the strewn blankets and pillows on the couch and remarked that he needed a housekeeper. Devon flashed back to having sex with Elena. Amanda asked what had happened there.

Devon joked that Amanda had discovered one of his secrets -- that he was a slob when he was tired. He claimed that he'd spent a few late nights at the studio and passed out on the couch while listening to tracks, but he hadn't cleaned up yet. She imagined he was exhausted, but he said he'd been about to grab a beer. Devon stepped out to get brews for them, and Amanda began to tidy things up. She chattered about hearing more about what he was working on at the studio, but her expression darkened when she discovered a bracelet.

Devon returned to the room and found Amanda holding the bracelet. She explained that she'd found it when straightening up, and he surmised that Elena had dropped it the last time she'd been there. Amanda suspiciously inquired whether his ex-girlfriend stopped by a lot, and he replied that it didn't happen on a regular basis. Amanda recalled seeing Devon and Elena together and commenting how nice it was that they were still friends. Amanda thought it was clear that Elena needed a shoulder, since Nate had admitted that he and Elena had hit a rough patch. Devon feigned ignorance.

Amanda was convinced that Elena had a secret and that she had been commiserating with Devon about it. Amanda believed that it was time someone told her what was going on. Devon stammered that things had ended with Elena abruptly and acrimoniously, and he'd lashed out because he'd felt betrayed; however, he'd since taken a step back and realized that he'd played a part in what had happened. Devon cited all the time he and Amanda had spent together before Elena had cheated with Nate, but Amanda protested that she and Devon had only bonded platonically.

Devon pointed out that it had seemed like more than friendship to Elena, and he couldn't say she had been wrong, given the direction his relationship with Amanda had taken. Devon admitted that there were unresolved issues between him and Elena that they were working through, and Amanda demanded to know how. Devon referred to forgiving one another and understanding why and how things had gone wrong to avoid dragging that baggage into their next relationships. Amanda wondered how concerned she should be about it.

Devon admitted that he'd made Elena out to be a selfish person who'd never cared about him or loved him, but he'd eventually realized it wasn't who she was. Devon insisted that what they'd had hadn't been meant to be, and he'd made peace with it because he hadn't wanted to keep hating her. He swore that he was ready to move on with Amanda, but he'd needed to have some closure. Amanda stated that she'd never thought of herself as a jealous person, and Devon swore that he hadn't meant to make her feel like that. He admitted that he was still working through some things he'd thought he'd already handled. Amanda coldly wished him luck, grabbed her things, and stalked out.

At the cottage, Sharon offered to get Rey some of Lola's soup, but he winced in pain and croaked that his legs and feet felt like they were on fire. She approached him, but he ordered her not to touch him. Sharon worried that something was very wrong, and she insisted that he seek medical attention before he got worse. Rey complained that she was overreacting, but she thought she was reacting the same way he would be if he were in her place. She refused to wait any longer to get help.

Elena entered Crimson Lights and touched her bare wrist. She flashed back to having sex with Devon at his penthouse. Nate called her name and asked if everything was okay, since it looked like she had a lot on her mind. He said he had time if she wanted to talk. Elena appreciated the offer but claimed that it wasn't something she could talk through. Nate recognized that things were strained between them, but he still wanted to know what was going on with her.

Nate's phone rang, and Elena urged him to take it. Nate answered the call, and Sharon pleaded for his help because Rey had been sick for hours and wouldn't go to the ER. Sharon hoped Nate would stop by, and he replied that he was on the way. Nate told Elena that he had to check on a patient, but he wanted to continue their conversation later because there was a lot they needed to talk about. He headed out.

Nate arrived at the cottage and asked Rey to describe his symptoms. Rey likened it to a stomach bug that had gotten 100 times worse. Sharon reported that Rey had experienced chills and dizziness before fainting. Rey added that it felt like his legs and feet were on fire, and Nate instructed Sharon to make a list of everything Rey had consumed that day. Sharon suspected it was something worse than food poisoning, and she shared that an online search had indicated that the problem might be neurological. Nate opted to run a blood test before jumping to any conclusions. Rey agreed to have Nate draw his blood and take it to the lab.

Later, after Nate left, Rey indicated that he was still feeling lousy. He apologized for "raising hell" about seeing a doctor when Sharon had only been trying to take care of him. She figured that someone had needed to counteract his stubbornness, which was a good trait for a detective but not a husband. Rey guessed that she was referring to their therapy session. Sharon insisted that he was the only thing that mattered to her, and she reminded him of their vows to take care of one another in sickness and in health. They exchanged words of love, and he said he just needed to get some rest. She promised to be there when he woke up.

Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, Lola thought it looked like Elena could use a friend, some ice cream, a brownie, or all three. Lola pressed her to spill what was wrong, and Elena blurted out Devon's name. Lola was floored to hear that Elena had accidentally slept with her ex again. Elena bemoaned that there was nothing Lola could say that she hadn't told herself already about how selfish and careless she'd been. Elena recalled that she and Devon had chalked the first time up to a one-time thing, but Lola pointed out that the couple had gone through a lot of painful stuff together.

Elena insisted that she was trying to make things work with Nate, but Lola questioned how sincere Elena's efforts had been, because her actions had suggested otherwise. Elena revealed that she'd been honest with Nate about never having stopped loving Devon, and Lola considered that to be the reason Elena had slept with Devon. Lola added that Devon had obviously wanted it, too, and Elena contemplated where that left her. Lola thought Elena had to figure out what she really wanted, and she mentioned that she had the night off if Elena wanted to eat ice cream and talk more. Lola headed out, and Elena flashed back to her and Devon kissing and making love.

Elena fantasized about canoodling with Devon and pledging to never lose one another again. Amanda suddenly burst in on them and accused Elena of lying and breaking Devon's heart. Amanda spat that Elena didn't want Devon but was just mad that he was moving on with Amanda. Nate appeared in the daydream and mused that it was time for Elena to move on, since Devon didn't understand her the way Nate did. Nate contended that they shared the same passions, and it was why Elena kept turning to him. Nate continued that Devon was part of her past; Nate was what she needed in her life. Nate begged her to be with him by letting go of the past.

Elena snapped back to reality when Nate returned to the coffeehouse. She inquired about his patient, and he expected to know more once he heard back from the lab. Nate asserted that there was something he and Elena needed to discuss, but she claimed that she had to get back to the hospital. He said it wouldn't take long, and he recognized that she'd been struggling. Nate declared that he couldn't stay in limbo indefinitely, so he was going to make it easier for her. He announced that she didn't have to decide anything, since he was moving on, and whatever they'd had was over. He walked away.

In their hotel suite, Summer cautioned that Kyle was giving up a lot by not acknowledging that he was Harrison's biological father. Kyle maintained that it was the best course of action for everyone, but Summer questioned whether he'd be okay with everyone living a lie. She explained that she didn't want him to ever look back with regret, but he thought that what mattered was that his son had two parents who loved him. Kyle was glad that he'd decided to tell her about Harrison, and Summer wished that he'd realized earlier that she could handle it.

Kyle reiterated that he'd been afraid of losing Summer again, but she lectured that the only way he'd lose her was by lying to her. Summer wanted them to be honest with one another, since there was nothing they couldn't get through. Kyle felt like they were even stronger after he'd told her the truth, and he'd never felt closer to her. He added that they could handle anything the world threw at them as long as they were together, and they pledged their love. She suggested that they celebrate that they'd gotten through it, and they prepared to head to Society.

At Society, Jack asked Abby about "project baby." She was excited to think that when Chance returned, they'd be well on their way to having a baby of their own because she'd just had almost a dozen of her eggs retrieved. She explained that they were setting some aside and freezing them, but others were being fertilized at that moment, so it was just a matter of time and luck.

Ashland and Tara entered the restaurant, and Jack remarked that the day kept getting better and better. Ashland introduced his wife to Jack, who he called Genoa City royalty as the son of John Abbott. Ashland reminded Tara that they'd met Jack's son, Kyle. Tara politely said it was a pleasure to meet Jack. Jack introduced Ashland and Tara to Abby, and Tara gushed that it was a beautiful restaurant. Ashland revealed that he'd done business with John many years earlier, and Abby looked forward to hearing more about it after she let the chef know they had special guests that evening.

Abby stepped away, and Jack recalled that John had drilled every move and countermove of his deal with Ashland into Jack's head. Ashland hoped Jack didn't hold it against him, but Jack considered it a valuable lesson on how to deal with a tough businessman and still wind up ahead. Ashland respected John for being the rare successful businessman without a ruthless bone in his body -- unlike Ashland. Tara clucked that Ashland was only tough when the situation called for it.

Jack noted that Ashland might be doing business with Billy, and Ashland confirmed that Billy had made a good pitch. Jack compared Billy's business instinct to John's, but he thought Billy also had vision and fearlessness that couldn't be taught. Jack applauded Billy for putting Chancellor Communications on the map, and he contemplated what the company would do once it owned Cyaxares. Ashland refused to show his hand and forced Jack to wait to hear his decision along with everyone else.

Ashland admired the way Jack had advocated for his brother and thought Jack had done well by following in his father's footsteps. Ashland hoped his own son would take over their family business one day, but Tara lectured that Harrison was a little young to be spearheading corporate takeovers. Jack was sure that the boy couldn't do better than having his father as a mentor. Ashland invited Jack to join them for dinner, but Jack declined because he was meeting someone. Ashland insisted on having drinks, and they headed over to the lounge area.

Ashland recalled that Kyle had lived in New York a few years back. Jack explained that Kyle had worked in the Manhattan office while learning the ropes and sowing some wild oats, but Kyle had since returned home to work alongside Jack as co-CEOs. Tara changed the subject to how much she loved Jabot's products. She excused herself to freshen up, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw Kyle and Summer enter the restaurant. They exchanged a glance before Tara ducked into the ladies' room.

Kyle was stricken to see that Ashland was with his dad, and he suggested that he and Summer get out of there. She replied that it was too late because they'd been caught, and she waved to Jack. Jack invited the couple to grab a seat, but Kyle said they were just there to grab takeout before going back to the office. Ashland marveled at what a hard worker Kyle was, and he looked forward to doing business with the new generation of Abbotts if the opportunity arose. Kyle assumed that meant Ashland was selling Cyaxares to Billy.

Summer steered Kyle away to get their food. Abby noted that Kyle and Summer had met the legendary Ashland Locke, and Kyle muttered that their paths had crossed before. Abby referenced Ashland's long history with their family, and Summer asked Kyle to order while she headed to the restroom. After Summer stepped away, Abby asked Kyle how things were going with Summer. He pictured driving down a highway with good music and conversation before suddenly hitting a patch of black ice, spinning out of control, and not knowing if they'd survive. Kyle thought he and Summer were pulling out of the spin and getting back on the right road, since they loved and trusted one another.

Abby was thrilled that the couple had found a happy ending, and Kyle chalked her enthusiasm up to a newlywed glow. Abby marveled that things fell into place once people found their perfect match, but challenges would still find them. She encouraged Kyle to remember the uncomplicated times because life changed quickly. She pointed out that it had taken Kyle and Summer a long time to figure out that they wanted to be together, and she implored him to put a ring on it. He vowed that he'd never let Summer go again.

Summer ran into Tara in the corridor and said she was glad they'd run into one another, since Summer and Kyle didn't keep secrets from one another. Tara flatly asked what she wanted, and Summer retorted that she'd been about to ask Tara the same thing. Summer barked that it was becoming quite the habit for Tara to jet in from New York, but Tara defended that she was traveling with her husband on business. Tara swore that she had no ulterior motives and that Summer had nothing to worry about.

Summer haughtily stated that she wasn't worried, but Tara warned that she should be concerned about an inquisitive redhead who knew Kyle. Summer guessed Tara meant Sally. Tara asserted that she could manage her own affairs as she saw fit, and she suggested that Summer do the same. Tara returned to Ashland's side but locked eyes with Kyle. Ashland observed their prolonged stare.

Kyle and Summer stopped by to say goodnight to Jack, Tara, and Ashland. Kyle wished Ashland luck with his business ventures in Genoa City, and Ashland confidently replied that luck had little to do with it. Ashland pointedly added that the key was being able to read his competition, figure out what they were trying to hide and how far they were willing to go to get what they wanted, and find out what they were terrified to lose. Kyle nervously told the Lockes to enjoy their evening.

In the corridor, Summer encouraged Kyle to finally relax, since Ashland hadn't seemed to suspect anything. Kyle couldn't shake the feeling that Ashland had suspected something, but Summer imagined that the mogul just liked to keep people on their toes. She praised Kyle for handling things like a pro, and she looked forward to moving on with their lives.

Jack excused himself to meet his dinner partner, but he was glad he and Ashland had caught up. Jack wished Ashland had more time to get to know Kyle, and he asked how long Ashland was staying in town. Ashland planned to leave once his business was finished, since he and Tara hated spending too much time away from their son. "Isn't that right, Tara?" Ashland asked as Tara anxiously eyed Kyle through the window.

Ashland informs everyone he's made his decision Ashland informs everyone he's made his decision
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
by Nel

Victor arrived at Adam's to wait for Ashland Locke's decision. Adam said he should have embellished his speech, but Victor told him to stop second-guessing himself. His presentation had been impressive. Adam claimed they could make Cyaxares bigger and better. Victor was delighted that Adam had taken such an interest in the new company. He told Adam that even if they didn't get Cyaxares, he wanted to work with Adam on other projects. Adam was amazed that Victoria had gone against Victor. Victor claimed that Victoria had made an egregious mistake by going behind his back.

Adam told Victor that Victoria had made a smart move by turning Victor down and making her own play for Cyaxares. Adam surprised Victor when he said Victoria had always been the good and loyal daughter; she wanted to prove she could do it on her own, and Adam admired her for it. Adam said it had to have cut Victor deeply when the family hadn't supported him when Adam and Victor had bonded, especially after all the damage Adam had done to Victor and the family.

Victor told Adam he respected what Adam had gone through growing up, but he'd always had faith that Adam would grow into the man he'd become. He'd told the family he would never turn his back on Adam. Adam vowed he would prove Victor's trust hadn't been misplaced. Adam told Victor that their first media blitz would be about Victor and his first acquisition outside of Newman Enterprises. Victor loved that Adam was thinking ahead and said they would be successful because he believed in Adam.

At home, Sharon was on the phone with Nate. She told him Rey's fever had not broken, and she was worried. Nate instructed Sharon to take Rey to the hospital if the fever persisted. When Sharon ended her call, Faith sought reassurance from Sharon that it was just the flu. Sharon told Faith that Nick would drive her to school, and Faith needed to spend the night at Nick's in case Sharon had to take Rey to the hospital. Faith said she preferred staying with her grandparents because Nick was being too protective.

Sharon told Faith she was very proud of Faith for reporting the bullies. Faith received a text message and smiled. She told Sharon it was a text from a friend at school, saying that she'd done a good thing. The text message actually read, "Good morning," and ended with a heart emoji. Faith responded, "You're making it good." Faith left.

Rey woke up and asked Sharon for some soup. Sharon was happy he appeared to be feeling better, but she was concerned that his fever was still high. She was about to call 9-1-1, but Rey stopped her. He said he was better. Awhile later, Sharon called Nate and reported that Rey's fever was still high, and he was delirious. Nate suggested she get Rey to the hospital. Rey said he was fine. Sharon asked if he was well enough to walk because they were going to the hospital. Rey tried to stand, but he fainted. Sharon immediately called 9-1-1 for an ambulance.

Ashland Locke was in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix and on the phone with his son, Harrison, promising him a big surprise. Phyllis stood at the bar and eavesdropped. When he ended the call, Phyllis introduced herself as the owner of the hotel. Ashland said he was impressed with the hotel. He said he and his wife would be checking out a little later, since his work in Genoa City was done.

At ChanceComm, Lily told Billy that Traci had been captivated by one of the writers she'd interviewed. Billy was preoccupied. However, after a prod from Lily, he said Traci needed to do what she thought was best. Billy admitted he was anxious to hear from Ashland. Lily pointed out there was more on Billy's mind than Cyaxares, such as Victoria's proclamation that she was still in love with him. Billy emphatically stated that Victoria's feelings weren't reciprocated.

Lily told Billy that Victoria had done everything she could to get between them, and Billy had allowed it to happen because Billy allowed Victoria to do more than just co-parent. Billy admitted he should have listened more to Lily's concerns. Lily claimed Billy wanted it to happen because it felt good being in the warm family moments. Billy stated that he only enjoyed being with his kids. However, Lily didn't believe he was over Victoria, and he needed time to examine his feelings. Billy stated he loved Lily, but Lily insisted they needed time apart. She said that for the time being, they wouldn't see each other outside of work. Lily grabbed her coat and purse and left.

At Newman, Nikki asked Victoria what was on her mind. She asked if Victoria was thinking about Billy or her bid for Cyaxares. Victoria said it wasn't just about Billy, and her bid for Cyaxares had been a sound decision. Nikki asked what Victoria had said to Billy. Victoria admitted she'd told him she loved him, but she'd immediately told him to forget it and hadn't given him a chance to respond. She was angry at herself for losing control. Nikki said it was natural because Victoria and Billy had a long history. She said that Billy's life was on track, and he'd become the man Victoria had always wanted him to be.

Victoria told Nikki that Billy had said the same thing. She swore to Nikki that she wouldn't go down that road with Billy again. She admitted she'd had a momentary lapse in judgment. It was clear Billy had moved on with Lily. Victoria said she'd been kicking herself for saying that to Billy. Annoyed, Victoria grabbed her coat and told Nikki that she and Billy shared the kids, nothing more. She left to get some air.

Amanda arrived at the coffeehouse, and when she saw Nate, she asked how things were between him and Elena. She explained that she'd felt the tension between them the last time she'd seen them together. Nate informed her that he'd broken things off with Elena. When Amanda asked what had happened, Nate said it was complicated. Amanda guessed it was because Elena was still in love with Devon. Nate replied that things hadn't worked out, and he wouldn't presume to know what Elena felt.

Elena arrived at Devon's and informed him that Nate had ended things with her without any discussion or explanation. Elena said she didn't expect anything from Devon, and she didn't want him to feel guilty about what had happened between them. She said it had been mutual, and they needed to deal with the fallout. She asked about her bracelet. Devon produced it and said that Amanda had found it when she'd stopped by with contracts for him.

Devon assured Elena he hadn't told Amanda they'd slept together; however, he believed Amanda suspected something, and he hated making her feel that way. He also didn't want to mislead Elena about a future for them or that he'd been playing with her emotions. Devon said he wanted to see where things went with Amanda. Elena wished him the best, and she hoped he'd get all the happiness he deserved. Elena left.

Later, Amanda arrived at Devon's, angry, and she demanded some honest answers. She felt there was something going on between him and Elena other than him being a good listener. Amanda asked if Devon had slept with Elena and if it had happened more than once. Devon admitted everything. Still angry, Amanda was about to leave, but Devon said that he'd meant everything he'd said to Amanda the previous day.

Devon told Amanda that he and Elena had ended things so abruptly that they'd forgotten they still loved each other. There were a lot of unresolved issues, but they were not going to reunite because too many negative things had happened. Amanda spat that Devon had needed to sleep with Elena twice to be absolutely certain. Devon said he was certain that Elena was his past and Amanda was his future. Furious, Amanda said she knew who he was, and it would be very easy to get over him. She stormed out.

Lily arrived on the patio of the coffeehouse and immediately ran into Victoria. Victoria said it was a big day. Lily confirmed they would find out who had won the bid for Cyaxares. Victoria asked if Lily had heard anything. Rather than responding, Lily asked why Victoria had cut the Newman media loose and suddenly entered the Cyaxares bidding. Victoria claimed it was a strong investment, but Lily stated that she didn't buy that. Victoria said the company had potential under her leadership.

Lily told Victoria she had her own theory. She said Victoria was ensconced in the Newman Tower, and all her dreams had come true. She was ruling her own empire; however, that wasn't enough. She needed to set her sights on Cyaxares. Victoria didn't want the company because it was important to her but because someone else might get it. Victoria claimed Lily was mistaken, and Cyaxares was very important to her. Lily reiterated it wasn't important to Victoria. Lily stated that Victoria didn't care about Cyaxares. It was only a trophy to her, but Lily said that Cyaxares was important to her and ChanceComm, which had grown and thrived.

Victoria told Lily she always considered all her options in whatever she did. She said if she wasn't so successful and confident, she wouldn't come out on top. Lily said that if Victoria was really that confident, Victoria wouldn't try so hard to convince her. Victoria turned on her heels and left.

When Victoria returned to Newman, she was furious. Nikki stated that Victoria looked more miserable than before she'd left. Victoria said she'd encountered Lily, and they had talked about business. They hadn't mentioned Billy, but every word spoken had been about him. Victoria said Lily knew she'd told Billy she still loved him. It hadn't been specifically stated, but it was obvious because Lily had drawn her battle lines and staked her claim.

Nikki said that Victoria should have known Billy would tell Lily. She asked what Victoria intended to do and if Victoria's conversation with Lily had changed her strategy to protect Billy and ChanceComm from Adam and Victor. Victoria said she would make a decision after Ashland accepted her bid for Cyaxares.

At Society, Elena told Lola she'd had two great men, and she'd managed to lose both of them because she couldn't figure out what she wanted. She said Nate had gotten tired of waiting, and he'd told her it was over. Lola said that Elena was a kind and loving person who made mistakes, and Elena had had every right to believe there had been something going on between Amanda and Devon. Lola said that clearly, the attraction had been there, and Nate had chosen to act on his feelings for Elena. It wasn't Elena's fault, and Lola believed it was a plus because things always happened for a reason.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda asked Phyllis how she had managed to get herself into another relationship doomed for failure. She said that after Ripley and Nate, she'd thought she'd chosen carefully, only to crash and burn with Devon. She said that at least she wasn't in love with him...yet. Phyllis claimed it wasn't a reflection on Amanda. Amanda said she made terrible choices when it came to men. She claimed she was "so cautious" about making sure the men she dated had high standards, but Nate had slept with his cousin's girlfriend, and then there was Devon.

Phyllis told Amanda she was a gorgeous, intelligent, and strong woman, and she'd accomplished a lot in her life. Amanda said she looked like a fool, and Devon didn't want her. Phyllis said Amanda wasn't a fool, and Devon needed to see what an amazing woman she was. Amanda claimed she'd come to terms about Devon. Devon arrived at that moment and asked Amanda to hear him out. Phyllis left.

Jack arrived at ChanceComm and asked if Billy had heard from Ashland Locke. Billy said he hadn't. Jack said he'd had drinks with Ashland the previous evening, and he'd sung Billy's praises; however, Ashland hadn't given him any indication about who would win the bid for Cyaxares. Jack asked how Lily felt about their chances of acquiring Cyaxares. Billy said she believed they had a great chance. Jack commented that Billy and Lily made a great team, and they complemented each other. He asked what they would do if they lost their bid. Billy said he hoped they could shake it off.

Jack told Billy that if Adam won the bid, he would go after Billy. Billy knew Adam would go after him as well as ChanceComm. Billy believed it had been the motivation behind Victor and Adam's bid for Cyaxares. Jack said Billy needed a game plan, but Billy thought it was premature. Jack said Billy needed to think about how his reaction would affect Lily. Billy assured Jack that Lily was his priority, and he wanted to make sure she didn't get hurt. When Lily returned, Jack left.

Lily told Billy she'd run into Victoria, and they'd had an interesting conversation. Lily said that everything Victoria did was calculated, and it hadn't been an accident that she'd told Billy she was still in love with him. Billy said he couldn't control what Victoria did or said, but he loved Lily. He said it had been a very long time since he'd been proud of the person he was and how great it felt. He had no intention of going backwards. He vowed to do everything in his power to earn Lily's trust and move forward with her.

Lily believed Billy and said he'd proven himself, but they couldn't keep ignoring what was happening with Victoria. Billy said nothing was happening with Victoria. Lily felt he was in denial. Victoria had stated she was in love with him and that she was after Billy. Billy said he didn't care what Victoria said or did -- or how she would come after him. She couldn't do anything to come between him and Lily.

In his suite, Ashland was on the phone with Tara and suggested she return to the hotel, since they would be leaving soon. He said he'd accomplished what he'd intended.

Billy, Victoria, and Adam simultaneously received text messages from Ashland stating he'd made his decision about Cyaxares.

Victor and Adam win the bid for Cyaxares Victor and Adam win the bid for Cyaxares
Thursday, March 18, 2021
by Nel

Kyle and Summer were having lunch in their suite. Summer said it was weird that Ashland Locke was staying in the same hotel as them. She assured Kyle that no matter what happened, they would face things together. Kyle had to go to a meeting, and as soon as he left, Summer looked up Ashland Locke on her laptop. She found a headline that read, "Ashland Locke Welcomes a Son, Harrison."

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Jack stopped to say hello to Phyllis after he'd had lunch with a buyer. He informed her that he'd had a talk with Summer, and she was in a good place. He complained that Summer was more open with Phyllis than Kyle was with him. At that moment, Kyle rushed by on his way to a meeting. Phyllis said that Kyle was probably late for a meeting and not avoiding Jack.

At Newman, Victoria ended her call and angrily slammed a file onto the table. She told Nikki she didn't understand how she could have gotten it so wrong. She said Ashland had invited her for dinner because he'd wanted to hear her ideas for the company. She shouldn't have turned him down. She said she'd agreed to go to dinner with him and his wife. Victoria accused Nikki of being secretly happy that Victoria had lost the bid. Nikki said Victoria was mistaken because she was Victoria's biggest supporter.

Victoria apologized to Nikki because she realized she'd made things difficult for Nikki with Victor. Nikki waved off Victoria's concern; however, she was concerned about Victor teaming up with Adam. She knew Adam would turn on Victor again. Nikki also felt that Victoria's main concern was about Billy and what losing the bid meant for them. Victoria said she'd failed to win the bid to protect Billy. Nikki said that Victoria shouldn't make any sudden moves, and she told Victoria not to do anything she couldn't take back.

At ChanceComm, Billy appeared angry when he ended a call and yelled, "That son of a bitch!" Lily reminded him that it had been a long shot once Victor entered the race. Billy was concerned that Cyaxares was a weapon aimed directly at him and ChanceComm. He said they had to be ready for the onslaught. Lily assured him they had the greatest team in the business, and Billy needed to focus on what he did best: being creative and growing the business. Billy asked her if she knew who she sounded like. Lily said she probably sounded like Victoria, and she was okay with that because Victoria wouldn't have been wrong.

Billy said that Lily probably believed he was going to fall apart because of Adam. Lily said he needed to trust that she and the rest of the team would protect ChanceComm so that he could do his job. Billy claimed it wasn't about the trust. He claimed that Lily had never been up against Adam. Lily stated she knew who Adam was and what he was capable of. Billy stated he didn't want to get twisted up with Adam again.

Lily asked Billy if Victoria was anxious about him going up against Adam again, but Billy claimed he wasn't going there. He knew Lily was still bothered by Victoria's proclamation of love for him. Lily said she was past it; however, she was certain that Victoria would make another move. Billy wondered how Victor and Adam had won Locke's company. Lily told Billy to continue coming up with content for their media, and she would take on the guard duty.

At Adam's penthouse, Victor and Adam were celebrating because Ashland was there to inform them that Cyaxares was theirs. Ashland said the company was in good hands. Adam opened a bottle of Champagne and offered Ashland a glass, but Ashland said he had to leave. He wanted to get home to his son. He said his legal department would be in touch regarding the contracts.

After Ashland left, Adam and Victor toasted to their victory. Adam claimed it was all because of Victor. Victor claimed it had been a team effort, and Adam had made a great pitch. They toasted to their massive win. Adam said he would love to see the look on Billy and Victoria's faces, but Victor warned him not to gloat. Adam said he wanted to share their news with Chelsea. Victor told Adam that Chelsea was behind him. Adam told her that Cyaxares was theirs.

Chelsea's voice in her head said, "Look at that smug look. You think everything is going according to your plan, but you have no idea what's coming." Adam told Chelsea that Ashland had done his homework, and he knew about Adam's past. Chelsea's voice continued in her head: "Victor is bribing Adam with a company, just like he'd tried to bribe me to leave town years ago. I would love to jump out of this chair, but I better reel things in for just a bit longer." Victor said it had been nice to see Chelsea, and he left.

Adam said it was nice to have some alone time with Chelsea. The last few days had been a whirlwind. He said it had been great working with Victor. Adam asked if he had Chelsea's support. Chelsea blinked once. Chelsea's voice in her head said, "You have done nothing but lie to me, so why shouldn't I lie to you?" Adam told her that everything he'd been doing was for her and their family.

Chelsea's voice continued, "That was the last thing I wanted, and you knew it." Adam said he knew she had reservations about him teaming up with Victor, but his eyes were wide open. He knew who Victor was and Victor's faults, and Victor had shown he would be there for them. Chelsea's internal voice said, "I would love to test that theory, but I want Adam to leave."

Adam saw Chelsea's eyes drooping, indicating she was sleepy. He laughed and claimed he was boring her. He called out to Meredith and said he was going out. He told Chelsea he wouldn't be gone too long, and he left. Chelsea picked up her phone and sent Chloe a text message "I need you here. Now."

Chloe arrived a short time later. Chloe told Meredith she would stay with Chelsea, and Meredith could take her time shopping. As soon as Meredith left, Chelsea told Chloe that the situation was becoming more intolerable by the hour. Chloe said she'd waited a long time for Chelsea to open her eyes about Adam. Chelsea said she needed Chloe to do something for her with no questions asked. She couldn't trust anyone else. Chloe agreed and told Chelsea to be careful.

As soon as Chloe left, Chelsea picked up Adam's tablet and sent a text message.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle approached Tara, who was checking out, and he commented that she was heading home. Tara said she couldn't wait to get home because the trip had been very awkward, but they'd done a good job covering. Kyle mentioned Harrison, and Tara shouted, "Enough. Why are you doing this?" Ashland stood in the doorway and watched the suspicious interaction between Kyle and Tara. As Ashland approached them, Kyle wished Tara a good trip home. Tara told Ashland she'd checked them out, and they left the hotel.

Sally immediately appeared and said to Kyle, "The one true love that got away." Kyle said it had been a fling a long time before. Sally claimed there was one thing that would always tie them together. Kyle snapped that Tara's son wasn't his kid. Sally said she hadn't mentioned the kid. She only wanted them to get along, since she and Kyle's dad were seeing each other.

Summer arrived and asked if Kyle was ready to leave. As they left, Phyllis appeared. In a very loud voice, Phyllis said, "Sally Spectra, just the person I wanted to see." Phyllis asked if Sally's suite was satisfactory. Sally claimed it was divine, the view was wonderful, and she couldn't be happier.

Phyllis told Sally that one of her male employees had been asking about Sally. Phyllis said that Troy was gorgeous, and Phyllis had told him that Sally was unattached. Phyllis said she was willing to set up a dinner for Sally and Troy so they could get to know each other, and it would be her treat. Sally said she hadn't realized that Phyllis was so personally invested in her patrons. Sally claimed that Phyllis had to really hate that Sally and Jack were friends. Phyllis said she was okay with "friends." Sally claimed that Phyllis didn't think she was good enough for Jack.

Phyllis told Sally that everyone in town knew that Jack was out of Sally's league. Sally claimed she was an upgrade from the women Jack had been with previously. Phyllis understood the comment was aimed at her. Phyllis said that Sally believed she was "so clever," but her sweetness didn't play well in town. Sally said she was meeting Jack and would tell him Phyllis said hi. Sally smiled and left.

At Crimson Lights, Billy bumped into Victoria and said that things hadn't gone as they'd expected, but he was taking it in stride. Billy asked Victoria if Victor had gloated. Victoria said her dad would want to do that in person. Billy stated that ChanceComm was in good shape, no matter what Victoria's demented brother threw at them.

Billy told Victoria he didn't want her to feel bad about what she'd said the other day. He knew Victoria was probably kicking herself, but Billy assured her they were fine. Over coffee, Billy mentioned that Katie was obsessed with stringed instruments, the violin in particular. He asked if Victoria was okay with getting Katie a violin. Victoria smiled and said she didn't need any more bolstering, and Billy was free to leave.

After Billy left, Adam arrived, and Victoria congratulated him on his win. Adam said it almost sounded like Victoria meant it. Victoria said it was just as sincere as when Adam had congratulated her on becoming the CEO of Newman Enterprises. She recalled that Adam had said it was all for show and that Victor would have a say in all major decisions. Victoria said she'd shown she was independent, and she wouldn't seek help from anyone; however, Adam had gone in the opposite direction -- total submission. Adam said it might seem that way from the outside.

Adam told Victoria that Ashland Locke hadn't been impressed with her pitch. He claimed Victoria was desperate, but her desperation wasn't for Cyaxares. Adam found it touching that Victoria had such a soft spot for Billy, and that had been the reason she'd put in her own bid for Cyaxares. Victoria had known that Billy hadn't had a chance of winning, and she'd wanted to protect him from what Adam and Victor had in store for him. Adam said he found it beautiful -- in a sordid way.

After Victoria left, Adam received a congratulatory call from someone, and he told them he would make the most of the opportunity. Adam saw a text message pop up on his phone. It was to Sharon, supposedly from him: "I can't stop thinking about you. What I wouldn't do for both of us to be free. Please don't ignore me. Please respond." There was a response from Sharon: "Leave me alone, Adam. Don't do this. Rey is sick and I have to focus on that. Please let me go for good." Adam stared at the phone in confusion.

Nikki greeted Victor when he arrived at Newman. He asked where Victoria was. Nikki said she hoped he wasn't there to crow. Victor said he was there to give Victoria a pep talk. He asked Nikki how Victoria had taken the news. Nikki informed him that Victoria had been disappointed, but she was okay.

Nikki said she was concerned about Victor teaming up with Adam, the man who'd caused Victor serious harm on more than one occasion. She didn't understand why he'd taken that risk, and she was very concerned where it would lead. Victor said that Adam had learned from his experiences. He reminded Nikki about Adam's troubled childhood. Victor claimed that once Adam had remembered what had happened in the past, he'd matured, and Nikki would see it.

At Society, Kyle told Summer that Sally had tried to get under his skin about Tara. Kyle said that Tara and Ashland had checked out of the hotel, and he was certain that Ashland hadn't suspected anything. Summer said she was happy to hear it. It was just what Kyle had wanted. Kyle stated that he didn't want to blow Harrison's world apart, which was what would happen if Ashland learned the truth. Summer stated that Ashland didn't strike her as the forgive and forget kind of guy, and Kyle had done the right thing for the right reason.

Summer told Kyle she wanted to revisit getting re-engaged. Kyle smiled and agreed. He wanted to keep it quiet and take things slow. Summer smiled. Kyle ordered Champagne to make it official.

Jack was working at Jabot when Sally arrived and announced she had another surprise for him. She showed him a blue shirt she'd bought to go with his new jacket. She claimed she loved it when she found the perfect gift for someone, and she loved to shop. She said if Jack didn't accept her gift, she would have to return it and buy an extremely expensive dress she couldn't afford.

Jack received a text message from Phyllis: "Can we meet? There's something you should know." Jack frowned. He apologized for the distraction. Sally asked if the text message was from Lauren. Jack said it was from Phyllis. Sally said that she and Phyllis had had another one of their friendly chats where Phyllis pretended to be nice but really wasn't. Sally said she could usually read between the lines of what Phyllis said, but this time, Phyllis had made it crystal clear that she disapproved of how much time Sally was spending with Jack.

Jack told Sally he'd told Phyllis to back off. Sally said that Phyllis was right -- she was out of her league. Jack was head and shoulders above every man she'd ever dated, and if she was supposed to feel guilty about that, she didn't. She said there was nothing wrong with wanting nothing but the best. Jack smiled.

PREEMPTED: The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTED: The Young and the Restless did not air
Friday, March 19, 2021

Due to CBS Sports coverage of NCAA Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, March 18, 2021, episode concluded.

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