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 Recaps for AW Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on Another World
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Monday, December 23, , 1996

Matt and Sofia kissed and Sofia told him that she had a great night. Matt then led her off.

Matt laced up ice skates for Sofia who hadn't been on skated in a long time. Sofia told him about how scared she was to skate in front of people as a child. Mat reassured her that she would be fine as long as she stuck with him. Sofia commented on how young she felt next to him because of how accomplished he was. He reassured her that she was a beautiful mature woman. They then went off to ice skate on the lake. Sofia left her gloves and Matt went back inside to get them. When Matt came back outside, Sofia had already gone ahead. The ice cracked and Matt saw Sofia fall in.

A drenched Matt and Sofia came back inside. Matt wrapped Sofia in a blanket for warmth and finished unlacing her skates. Matt explained that she had picked the spot on the lake where the river dumps into the lake. He then told her that she needed to get out of her wet clothes and turned his back while she undressed.

Matt and Sofia were clad only in blankets and Matt told her how beautiful she looked and gave her a towel. Sofia couldn't manage both the towel and the blanket so Matt tried to dry her hair off for her her. Matt then hung their clothes in front of the fire to dry them. Matt apologized to her for the skating turning out so badly. Sofia told him that she had a good time and that she wouldn fall in the lake all over again. She then told him how different he was when they were alone. They then kissed.

Matt and Sofia kissed on the floor in front of the fire and Matt asked her if she was okay with this and Sofia replied that she was more than fine.

Bobby saw someone and went chasing after him. While Bobby was gone, Vicky found a cat and petted it. Ryan appeared and told her how much he wanted to wrap his arms around her. Something frightened the cat off and Vicky asked if someone was there. Bobby returned and told him he chased the guy but didn't want to leave her alone. Vicky tried to explain the guy away, but Bobby insisted something was up.

Babby insisted on moving in despite Vicky's objections. Bobby then noticed that the cat had scratched her. Vicky brought up Bobby's family, but Bobby told her he didn't keep in touch with them and sometimes wondered about them. Vicky asked why he cared about her and he replied that it was because she didn't cling. Bobby told her he felt that his drifting was what was wrong with his life and that when he looked at her, he couldn't believe nothing mattered.

The phone rang and it was Etta Mae who told him that Jake had never shown up at Carlino's to meet her and the boys like he had promised. Vicky was worried about Jake and told her to take the kids home. Vicky asked Bobby if this could have something to do with the guy who was hanging around.

Bobby and Vicky met by the tree and discussed the plaes they had been to find Jake. Bobby brought up the possibility that Jake had staged a disappearance to interfere with his and Vicky's date. Vicky didn't want to believe it, but thought it was a possibility.

Vicky told Bobby she didn't think Jake would disappear and bail on the kids. Bobby suggested that they find his car and Vicky said that he normally parks in a spot behind Carlino's.

At the tree, Grant ran into the man who was following Bobby and Vicky and asked for information. Grant commented on how she was playing two men against each other. When the man told Grant that Reno had spotted him, Grant wasn't happy that the guy had met him anyway. Ryan was there to overhear the entire conversation.

Cindy came up to Cass at the Harbor Club. Cass told Cindy that the guy she was meeting must be special since she lookes so good. Cass then warned her about working with Grant. Cindy pointed out that Grant's history didn't stop him from being seen in public with Grant and patronizing his resteraunt.

Cindy told Cass that she was grateful for his company but that he didn't need to stay. Cindy then thanked him for his worrying about Grant, and reassured him that she would spend a minimal amount of time with Grant.

Cindy went ot call the hospital and Cass ran into Grant who suggested that they become law partners. Grant then added a little dig about his working from Carlino's. Ryan listened in.

Grant went over to Cindy who told him that she didn't like being summoned. Grant told her that she would do what was he asked if she wanted to keep her secret.

Grant told her that she was to go back to the hospital and work an extra shift. Cindy wanted to know why, but Grant wouldn't tell her. He then made her go. Grant commented on how delightful his plans would be and Ryan caused a glass to shatter on the bar.

Grant was on the phone and asked how Jake was and that he trusted the quality of the work was as promised. Ryan wanted to know what he was talking about.

Jake was hit on the head and dragged off. Jake was put on a table where he was injected with something. Some men used a variety of tools to work on an unconcious Jake.

While on the table, Jake had a nightmare in which Cindy pronounced him dead. Cass discussed dividing up his will as Jake's "ghost" looked on and tried to convince everyone that he wasn't dead. Matt and Sofia came in and expressed what a shame it was what happened to Jake, but that it was for the best because he now had complete control of the Herald. Cass then brought up that Jake had left Paulina all of his Cory stock which Vicky would hate because it was an indication that Jake still had feelings for Paulina.

Vicky and Bobby came in. Vicky was upset at the sight of Jake's body and told him how she just realized how much she loved him, but that it didn't matter now. Bobby then proposed and Vicky accepted which made Jake very upset. Jake screamed "Vicky" and she heard something. She went over to Jake and proclaimed that he was alive. Back on the table, Jake awakened slightly as the men finished working on him.

The men wrappend Jake up and carried him off. They dumped Jake off by his car and emptied his wallet to make it look like a robbery.

Vicky and Bobby saw him and rushed over to him. Vicky tried to wake him up and Bobby couldn't find a pulse.