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Monday, September 7, 1998

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Cass and Lila try in vain to get themselves out of the chapel. Meanwhile, Matt was worrying about her and the baby because she was late for Lamaze class. Sofia tries to ease Matt's worries. She says she knows where Lila is. She told him that she heard Lila was paged for a meeting. Matt was still angry; he thinks Lila should have let him know so he wouldn't worry about her. Then Sofia says that Lila was paged to the chapel.

Cass and Lila squabble as they are trapped together. Cass told her she's afraid to be alone with him, that it could force her to face her feelings for him. She turns it around on him and says it's he who can't face his feelings.

Lila starts complaining about a funny feeling in her stomach. Cass says he's going to have to break down the door then. He starts crashing into the door until he pretends to pass out. Lila frets over him, and was about to admit her feelings when Cass smiles and she sees he was only faking. She's angry, but Cass says she was faking, too. Cass kisses her, then Lila kisses him back passionately. Suddenly, Matt and Sofia enter the chapel.

Matt asks for an explanation, and Lila pushes Cass away and tries to pretend nothing happened other than the fact that they were trapped. Matt lets off some steam telling her how worried he was when she didn't show up for Lamaze class because she was there fooling around with Cass. Matt leaves in anger because she had a commitment to him and to the baby to be at class. Sofia leaves with him. Lila was furious at Cass because she still thinks he set the whole thing up. He swears on a bible that he was not the one who had her paged.

Lila chases Matt and tries to explain, but he doesn't believe her. Cass continues to deny being responsible. Sofia shocks everybody by admitting she set the whole thing up. She explains that Lila was taking over Matt's life and thought that if she had someone else of her own, she'd give up on trying to get Matt. Cass and Lila scold her, saying the baby could have been in danger. Matt reluctantly sides with them on that issue. But Sofia sticks up for herself, saying she's only playing by the same rules as Lila. She says she's tired of being the good girl and getting nowhere. Then she leaves.

Cass finds Sofia in the chapel. She says to go ahead and tell her how he feels, that she deserves it, but that she really didn't think Cass would mind. Cass says he's pulled a few schemes of his own. What she did wasn't so bad, it was just surprising to learn it came from her. Cass suspects Felicia had a hand in all this. Sofia tries to deny it, but Cass doesn't believe her, and says that it's now payback time for Felicia.

Cameron and Amanda meet in the park. Amanda admits to Cameron that she is still in love with him.

Josie tries to tell Gary what happened between her and Cameron. As she is telling him, he suddenly loses consciousness. Chris and Toni arrive to visit Gary as the doctors are working on him. Josie fears that after everything that's happened, she could still lose Gary. The doctor says Gary has had a severe drop in blood pressure. It could mean internal bleeding. They will have to operate on him right away. Josie asks Chris to find Cameron. She says Gary was going to need his brother.

Amanda told Cameron that just because she still loves him, it doesn't make things any easier. In fact, it just makes the pain that much worse. Cameron tries to explain what happened with Josie. Although she says that logically it makes sense, it doesn't change the fact that after all she went through she found him making love to another woman and that nothing will ever take that picture out of her mind. She told him to just let it go, but he says he can't give up on her. She says he already gave up on her when she was in the tunnel. She says that if he and Josie were so grief-stricken, they would have cried or screamed, but they wouldn't have made love. This leads her to conclude they've been having an affair all along. She thinks that the whole time Josie was telling her to stay away from Cameron, she was not telling her to look out for herself, but to stay away from her man. Cameron denies it, he says anything between him and Josie before Boca Linda was only a job. Then Chris finds Cameron and told him Gary needs him at the hospital.

Toni tries to reassure Josie that it was her faith in Gary that makes a marriage last. But that reminds Josie of what she did with Cameron. Josie wants to confess to Toni, but they're interrupted by the doctor. He says the surgery went well, but Gary will have to be watched closely. Cameron and Amanda arrive, and Chris and Toni leave. Josie told Cameron and Amanda that Gary was too weak to take the news of what happened in Boca Linda. They have to wait until he was stronger to tell him.

Gary wakes up. He told Josie they made it, and they'll always be together now. He says he's never letting go of Josie now, and that Cameron and Amanda should never let go of each other either. "We won't", Cameron told him, and he takes Amanda's hand.

Gary asks Josie what she was about to tell him before, but she says it wasn't important.

After Amanda leaves, Cameron follows and again tries to explain that there was no affair between him and Josie. He says he loved Amanda then and he still loves her now. She says that's his problem, because they're through. He told he until she comes to her senses, nothing he says will get through to her. She says no, it won't. He told her she'll have to figure it out for herself then.