Felicia Gallant
Actor History
Linda Dano (1983 - 1999)
Also Known As
Fanny Grady (birth name)
Romance novelist
Former talk show host (Jam Session, Breakfast with Felicia)
Former co-owner of Wallingford's
Former owner of TOPS
Former owner of Gallant's, a spa
Former owner of North Woods Inn
Resides At
Love Towers
Marital Status
Married (Sergei Radzinsky)
Past Marriages
Louis St. George (deceased)
Zane Lindquist (deceased)
Mitch Blake
Lucas Castiglione (deceased)
Noah Grady (stepfather)
Robert Grady (brother)
Lisa Grady (niece)
Lorna Devon (daughter; with Lucas)
Jenna Norris (daughter; adopted)
Flings & Affairs
Edward Gerard
Cass Winthrop
Carl Hutchins
Gil Fenton
Spencer Harrison
Beau Wexler
John Hudson
Alexander Nikos
Crimes Committed
Convicted of having shot Jason Frame.
Shot Kyle Barkley in self-defense.
Brief Character History

Felicia was born on February 23, 1949 to her mother and father. Felicia's father died when she was very young. Felicia's mother remarried Noah Grady, a minister. Felicia and Noah did not have a great relationship with each other. Felicia's mother eventually died, and she was raised by her stepfather. Felicia fell for a nice gentleman, Lucas. They were childhood lovers. Felicia became pregnant with Lucas' child. During labor, Felicia was told by her stepfather that her child died. However, Noah Grady gave the child up for adoption.

Felicia became a famed romance novelist. Felicia fell for a cassanova, Cass Winthrop. However, Felicia married Louis St. George in the 1970's. Felicia decided to come to Bay City. In the 1980's, Felicia and Louis divorced. Before coming to Bay City, Felicia had lived in Paris, where she met Carl Hutchins. The two became lovers. When Carl entered the scene, Felicia and Carl continued their affair. However, the affair never mounted to anything. In 1983, Felicia and Cass resumed their affair. However, that affair was also short-lived becuase Felicia found out that Cass was sleeping with Cecile de Poulignac. Cass and Felicia still remain friends today.

Felicia's next conquest and husband-to-be would be Zane Lindquist. Felicia and Zane were total opposites of each other. However, love did conquer the hearts of Zane and Felicia, and the two were married in February. Felicia suffered another devastating loss that year, Zane was killed. After Zane's death, Felicia had a hard time getting over her loss. However, Mitch Blake would be the key to Felicia's recovery. Felicia and Mitch were married two years later in 1988. However, everything in this marriage proved to be falling apart when Mac Cory died. Mitch began to put his attention towards Rachel Cory, his former lover. Felicia's past lover, Lucas, returned to Bay City. This put another strain on Felicia and Mitch's marriage. Felicia and Mitch cheated on each other with their past lovers (Felicia with Lucas, Mitch with Rachel). Both separated and later divorced.

Lucas and Felicia started to rekindle their relationship and decided to remarry. Felicia and Lucas adopted a daughter because of the loss that they shared earlier. They adopted Jenna Norris. However, Felicia's real daughter was living in Bay City in form of Lorna Devon. Felicia and Lorna were enemies of each other. Felicia found out first that Lorna was her daughter and told Lucas. Lucas did not want Lorna to be his daughter, after finding out that Lorna slept with Matthew. Thus, hurting Jenna, his new daughter. In July of 1992, Lucas was shot and killed by Sally Madison. After reliving another horrible event, Felicia delved into alcohol. She couldn't admit to a drinking problem to her friends. Eventually, Felicia hit rock bottom when she indirectly caused Jenna's miscarriage.

In 1993, Felicia had to deal with her daughter's, Lorna, rape. She wanted her rapist to pay for his crime. The police charged Morgan Winthrop, Cass' brother, with the rape. This drew a wedge between Cass and Felicia once again. However, it was later proven that Kyle, Morgan's friend, raped Lorna. After finding out this fact, Felicia shot Kyle and thought she killed him. However, it was later revealed that she did not kill him. In 1995, Felicia started to have feelings for John Hudson. She did not want to act on them because John was a married man. However, she gave into her passion during Christmas. Sharlene was furious when she found out that one of her best friends was having an affair with her husband. John proposed marriage to Felicia and she accepted. However, John and Felicia never made it to the altar because John had slepted with Sharlene once again.

In 1997, Felicia met a familiar face, Alexander Nikos. She noticed the resemblance of Nikos to Lucas, her childhood lover. Nikos comforted Felicia when she broke her engagement to John Hudson. However, Nikos became too protective of Felicia. Nikos indirectly caused Felicia's damage to her face by falling through a window in Niko's apartment. Felicia was badly scared and befriended a homeless man, Wallis. Felicia still searches for Wally in order to repay him for his help. Felicia, Cass, Chris, Toni, and Etta Mae are currently in a mystery involving one of Felicia's old novels, Embers in the Snow. Felicia believed that Carl Hutchins was behind the mastermind. Presently, Felicia is helping Rachel grieve for her "dead" husband, Carl.

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