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Grant Harrison
Actor History
Dack Rambo (March 1990 - September 1991)
Mark Pinter (October 1991 - June 1999)
Also Known As
Grant Spencer Harrison (full name)
Former Senator
Former owner of The Harbor Club
Resides At
Love Towers
Marital Status
Married (Cynthia Brooke)
Past Marriages
Victoria Hudson McKinnon
Amanda Cory
Spencer Harrison (father)
Justine Kirkland (mother; deceased)
Ryan Harrison (brother; deceased)
Patrick Harrison (grandfather; deceased)
Frank Harrison (uncle)
Kelsey Harrison (cousin)
Anna Callahan (aunt)
Fiona Callahan (cousin)
Kirkland Harrison (son; with Vicky)
Flings & Affairs
Ann Burlingame
Sharlene Frame
Paulina Cory Carlino
Iris Carrington Wheeler
Donna Love
Lorna Devon
Crimes Committed
Shot Vicky Hudson in the back.
Shot himself and framed Vicky Hudson.
Shot and killed Ryan Harrison, his brother.
Injected Carl with poison, trying to kill him.
Plotted to kill Vicky Hudson and Bobby Reno.
Started the fire that caused Joe and Paulina's house to burn down.
Drugged Cindy Harrison.
Staged his own death.
Brief Character History

Grant was the product of Spencer Harrison and Justine Kirkland. Grant's mother "died" when he was young. Spencer groomed Grant to become the next president of the United States. Spencer took care of anything that would get in Grant's way. When Grant arrived in Bay City to greet his constituents, Grant was getting over his relationship with Anne. He turned to a woman named Sharly, a split-personality of Sharlene Frame's. The two shared an initimate relationship that resulted (or not) in an one-night stand. Grant could be Gregory's father, but did not lay claim to him.

However, after Sharlene chose John, Grant moved on with Taylor Benson, Sharlene's doctor, and Paulina Cory. Paulina and Grant were engaged to be married, but Paulina back out because she was being blackmailed by Jake. Grant became jealous of Ryan's relationship with Vicky, and decided that he wanted Vicky. He took her to Washington and the two had an one-night stand. The two eventually became engaged and married. However, Grant felt that Vicky still held a torch to Ryan. Grant and Vicky both had a son, Kirkland. Grant is very protective of Kirkland. Grant accidentally shot Vicky in the back.

In the following years, Grant married Amanda and slept with Lorna Devon. After Grant's marriages to Vicky and Amanda crumbled, Grant fought for custody of Kirkland and lost several times. However, Grant shot himself and framed Vicky for the shooting. However, it was later revealed that he did indeed frame Vicky. Grant's mother, Justine, returned to town to help Grant get his child. Justine succeeded in helping Grant by kidnapping Vicky and giving Kirkland to Grant. In the end, Grant shot and killed Ryan, while saving Justine. In 1996, Grant admitted to shooting Ryan and was sentenced to prison. However, Grant did get out on good behavior for saving the governor's daughter.

Grant was determined to get Kirkland, so he tried to kill Vicky and Bobby Reno. In the process, Grant married Cindy Brooke, so that she can't testify against him. Grant decided to run for mayor and won. Grant uses the power of his position to the best of his ability. Grant recently was a victim of a hit-and-run accident caused by Donna. In this process, Grant suffered a devastating state of depression and a major loss of blood. In that process, Grant found out that Cindy switched his blood records concerning Kirkland. Grant has ordered Cindy out of his life, but is also trying to declare her mentally imbalanced.

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