MOORE Family Tree
Joe Moore
Tawny's brother; see below.

m. Tilly Moore
    c. Rebecca Moore (deceased) (deceased in 2000)
        a. Deacon Sharpe (see Sharpe)
            c. Eric Sharpe (born 23 April 1999)
            Becky didn't want her son but changed her mind when she met him months later.
        m. Clarke Garrison Jr. (2000; see Spectra and Garrison)
Tawny Moore
Joe's sister; see above.

a. Unknown Man
    c. Ambrosia Moore (twin)
    Amber was initially given up for adoption, but later returned to Tawny.
        a. Rick Forrester Jr. (see Forrester)
            c. Eric Forrester III (born 23 April 1999; stillborn)
            For nearly a year, Amber pretended Becky's son was her own.
            It was never established whether Rick or Raymond was the father.
        m. Rick Forrester Jr. (1999 to 2000; annulled; see Forrester)
        m. Rick Forrester Jr. (22 May 2002 to 2003; divorced; see Forrester)
            c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage; daughter)
        m. Cane Ashby (2007 to present; invalid)
    c. April Knight (twin)
    Amber did not meet her twin until 2003.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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