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CARVER Family Tree

Benjamin and Rita Carver (both deceased)

c. Abraham Carver
    a. Fay Walker (see Walker)
        c. Brandon Walker (Fay and Abe were lovers for years after Brandon's birth, but Abe didn't know Brandon was his until 2003.)
            m. Angela Moroni (2001; deceased)
            m. Samantha Brady (married in 2003; annulled; see Evans and Brady)
    m. Lexie Brooks (1989 to June 19, 2012; dissovled by her death) (see DiMera)
        c. Theodore Brandon Carver (born in 2003)

c. Theo Carver
    a. Unnamed woman
        c. Jett Carver

c. Karen Carver

c. Jonah Carver

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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