CHANDLER Family Tree
Kellam Chandler (died in 1981)

m. Unknown Woman
    c. Liz Chandler
        m. Rick Courtney (divorced)
        m. Tony DiMera (divorced)
        m. Don Craig, Sr. (invalid; see Craig)
            c. Donna Temple Craig
            Don's (supposed) daughter with Lorraine.
            c. Betsy Craig (deceased)
            Don's daughter with Barbara.
            c. D.J. Craig, Jr. (deceased)
            Don's son with Marlena (see Evans).
        m. Neil Curtis (divorced; see Curtis)
            c. Nathan Curtis (deceased)
            Neil's son with Phyllis.
            c. Sarah Horton (born in 1981)
            Neil's surrogate daughter with Maggie (see Simmons).
            c. Noelle Curtis (born in 1983)

m. Sunny Chisholm (deceased; see Chisholm)
    c. Joshua Fallon
    Sunny's son with John.
        m. Jessica Blake (see Horton)
            c. Nick Fallon
    c. Todd Chandler

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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