ASHTON Family Tree
Lawrence Ashton
Half-brother of Charlie (see below).
Was not biologically a member of the Ashton family.

m. Tracy Quartermaine (divorced)
    c. Edward "Ned" Ashton
        m. Dawn Winthrop (annulled; deceased)
        m. Jenny Eckert (divorced)
        m. Lois Cerullo (divorced)
        m. Katherine Bell (invalid; deceased)
        m. Lois Cerullo (divorced)
            c. Brook Lynn Ashton
        m. Chloe Morgan (divorced; deceased)

m. Arielle
Charlie Prince
Half-brother of Larry (see above).

When it was discovered Larry was illegitimate, Charlie was proven to be the true Lord Ashton.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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