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Hayden Barnes
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Actor History
March 20, 2015 to Present
Other Names

Birth name is Rachel Berlin

Used the name Madison Ford on a passport [Sep 5, 2017]


Born September 21, 1984 (According to her driver's license shown July 8, 2015)

Spent time in a coma after being shot in the head as the result of a hit ordered by Nikolas Cassadine [May 18, 2015]


Financial work at General Hospital

Formerly employed by Ric Lansing

Resides At

Wyndemere Castle, Spoon Island

Formerly Metro Court Hotel, 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York

Formerly 356 Linden Court, Beechers Corners, NY 16543

Marital Status

Married/Widowed (Nikolas Cassadine; presumed deceased)

Past Marriages

Paid by Ric Lansing to pretend to be married to Jake Doe (Jason Morgan's name while he experienced amnesia)

An unnamed man (divorced)


Naomi Dreyfus (mother)

Raymond Berlin (father)

Jeff Webber (biological father)

Elizabeth Webber (sister)


None known

Flings & Affairs

Jason Morgan (as Jacob Barnes while experiencing amnesia; kissed)

Nikolas Cassadine (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Stole diamonds from her father before the FBI could confiscate them

Conspired with Ric Lansing to commit fraud (pretended to be married to Jake Doe, the name Jason Morgan used while he experienced amnesia) [Mar 20, 2015, to May 1, 2015]

Withheld that she knew Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan [Feb 2015 to Nov 6, 2015]

While working with Tracy Quartermaine, attempted to steal ELQ from Nikolas [Nov 2015 to Apr 2016]

Made a false statement accusing Jason Morgan of pushing Nikolas Cassadine from the Metro Court terrace (Nikolas went off the terrace while attempting to punch Jason) [Dec 23, 2015]

Engaged Elizabeth Webber in a catfight [Jun 3, 2016]

Dressed as a doctor to retrieve Dr. Finn's drugs and notebook from the hospital; was caught in the act by Elizabeth but lied about her reason for being there [Jun 30, 2016]

Smuggled Dr. Finn's drugs to him when he was in a jail cell in the Port Charles Police Station [Jul 1 to Jul 5, 2016]

Slapped Elizabeth across the face [Aug 29, 2019]

Accused of pushing Elizabeth down the stairs [Aug 29, 2016]

Arrested for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber [Sep 1, 2016]

Charges for attempted murder dropped [Sep 9, 2016]

Arrested for having stolen diamonds [Sep 14, 2016]

Charges dropped when Naomi took the blame and was arrested [Sep 21, 2016]

Health and Vitals

Manhandled by Nikolas Cassadine [Apr 30, 2015]

Shot in the head as the result of a hit ordered by Nikolas Cassadine [May 18, 2015]

Suffered a seizure [May 19, 2015]

Surgery successfully removed the bullet but left her in a coma [May 19, 2015 to Jul 31, 2015]

Held hostage, along with a chapel full of people, by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016]

Slapped by Elizabeth Webber [Mar 28, 2016]

Manhandled by Nikolas [May 25, 2016]

Stepped into a toxic pathogen and became infected with the same disease as Finn [Nov 8, 2016]

Brief Character History

Hayden arrived at Elizabeth Webber's home, looking for her husband, Jake. Hayden knew Jake had suffered a brain injury in a horrific car accident. Hayden said Jake had left her after a terrible fight while they'd been on a camping trip. Later, Hayden met with Ric Lansing, who paid her to pose as Jake's wife to break up Elizabeth and Jake because he wanted Elizabeth for himself. Hayden was broke after her divorce and agreed to help Ric.

Hayden showed Jake proof of their marriage. Jake moved into Hayden's suite at Metro Court, and they decided to stay in Port Charles because of Jake's job. Hayden met Nikolas Cassadine and slept with him. Nikolas knew she wasn't Jake's wife because he knew Jake's true identity. Hayden later discovered Jake's identity and used it to her advantage. After Hayden and Ric were exposed as frauds at the Nurses Ball, they were thrown out of Metro Court. Hayden seized an opportunity to blackmail Nikolas because he'd known Jake was really Jason. To stop her from blackmailing him, Nikolas suggested Hayden inform Jake of his true identity.

Hayden arrived at Extreme Motors, where Jake worked, and wanted to tell him who he was, but she was shot in the head before she was able to. Shawn Butler was presumed to have shot her because Sonny Corinthos had sent him to kill Jake. Hayden told Sam she wasn't the only one who knew Jake's true identity. It was later revealed that Nikolas had hired a hit man to kill Hayden. While in the hospital, Hayden suffered a seizure when she tried to tell Jake who he was. Surgery left Hayden in a coma.

When Hayden woke from her coma, she didn't remember anything. Nikolas moved her to Wyndemere to make sure she never remembered anything about Jake being Jason, but Hayden's memory returned. Elizabeth wanted to know if Hayden remembered that Jake was Jason because Elizabeth didn't want to lose Jason. On Elizabeth's wedding day, Hayden cryptically told Elizabeth things would be over soon. When Jake was advised he was Jason Morgan, Hayden smiled smugly.

At Wyndemere, Hayden admitted that she was aware that Nikolas and Elizabeth had known Jake's true identity and had withheld it from him. Nikolas accused Hayden of knowing Jake's identity, as well, but she claimed her mind had been cloudy until she'd moved in with Nikolas. Hayden accused Nikolas of keeping her at Wyndemere to make sure she didn't remember who Jake was. Hayden then realized she had feelings for Nikolas.

Elizabeth and Hayden wound up in a catfight after Elizabeth discovered that Hayden knew who Jake was. Elizabeth told Hayden that Jake loved her, and his old life didn't matter. Hayden reminded Elizabeth that was not how Sam felt.

Hayden began working for Tracy to help her get ELQ back after it had been stolen from the Quartermaines.

Hayden walked in on Jason advising Nikolas he'd take everything away from Nikolas, the way Nikolas had taken everything away from him. Hayden told Jason that Nikolas hadn't done anything wrong, and Jason taking everything from Nikolas involved her, since she lived there.

Hayden saw Shawn in prison, and he told her that he hadn't shot her. Hayden knew the bullet that had been removed from her head wasn't from Shawn's gun and knew someone else wanted her dead. She told him that Jake was really Jason Morgan. Shawn was shocked when he realized he had tried to kill Jason. Shawn asked if she'd told the police about her discovery. She said no because she knew the person who'd tried to have her killed would go after her. Shawn said the bullet from his gun was in the wall in the garage, and he would send someone to retrieve it. After leaving Shawn, Hayden met Shawn's friend, Curtis, at the Haunted Star. She asked him to locate the bullet from Shawn's gun.

At Metro Court, Tracy informed Hayden that she would get ELQ through Jason's stock. Hayden advised that Nikolas was too smart not to realize that Jason's stock would become a factor.

Hayden dreamed about Nikolas advising her that he knew she was trying to prove he'd had her shot then dream Nikolas tried to smother her with a pillow. When she woke up, she saw Nikolas standing near her and told him she'd had a dream he was trying to kill her. She told Nikolas that she had gone through a divorce and lost her job in a finance firm; she'd met Ric Lansing, and Ric had paid her to pose as Jake's wife, which she had done because she'd needed the money. She asked why Nikolas had lied to her. He'd wanted to make sure she didn't know about Jason. Curtis called her and advised her he'd found the bullet. Hayden asked him how they'd prove the bullet was from Shawn's gun. Curtis advised that they would have to talk money if she wanted more help from him.

At the Nutcracker Christmas charity event at Metro Court, Hayden became very upset when Nikolas and Jason fought once again. She was horrified when Nikolas tried to punch Jason but lost his footing and fell off the Metro Court terrace. When Jordan arrived, Hayden screamed that Jason had pushed Nikolas over the railing. She told Jordan that Jason had gone after Nikolas, jumped him, and then pushed him over the railing.

Hayden stayed with Nikolas at the hospital until he woke up. She told him that Jason had tried to kill him. Elizabeth entered and tried to convince Nikolas not to press charges against Jason. Hayden told Elizabeth that Jason had tried to kill Nikolas, and Jason needed to be locked up. Hayden told Nikolas that Elizabeth was trying to manipulate him. Later, Nikolas told Hayden he was not as badly hurt as everyone thought. When she became angry, Nikolas said he'd taken a page out of her book.

Dante asked Hayden to leave when he questioned Nikolas because he wanted to question them separately. Hayden objected, and Dante asked if she had something to hide. Hayden was worried about what Nikolas would tell Dante. When Hayden was questioned, Dante asked why she was so tense. She said she was emotionally conflicted and would contact him when she was thinking more clearly. Hayden later told Nikolas that she'd told Dante she was too upset and couldn't remember what had happened.

Hayden advised Nikolas that all ELQ stock had been frozen because Michael had filed a lawsuit against him. Later, Tracy called Hayden, telling her they had to meet immediately. Hayden met Tracy, and Tracy asked Hayden for an update. Hayden advised that she had to get closer to Nikolas first, and he was not the most trusting person. Tracy reminded Hayden that she was working for Tracy, and Tracy wanted results.

Tracy advised Hayden that she knew Hayden's true identity. Hayden bristled and said she was Hayden Barnes. Tracy knew that was an alias. Hayden deflected, saying Tracy had received bad information. Hayden said it was Tracy's fault she'd lost ELQ because of giving her stocks to Luke, who had manipulated Tracy.

Tracy, holding her phone, informed Hayden that she had plenty of information on the person Hayden had been and knew Hayden had been in the middle of a scandal. Hayden tried to grab Tracy's phone to prevent Tracy from revealing her real name. Tracy gave Hayden a month to get ELQ for her, or she would reveal Hayden's identity. Hayden assured Tracy she would have the stock within thirty days. Tracy then told Hayden about her trip to Mexico and warned Hayden not to leave town using one of her many aliases because Tracy would hunt her down.

Hayden was upset and went to visit Nikolas in the hospital. She arrived in time to hear Nikolas lie to the police about his fight with Jason. Nikolas told Hayden he didn't want Jason in prison because he needed the ELQ stock. Hayden asked Nikolas to marry her. Nikolas turned her down.

Tracy revealed to an audience that Hayden's real first name was Rachel. Curtis then called Hayden and asked her to pay up, or he would tell Nikolas everything. Later, Nikolas told Hayden the lawsuit against him was going to be hard to win. Hayden advised Nikolas that he could protect ELQ if he accepted her marriage proposal. Nikolas accepted. Hayden called Tracy and told her about her engagement to Nikolas.

Hayden and Nikolas went to the Camelot wedding chapel in Nevada and got married. Hayden later ran into Baxter Corbin, someone from her past, who called her Rachel. When Hayden saw Nikolas, she acted as if she didn't know the man who had called out to her so Nikolas wouldn't discover that she wasn't Hayden Barnes. Hayden later paid Baxter off and told him she was not Rachel, and he didn't know her.

Hayden met Tracy at Metro Court and told her that she and Nikolas were married. Hayden became concerned when Tracy seemed to space out during their conversation about ELQ. Tracy asked if Hayden had learned a lot from her father. Hayden bristled and told Tracy not to talk about her father. Later, Hayden explained to Dillon what had happened and suggested he have Tracy checked by a doctor.

Hayden discovered Helena's will was going to be read and asked if Nikolas was worried. Nikolas assured her he was the firstborn and was not worried.

When Hayden told Elizabeth she and Nikolas were married, Elizabeth didn't believe it until Nikolas confirmed it. Hayden knew that Elizabeth and Nikolas were good friends and offered to let Elizabeth and her boys stay at Wyndemere after Elizabeth's home exploded from a gas leak.

Hayden met Tracy at the Floating Rib. After a brief conversation, Tracy had a seizure. Dr. Griffin Munroe happened to be there and rushed to help Tracy.

Elizabeth told Nikolas that she'd found out that Hayden was really Rachel Berlin, the daughter of a known criminal who was responsible for swindling people out of millions. To protect herself, Hayden threatened Nikolas that if he told anyone, she would tell the police that he'd tried to kill her. Hayden suggested she and Nikolas should cut their losses and go their separate ways. She was going to invoke the prenuptial agreement, which guaranteed she would receive five million dollars. Nikolas later discovered that Hayden had hidden some diamonds in her purse, and he tortured her emotionally with them.

After Nikolas was washed away by the current and presumed dead, Elizabeth accused Hayden of pushing Nikolas out the window. Elizabeth told the police about the diamonds Hayden had had. Elizabeth told Hayden that if she couldn't get Hayden arrested for killing Nikolas, then she'd get her into prison for stealing the diamonds. Hayden and Elizabeth wound up in a catfight, but Hayden's mother, Naomi Dreyfus, arrived and broke up the fight.

Hayden informed her mother that the FBI would not leave her alone. Naomi offered to help Hayden get rid of them, but in return, Hayden had to help her find the diamond necklace Raymond Berlin had given her. Hayden insisted she didn't have the diamonds, but Naomi knew that Nikolas had sold one of the diamonds. Hayden informed Naomi that Nikolas had stolen the diamonds, and they were gone with him.

After Nikolas' memorial, the federal agents advised Hayden that they had found her fingerprints on the inventory list, and they were going to take her in. Naomi told the federal agents that Hayden had taken part in the task of providing an inventory list of all her property, so Hayden's fingerprints would naturally be on the list. Naomi assured the agents that Hayden did not have the diamonds.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden saw a bartender tell Finn he had to get Roxy out of the bar. Hayden told the bartender she had been recording the exchange, and the bartender left. Hayden noticed Finn didn't look well and was unsteady on his feet. She took him and Roxy back to his suite. Hayden stayed with Finn until he woke up. Hayden hounded Finn until he finally admitted he was dying. He explained he had contracted a rare disease in his travels, and there was no cure for it. Hayden realized that Finn's wife had died from the same illness.

After Finn's arrest for killing his patients, Hayden visited Finn and saw he was very ill. Finn explained he had not had any medication since his arrest and was unable to ask for his drugs, since they were illegal. Hayden realized Finn had been unable to continue his research project, which was one of the ramifications from her father's Ponzi scheme. Hayden asked who his dealer was. He disclosed that he got his drugs from a "pharmaceutical friend" who lived overseas, and there was a package waiting for him at the hospital. Hayden offered to retrieve it for him.

Dressed in scrubs Hayden went through the mail bin at the hospital and was almost caught by Elizabeth. Hayden retrieved Finn's envelope and took it to him. Hayden had to administer the drug because Finn had no feeling in his hands. Hayden promised to return the next morning with his next dose. The next morning Hayden arrived to give Finn his next dose. Tracy arrived and announced that Dr. Mayes had been murdered, and the ELQ lawyers were negotiating Finn's release. After Tracy left, Hayden offered to get Finn's medication for him, but Finn refused her offer.

At Metro Court, Finn advised Hayden that his source had decided to stop his shipments because of his arrest, and the shipments would be scrutinized. Hayden offered to contact one of the many connections her father had had in the pharmaceutical industry to get the drugs for Finn.

Later, Hayden informed Tracy she wanted Tracy's help to save Finn's life and explained about the drug he required to stay alive. Hayden told Tracy about the two occasions she had been with Finn when he had almost died. Hayden needed Tracy's influence and money to get the drugs Finn required. Tracy agreed to help. Hayden and Tracy advised Finn they would help, and Hayden would be his drug mule.

At Metro Court, Hayden told Tracy she couldn't be Finn's drug mule because she was being watched by the federal agents and couldn't risk going to jail. Hayden managed to get the name of the drug Finn needed from an invoice she'd taken from his suite, and she knew who'd help her. Hayden and Tracy met Naomi in the park. Hayden explained Finn's condition and the drug he needed. Naomi made a phone call then informed Hayden that Finn wasn't sick; he was a drug addict. That drug was highly addictive and not used to treat any disease. Finn advised Hayden he'd found a solution and refused to provide any more information.

Hayden rushed to her mother's bedside when she heard Naomi was in the hospital and had suffered a panic attack. When Elizabeth entered the room, Naomi asked Hayden to see about her release papers, but Hayden refused to leave her mother alone. It annoyed Hayden when Naomi asked Elizabeth about her life. Naomi had another panic attack when Elizabeth mentioned Jeff Webber. Hayden called her father's attorney to advise him of Naomi's hospitalization, certain her father would want to know.

Hayden bumped into Finn and invited him for lunch. Finn was on his way out of town and assured her he'd found a new source for his medication. Hayden asked if Sonny had helped him, but Finn became angry and told her to back off and stop jumping to conclusions. Hayden was angry with Finn for pushing her away when she wanted to help someone. Hayden refused to let Finn die alone. She told Finn to go get his drugs, and when he returned, she would decide whether she would stick around.

Hayden returned to Wyndemere, and Lulu told Hayden that Nikolas had been shot during a struggle with Valentin and had died on Cassadine Island. When Elizabeth arrived at Wyndemere to see Laura, Hayden asked if Elizabeth had been aware that Nikolas had planned to fake his death. Elizabeth denied knowing anything about Nikolas' plan and told Hayden that Nikolas wouldn't have faked his death if Hayden hadn't betrayed him. Hayden reminded Elizabeth that Nikolas had tried to have Hayden killed, but he'd regretted what he'd done and had been determined to spend his life making it up to her.

Hayden admitted she'd never wanted to hurt Nikolas, but Tracy had threatened to expose Hayden's real identity. Elizabeth accused Hayden of tricking Nikolas into marrying her so she could get her hands on the ELQ shares. Hayden was shaken by the accusations of lying to, using, and manipulating Nikolas. Elizabeth said that Hayden had had a chance to build something real with Nikolas, but Hayden's greed and lies had destroyed that.

Hayden was surprised when Finn arrived at Wyndemere to offer his condolences. Hayden told him that Nikolas had staged his death on the night of the Nurses Ball to frame her for his murder, but Jason had shown up and landed in trouble instead. Hayden wept in Finn's arms.

After the memorial for Nikolas at Wyndemere, Hayden suggested that everyone share their favorite memories of Nikolas. Lulu suggested that Hayden tell them what Hayden had done to drive Nikolas to fake his death and disappear. Hayden warned Lulu that the truth would destroy Lulu's image of a brother who could do no wrong. Laura later thanked Hayden for not telling Lulu about Nikolas' secret.

Naomi arrived and asked Hayden about her prenuptial agreement. Hayden was surprised that she might be entitled to something. Laura warned that she'd stop Hayden from taking what belonged to Spencer. Hayden assured Laura she had no intention of taking anything from Spencer.

At Metro Court, Ava warned Hayden that Elizabeth had the diamonds and was going to turn Hayden in to the authorities. When Hayden found Elizabeth, Hayden said she knew Elizabeth had the diamonds, and Hayden wanted them back. When Elizabeth said she wanted Hayden in prison with her father, Hayden slapped her. Finn broke them up, and Hayden accused Elizabeth of trying to destroy her.

After the power outage in the hospital, Hayden decided to take the stairs. She saw Elizabeth lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, and when Franco rounded the corner, Hayden called to him. Franco told Hayden to get help. Hayden ran up the stairs and bumped into Paul. Hayden told him that Elizabeth had been injured and needed help. Paul started questioning her, but Hayden pushed past him, grabbed Finn, and took Finn to Elizabeth.

Later, Paul ordered Hayden to stay put because he had questions for her. Finn asked Hayden about Elizabeth's fall. Hayden became defensive, believing Finn thought she had pushed Elizabeth to silence her about the diamonds. Franco accused Hayden of believing she'd be better off if Elizabeth was dead. Franco advised Finn that Elizabeth had evidence that could send Hayden to jail for a long time.

Hayden told Finn she'd confronted Elizabeth about the diamonds and explained the diamonds were all she had as fallback. Hayden had believed the diamonds had vanished but had panicked when she'd discovered that Elizabeth had them. Hayden admitted she'd lied to the Feds about the diamonds and that she had intended to blackmail Elizabeth into returning them. Hayden told Finn that Nikolas had hired someone to kill her, and Elizabeth was an accessory after the fact. Hayden admitted she was a schemer, liar, and blackmailer, but she was not a murderer.

Hayden told Jordan she'd found Elizabeth in the stairwell and had run to get help when Franco had arrived. When Jordan asked where Hayden had been prior to being in the stairwell, Finn provided Hayden with an alibi, saying he'd been apologizing to her for an argument they'd had the previous day. Later, on the promenade, Finn and Hayden toasted and kissed. Jordan arrested Hayden for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber.

Finn went to see Hayden in the interrogation room, and Hayden found it ironic that she'd been arrested for a crime she hadn't committed. Hayden told Finn she hadn't hidden her hatred for Elizabeth and didn't think anyone would believe that she hadn't pushed Elizabeth. Hayden was sure Elizabeth had deliberately lied. When Hayden said she was innocent, Valerie reminded her that she'd had a very public confrontation with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth had stated that Hayden had pushed her.

Hayden was shocked when Franco slipped into the interrogation room and told her that she had the same rare blood type as Elizabeth, and Hayden was going to save Elizabeth's life. As Franco was picking the lock on her handcuffs, Jordan arrived. Franco explained that Hayden was needed at the hospital to save Elizabeth's life because of their rare blood type. A police officer accompanied Hayden to the hospital so she could donate her blood. A while later, Finn advised Hayden that the charges against her had been dropped.

Finn took Hayden back to his suite. Hayden fell asleep on the couch. When she awoke, she thanked Finn for clearing her name. Hayden advised Finn that she'd wanted to use the diamonds to fund Finn's research. Hayden wanted them to discuss the kiss they had shared. Finn reminded her that he was dying and was still in love with his wife. Hayden hid her sting of rejection and admitted she was grieving as well.

Hayden went to see Elizabeth in the hospital and asked Elizabeth to hand over the diamonds. Elizabeth revealed that the diamonds had already been turned over to the police. An argument ensued. Franco defused it and told them they were sisters and that Jeff Webber had had an affair with Naomi while he'd been married, and Hayden was the result. Franco told them that Heather had told him she'd been blackmailing Naomi since she'd become privy to the information. Hayden wanted to know who Heather was.

Franco advised that Heather was his mother, and she'd been incarcerated at D'Archam Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Elizabeth told Hayden that she'd asked someone to turn the diamonds over to the police and was unapologetic because Hayden had tried to kill her. Franco advised that Elizabeth had a photo of a man's legs she had taken as she'd fallen, and Hayden hadn't pushed her. Elizabeth thanked Hayden for saving her life and said she'd try to get the diamonds back. A short time later, two federal agents arrested Hayden.

Naomi visited Hayden in prison and was shocked when Hayden confronted her about her paternity. Hayden was enraged that she'd endured public humiliation with Raymond Berlin. Hayden accused Naomi of keeping Hayden's paternity a secret from Raymond because Naomi had been selfish and afraid that Raymond would cut her off if he'd known the truth. Hayden suddenly realized that Raymond had denied Hayden's visits because he had learned the truth.

A little later, a federal agent advised Hayden the charges had been dropped, and she was free to leave. The agent explained that Naomi had made a full confession. Naomi arrived wearing handcuffs and told Hayden that she'd told the truth to the agents -- that she'd hidden Raymond's diamonds among Hayden's things. Naomi promised she'd be fine as long as she knew Hayden was living a life free of the lies that had plagued her family for years. Naomi encouraged Hayden to stay in Port Charles and follow her heart. When Hayden was released, she called Finn to let him know she'd been freed.

Hayden went to see Finn, told him about Naomi's confession, and revealed that she'd been a product of an affair between Naomi and Jeff Webber. Finn told Hayden how a maniacal part of him had believed it had been imperative to study the disease where it had originated, and he and Reiko had gotten careless working on a new batch of samples. Reiko had fallen ill very quickly and died. Finn blamed himself.

Hayden visited Elizabeth and asked if Elizabeth was disappointed that Hayden wasn't in prison. Elizabeth said she was happy Hayden was free. Hayden handed Elizabeth a bill and told Elizabeth to pay it, since Hayden had to pay for her mother's and her own lawyers' bills. Elizabeth informed Hayden that she lived paycheck to paycheck, and anything left over went to her boys. Elizabeth thanked Hayden for the blood donation but said she couldn't pay Hayden's bills. Hayden suggested they talk to Jeff Webber, but Elizabeth informed Hayden that Jeff was a humanitarian and had no money.

Elizabeth suggested that Hayden stand on her own two feet and get a job. Hayden said no one would hire her because she'd been raised by Raymond Berlin. Elizabeth said Hayden had been responsible for her own choices like lying, running cons, and chasing money above everything else. Elizabeth pointed out that the fact they were related didn't seem to mean much to Hayden, but Elizabeth advised that if ever Hayden needed a blood transfusion, she'd be more than happy to provide it.

Later Hayden began a job search for positions in finance and investment. Hayden credited Finn with helping her secure a job at the hospital. Hayden admitted she had feelings for Finn, but it would be best if they remained professional, since Finn wasn't interested in a romantic relationship.

At the nurses' station Tracy disclosed that Hayden hadn't made friends with members of the hospital board. Hayden advised one of the board members that the hospital's financial outlook wasn't favorable, since it was completely in the red. The board member made a snide remark about Hayden being the daughter of the biggest swindler on Wall Street. Hayden reminded him that the board had voted to hire her. He vowed to keep a close eye on her and threated to have her fired if he didn't see a marked improvement in finances within a reasonable amount of time. Hayden welcomed the scrutiny.

Tracy threatened to run Hayden out of town if Hayden failed to improve the hospital's finances. Hayden stated that she had several cost-cutting ideas she wanted to run by Tracy. Hayden winced when she got a paper cut. Tracy sent Hayden to Finn's lab after Brad complained about Finn working with dangerous pathogens and about Finn's hands trembling.

Hayden entered Finn's lab. She grimaced when she stepped into a spill with broken glass. She was attempting to remove a piece of glass from her shoe when Finn arrived. Alarmed, Finn rushed into the lab, ordered Hayden to drop the glass, and began inspecting her hands. Finn dragged Hayden to the sink for a thorough rinsing and explained he'd been working with the same bacteria that had infected him. Finn was horrified when he saw that Hayden had a cut on her hand and advised Hayden she'd been exposed to the virus that was killing him and had killed his wife. He had Hayden swallow an antibiotic booster and an iodine pill.

When Finn's back was turned, Hayden left the lab and went to Wyndemere. She was surprised to see Laura, who told her they'd have to move because Valentin had claimed Wyndemere. After Laura left the room, Hayden collapsed onto the floor.

Finn arrived and found Hayden in the living room. She stood on shaky legs but assured him she was fine. Hayden agreed to go to the hospital for testing, but when she took a couple of steps, she collapsed. Hayden awoke in pulmonary distress. She passed out again, and Finn had to inject adrenaline straight into Hayden's heart. Hayden gasped as she awoke. She was taken to the hospital. Brad and Liesl had taken their concerns about Finn's lab to the board. Tracy wanted Hayden to be taken to the Quartermaine mansion, where Finn could treat her.

At the Quartermaine mansion Hayden awoke in a weakened condition. Finn promised to take care of her and assured her he'd do everything in his power to manage her illness. He wouldn't let Hayden die.

The following day, Hayden surprised Finn when she informed him she felt much better. She was dressed and ready for work. Finn tried to dissuade her, but she insisted. At the hospital, Hayden threw her arms around Elizabeth and wept inconsolably. A few minutes later, Hayden pulled away from Elizabeth, said that Elizabeth was the last person she wanted to be around, and walked away.

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