Teresa Castillo
Actor History
Teresa Castillo
September 19, 2012 to Present (contract)
Revealed to be 27 years old as of June 2013
Nurse at General Hospital
Former nursing student at General Hospital
Resides At
135 Hyde Street, Apartment 22
Grew up in Puerto Rico
Marital Status
Single/Broken engagement to Patrick Drake [Engaged: Oct 21, 2013; broken engagement: Dec 23, 2013]
Past Marriages
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Juan Santiago (cousin)
Currently expecting a child with Patrick Drake
Flings & Affairs
Carlos Rivera (lovers, prior to Sabrina's arrival in Port Charles)
Milo Giambetti (flirtation)
Patrick Drake (lovers)
Carlos Rivera (kissed)
Crimes Committed
  • Conspired with Felix Dubois and Ellie Trout to secretly run a paternity test on Britt Westbourne's unborn child [Jul 2013]
Health and Vitals
Her cell phone number is 716.555.0154
Brief Character History

Sabrina Santiago came to Port Charles and joined the nursing staff at the hospital after her cousin, former resident Juan Santiago, had spoken highly about the town and the hospital. Sabrina had been raised by her cousin's family after her mother's death when she was young. Her mother had been a nurse and Sabrina planned to follow in her footsteps. At General Hospital, Sabrina immediately developed a crush on neurosurgeon Patrick Drake. She was intrigued by him after she learned he was recently widowed and raising his young daughter on his own. Sabrina was honored when Patrick reached out to her and mistakenly believed that he wanted to take her on a date. Instead, Patrick asked Sabrina to baby-sit his daughter Emma while he went out on a date with a fellow doctor named Britt Westbourne.

Britt and Sabrina each sensed the other woman's interest in Patrick and Britt showed her superiority as a doctor by ordering Sabrina around. Regardless, Sabrina agreed to watch Patrick's daughter and she enjoyed spending time with Emma in Patrick's home. As Sabrina and Emma bonded, Patrick and Sabrina started to develop a friendship, much to Britt's dismay.

Sabrina remained intrigued by Patrick's former wife Robin and Emma told Sabrina about the Nurses Ball that the hospital used to hold to raise money for HIV after Robin was declared HIV positive. Sabrina decided to resurrect the Nurses Ball as a tribute to Robin. Her friends Elizabeth Webber and Felix Dubois joined the effort, along with Patrick, Elizabeth's brother Steve, and Britt. They struggled to find funding for the ball until Felix connected Sabrina with Lucy Coe.

As the plans for the ball moved forward, Sabrina continued to spend time with Patrick's daughter and Patrick as well. They almost shared a kiss but Sabrina distanced herself from Patrick and Emma after Britt led Sabrina to believe that Patrick knew about her crush and felt uncomfortable around her. Sabrina tried to avoid Patrick even though Felix and Elizabeth urged her to fight for him. Eventually Patrick ended his relationship with Britt. She blamed Sabrina for the break-up and took steps to end Sabrina's nursing career before it officially started. Patrick remained by Sabrina's side while she fought to save her career.

After Patrick's unwavering support, Sabrina confessed her feelings for him. When Patrick did not immediately express the same feelings, Sabrina decided to move on and accepted a date with Milo Giambetti. As Sabrina and Milo got to know one another, Patrick realized that he had romantic feelings for Sabrina and escorted her to the Nurse's Ball.

Sabrina was unsure of where she stood with Patrick after Britt announced at the ball that she was pregnant with Patrick's child. Despite Britt's news, Sabrina and Patrick decided to pursue a relationship. Sabrina felt that Britt planned to use the pregnancy to win Patrick back. With the help of her roommate Felix, Sabrina chose to fight for Patrick by allowing Britt to move in with them after Britt claimed to have complications with the pregnancy. As Britt's pregnancy progressed, Sabrina and Felix questioned the paternity of Britt's child until test results confirmed that Patrick was the child's father. Sabrina remained by Patrick's side and supported his decision to be a part of his child's life.

Eventually Britt confessed that Patrick was not her baby's father and Patrick and Sabrina were able to move forward with their relationship without Britt's interference. However, Sabrina's former lover Carlos arrived in Port Charles and claimed that he still loved Sabrina and wanted her back. Carlos questioned Sabrina's place in Patrick's life since Patrick still wore his wedding ring and had not made a formal commitment to her. She defended Patrick but secretly wondered if he would ever be ready to move forward. Her worries ceased after Patrick proposed marriage and they made plans to marry as soon as possible.

Sabrina's plans for a happy future with Patrick and Emma were interrupted as Patrick and Sabrina exchanged wedding vows. Patrick's wife Robin arrived at the church and Sabrina was forced to watch Patrick and Robin reunite with a passionate kiss. The wedding never resumed and Sabrina ran off. She spent an intoxicated evening with Carlos although he swore they had spent the night in a platonic manner. Later, Patrick spoke with Sabrina and asked for her patience as he sorted out his feelings for both women. After weeks of uncertainty, Patrick informed Sabrina that he belonged with Robin but assured Sabrina that he did truly care for her.

As Sabrina dealt with a broken heart, Carlos turned to her for safety after he had been shot. She allowed him to hide from the mob at her apartment and she realized that she was pregnant with Patrick's child. Felix encouraged Sabrina to tell Patrick but she feared that he would accuse her of using the pregnancy to undermine his relationship with Robin. Although Sabrina had not asked, Carlos stepped in and announced that he was the father of Sabrina's child. She went along with the lie but later confessed the truth to Patrick. He promised to be involved in his child's life but was distracted after Robin left Port Charles. Sabrina hoped that her pregnancy had not caused Robin to leave.

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