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Desperate times call for desperate measures
For the Week of January 31, 2005
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The Phillip Spaulding murder trial is about to begin. Harley and Gus are fighting for her life, but is she innocent? What do Beth, Alan, and Lizzie really know? And once the dust settles, what will the cost be for all of those involved?

Springfield is getting pretty desperate these days! As we get closer to sweeps, the stories sure are heating up.

Of course, the Phillip Spaulding murder trial is about to begin. Harley and Gus are fighting for her life (and their life together) but is she innocent? What do Beth, Alan and Lizzie really know? And once the dust settles, what will the cost be for all of those involved?

For whatever it's worth, there is a still a big part of me who thinks that Phillip is either alive in the Spaulding Mansion (in that little secret room of his). Or maybe he's off somewhere watching a wrecking ball of a different type tear through the people who loved - and hated - him. You know that the trial will be full of surprises - and I can't wait for the ride to begin!

Alan is determined to protect all persons Spaulding (well, except Gus) that he'll let Harley do hard time for a crime they might have committed. Of course, no one expected less of Alan. Like most people, he will do anything to protect his family. Of course, if that means letting his former daughter-in-law take the blame for Phillip's death, so be it. We've seen his odd sense of family in the past - and this time Gus is the expendable one. His love of Harley will allow Alan to divorce himself of his son with no regrets - or so we are allowed to think.

For years we have seen how Alan has treated his sons. Phillip's own violent end was due, in part, to the paranoia that Alan created in his mind. Their father/son relationship was racked with past transgressions. But now that his "golden boy" isn't around, and Alan-Michael is off with another Cooper (Lucy) only Gus is left in town. Will Alan really choose to abandon his son? All signs point to Alan sticking by his Elizabeth, the troubled and spoiled teen.

Did Lizzie kill her father? Gus was right - she has killed before. But Carl was her mother's troubled boyfriend. Would Lizzie kill the one person she loved the most? She was deeply upset by Phillip's erratic behavior towards the end. She chose to get off of the plane Phillip had for their escape. Did the two have more - final - words at Company that ended in a gunshot?

I must admit that I find it hard to believe that Lizzie remembers killing Phillip if she indeed pulled the trigger. Surely in that perfectly pressed little designer outfit beats a real heart. She IS half Raines, after all. Hopefully those warm and fuzzy genes will help her get through the trial - if indeed she has something to hide.

Alan is pulling a lot of strings these days. Bill and Olivia are dealing with the devil himself - and hope to win. But Alan is the master manipulator, so I hope that the Slingshot duo can bounce back from whatever he dishes out. Despite initial misgivings, I do love this duo together. After four marriages (Josh, Alan, Phillip and Bill) I hope Olivia can be happy for awhile.

If Slingshot fails, Olivia can always play matchmaker. The thought of Dinah as a parent just gives me the willies! The poor child will need intensive therapy for life. And since we know that Dinah is willing to get pregnant by nearly anyone, I'm sure Jonathan will gladly comply.

Cassie just hopes that her own evening with Jonathan didn't result in the conception of her late husband's first grandchild (she's turning into Reva before our very eyes!). I have a sinking suspicion that we're in for another ride on the paternity merry-go-round. But will the cost of the ride be too much for her new marriage to the very possessive Edmund? Remember that he nearly killed Jonathan as a baby. Could he possibly try to finish the job this time around?

Although Danny is now out of "the life", Tony is still involved in some very dangerous dealings. But now that he's finally got the woman of his dreams, he's desperate to keep her - at any cost. What happens when Michelle's memories return? Will she change her mind - and break Tony's heart? Father Ray was right to try to protect his brother, but a young man in love rarely listens to advice - especially from family! And what will happen to Marina's own heart if Michelle decides to return to Danny and Robbie?

All in all, it looks like a great sweeps for GL viewers. Hopefully these stories will wrap up soon and we can look forward to a great summer of happy couples (maybe a Gus/Harley wedding - please GL!!).

In the next few weeks, I hope to get another survey together to see how everyone is enjoying the show during sweeps. I know that I am (as usual) behind in my emails and hope to get back on track soon. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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