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For the Week of February 21, 2005
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Dinah certainly has sparked up Springfield with her trouble-making ways. Her hatred of all things Cassie certainly gives her lots of ammo these days.

Over the years, I've seen some pretty great manipulators walking the streets of Springfield. Characters who will do whatever it takes to get what they want. While it's not always a bad thing, it seems that there are some really bad seeds sprouting all around town just in time for spring.

Let's start with Lizzie - a girl after my own heart. The oldest child of Phillip and Beth Spaulding, and pampered princess of Springfield - she's had some hard knocks. After killing her mom's abusive ex-boyfriend Carl, she battled cancer and came back stronger than ever. What happened when they aged the character, is that most of her sweetness and innocence went along with her youth.

But did she kill her own father? The knight in shining armor and heir apparent to all things Spaulding? If she didn't - she knows a lot more than she's telling. But who is she protecting - if not herself?

Lizzie's whole testimony this week was a study in manipulation. Look how she got everyone to believe how mean old Uncle Gus manhandled her to free Harley. She was playing them all like a violin and only Gus knew the real score. Lizzie has a long history of causing trouble and playing the innocent victim. Her family members have been burying their collective heads in the sand for years - when will they learn?

One thing that bugged me about the whole scene was the obvious absence of Beth and Lillian from the courtroom. While Crystal Hunt (Lizzie) is under contract, Beth Chamberlain and Tina Sloan (Beth and Lillian respectively) are recurring players, who are paid for each days work. Come on, GL - you couldn't spring for two recurring players who have a vital link to Lizzie witness her testimony? The pitiful few people sitting behind D.A. Jeffrey O'Neill speaks volumes as to Phillip's fall from grace. And where were Phillip's Uncle Ross and best friend Rick? Rick even has a child with Harley - surely he would be in court.

Another long time manipulator is darling Dinah. She certainly has sparked up Springfield with her trouble-making ways. Her hatred of all things Cassie certainly gives her lots of ammo these days. But I did love to hear Corey's mom give her a dose of what everyone thinks about her at Towers! Edmund only interrupted in the hopes of scoring brownie points (and silence) from Dinah about the night of the fire. Too bad he didn't know that dynamic duo Dinah and Jonathan have already compared notes on their least favorite newlyweds.

Speaking of the slithering bad boy, Jonathan and Dinah's pairing was a long time coming. I can't wait to see all of the wreckage they leave all over town. But what strikes me about both of these characters, is how all alone they will be if they are successful at bringing down their enemies. Ross isn't about to take much more of Dinah's shenanigans and Reva will surely wake up before she ruins her third marriage to Josh - won't she? And how big of an "ick" factor was it to have Jonathan and Dinah in Josh and Reva's bed? Ewwwww - I think I'd hit a President's Day sale and spring for another mattress.

Courtesy of the biggest manipulator Springfield has ever seen (Roger Thorpe) we have his son Sebastian back in town. Of course, we knew he didn't die in that fall (much like his father before him) so what will the "new" Sebastian bring to the table? And what does he want with Alan Spaudling? As his father's biggest competitor, this should be an interesting partnership of sorts. We really need to stir things up over at Spaulding, and this might just be the ticket!! Somehow I don't think Sebastian's new lease on life means he's turned over a new leaf. Will he tell Blake the whole story about his "death"? How will Holly react to having Sebastian in Springfield?

As Sweeps are coming to an end, things are starting to heat up in town. I can't wait to see how the trial ends and it's aftermath. I hope that the fans are enjoying the performances as much as I have (LOVED the treehouse scene with Harley and Frank - Beth and Frank just show us all how close they really are with such touching scenes). Let's hope the bad seeds in Springfield take root in some really juicy stories this springtime!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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