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For the Week of April 4, 2005
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Harley is about to learn her fate, which will change the course of many lives. Gus is determined to save her, but what will that mean to his fairly new relationship with the Spaudlings, who he sided with before?

As spring finally decides to come to most of the country, we see that changes are taking place in Springfield as well. Sure, there might be some flowers poking their heads out of the ground, looking for sunlight. But I mean the life altering changes that many of the characters are going through right now.

Harley is about to learn her fate, which will change the course of many lives. Her children will have to grow up without her, and her family will have to become their primary caregivers. We've seen Beth Ehlers heartbreaking performances as she shows Harley putting her life in order for others - but ignoring her own life. Gus is determined to save her, but what will that mean to his fairly new relationship with the Spaudlings, who he sided with before - breaking Harley's heart on their wedding day.

Alan has his revenge over Phillip's death - even if the killer won't pay. But time and time again we seen Alan get what he thinks he wants, but it never makes him happy. Phillip is gone, and he certainly played a part in making his son into his own likeness - which cost him his life. But we all know Alan will never see the truth that is hiding in plain sight - that the "cost" of being a Spaulding - at least the way his father Brandon taught him to be - comes at a very high price. Phillip's absence from the cast means that Alan really doesn't have a soft spot to show to the viewer - Phillip always told him the truth about himself yet Alan adored him. Now Alan has become a bitter man who only has hate in his heart.

Lizzie has become the pampered princess we all hope gets a bad manicure and goes home in tears. Her spoiled girl temper tantrums are getting old - and tossing the Coopers out on their collective ear makes me wish someone would send her to Ravenwood for years! GL has to do something to make these characters at least a little likeable. I can certainly see how losing your beloved father so young (and so violently) can mess with your head. But somewhere she has to act human for us to care.

Jonathan is another prime example of this pattern. Life has certainly dealt this character a lot of lemons. And instead of making lemonade, he's gotten more and more bitter and resentful as time goes by. We see glimpses of the nicer, softer side of Jonathan when he saved Tammy's life. She calls him on it on many occasions, but somehow Jonathan just goes back down the same, lonely road of bitterness. If he and Aunt 'Liv aren't careful, they'll have only one another for company after everyone walks out of their lives.

I had such high hopes for Olivia and Bill, too. They really set off some sparks when they are on-screen together. But it seems that she is going to, time and time again, make a mess of things which might cost her the marriage she seems to want. I'd love for GL to allow a woman to be shown as a success in business without alienating everyone in her life. Women today can juggle career and family without all of the near-fatal mistakes she has made. Of course, most women don't have an ex-husband/ex-father-in-law like Alan Spaudling, either!

Cassie's life is getting ready to change in ways she can't even imagine! She only thinks that she is separating from Edmund (a big enough change) but wait til she finds out that Dinah is carrying their child. Talk about the ultimate souvenir from her stalking days! This is better than posing as Cassie at any society party - and the long term effects on both their lives looms very large.

Jeffrey's appearance in Cassie's life certainly meant big changes for this character. Edmund didn't try to kill him with a shovel for nothing! How can you possibly beat a dead ringer for the love of her life? All of Edmund's insecurities are certainly pushing Cassie into Jeffrey's arms. Not that I mind one bit - we really needed some romance in Springfield. And although I could buy and Edmund/Dinah pairing I really liked her sparks with the evil Jonathan as well. Two peas in a pod, if you will.

With Tony leaving Springfield, we all know where this leaves Danny and Michelle. Poor Marina will be outta luck on this one -and no possible suitor for her to rebound with, either. I just hope that Danny and Michelle minus Carmen is better than all the other times when my finger has been steadily on the FF button - for fear of falling asleep over the lack of chemistry. Hopefully the spunkier Michelle and the Non-Don Danny make me like this couple again. Josh and Reva, like Danny and Michelle, have been on-again, off-again more times than I care to count. While I had my doubts there for a while that their marriage could last with Jonathan around, I can't wait to see this couple tackle middle age. While come characters might make this ho-hum, Kim Zimmer can make heating a can a soup a blast!! More air time for this duo makes me one happy GL fan!! All of these changes are really gelling to make the summer in Springfield all the hotter - and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out!! Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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