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Last week, we saw an old character with a new face -- A.C. Mallet, Harley's ex-husband and the warden of her prison. Harley's marriage to Mallet certainly has had a strong impact on her life since their divorce.

One of the things I like about watching a show for as long as I've been watching GL is all of the familiar faces on the show. Many of the actors have been in their roles for years, and others show up now and again in their roles. Even when actors come to GL from other roles (like daytime legend Linda Dano) you feel a certain kinship with them.

This week we saw an old character with a new face - A.C. Mallet. Harley's ex-husband and the warden of her prison - which could be a good or a bad thing. As those who are short time viewers saw last week, Harley's marriage to Mallet certain has had a strong impact on her life since their divorce. When Harley returned to Springfield, Mallet had just cheated on her, and she was feeling pretty low. Men were not a high priority, and she was not very trusting of males who weren't related to her - which is understandable.

Enter Phillip Spaulding, Harley's ex-brother-in-law and someone she has known for years. When Harley was married to Alan-Michael, Alan Spaudling did all he could to make her feel unworthy as a Spaulding wife. And a younger Harley certainly believed many of the unkind words about the differences between the Spauldings and the Coopers.

With Harley now in jail for Phillip's murder (and May Sweeps coming up) I think we might see the identity of the mysterious person at Phillip's grave. Of course, there is still a pretty big part of me that believes that Phillip faked his own death and will return (and it had better be Grant Aleksander in the role if Phil returns). I guess we'll have to wait and see.

And who hasn't been to a party that just fell flat, making you wish you hadn't even bothered to go? Dinah's little "family" get together shows just how desperate (and deluded) she is about her latest scheme. How can anyone see a positive in her carrying Edmund and Cassie's baby? This story is sure to get more and more complicated as the months go by.

Hopefully as the temperature heats up we can see some really hot stories to keep us all watching. I know I will be!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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