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You can tell a lot about a person by looking into their closet. Bill had better do some cleaning, before Olivia (or Danny) discovers what he's hiding!

You can tell a lot about a person from looking into their closet. And I guess Bill had better do some cleaning before Olivia (or Danny) discover what he's hiding!

It was great to see Nancy St. Alban (Michelle) this week - but I have to feel for her. After actually being pregnant and hiding it for months on GL now she has to wear Dinah's old padded belly and pretend she's really carrying a baby. Now the only question is the paternity of her child. Like there is really a chance it would be Tony's - that doesn't fit as well into the storyline. Poor Marina and her shot at having a boyfriend that sticks around - gone in an instant.

At least it gets us away from the endless saga of Jonathan/Alfred and Phillip's faux-murder. Those stories - and the Cassie/Edmund doomed relationship - have taken up most of the summer. If only we had seen less of them over the course of the last few months, I could have been interested longer. But now I'm ready for new adventures - and maybe a wedding(?) in Springfield in 2005.

With all of the behind-the-scenes changes and drama at GL, I wasn't sure how 2005 would proceed. Hopefully with some juicy stories for fans to enjoy (although another paternity story isn't really that original - but I'll wait to see how it all plays out) and maybe some returns of more favorites. The addition of Alan-Michael should be a great starting point to hopefully get the Spaulding family back on track. Although how they'll be able to get Alan out of jail without Phillip showing up is a mystery I haven't solved yet.

Still, there are so many GL'ers we haven't seen in ages. I'd love to see more of Blake and Ross, Rick, Beth, Lillian and Alex. All could have figured more prominently in the Phillip murder mystery, but GL dropped the ball. Can a fan hope for more of these veterans this fall?

It looks like the Jonathan/Alfred story will wrap in the next week or so. I have to admit that I really enjoyed Ritchie Costner as Nate and wish him all the best. Alfred deserves whatever he has coming to him - but will Reva and Josh survive? LOVED the very honest dialogue again from Robert Newman (Josh) who nailed his relationship with Reva perfectly.

But the one gripe that really stuck in my head this week is the wardrobe. Why in the world was Kim Zimmer wearing her swimsuit all week under that pink top? If it was only for a day, I could put it out of my mind. But to see it nearly all week was distracting. I kept thinking of how awful it all looked (and Cassie's dress with that odd tie at her collarbone) instead of focusing on the scene's themselves.

Summer is still pretty hot, so I'm hoping these new stories can keep up with the heat outside. I'll be tuning in to see how they all tune out.

Thanks to all of those who dropped me a line this week. Still trying to get to the email from my return home. It's always nice to get back home after being away for two long weeks. Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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