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Just when you think that Edmund can't get any crazier, he sets fire to the farmhouse, thinking that he can destroy all of the evidence of his evil plans. What he doesn't know (or does he even care at this point?) is that Dinah is still inside.

Just when you think that Edmund can't get any crazier, he sets fire to the farmhouse, thinking that he can destroy all of the evidence of his evil plans. What he doesn't know (or does he even care at this point?) that Dinah is still inside. He already thinks she has blown his cover so getting rid of her is like a bonus to evil Eddie.

I couldn't help but feel like Edmund was a rat, trapped in a corner this week. All of the best-laid plans to get Cassie back in his life. All up in smoke - literally - now. Of course, he did go just a bit too far in the name of love - but that is what we expect from Edmund. Just remember what he did to Beth all of those years ago - and to Cassie herself (who apparently didn't remember being locked in a tower before she walked down the aisle).

Since we know that Edmund is being written off, the mystery now is how and when it will happen. And will the re-casting of Cassie come at the same time? It's always interesting to see how real-life and reel-life combine to affect the show.

All of that being said, I still can't believe that GL is getting rid of the only villain they have. David Andrew MacDonald has been with the show for 6 years - and while I've wanted to strangle Edmund a lot of that time - I can't believe that they couldn't write for his character. The one thing that GL needs more than anything is THE FANS. Yet GL is losing seven long-term characters/actors over the next month or two. Only Cassie will be re-cast, which leaves a good many GL fans with no "favorites" to tune in for.

Yet, as the spoilers indicate, GL's head writer (David Kreizman) is singing the company tune. Of course, he's not going to say "Oh, my gosh - actors are leaving left and right and we got rid of a bunch more so we're in a bad way" which I can admire. He does need to collect a paycheck from the network - so he can't bash the show. But I would hope that the management team that is left running GL realizes that the fans are the backbone of the show. It is very difficult, with hundreds of channels these days, and more and more people working during the day, to get more viewers. So - you would think - that they are more than a little concerned that the fans they have now will find very little consistency with the show outside of the Cooper and Lewis families. And as someone who has watched the show before either family came to Springfield, I would like to see more of other families that we all know and love. I would like to see ALL of my favorites each week - at least once. Now I know that actors take vacations and have outside interests, but to ignore characters for weeks on end and then expect fans to just pick up on their story in one day a month is just asking for trouble. (For example, some fans might not have realized the reason Billy didn't drink at his big meeting this week was that he's an alcoholic).

Speaking of Billy, I think his comment about push-up bras and lipstick was pretty demeaning. While I understand (but don't agree) that the writers want to further their stereotypes of "good old boys" most men I know wouldn't make such a sexist crack after 1980. Why is it that Olivia has to be a (pardon the word) bitch because she wants to have a powerful career? Does that make her bad? Although I think the whole switching the drinks was pretty awful - and will no doubt be the catalyst that has Bill leave town. But why can't a woman in Springfield be shown juggling a career and family well? Speaking of careers, why has no one seen Blake all week and burned her at the stake? Didn't she do basically the same thing - stab her friends in the back - with her last novel? But while we see "DC Hammer" and "Marley" and "Russ" - we don't see the author herself. Of course, since Liz Keifer is on recurring status (which makes no sense) TPTB don't want to have to pay her to appear and defend Blake's indefensible actions. With the imminent departure of Jerry verDorn (Ross), what will happen to his on-screen wife?

While I applaud the work done this week, I guess all of the changes behind-the-scenes still have me (and plenty of you, it seems) concerned. While long time fans have seen GL weather many storms in the past, all of these changes do have me worried about the future of the show. Many of you have written, sharing my concerns. I do appreciate all of your comments - which I certainly share with GL - even if I can't respond to each email, I will answer any questions I can answer about the show and its rich history.

Hopefully we can build on that history with new characters and stories this fall. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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