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There is NO way that Jeffrey can keep Jonathan in jail to please his girlfriend. It doesn't matter what kind of skeletons you have in your closet, you can't deny someone a bail hearing for a week just to make Cassie forgive you for your own deceit.

Happy New Year! As I sit here, contemplating my 30 years of GL viewership, I have to say that I remain optimistic about the show's chances of staying on the air. This week, the "Inside the Light" debuted - which I have to admit I was dreading. Although the cuts from one scene to another (with Beth Ehlers in every scene) were a little hard to get used to, there was enough story to cover the entire 47 minutes of air time. The one concern is what happens when the entire day showcases a character you don't like - I hope the fans will turn the Light back on the next day!!

While I always think our actors are superb, the stories sometimes have me shaking my head. There are just little things that make me scratch my head - and this week there were several such moments.

# 1 - There is NO way that Jeffrey can keep Jonathan in jail to please his girlfriend. I don't care what skeleton you have in your closet, you can't deny someone a bail hearing for a week to make Cassie forgive you for your own deceit. Come on, GL. I'm not a lawyer (but I do work with quite a few) and I know this for a fact.

# 2 - Anger management class is a great idea for Jonathan, but one that lasts a few hours tops? Jonathan didn't even seem to participate - yet he's off scott-free? I do like the fact that this character has been shown to have a softer side towards Tammy (and sometimes Reva) which makes him more likeable for fans. I just hope that Tom Pelphrey gets the Emmy he deserved last year when they hand them out this spring!

# 3 - And while I liked the idea of showing that every relationship has its obstacles to overcome, I didn't really like that the way Rick and Mel's relationship was mentioned. Yes, they had to overcome some people's outdated opinions, but it seemed like it was something wrong to overcome. I would love to see more of this couple, which I think we will in 2006.

A big THANK YOU for finally getting Dinah and Mallet together! I wasn't sure I would like them together initially, but Gina and Robert have great chemistry! If only Mallet can forget about Harley and focus on Dinah!! I'd love to have more visits from Vanessa, too, to check on her daughter's relationship with the handsome cop!!

This week's "Inside the Light" will feature Reva and Josh. While I know this couple has had it's share (and more) of ups and downs, I would like to see them get back together and work through problems, rather than walking away. Besides, I would love to see more romance (and less divorce) in 2006. A girl can always dream..... With a smaller cast, you could start running out of possibly romantic parings.

We'll have to see how long GL keeps up with this type of show, and I encourage all of you to share your thoughts on this new idea with both me and GL (

Until next week...

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