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Finally, Guiding Light has shown us some of what went on with Jeffrey and Richard, and how this will affect many of Springfield's citizens.

After watching soaps for most of my life, you would think that I have gotten used to the odd plot twists that aren't framed in reality. This week, with the "Inside the Light" show on Wednesday, I was concerned for those newer viewers who might be a tad confused over Jeffrey/Richard.

The long time fan in me is glad that GL is FINALLY remembering that Richard existed and he does look an awful lot like Jeffrey. This seemingly forgotten plot twist was always bothering me. Like the end of a book that you just can't find the time to read, or the end of a show that you miss because you fell asleep. Finally GL has shown us some of what went on with Jeffrey and Richard and how this will affect many of Springfield's citizens.

For example, I was thrilled to see that Reva questioned Jeffrey about his playing double for Richard with her - GL tends to forget that little bit of info. And Jeffrey stating that he is NOT Jonathan's father did clear up another loose end for me as well. How Cassie will take Jeffrey sleeping with her as Richard, is something else entirely. Only time will tell how long GL takes to shed some light on this subject - my guess is not too long.

But the jumping back and forth from Jeffrey to Richard and back to Jeffrey again makes me appreciate Bradley Cole all the more. Between the wardrobe changes, hair styles, etc. he had to switch back and forth between characters all day long. I can't imagine that is easy to do - even when you know both characters intimately, as he does. I can see Jeffrey moving back into private practice now, since GL has no lawyer on contract (Yvonna Wright, Mel, is on recurring status).

Cassie continues to make me want to strangle her. Her constant whining about Tammy's choice in mate makes me see red. Those who remember Rob Layne (Cassie's ex and Tammy's biological father) know her choice in men wasn't any better. I realize that she wants to protect Tammy from everything, but she seems to forget that Tammy has to live her own life. Even if I question every day how she can afford to live when she isn't working or at school anymore - Mom surely isn't paying for her day to day expenses - is Aunt Reva? But since most citizens of Springfield don't work regularly, I shouldn't worry much.

In an interesting twist, GL heavily promoted the "Inside the Light" this week - featuring a very much alive Gus. Fans, myself included, were wondering what GL was doing for all of these weeks with this character. In reading the spoilers, which I won't mention here, I can see that Harley will have to change her own viewpoint on a painful piece of her past this week. (Think about Phillip/Beth and the airplane). But that is next week's columnů

I cannot let this column end without saying a fond farewell to GL alum Don Stewart, who died earlier this month. Don played Mike Bauer on GL for 18 years and was a joy to watch. In recent years, I had seen him in a variety of commercials and shows and always wished GL would bring him back to Springfield. Now that chance is gone. Rest in peace, Don, your fans adored you and will cherish your work forever.

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