Gina Tognoni
Learning from your mistakes
For the Week of February 6, 2006
I really have to stop talking to my television set - but GL doesn't make it easy. Sure, I read the same spoilers you do (actually, I submit the spoilers so I see them before they are posted online at Soap Central) but I still was cringing at the thought of Harley hopping into bed with Mallet.

You know what is going to happen - it's like watching a car wreck in slow motion. Yet you are powerless to stop the madness. It's not like we haven't seen this sort of thing before. Harley has been the "other woman" in a Phillip/Beth plane crash pairing that produced seldom-seen James. And then Harley turned the tables with Phillip by sleeping with his best friend Rick when she learned her marriage was over.

While I felt bad for Harley in those circumstances - and certainly feel bad that she has "lost" her husband - the Dinah/Mallet fan in me is in anguish. We all know that Dinah has more than a little problem with jealousy - just ask Cassie, or Blake, or half of Springfield for that matter. You knew that Dinah was cautious with her new relationship with Mallet. She's had her share of romantic heartbreak. Her unusual romance with Edmund ended badly so she's more fragile than ever. And this latest twist might send her over the edge.

Speaking of characters going over the edge, it appears that Beth has decided life in the Spaulding Mansion isn't enough unless she has all of the pieces of the Spaulding pie. What will her scheme mean to her own future in Springfield? Beth has had her own share of issues, dating all the way back to her emergence in Springfield in the early 1980's. Is she doing all of this plotting and planning for herself, or has Phillip contacted her to be his henchwoman? (Don't forget, Phillip is alive out there somewhere). And how does A-M fit into this plan? I have to admit that if this plot twist keeps all of the characters on the canvas, I welcome more Spaulding boardroom antics.

Speaking of boardroom backstabbings, I was glad to see the dust clothes removed from the Lewis Oil set as well. And the return of feisty Wanda was a great addition as well. I hope that this means we'll see more of Billy Lewis in the months ahead - and the spoilers seem to indicate this as well. Now if only we could find a nice python for Olivia to spend time with…. or maybe the smarmy Quinn - he's perfect for her - although a bit young.

This week we'll focus on Jonathan as he takes a look back to all of his mistakes since he arrived in Springfield. Let's hope that he learns from them - and gives Tammy a little peace in her young life. But Sandy is far from done with his obsession for the blonde. I can see this whole story ending badly as well.

Next week is Valentine's Day, so I am hoping for a little romance in Springfield - and I hope GL doesn't disappoint. But with so few happy couples in town, things are looking bleak. But with February sweeps looming, a girl can always hope!!

I guess I received my Valentine's present a little early. Last Sunday, right after I submitted my column, my husband found out he won a car! A brand new, fully loaded 2006 Hyundai Sonata - which he gave to me. - what a sweetie! Needless to say, we were a little shocked that we would win the car (we entered a contest at the Washington Auto Show last Friday - we were there looking for a new car for me since I totaled mine right before the holidays). So I'm hoping that the ladies (and gentlemen) in Springfield get a memorable night (or gift) from their sweeties!

I hope that everyone has a Super Sunday (although I'm still deciding on which team to root for - I like them both!).


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