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Cassie has a tough choice to make. Will she forgive Jeffrey? If she lets him go, she'll lose the only link to Richard. If they do part, let's hope that Jeffrey doesn't go back to his bed-hopping ways from his early Springfield days.

I love a good history lesson - and this week GL certainly delivered!

I'll be the first to admit that I was leery of the weekly "Inside the Light" shows, but most have been spot on. GL has been playing to it's strengths for the most part of late - the rich history of the show and the actors who have been in their roles for decades. Reva, Josh and Billy coming back to Tulsa was great. Although was anyone else missing some real footage of their time together? The alternate reality was a hoot though - love KZ and her 80's hair-dos!!

Like many of you, I saw the accident coming a mile away. But Josh, coming off of his "knight and shining armor" role, hides the evidence of Billy's binge. While I enjoy seeing Josh as flawed as everyone else, I also enjoy that this is a core character that Springfield can rely on in a crisis. Now that GL foolishly let Jerry verDorn (Ross) go off to Llanview, GL needs a male patriarch for the show. And since Josh - and Robert Newman himself - have "grown up" before our eyes - this is a perfect fit. And if Reva can't get her act together to appreciate him in time (but she finally seems to be leaning that way) I have a bunch of ladies who would clamor at the chance for a guy like him!

Harley and Mallet were great together as partners. But partners in love is another story. I liked them well enough when Harley was in prison and out of Gus' live, but now that Dinah has entered Mallet's life, I want my favorite new couple to be happy. But since we know how soaps operate - that won't be for long! Darn!!

Gus and Alan have to get out of that cabin, pronto. This story has been dragging on for ages, and I want them to team up against Beth (or whoever she is) and get back to being barely civil to one another in Springfield. Once A-M learns this week what Daddy Dearest left him in his will, Gus will move up to #1 Son on Alan's list. Until Phillip returns (please, Grant, do it for your fans!! Springfield isn't the same without you!!).

And how the tables have turned on Cassie! Now Jonathan is the one protecting Tammy from the over-the-edge Sandy! How weird that GL chose "Speed" as the premise to Sandy's latest stalking attempt. Tom Pelphrey's resemblance to "Speed" star Keanu Reeves is uncanny. He claims not to see it - but maybe he just needs to get his eyes checked. Check out the Spoilers to see how it all will turn out…

Speaking of Cassie, she has a tough choice to make. Will she or won't she forgive Jeffrey? If she lets him go, I serious doubt there are three men out there with identical faces - so she'll lose that link to Richard forever. I hope that if they do part, Jeffrey doesn't go back to his bed-hopping ways from his early Springfield days. He sure didn't look too "in love" with Cassie when he was with Beth or Marah…

This week promises to be a great end to Sweeps, so hang onto your hats - it will be an interesting ride!

Until next week…
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!


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