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Gus's determination to get back to work as quickly as possible nearly cost Mallet his life last week. Since this is daytime, you know that Gus will have to work through his issues with Harley by his side.

WOW! What a night! I usually dread watching the Emmys since I usually see GL's competitors (any sometimes GL alums) snatching all of the awards. Not Friday night - our wonderfully talented cast was well rewarded for their years of hard work.

For those who didn't watch - here are the big GL winners!

Best Actress - Kim Zimmer (Reva) who picked up her 4th trophy in 10 nominations

Best Support Actress - Gina Tognoni (Dinah)

Best Supporting Actor - Jordan Clarke (Billy) after nearly 30 years on GL (off and on)

Best Younger Actor - Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) who should have won last year, too!

Congratulations to all the winners (and nominees) for some great recognition for all of their hard work!

We also learned that Kim Zimmer (Reva)'s contract is up soon and that Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) did ink a new deal with the show.

It's always great to see the stars all glammed up and talking with their peers - daytime is like one big family of very talented performers. One of these years I will try to get myself to an event like this to show my support for these very talented performers.

And the shows are heating up for May Sweeps! Fans can now see some of the summer stories starting to simmer. Will Lizzie's baby end up being fathered by Coop or Jonathan? How will that affect their current love lives? What really happened to Ross' plane? What will happen to Reva with her new mysterious illness? I can't wait!

This week's shows were like looking back in time. Lizzie and Coop with their baby reminded me of Beth and Phillip (with Lizzie) all those years ago. But Lizzie has certainly learned at the knee of Grandad Alan how to manipulate people to get what (or who) she wants.

Gus' determination to get back to work as quickly as possibly nearly cost Mallet his life! I cannot imagine taking pain medication and trying to go back to work (especially when your partners life is in your hands). But this is daytime, so you know Gus will have to work through his issues with Harley by his side. (But then Beth Ehlers revealed that she's getting a new leading man at the Emmys - so what is up with that?)

And just as Reva and Josh are finding their way back to each other (again) it looks like their lives together will take another twist and turn this week. It was great to hear Josh talking about his father H.B. - you could clearly see the love that Robert Newman had for his late co-star Larry Gates (who played the "old coot" H.B.). Any time GL pays homage to their past, it makes this long time viewer VERY happy!

This week looks like we'll have plenty of twists and turns as we get ready for our summer stories. I can see I'll have a lot of story to catch up on when I return from vacation in July! Hopefully with all of the recognition the show received Friday night we can get some more fans (both new and returning ones) back into watching GL!


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