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What can you say about Reva? This self-righteous stuff is for the birds. She has known Joshua since they were kids; he's the most unselfish person she knows, and she doesn't want to confide in him about her cancer diagnosis?

Is it me, or does it seem like these stories are going on forever again? Maybe it's because summer is here and stories seem to slow down, but this is getting ridiculous. It seems that each week, looking over the spoilers, that we have only two or three stories going and everyone else is ignored all week.

The eternal whining princess finally has her ring - but not her prince. GL has made this character - that I once really loved - and turned her into a raving brat. Every misstep in her life is someone else's fault (like she slept with Jonathan while she was sleeping or something). Now that she's bamboozled Coop into marriage (not that I think it will happen) she'll have everything she wants - for about 10 seconds. GL has done all it can to make this character really unlikeable. Coop seemed like a nice guy (although he's making his way into being a cad for hanging around Ava) but now I really want the pregnancy to be over, the relationship to be over, and Lizzie to be alone and miserable for awhile.

Of course, everything seems to be coming to a head this week - so I might get my wish sooner than I had hoped. Only a Spaulding could put on a wedding so fast with all of the pomp and poshness Princess Lizzie would want. But in the end, I can't see this marriage happening, either. So in less than a year, Ava has been a cause of the cancellation of two weddings? That would be a record - even in Springfield.

And what can you say about Reva? I applaud the breast cancer story - it affects nearly every family I know. But this self-righteous stuff is for the birds. You have known Joshua since you were kids --he's the most un-selfish person you know and you DON'T want to confide in your cancer diagnosis with him? Or Cassie? Or anyone but your cold, unfeeling (albeit pretty hot) doctor? You know this will blow up in her face and cause more discord between the newly reunited couple. I just can't fathom why GL would want to handle this story this way - where it seems the not telling, and not the cancer, is the center of the story.

Speaking of Josh, this week he receives some advice from his father this week. But unlike when GL did this using veteran GL actors for Mother's Day, H.B. (Josh's father) was played by Larry Gates who died in 1996. So GL is recasting this fan favorite - even for a day - which has some fans (including this one) not very happy. Newer fans will probably not understand, but Larry was such a force on the show that he can't possibly be replaced. What were you thinking, GL? There is surely enough footage of H.B. that you can use some of his own airings to guide Josh in his time of need - you've done it in the past - I know.

As we take a look a look down the road I don't seen much spoiler info on Blake, Jeffrey, A-M, Marina, the Bauers, and many other citizens of Springfield. I realize that summer means prime vacation time (mine included) but surely they can be seen once in awhile.

Speaking of vacations, I am getting ready to finally embark on my long-awaited one. My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary this month with a 21-day vacation in Europe. So Two Scoops will take a break until July 17th but spoilers and casting news should still be posted by someone else in my absence. Hopefully when I return we'll have these stories all wrapped up and moving on to new ones!!


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