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With Election Day coming up, the identity of both the blogger and Ava's father will soon be revealed. With Dinah as the primary target of the blogger, could Blake be the one behind the blog?

NOTE: This column contains spoilers based on several interviews with cast members and my predictions on two GL mysteries - if you don't want to be "spoiled" come back next week - Kimberly

After all of the emotional scenes this week, it's a good thing I watch GL all alone in my house! I tried to listen to some of the shows at work in the morning before too many people arrive, but really couldn't do it. Even though this storyline has tried my patience (and so many of you who have written in as well) the emotional (but yes, creepy) farewell party was a reminder of how many great actors the show has (and how underused many of them are).

Between the scenes at the party (which bring together much of the cast) always make me happy. Even with such a sad occasion - with the truth known only by Reva, Jon and Billy, was pulled off beautifully. Springfield residents were sending Reva off on her new adventure with laughter and a (off-key) song in their hearts. The irony that fans knew that Reva was ill was great - but I doubt I could play off hiding any illness or even a run of the mill problem for months like Reva. We'll have to see how it plays out.

Monday Josh will finally learn the truth - as will Cassie. Fans all over will unite in saying "Finally!" but how will it all play out? Josh and Cassie both have reason to be hurt - and angry that they were kept in the dark. But how will this big reveal affect their relationship? In several soap magazines this week, Kim Zimmer makes references to future story, so we know she survives. But what will be the fallout for those involved in Reva's life?

There was a report at least several weeks ago that Nichole Forester (Cassie) was leaving the show - which I reported. These things are never confirmed from the show (as is their policy) and are always up for debate. I do know that things over the years have been leaked/printed as a way to make fans think something was happening when in fact it was not. One thing I have learned from doing this column for so long is that until something airs anything can happen. An actors contract (no matter then length) can be terminated every 13 weeks (and all of the power is on the side of the studio - not the actor) so TPTB can leak that people are leaving when they are getting rid of them - or make the fans think they are (could this have been a way to lessen the anger of fans who didn't like the "Crash" relationship?). But I've also seen actors who "know" they are getting storylines that never develop. It's certainly not an ideal way to live and work, but it's the way that all shows do business. I have attempted to contact the show to get confirmation either way on Nichole's status, and if I hear from them I will certainly post it here. Please note that Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan) and Stephanie Gatschet (Tammy) both confirmed their departures so they are both leaving Springfield.

In the meantime, we have a pretty full week of Springfield saying goodbye to Reva - even when the story has an anti-climatic feel. At least fans will get the satisfaction of seeing how months of this story will finally play out. But even with the big reveal, there is plenty of back story to keep this going for quite a while. Billy is off the wagon - which always leads to trouble. Jonathan and Tammy are finished - and he and Lizzie await the birth of their daughter. Alan and Beth have plans of their own to keep the newest Spaulding away from Reva's baby boy. And how will Reva's illness affect her family?

With Election Day coming up, the show promises to reveal the identity of the blogger and Ava's father. With Dinah the primary target of the blogger, I have to give up hope that Phillip is coming back to Springfield. My money is now on Blake as the blogger - remember the only real "negative" attack is her steamy pictures with Jeffrey. While that might upset some Springfield residents, it is classic Blake trying to show Dinah that Jeffrey is (or really was) interested in her.

Ava's father has to be someone from Springfield with ties to San Cristobel. Which only leaves one male in town old enough for this dubious distinction - Jeffrey O'Neil. Before we found out that Olivia was raped, I had thought that she had an earlier relationship with ex-fiance' Richard Winslow - but his alter ego certainly fills the bill. Plus it gives GL a reason to tie him to the other characters in town without much family (Olivia and Ava) and should cost him the election. Only time will tell if I am right and the spin GL will give these stories - no matter how they play out.

This week also has an interesting storyline that is tied to a new GL promotion we mentioned last week with Marvel Comics. The show has aired a bit of the story with Harley becoming a super power (at least short term) but I am waiting to see how the whole thing plays out this week before I pass judgement on it. I have to admit that the story seems a little like the NBC show "Heroes" (starring GL alum Hayden Panettierre) which I watched a little of and couldn't get into.

So grab your hankies and prepare for another tearful week in Springfield. At least the truth is finally out!

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