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For the Week of November 20, 2006
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This past week's shows were filled with some surprises. Blake's mysterious comments to Gus have many fans curious. Could they be about Gus's sister, or something else?

I have to admit that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All of the food, family and friends without the pressure and expense of gift-buying. But Thanksgiving this year will be quite a different affair this year in Springfield.

Last week we saw just a taste of how sticky things are between the Lewis family this year. Somehow you couldn't see Cassie, Josh, Reva and Billy sharing a table and a drumstick. Now that Marah is in town, she'll have to decide where to spend the day - which certainly brings back memories for me - shuttling back and forth between parents every holiday.

Ava will see her first holiday with both biological parents can't be all that great - given the circumstances. Neither parent is particularly warm and welcoming, but I want to make a prediction here. I think that if Olivia and Buzz don't stay together, the show might pair her with Jeffrey. I know, right now she hates him. But I haven't seen anything that makes me 100% sure that she was telling the truth about that night. Both Jeffrey and Olivia are outsiders who desire credibility and stability. Both had difficult years (supposedly both because of that night). And I can see their circumstances bringing them together in the long run. Of course, that is just a theory.

Moving on to the dysfunctional Spaulding clan - how can they all share a table? Sure, they don't have to actually cook the meal - but they can't even hold a civil conversation these days. With Lizzie's baby due any time, you know this will be a focal point for the show in this holiday-shortened week.

This past week's shows were filled with some surprises. Blake's mysterious comments to Gus have many fans curious. Could it be about Gus' sister or something else? Hopefully someone takes a closer look at Blake's computer and can get some idea of where this story could go. Spoilers this week will have some fans concerned - but just wait and see. I don't want to elaborate yet, but this plot turn should not alter a story we all think is coming.

I hope that all of you take time to enjoy yourselves this Thanksgiving. Between cooking for my family I'll try to find some time to relax and unwind. Of course, after dinner you have to head to the recliner til you find your second wind. Then I recommend a big slice of pumpkin pie!! I know that I am thankful that this show, which can drive me crazy at times, has brought so many fans together over the years. Between the cast, crew and fans, we are all one big (sometimes) happy family that I enjoy sharing time with. I hope that the show keeps bringing us great memories for years to come!

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