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Just in time for the start of the holiday season, we get a little bundle of joy that divides half of Springfield! The baby is barely a day old, and already, her family is fighting over her well-being.

Just in time for the start of the holiday season, we get a little bundle of joy that divides half of Springfield! Barely a day old, and already her family is fighting over her well-being. Can she ever grow up as a normal, well-adjusted young lady (just look at her mom!)?

The blessed event itself reminded me of Susan LeMay's birth years ago. (For those who weren't watching then, Susan is Harley and Dylan's daughter - and Reva's first grandchild - Dylan is Reva and Billy's son). And for those who don't read the casting portion of the site, the character is due to arrive back in Springfield early in 2007.

But baby Sarah (as we will learn she is named this week) has a tough little life ahead of her. At such a young age, her birth has stirred up painful memories for Great-Grandpa Alan and Beth, a reason for hope for Grandma Reva and sheer terror for her first time parents Jonathan and Lizzie. Still, I'm hoping that this adorable little girl will heal some of the wounds that Alan has brought upon his family. Could her Grandpa Philip come for a visit - even unseen by the family?

And across town it's another baby - all grown up in the form of Ava - that is causing such strife for the Cooper family, Olivia and Jeffrey. Her young life is in such a turmoil now - and with Olivia for a mother you never know what to expect next! I did love that GL showed what really happened the night of Ava's conception and how both parties acted foolishly. The scenes with Bradley Cole and Crystal Chappell were powerful and showed the emotion that both characters were feeling. But now that Olivia is hell-bent on revenge, Jeffrey had better watch out!

I did love that Doris (Orlaugh Cassidy) was back again this week. She is such a strong actress and I love to see her in other venues. But GL shouldn't make her a doormat - even for Alan Spaulding. I'd like to see more of her in 2007 - remember Springfield only has one part time lawyer now (Mel, since Jeffrey is out of work and people might not want to hire him at the moment).

It was also great to see nearly all of the cast this week! This is something I always harp on and I'm glad to see TPTB might finally see that the fans want to see everyone at least weekly. But no mention really of Blake in the hospital (just her misdeeds as the blogger) - what gives?

This week shows more dis-harmony - which hopefully will resolve itself somewhat in time for Christmas. As it stands, I see the sale of frozen dinners and pizza delivery up in Springfield in time for Santa's arrival! Hopefully some little elves can make the season merry and nice for the residents of Springfield. They have a few weeks to make plan to save Christmas for Springfield - let's hope it works!

And I hope each of you is finding time to relax a little this holiday season. The season doesn't really begin for me until my Mom's birthday is over (which is Tuesday) but then it's onward to Christmas - and my shopping is nearly done!! More time to devote to nibbling on something sweet for the season!

Until next week… Keep the Light Shining and Save a Cookie for Me!! Kimberly

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