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New Year's is always a time to make resolutions, even if you don't end up keeping them. This year, which is an important one in Guiding Light's history, is no exception. Most shows talk about giving back, but Guiding Light will actually be doing just that.
New Year's is always a time to make resolutions - ones I usually don't end up keeping. This year - an important one in GL's history - is no exception. But unlike most shows that do lip service to giving back - this year GL will actually be doing just that.

As mentioned in previous columns, and in different areas of the site, the show will be hitting the road this year to give back to communities all over the country and inviting fans to get involved. I know their schedule has them coming to my birthplace of Baltimore in December and I hope to be able to contribute to their efforts then.

But December is a long way off - even though it will be here before I know it. In the meantime, I would like to get 2007 off to a good start and give back - taking from the theme of Wednesday's show. No, I don't have a tote bag full of millions, but I think we can all learn from this and try to do little things, anything, to make someone's day a little lighter. We're all busier than ever, but I will try to take the show's message to heart and report on any great acts of kindness delivered or witnessed this year.

And unlike so many of the wacky storylines that GL has given us of late, this is something that I think the show really needs - a little more heart. With all of the unhappiness that the show gave us in 2006 I think this year we need a little more "Light" with all of the gloom we saw last year. And while the show is keeping mum about much of their plans, I can't wait to see how the show incorporates this idea into stories down the road.

For those who are curious, the is a real working site, and I encourage all of you to share your experiences with the show. Helping others always gives me such personal satisfaction, something money can't buy. Here's hoping that the GL fans Find Their Light in 2007!


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