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It was fun to see Jeffrey and Reva get together last week. Jeffrey and Olivia are hard to accept as a couple, but with Reva, the friends-with-benefits relationship suits them both. At least it will give both characters some story.
It's always nice to have something on GL to make you smile. After watching death, betrayal and destruction all of the time I actually got to smile a few times this week at scenes between Coop and Ashlee and Reva and Jeffrey.

I have to admit that the character Ashlee is somewhat puzzling, but a breath of fresh air. When we first saw her, as Doris' oft-neglected daughter, you had to feel sorry for her. But her sunny disposition (minus the one moment when she shot Alan) has won me over. As a plus-sized person, I appreciate that GL cast someone who isn't a skinny mini and showing her in a blooming relationship with the adorable Coop Cooper (I love when she calls him that). Now if only she can keep him away from Ava's clutches!

While I know there are many people out there that are not fans of Jeffrey O'Neill - I was tickled pink to see he and Reva get together this week. While I like the chemistry he has with Crystal Chappell, the writers have written them in such a way where I don't think I would accept them as a couple. But with Reva they can be "friends with benefits" which suits them both, I suppose. It seems that the writers can't find story for a non-couple, so at least it will give both characters some story (especially if Josh is staying with Cassie - which I hope he doesn't). The writers should beware, though, that they are running out of cast mates for many of the characters to have relationships with. Perhaps they can try keeping them together instead of breaking them up all of the time.

As I watched the show over the past few weeks, I really miss the friendships that GL seemed to include in their stories. I remember Vanessa and Maureen, Cassie, Harley and Blake (who seems to have disappeared again) and others who had scenes together that really showed the bond of the cast. Summertime is a hard time to really make the most of these relationships since the cast - like many of us - take vacations with their family. But in the fall hopefully we can get back to these sorts of scenes.

Now the entire town lives in a stupid hotel - and the Bauer bar-be-que is held on a city street. How can you have good friends and family stories when they are only a few places to hang out - including the horrendous Main Street, Company (which I do like) and Co2? There isn't a living room in town - except the one at Harley and Gus' - a house that has remained unfinished for far too long. How about scenes where people help them FINISH the darn thing?

We've seen the Spaulding Mansion, which is nice, but has all of the warmth of an igloo. But where is Lewis Oil? Spaulding Enterprises? Cassie's farmhouse? The Bauer house? Did the sets fall off of the moving truck when they went to the new studio? Maybe the folks behind "Find Your Light" could build new, realistic looking sets that provide some warmth to Springfield.

Another high point this week has to be Emmy winner Gina Tognoni (Dinah) who is doing a great job of showing the depth of despair and anguish that Dinah feels after her accident. Her scenes with Kurt McKinney (Matt) this week were wonderful to watch. She just lights up the screen whenever she's on - and I hope GL remembers to write for her more often. They seem to forget about cast members for weeks - which makes it difficult for newer viewers (as we tend to get in the summertime) to learn about their relationships.

I hope that each of you find something in the show that makes you smile once in awhile, even when there are stories that drive you (and me) crazy!

Here's hoping that the GL video feed is up and running this week - as I'm travelling to San Diego for a week with work. I have no idea when GL is on there - and since I'll be working and be without my beloved Tivo (the best invention known to man) - I'll be trying to watch in my hotel room at night. I hope to be up to date when I return next weekend - and I'll at least have the spoilers up on Sunday even without watching the show - if it comes to that. For those who are travelling I do recommend it - I occasionally watch online now that it's available - as long as you have high speed internet (or a T1 line) you should be fine. Check it out at:

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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