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The dark prince returns!
For the Week of January 26, 2009
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Reva is a feisty, protective parent, willing to go to great lengths to protect her children. When push comes to shove, will she be able to protect Shayne AND the baby she is carrying? All while fighting cancer, too.

Evil Edmund has returned to Springfield with a broken heart. But does he have an agenda? (Does he ever NOT have an agenda?)

It was great to see David Andrew MacDonald return to GL this week. But like many GL fans, I'm trying to figure out exactly what his connection to Lara means for his stay in Springfield. Edmund is a complex character, full of emotion. He always felt that he was the second fiddle to Richard growing up, always looking for love and acceptance. Now that he has lost a daughter, how will he react?

Shayne's guilt over Lara's death has to come out at some point. This guilt, combined with the volatile emotions emanating from Edmund are sure to be a combustible combination! But can Shayne's family help him heal from the loss and keep Edmund from learning the truth? Or will Shayne's emotional reactions to everything bring the confrontation sooner rather than later?

Since his return to Springfield, Shayne has been like a wild roller coaster that keeps riders on the edge of their seats. But will all of this energy come crashing into the force that is Edmund Winslow? Reva is a feisty, protective parent, willing to go to great lengths to protect her children. But when push comes to shove, will she be able to protect Shayne AND the baby she is carrying? All while fighting cancer, too. That's a lot on anyone's plate, even Reva Shayne Lewis O'Neill.

In the meantime, we were treated to a pretty powerful performance from Crystal Chappell (Olivia) this week. The scenes while she is trying to explain to the uber naïve Natalia that everyone thinks they are a couple were so well done. Both Crystal and Natalia have an interesting chemistry, part Felix and Oscar, part Ozzie and Harriet. They come from such different places, but both had some hard knocks growing up. Olivia is often painted as so high maintenance and superficial, but Crystal does a great job of softening her edges without making Olivia seem weak.

Natalia certainly came to Springfield and didn't endear fans to the character right away when she came between Gus and Harley. But this storyline has enabled GL to redirect the character, and entangle her with so many of Springfield's families - like they have done with Olivia, too. But I have to admit that Natalia and Frank are cute, they lack any lasting heat for me. I'm reminded of the days of Frank and Eleni when Melina Kanakaredes was on GL. She's gone on to CSI:NY and done well for herself, but Frankie remains (on-screen and off) in Springfield. When GL took away his position as Springfield PD Chief, he really lost much of his identity. Hopefully the show can find him a story to bring out the old Frankie who owned the chop shop and kept an eye on his crazy little sister Harley. Ahhh, those were the days….

People often ask about spoilers on this and any other show. I have to admit that when I started watching GL I didn't even read the soap magazines regularly, and the internet was over 15 years from being in people's homes. But I couldn't wait to tune in to see what was going to happen. Now the show rarely surprises me when I watch - and part of me really longs for those days.

We are 10 days away from the February 9th return of Phillip Spaulding - and while I am thrilled he's returning, part of me wanted to be surprised. I remember touring the old GL studios when Bradley Cole returned to the show as Jeffrey O'Neill. I hadn't known about the return yet, but saw a bearded Bradley at the studio. It took me a second to realize who it was - it was those green eyes that gave him away (Richard was always clean shaven and dressed much more formally) but I was in the dark about his return until then. Part of me wished for that same sense of surprise here. But since the cat is out of the bag, I hope that the return does boost the ratings.

I'm just about thawed out from my 12-hour odyssey on the National Mall on Tuesday (I arrived around 4am for the Inauguration). It was bitterly cold, windy and sunless for hours yet but I was thrilled to see the hope and optimism of everyone who braved the elements to witness the day. It's the same optimism that I carry for the continuation of Guiding Light - especially today - on the show's 72nd anniversary!! And I encourage all of you GL fans to…

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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