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In Springfield (and Bosnia) last week, fans finally got the news that many of them had figured out weeks Henry is Shayne's son. Will Dinah tell Shayne the truth? And will Shayne take Henry from Marina (his first love) and Mallet?

I have to admit that in the aftermath of the GL cancellation, I feel as though I should be writing two columns. One to help fans to save the show ASAP and the other about the show on-screen.

So while I will try to focus here on the show, I want to remind fans to keep the letters, calls and posts coming!! We have to work fast to save the show. CBS is a dead issue, but Lifetime and SoapNet are certainly places where we can Keep the Light Shining!

I know that so many of you have written and posted about the cancellation and are doing everything possible to save the show. There are lots of stories about the show out there and we're trying to make sense of it all and find out where the show can go from here. I encourage all of you to keep writing and calling, posting on message boards and asking your friends to do the same. My Facebook account is G L Scoop so drop me a line. Click here for ways to speak out about GL's cancellation. I'm working on putting together a comprehensive list on the Facebook page so if you have any info, please send it to me! We need to all work together to show the networks that GL fans are serious about saving the show!!

In Springfield (and Bosnia) this week, fans finally got the news that so many of us had figured out weeks ago - baby Henry is Shayne's son. But will Dinah tell Shayne the truth? Of course, she'll have to do some testing to prove the Sister's story, but the plot certainly fits. And will Shayne take Henry from Marina (his first love) and Mallet?

The whole escape of Edmund was so odd. Sure, I want the Prince of Darkness out there, able to return to Springfield when we need him. But he can escape shackles and knock out an NFL veteran like Mark Schlereth (Roc Hoover)? And Josh can hop a plane to get to Bosnia that quickly? I looked online today from any one of the three DC area airports and found a few flights - but only one under $2,000 apiece. Guess the economy is good in Springfield !

But even the good Springfield economy couldn't save Rafe from the halfway house! Poor Frank is the only cop in Springfield? Why should he torture himself to see his ex-fiancee' so soon after their botched wedding? And while it might be sweet that poor old Frank thinks he'll get Natalia back, this week he gets a news update from Doris Wolfe that might make things a bit clearer for this long-time bachelor. I know that fans have strong feelings on both sides of this issue, I have to think that, no matter your feelings, it is getting the fans to speak out - which we need right now!!

This week the show is mostly in Florida (which gave me so much hope that CBS was serious about saving the show). It looks like there will be some great moments - and a can't miss moment for Lizzie - so set your Tivos! I encourage all of you who have watched the show in the past to tune in and watch the cast interact in the Florida sun and share your thoughts online! You can also check exclusive video that our very own Dan J Kroll (the founder of filmed when he went behind-the-scenes with GL in Florida)

Whether or not we know how this story - and this show ends, it is important for all of us to stay focused on working to promote the show in a positive light for as long as we can…

Together We Can…Keep the Light Shining!

. . .

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