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A section devoted to Guiding Light, featuring daily recaps dating back to 1996, scoops and spoilers, Two Scoops commentary, character and actor biographies, message boards, contests, games, and the latest news from Springfield, plus much more.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bill took the box containing Alan's ashes to Phillip on the mansion patio. Phillip opened the box, and Bill commented that it was hard to believe a life as big as Alan's could fit in the box. Phillip entered the dining room to see Alex at the table with a coffee cup for Alan. Phillip said that she'd taken good care of her brother. He stated that it was time to go to the lake.

At the lake, Buzz told Lillian that the world seemed different without Alan. Bill and Lizzie arrived, followed by James and Beth. Beth said the funeral was unlike what she'd imagined that Alan would have wanted. James replied that they didn't know Alan as well as they'd thought. Phillip and Alex strode up the beach together, and Phillip said Alan loved Alex more than he'd loved anyone. "Not more than you, sweetheart," Alex replied, and they hugged.

Everyone gathered, and Beth nominated Buzz to speak. Buzz said that they couldn't imagine Springfield without Alan, who'd brought out the best and worst in all of them. He stated that Alan was a constant, and they could never say goodbye to him. Each of them had found a piece of themselves because of Alan, and they'd miss him. Everyone took a handful of Alan's ashes. One by one, they released the ashes into the wind.

Later, Phillip stared at the water alone when James approached with a Frisbee. James said he'd miss Alan. Phillip motioned to play Frisbee, and James obliged. After the game, Beth found Phillip on the shore. He said that he was sadder than he'd ever been in his life, but he was also at peace. Beth said that Alan had done what he'd wanted to do. "He always did. This time what he wanted to do was save me, save all of us. He wanted to be brave," Phillip said, and hugged her.

At the mansion, Lizzie and Bill checked on Alex. She said she'd be fine. Hilda announced that Alex had a guest. Fletcher entered. He'd heard about Alan on the news wire, and he'd thought that Alex needed a friend. Alex broke down, sobbing. Fletcher hugged her.

Daisy received a phone call from a Berkeley advisor, offering her a spot that had opened up in their freshmen class. Buzz listened in as the adviser said she had to be there on Monday. The advisor gave Daisy four hours to think about it, and respond. Buzz implored Daisy to go. Daisy said that she had to talk to James. "Well, then talk to James, and go!" Buzz insisted.

Daisy met James on the mansion patio to tell him about the offer from Berkeley. He asked her if she wanted it, and Daisy said it'd make her the first girl in her family to attend college. James told her to take it. "I'm rich. I'll come visit you," he offered, and they hugged.

Jeffrey called Jonathan to say that he'd found Edmund's headquarters. Jeffrey planned to jump on a roof, and take a shot at Edmund. Jonathan told Jeffrey to do it, and hurry home. After the call, Jeffrey climbed to the roof of a building, and watched a sedan pull into Edmund's adjacent headquarters.

Jeffrey poised to take a shot at Edmund, but one of Edmund's henchmen assaulted Jeffrey from behind. Jeffrey scrapped on the ground with the man, and knocked him out. Jeffrey glanced over the roof to see that his gun had fallen to the ground below.

On the adjacent building, Edmund laughed, believing that Jeffrey loved the game as much as Edmund did. Jeffrey said he'd love killing Edmund, and returning home. Edmund blew Jeffrey a kiss, and walked away.

At Company, Blake and Frank read the baby name book. Christina commented that Frank needed a lady in his life. Cyrus placed a pan of cookies he'd just baked on the table for them to sample. Blake suspected that Cyrus was baking for a special woman, and Christina advised Frank to take Cyrus' lead.

Later, Cyrus took Mel a container of cookies. She said she was going out with her parents. "For your birthday," he added. Mel was surprised that he'd known. Cyrus gave her the cookies. He said they were terrible, but he wanted to give her cookies, just as she'd given him some on his birthday. "Oh, and this," he added, kissing her. Mel and Cyrus retreated to her hotel room to make love.

Rick was surprised when he stepped outside the Bauer house to see Danny and Michelle pull up in a moving truck. Michelle ecstatically announced that they were moving back to Springfield. Danny said that he'd warned Michelle to call first. Rick welcomed them home.

Rick toted boxes into the house, and told Ed that everyone was moving back. Ed looked up from his paper, and replied that he wouldn't move back. Rick asked Ed for help, but Ed said he was reading. Rick quipped that he needed to start charging Ed rent.

Rick went to Company to order dinner for the Bauers. Frank hovered over the laptop, saying that he was about to ask someone on a date. Rick said the woman had turned Frank down a thousand times. Frank sent the instant message, replying that it'd only been once, and he liked her. In the kitchen, Blake replied to Frank's message, saying she'd love to meet him in the park. "You've gotta go home, and change your shirt, buddy," Rick decided.

Outside Holly's hotel room, Ed announced that he was headed on an open-ended world tour. "With you," he added. "Life is too short, Holly. Please say yes." Holly asked for fifteen minutes to pack. Ed said he'd be at the door, waiting to carry her bags.

At Cross Creek, Jonathan scanned the classifieds for a house. Reva wanted Sarah and him to live with her. "Are you stoned?" he asked, and said that he was too old to live with his mother.

At a construction site, Josh told Billy that Alan's death had taught Josh that life was too short. Josh had decided to go after what he wanted, just as Billy had done. Josh asked Billy to help kidnap Reva, so that Josh could marry the love of his life.

Billy seemed skeptical, and Josh said he should have done it before Reva's wedding, as Billy had told him to do. Billy said Josh was on his own, because Reva wouldn't go for it. Josh hopped into the old-fashioned truck, and drove off, calling Billy a chicken.

Josh found Reva having a picnic with Shayne, Jonathan, Marina, and the kids. Reva said that Shayne had left Josh an invitation to the picnic on his voicemail. She told Josh that he'd been right in saying that she needed to save herself. She said she was getting closer every day, and thanked him for knowing what she'd needed.

Josh returned to the construction site, and Billy chuckled, "Where's your girl?" Josh said that Billy had been right; Reva wasn't ready for what Josh wanted. Josh figured it just wasn't the right time, but he knew that he still had to find a life for himself. Billy reasoned that once Josh did that, Reva might want to go along with him for the ride.

Josh went to the Cooper house to see Shayne before the trip to Venezuela. Marina took pictures of Henry, Shayne, and Josh, and promised to send them to Josh. Shayne hugged Josh, who said that he was proud of Shayne. Shayne looked sad as Josh left.

At the construction site, Josh told Billy that he'd said his goodbyes. Josh planned to leave in a few hours, and make a stop in Tulsa along the way. Billy offered to help Josh pack.

Later, Reva ended a phone call with Cassie, and then excitedly told Jonathan that she'd found a place for him to live. Reva took Jonathan to the house that Cassie had bought for Jonathan and Tammy to live in. Jonathan grew teary as he wondered if Cassie really wanted him to live there. Reva replied that Cassie had thought Tammy would like it.

After they toured the house, Jonathan stood outside, asking Tammy if it were okay for Sarah and him to live there. "You would have loved to live here," he sobbed. Reva strolled up, jokingly asking whom he was talking to. "Tammy, and you have no right to say anything," he quipped. Jonathan agreed to move into the house. Reva and he cried, hugging each other.

Remy argued with the insurance company, because they had no legal record of his marriage. When he hung up the phone, Olivia asked him if he'd filed the license in court. Remy didn't recall doing that, and Olivia concluded that he wasn't really married.

At home, Remy explained to Christina that they'd forgotten to get a marriage license, which meant they weren't legally married. Christina didn't find it funny, and Remy promised that they'd get married. Christina flashed a positive pregnancy test at him, and warned him that they'd better get married. "We're pregnant," she announced, and Remy gasped. The couple rushed over to Company, asking if anyone had seen Mel.