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Monday, January 13, 1997

Josh looked out the window and Annieasked what he was looking at. Josh went downstairs andopened to front door to Reva. Reva told Joshthat Buzz might come by because she had left him.Josh wanted to know why she had done that and she repliedthat she loved Josh and she just couldn't stay withanother man.

Josh wanted to know what happened and Reva said that Buzz got angry and left. She was afraid that he would come there. Josh told her that he thought they had an agreement. Reva said that she couldn't live with the lie anymore. Josh wanted to know why she told Buzz now and she replied that she had enough of the lies and asked how he did it. He replied that he didn't.

Josh told her that he understood the strain and tension and that he felt dishonest. He said that the only reason he hadn't told Annie was because of the baby. She asked him if they still slept together and he replied that he couldn't. Josh told her that they would find a way. She told him that she had to end it and he asked her if that is what she wanted him to do with Annie. Annie opened the front door.

Annie invited them in and Anne asked Reva what had brought her by so late. Reva replied that she was having a personal problem at home and wanted to know if it was okay if she let the kids stay there. Annie asked if there was anything she could do to help. Reva told her that she and Buzz had broken up and that Buzz had moved out.

Annie replied that she was sorry and told her that she hoped there was something that she could do to patch things up. Reva said not now and that she didn't even know where Buzz was. Annie suggested counseling, but Reva replied that their problems ran deep. Annie told them that she was exhausted. Josh told her to go up to bed and he would be up in a minute, which didn't make Annie very happy.

Reva told him that it was late and she should be going. They went outside adn Josh said that everything had changed. Reva replied that they hadn't because his wife was pregnatn and loved him and he couldn't walk out on her. Josh said that he would find a way for them to be together as a family one day. He told her goodnight and went back inside.

Upstairs, Annie thought back to Cross Creek and Josh came in the room and turned out the lights. Josh kissed her and went to sleep. Outside, Reva looked up and saw the lights go out.

Buzz saw Jenna boarding the plane and rushed over to her. He asked her where she was going and she told him she was going home to England. He pulled her off of the steps and told her that she couldn't.

Jenna told him that it was time to go home and there was nothing in Springfield for her. She asked him if he was goinng somewhere and he replied that he needed to go away for awhile.

Jenna asked if Reva was coming and Buzz replied no. Jenna asked what was wrong and Buzz told her that he was confused. He said that things hadn't been right with her since she left. Jenna asked hime where he was off o and Buzz told her that he didn't know. Buzz pointed out that she better get on board and told her that it felt good to see her. She told him goodbye and they embraced. She went to board the plane and turned around and called to him. She told him that she couldn't leave him like this.

Buzz asked if this meant that she would be staying and Jenna replied yes. This made Buzz happy and Jenna told him that they needed to talk. The nanny wheeled up little Coop.

Dinah dined at Company with her European friends, but wasn't having a very good time. She got up and left to go back to her apartment. Jean Luc paid and forced the other two to follow Dinah.

Nola asked why they had left without eating. Hart came in and Bridget told him that Dinah was just there with her friends. Hart told her hehad thrown them out earlier and that he and Dinah had a fight. Bridget told him to forget about Jean Luc and go over to Dinah's and make up with her.

Hart couldn't believe that she was giving him advice on how to patch things up with Dinah when Dinah had accused her of still being after him. Bridget told him he should go make up with her, but Hart didn't want to chase after her.

Bridget took him outside and told him that she was sure Dinah was out her apartment just waiting for him to call. Hart still wasn't sure and Bridget told him that Dinah was unhappy and left alone. Hart then left.

At Dinah's apartment, she was in her robe and answered the door to Jean Luc and her friends. Dinah told the that she didn't feel like being cheered up and wanted to be alone. They broke out the champagne and told her that they were going to have a good time and she would feel better in the morning.

Dinah and her friends were drinking and laughing and Dinah thanked Jean Luc. Jean Luc brought some music that he and Dinah had onced danced to. Jean Luc told her that she was special and she musn't forget that. He then blindfolded her and they danced.

The doorbell rang and Claudine answered it. The deliveryman gave her the chinese food that she had ordered. Hart followed him into the room and asked what was going on. Hart then saw Dinah dancing and kissing Jean Luc.

Dinah took off her blindfold and was surprised to see Hart. Dinah told him it wasn't what it looked like. She told him that she was depressed and they were only trying to cheer her up. Hart asked to be alone with Dinah and Jean Luc said it was Dinah's apartment and he would do what she wanted. Dinah told him that it was better if he left and they made an exit.

Hart asked her if she had left the farm so she could come back here and party with her old flame. Dinah replied if that is what he thought he could leave right now.

The two of them argued and Dinah told him that they were her friends, she enjoyed being with them and she wasn't going to apologize for that anymore. Hart asked her if she had found herself because he had no clue who she was. Dinah said that it kills her that he even had to ask. Dinah said she loved the farm and that she loved to party also. She wanted to know why Jean Luc could accept her the way she was and he couldn't.

She told him that sometimes Jean Luc understood her more than he did and sometimes she didn't understand him either. Dinah told him she felt he didn't appreciate all she tried to do for him. She felt he wanted her to change and give up her friends. He told her she was right and that he loved her. he suggested he move into her apartment and they kissed.

Back at Company, Nola wanted to know what was going on. Bridget filled her in on how she had set Dinah up. Bridget said that Hart finding out how shallow Dinah was was a good thing. Nola told her that she hoped this thing didn't blow up in her face.

Tuesday, January 14, 1997

Annie got out of bed and took some clothes out of the drawer and went downstairs. She picked up the phone and called Fran told her that she wanted to meet her at the fertility clinic now. Annie dressed.

At the clinic, Annie hurried a reluctant Fran who didn't understand what the rush was. Annie said she just wasn't herself. She told herthat she loved her husband and wasn't going to let anything come betweent them. Fran tried to point out that having a child to save her marriage was a bad idea. Annie convinced her to go ahead and a man entered the room.

It was the doctor for the clinic who wanted to know what they were doing there so late. Fran said that she and Annie were meeting for dinner, but Fran left her wallet in her desk. The doctor replied that he had left some papers here also and that was why he was here. Fran got the agenda for the doctor and he left.

Fran preformed the procedure on Annie who dropped her wallet at the clinic.

Buzz picked up little Coop and held him. He introduced himself to the baby and asked his name. Jenna introduced her nanny and implied that she was the boy's nanny.

Jenna pretends to quit the nanny's employ and asks Buzz to give her and the woman some time alone. Buzz was surprized that she was a nanny. Jenna asked the woman to get on a plane and go to Chicago. She explained to the woman that Buzz was Coops father and she hadn't told him about it yet. She promised to contact the woman first thing in the morning. The nanny took the baby and left.

Jenna and Buzz discussed the baby and Jenna told him that it was difficult to say goodbye to him. Buzz still had a hard time believing Jenna was a nanny. Jenna said that she lost the money Henry left her. Buzz offered to lend her money. Buzz told her that he didn't think she was the maternal type. Jenna wanted to know why he was traveling without Reva and Buzz suggested they get some coffee. Jenna insisted on asking about Reva and Buzz told her that they weren't together and that their marriage was over.

Jenna replied how happy he and Reva had been at the diner. Buzz said that it was all smoke and mirrors and he had made a mistake with Reva. Jenna asked why he married her and Buzz told her that he met her a few months after Nadine was murdered. He told her that Reva showing up was like God had sent someone to him to heal him and that she needed him. He accused himself of being a fool for love and she said that wasn't such a bad thing to be. Jenna asked if Reva was going back to Josh and Buzz told her yes. Buzz commented that Josh was always around pretending to be his friend, and he rushed off. Jenna told him he wasn't going anywhere without her and they left.

Buzz and Jenna arrived at Josh's doorstep. Josh knocked on the door and Josh answered it. Josh told Buzz that it was light and an angry Buzz started yelling at him. Buzz told him he was going to say his peace. Josh asked him to keep his voice down because the kids were upstairs and he didn't know where his wife was. Buzz told him that he had believed Josh when he said he didn't want Reva and that Laurel Falls should have been a giveaway. Josh told him he should talk to Reva. Buzz said if he didn't have a pregnant wife around here, he would kick the hell out of him. Buzz then figured out that Annie didn't know and asked when Josh was going to tell her, when she was on the table delivering the child.

Buzz continued to yell at Josh and accused Josh of finding excuses like Sarah's death to hang around. Buzz asked him if Annie was right that Reva was there at Cross Creek. Josh didn't answer. Josh then told him it didn't matter what he said because Buzz wouldn't believe him. Buzz told him that he believed that Josh wanted it all. Annie came in and saw Buzz and Josh arguing.

Annie asked what was going on and Josh asked where she was. Annie mentioned that Reva stopped by earlier and told Buzz how sorry she was. She pointed out that there are ways of making things work out. Buzz told her that the hoped things worked out for her and he left. Outside, Jenna asked if there was anything she could do and they left. Annie told him that she was sorry she made him worry, but that she had a great walk. She kissed, hugged him and told him that she loved him.

Zachary and Michelle walked and talked and kissed. J saw them and snapped their photograph. Dahlia came over to him. Michelle went to get Zachary a surprise. J came over to Zach and asked what he was doing. Zach replied that he was taking a walk with Michelle. J congrajulated him which made Zach a little angry. J accused Zach of confusing Michelle. Zach told J not to talk about Michelle. J accused him of seducing Michelle and then taking off. Zach grabbed J and Dahlia came between them. Zach walked off and Michelle came up and asked where Zach was. Dahlia told her that Zach had taken off and Michelle told J that if he screwed things up between her and Zachary it would be the last time.

Dahlia talked to J who told her that it wasn't anything personal. Dahlia pointed out that he had a problem. J said he could care less about Michelle and Dahlia told him he was such a liar. Dahlia pointed out that when Michelle was unavailable, he wouldn't give her the time of day, but now that she was involved he was hung up on her. J said that Zach was going to break Michelle's heart.

Atop the lighthouse, Michelle found Zachary and asked him why he left the mall without her and asked if J had said something to him. He commented that he almost hit J, which Michelle said was unlike him. Zach said that J was right though when he said that Zach was going to hurt her.

Michelle told him not to talk that way and that he was a wonderful guy. She said that he told her he loved her that wasn't a lie. Zach said that he loved her more than he ever thought possible and that it was late and she should go. Michelle asked why he was doing this. Zach said that he had to finish the lighthouse and leave. Michelle said that didn't make any sense. Zach said he cared for her more than anyone, but he had to leave soon. Michelle said that was fine, but he wasn't leaving alone.

Zach told her that it was impossible for her to come with him, but Michelle wouldn't accept that. She vowed to follow him wherever he went and suggested that they run away now. Zach said that her family would have the highway patrol out after them. Michelle pointed out that she was 18 now.

Michelle convinced Zachary that running away was the right thing. He gave her his bracelet and they left.

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

Buzz opened up the diner and Jenna came in and went to freshen . Buzz looked out of the window. Reva hung around the outside of the diner. Buzz took down the sign and reva came in the door. Buzz asked her if she wanted the sign and Reva replied that if he didn't want it, she did. Buzz told her he would have Frank drop it by. Reva told him she came by to pick up the rest of her stuff that she had left there. She told him she was worried about him and asked where he was staying. Buzz told her he was staying upstairs of course. Reva told him that their mariiage wasn't working and he was better off without her.Buzz asked her where she went after he left and she told him that she went to see Josh. Buzz asked her why and Reva said that she went to warn him. Buzz figured that she was warning Josh about him. Reva said she wouldn't blame him if he had gone over there and Buzz informed her that he had.

Jenna came out and asked if they wanted privacy. Buzz replied that they were fine and he went in to the back to get Reva's stuff. Jenna told Reva she heard about their breakup. Jenna explained that hse ran into him on his way out of town. Jenna told her that she shouldn't have led Buzz on and Reva replied that she had been honest with him and hadn't let him on, but that Buzz deserved to be loved better than she could. Reva told Jenna that she could relax because the field was clear for her. Jenna asked Reva what she was getting at and Reva explained that all she was saying was that she wasn't going to stand in her way.

Annie awakened Josh with a kiss and tried again to seduce him, but Josh was reluctant. Josh then deluded himself in to thinking Annie was actually Reva and kissed her. As Josh was kissing Annie on the bed, he called out "Reva." Annie told him she was sure it was an honest mistake and tried to explain it away. She told him as long as she knew he loved her, nothing would get between them.

The dorrbell rang and Josh insisted she answer it. When Annie opened the door, Fran was standing there. Fran returned her wallet which Annie had dropped at the clinic and informed her that the doctor had grilled her about it and that she hated lying to him. Annie tried to usher her out of the door and Fran said that it was the last time. If the insemimation didn't work, she would have to go somewhere else and find another clinic. Josh came downstairs and asked why they would have to find another clinic. He wanted to know what they were talking about and Annie said that she didn't want to tell him, but that she was having trouble getting a job. Fran's clinic didn't need any more help, so Annie would have to find another one. Josh told her he didn't wat her to feel she had to work while she was pregnant. He then left for work. Fran figured out that Josh already thought she was pregnant. Annie explained that she loved her husband.

Zach and Michelle awakened in the car to snow. The car had skidded off the road on the way out of town and they had spent the night there. Zach asked her if she regretted leaving her familay and she replied no. Zach tried to start the car, but they were stuck in a snow drift. Zach went out to try to get them out, but was unsuccesful.

Zach reassured Michelle that someone would come along and find them. They broke out the junkfood they had bought earlier to eat. Zach and Michelle discussed their plans and kissed.

Quint came by Company and showed Nola a piece of potter he ound and asked her what it meant. J came in and asked if they had seen Michelle. He said couldn't find and that Msaid she hadn't been home all night aer cal was missing.

Thursday, January 16, 1997

Dinah and Hart walk into a formal wear store to rent a tuxedo for the CedarÕs Ball. Dinah is excited about attending. They are talking and kissing in the store.

greets Rick when he comes out of surgery. He tells her that it has been a long night, but he feels better after seeing her. Meta rushes in and tells Rick that Michelle didn't come home last night and her car is gone. She has checked the lighthouse and Zachary is gone too.

Zachary and Michelle are stranded in the car. She says they haven't seen anyone for hours. Is there a possibility they could freeze to death before someone finds them. Michelle tells Zachary that if there is a possibility that they might not make it, she wants him to make love to her.

Buzz is talking to Jenna and a man. The man asks who Buzz is. Jenna tells Buzz that the manÕs name is Jeffrey and that he is her husband. Buzz is asking her who the child was that she was tearfully saying goodbye to the night before.

Meta is telling Rick about how bad the weather is and that she is afraid that something has happened to them. Rick is upset with Zachary for taking her out in the storm. Meta and Abby try to convince Rick that they are in love and they probably didnÕt notice the weather.

Michelle is telling Zachary that she doesn't want a guy. She says that she telling Zachary that she has never been with anyone. She says that it would be her gift to him. He tells her that he has never felt this way about anyone before. She tells him the same. He asks how he can refuse a gift given with so much love. They are kissing and he stops. He tells her that there is something that she needs to know about who he is. He says that he has to tell her what he is before he can accept her gift ­ he is not like other people. He starts to tell her and J comes to the window to rescue them. J gets Michelle out of the car and tells them he will get them to the hospital.

Jean Luc and Claudette are outside the formal wear store. He is telling Claudette that Hart is a a country clod and doesn't deserve Dinah.

Jean Luc is watching Diana and Hart through the windows of the formal wear store. They are clowning around tryihng on different outfits for the Ball.

Michelle and Zachary arrive at the hospital. Rick gets busy examining them. Rick is upset with both of them and asks to speak to Zachary alone. Zachary tells Rick that he made the mistake, not to be upset with Michelle. Rick tells him that he doesnÕt want him to see his sister again.

The fisherman comes to the hospital. He tells Zachary that his love for Michelle almost cost her her life. He says ly messed up this time. that Zachary knows what he has to do. Zachary looks into the examining room and sees Michelle with her family all around her and walks away.

Michelle asks where Zachary is. Rick tells her that he left. Michelle stares out the window deep in thought.

Rick is watching Michelle through the window worriedly. Abby asks if she can help. Rick tells her that he has no right to judge Michelle and to tell her how to run her life. He says that he has to live with something everyday that he will regret the rest of his life. She asks him what he could possibly have to regret, he is a good man. He says that he is not and that he doesnÕt deserve to be with her. She says that she knows how Michelle feels and that if he asked her to run away with him she doesn't think that she could possibly say no. She says that she hopes he doesn't think less of her after she said that. He says no.

Michelle and Meta come out of the examining room. She asks where J is because she did not thank him. Meta says that he went home. Rick and Abby approach and he tells Michelle that he is sorry for coming down on her so hard, but he was worried about her.

Claudette looks in the window and sees Hart dressed in his tuxedo. She says "there is your country clod now. She says perhaps you are mistaken Jean Luc and that he is a fool if he underestimates Hart Jessup.

Jenna tells Jeffrey that she needs to talk to Buzz for a little while. She tells him she will catch him up later. She says she will talk to him later. He says he will wait. He tells her that he is disappointed in her. He tells her that he picked up some tickets to the Cedars Ball for that evening. He leaves. Jenna and Buzz chat about how she met Jeffrey and married him.

Jenna says that she should have known not to let her guard down with him. She says that she has forgotte that he is a con man and that he always thinks that someone is trying to con him. She says that she is married to Jeffrey. Buzz says that he saw the way that she looked at Jeffrey and that she doesnÕt love him. He asks her how long she is going to stay. She says that it is up to Jeffrey. Jenna gets her coat to leave. She

Lucy comes in and tells Buzz that she just heard about he and Reva. Buzz says that what is behind him is behind him and that he has said everything to Reva that he needed to say. He says it is done. Lucy jokingly asks what he has done with her dad? She tells him she loves him and that she wants to see him happy. Buzz tells her that Jenna is back in town and that she is married. They chat briefly about the Spauldings. She says that Alan-Michael is getting fed up with it all. He has finally realized that winning isnÕt everything. Buzz asks if Alan-Michael is fed up enough to do something about it. She says maybe ­ but it will cause some serious hurt.

Lucy tells Buzz that to get away from the Spaulding mess that she and Alan-Michael will have to move away. He tells her that he would feel better if she was happy far away than her being miserable and living next door. She says that makes her love him even more. They hug.

Jenna says no, it is not like that at all. They were very close at one time, so naturally they have fond feelings for each other. He says good he wouldnÕt want any distractions while they are working. He says that they need to get her a dress for this evening. He says that they are going to go through with this. He tells her to come with him now, they are going to go through with this, unless she wants him to tell everybody what he knows. Jenna says that she is coming.

Hart and Diana are relaxing and drinking wine. Diana is telling him that they have charmed lives. She says that she wants to be his magician and make all his sadness disappear. They kiss and start making love.

Georgette tells Jean Luc that Hart and Diana are meant for each other. He says that he loves Diana and that he isnÕt going to stop until he has her.

Friday, January 17, 1997

Jenna and Jeffrey are at the formal wear store to get Jenna a dress for the Cedar's Ball. . Jenna tells him that she is holding him to his promise, that tonight is the last time – after tonight she is free and clear. He says his plan is fool proof -- if she doesn't get caught -- that's why she can't have any distractions. Buzz enters the store and tells the clerk he needs a tuxedo.

Josh comes to Reva's door. He says he can't eat, sleep or anything since he heard she broke up with Buzz. He asks her to let him in so he can have a talk with her. She says that she has company. He asks if it is Annie. Billy comes to the door. Josh tells him it is good to see him. Billy says that Josh might not think so when he hears what he has to say.

Alan-Michael, Alex and Phillip are meeting in Alan-Michael's office. Alan-Michael says that Wall Street is watching Spaulding very closely. They expect a leaner, meaner more profitable Spaulding, now that Roger is on board. Phillip says that they are going to keep an eye on Roger and Amanda – they only get to know what they need to know. Amanda walks in. They tell her to bring Roger in so they can get started with the meeting. She says Roger is not coming, he has asked her to stand in for him. Alex asks where Roger is.

Roger is in the Spaulding mansion looking for Alex's papers. He starts to look in the safe, then changes his mind. He searches everywhere. He remembers what Vanessa told him about Alex stealing some files and that it would be an insurance policy -- that whoever controlled those files would be enough to bring the Spaulding family to their knees. Vanessa tells him that she nor Henry knew what had happened to the files, just that Alex had hidden them someplace that Alan would never find them. She said that Alex said the files were as close as the nose on his face. Roger is looking on the bookshelf. Alan comes in the room in his wheelchair.

Josh laughingly asks Billy if he broke out of jail,. Billy says that he had a few days off. He says that he suspected that Josh and Annie were having trouble when he was there Christmas and he came to ask Reva for a play by play. Reva starts to object. Josh turns to Reva and tells her that he wishes that she hadn't done that. Billy says that Josh has made a fine mess out of things. Reva tells Billy that she didn't ask him there to talk about Josh. Reva tells Josh that she is going to see him out. Billy asks Reva if he could talk to his little brother alone. Reva goes outside to get the mail. Billy asks Josh if he is crazy. The woman he loves more than anything is finally free and Josh needs to do the same. Billy says that Josh is doing the wrong thing. He said that they can get someone to look after Annie. He tells Josh to look at his heart.

Buzz says to Jenna that he would have thought she would have lots of dresses to go to the Ball in. She says that she does, but she wanted another one. She asks Buzz if he is going to the Ball. He says that he is going with Alexandra. He is still her friend even though he has problems with her brother. Jenna is surprised Alan is out of prison. Buzz leaves with the clerk to go look at tuxedos.

Jenna says that she can't go through with the plan if Buzz is there. She says that Buzz won't let her out of his sight. Jeffrey tells her that she will just have to convince Buzz not to go to the Ball.

At the Spaulding meeting they are arguing about Roger. Phillip, Alan-Michael and Alex keep asking where Roger is. Amanda says Roger is immersed in strategic planning. Amanda says that she and Roger are trying to make Spaulding a more profitable, more efficient company. Alex walks over the takes Amanda's agenda. Amanda says that she needs that to lead the meeting. Alex tells her that the meeting is adjourned. She says that she needs to get home to prepare for the Ball. Because Cedar's Hospital is the Spauldings. She says that 60 years ago their grandfather Brandon started the Spaulding Foundation in order to bring Cedar's Hospital to Springfield. Amanda tries to get Alex to stay. Phillip and Alan-Michael agree with Alex and leave the meeting.

Alan comes into the room. Roger is sitting and smoking a cigar in a chair. Roger tells Alan that he wants to be a good husband to Amanda and a great son-in-law to him. Alan says that accepting Roger into the family is pushing it a little bit. Roger says they have to show a happy and united front or the business will suffer. Roger sits down and begins writing. Alan asks him what he is doing. Roger says that he is making a list of Spaulding's most important customers because someone has to network with them at the Ball. Alan says that this is a job for the family. Roger says he knows that he can never fill his shoes, but as his future son-in-law he is sure going to give it a try. Alan leaves the room. Roger continues looking for the papers.

At the diner Frank comes in and tells the customers that they are closing early. He tells Eleni that he has tickets for the Ball. She says that the tickets are $1,000 each, they can't afford that. He laughs and tells her that he is working undercover. Eleni keeps making excuses to not go to the Ball. She finally tells Frank that she doesn't have the right dress to wear, she wouldn't fit in. Frank tells her that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that she could go to the Ball in a potato sack and be the most stunning woman in the whole room. He asks her to make him the most envied man there. She says she will go.

Buzz is looking at himself in the mirror at the formal wear store. Jenna walks out in her gown. Buzz says "wow." She asks if he approves. Buzz tells her that he can't speak for her husband, but he thinks she looks "wow." She says that since they are speaking of her husband Buzz is making him uncomfortable with the way he speaks to her. He thinks Buzz is a bit too familiar. Buzz says that is because he is familiar – that he is as familiar with her as a woman as any man can be – and if that makes her husband uncomfortable, too bad. She tells him that it makes her uncomfortable, too. She tries to talk him out of going to the Ball. She says he is only going because she will be there. Buzz jokes and asks her if her husband knows how conceited she is. She says Buzz is still reeling from his breakup. He is just acting on impulse. He says he is a spontaneous guy. She asks him not to go to the Ball and make the situation worse. He laughs and says he didn't know that they had a "situation."

Annie enters the store. Buzz introduces Annie to Jenna. Jenna excuses herself and leaves.

Annie tells Buzz that she knows it hurt Buzz when Reva says she still loves Josh. Annie says that now that Reva knows she can't have Josh that she is sure the two of them can get back together. She says that she and Josh are closer now than they have ever been. Buzz tells her that she is living in a dream world. She snaps at Buzz and denies this. Buzz looks at her with a puzzled look.

Annie apologizes to Buzz. She said it frustrates her to see him so unhappy. Annie says that there is no way Josh could betray him with Reva. Josh is an honorable man. Buzz says that Reva told him that she loves Josh and always will. He says that it is just a matter of time before they get back together. Annie says that Josh loves her and the baby. Annie says that Reva can pine for Josh all she wants, but Annie has him now and she will have him always.

Josh tells Billy that he does not have to explain himself to him. They argue about Josh's decision to stay with Annie. Billy says Josh's happiness is right out there and he just has to reach out and grab it. Reva comes back in. Billy tells them to work things out so they can be together. Josh says that he promises that he will try. Josh leaves.

Reva tells Josh that she loves him. He says he loves her. Reva asks him not to make it any harder on them. He asks her to wait for him.

Roger is looking in the desk drawer and Amanda comes in to warn him. They hear Alex coming and Amanda leans Roger back over the desk top and starts kissing him passionately. Alex comes in and tells them to stop that in her house. Amanda tells her that she is sorry, that they will be more discrete in the future. Alex tells her to save the saccharine charade that she knows exactly what is going on. Roger says nothing is going on, they are just simply two people in love. Alex says that she knows Amanda rushed in to warn him about something. Roger tells her that he has made a list of people to work with at the Ball. Alex excuses herself to check on Alan. Alan comes into the room in his wheelchair wearing a tuxedo. He says that nothing is going to keep him away from the Ball.

Frank and Eleni send the customers home. They kiss and go upstairs to get dressed for the Ball. They are looking out the window. Frank yells – you are not going to believe this. Eleni comes to the window and they both laugh and smile.

Annie is getting ready. She remembers what Buzz says and it upsets her and she begins to cry. Josh comes in, but she hides her tears. She begins talking about the baby and says it is almost too good to be true. She says that she wishes everyone was as happy as they are. She tells him that she saw Buzz at the store and that he said some things that really upset her. She says that Buzz said that Reva left him because she still loves Josh. She says that this is a threat that they can't ignore.

Buzz and Jenna are leaving the store at the same time. Jenna tells Buzz that he is going to the Ball because she specifically asked him not to. He says that he is going to the Ball because he wants to. He says he doesn't believe the "Jeff thinks they are too familiar" routine either. He says that she is hiding something, but he will find out what it is. He tells her to save the last dance for him. He leaves.

Jeffrey comes in and asks her if she convinced her old flame not to come. She said he is out of luck, she can't do her job. He says the evening will go on as planned. She asks him how he expects her to do her job with Buzz hanging around all evening. He says he doesn't expect it, he insists on it.

Josh repeats what Annie said about Buzz. She says that she knows it is upsetting, but she felt that she should tell him. He says that he doesn't know what to say. She says that he doesn't have to say anything, she knows he loves her. She says she is afraid for the children, they need to know that the five of them are a family. Josh says that Reva would never use the children to get to him. Annie says she thinks Reva will. She says that she doesn't want Josh to fall into the trap that Buzz did. Annie says that Buzz wants to get Reva back. Josh asks if Buzz said that. She tells him that Buzz did. Josh tells Annie not to get involved. She says she is just trying to protect him. She tries to get out of going to the Ball. Reva might make a scene like she did last year. Josh tells her that Reva is not going to the Ball.

Music is playing and waiters are setting up the room for the Ball.

Roger tells Amanda that Alex's idea about going to the Ball is a great idea. He says Amanda knew how to cover for him when Alex almost caught him. It was a great act at the right time – it was an act wasn't it. She says yes, anything for the cause. She says she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Roger says that all of Springfield will catch their interest at the Ball and as soon as the Ball gets going, they will exit and continue their search. Then they will have an alibi. The papers are somewhere on the property, he says they need to find them and the future is theirs.

Buzz is at the diner he see the closed sign on the door. He comes in and asks why they are closed. They tell him about the Ball. They say they were getting ready to go upstairs to dress, but there was a stubborn customer that refused to leave until they spoke to the owner. Harley enters. Buzz hugs her.

Annie tells him that she must have misunderstood – did Josh talk to Reva. He says that he went to pick up Mara's backpack. She says that in that case "all three of them – me, you and our baby" will have a great time at the Ball.

Reva and Billy are talking, she says that Josh has no idea why she wanted to see him. She starts telling him about Sarah and her baby. She says she needs his help. He interrupts her and tells her to stop living in the past. He tells her that Josh loves her and she needs to light a fire under Josh's "sorry Lewis butt." He tells her that they are going to the ball together and they'll give the town something to talk about for the next 60 years.

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