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Monday, April 14, 1997

Alan came to see Annie, and she told him that they achieved their goal ofmaking Reva believe that Annie is her sister. Annie told Alan all about howshe tricked Reva into admitting that Annie is her sister, and that sheinsisted that Reva keep that only between the two of them. Alan told herthat she may have just made the biggest mistake of her life. Annie askedAlan if he was planning to tell Reva, and he said no. He said that after hefound out that Amanda was his sister, and Alex left, he took stock of hislife, and didn't like what he saw. He said it is hard to base a life onlies and manipulations. They have consequences one never expects. Anniesaid that she did all that she did out of love, not vengence.

Jeffrey was at the police station with Frank. Frank said he knew thatJeffrey kidnapped Coop. Jeffrey threatened Frank, saying he would let theauthorities know that Frank searched Jeffrey's room without a warrant, inorder to keep Frank from holding up his paperwork to get custody of Jenna.Jeffrey went home, and Jenna made him the offer of all the money they havein the safe deposit box. Jeffrey said he doesn't want anything but her.Jenna said that if he doesn't accept her offer, she will never give him herfingerprints or signature. Jeffrey said that doesn't matter, because he nolonger needs her to get into the safe deposit box, he had made anarrangement with the bank, that only his was required.

Buzz told Jenna that he is tired of her being Jefrey's prisoner, and vowedto get her and Coop away from him that night.d Jenna went on and on abouthow Buzz should not underestimate Jeffrey. She said that Jeffrey needs hersignature and fingerprint to get into a safe deposit box they havetogether, which is worth a fortune. Buzz said that the answer is to justgive Jeffrey all the money, and he will give her her freedom. Jenna saidit isn't that easy, that she made a promise that Coop would always haveeverything he always wanted, and that was what the money was for. Buzzsaid that they don't need the money for Coop to grow up happy, and offeredJenna the choice of love or money.

Josh was in Reva's house when she came home, and told her that he knowsabout her sister. He kept asking her why she didn't tell him about it, andasked her to fill him in on the search. He said that together they can helpher sister. Josh said he would care for her as if she were his own family. Reva then told Josh that he can't help, because Dani is dead. Josh toldher Reva how sorry he is, and asked her why Dani's life or death isaffecting them so much. He said he needs to understand. Reva told Joshthat if he keeps pushing her, she will leave Springfield.

Bill told Matt that he wants to move back into the house- that the talk hehad with his dad convinced him that he should. Matt said he doesn't wanthim back like that. He said he wants him back, but only if he wants tocome back. Bill told Matt that he has been angry for a long time, and thatMatt was his target. He said living in her house would have been too hardbefore, but he is ready for it now. Matt and Bill sat down at thecomputer. As he walked away, a message came on the screen from Vanessa,and it said "Oh Matt, remember how we used to read poetry together in bed?" Then the internet disconnected.

Vanessa got a new physical therapist, named Michael Burke. He lifted herout of the bed, and into a chair, and they did some exercises. After heleft, Vanessa got on her computer, and found a chat room. She choose oneon poetry. She typed, "Oh Matt, remember how we used to read poetrytogether in bed?"

Tuesday, April 14, 19971997

Rick came to the nurse's desk and said someone had made a big mistake in achart, and found out that Abby made the mistake. Holly and Blake werethere, and hid so that Abby and Rick could talk. Abby told Rick that shehad made the mistake, and Rick then said the mistake was no big deal. Abbyaccused him of patronizing her. She asked for Rick's honest opinion of herwork. He agreed to give his opinion, and told Abby that she had made anerror, and that since she is data entry now, no one got hurt. But he saidwhen she does begin working with patients, he doesn't know how she'll be.She accused him of saying that only because of their personal situation,and Rick denied that. After Abby left, Blake and Holly came out, and Hollybegan yelling at Rick for turning Blake's life into a nightmare. Rick saidmany lives were ruined that night. Holly told Rick that she admires theway he is handling himself. Rick said that Kevin is the best thing to everhappen to him. Blake went to see Abby and told her that she is not theenemy. Abby said she doeesn't see her as the enemy. She also said shedoesn't see Rick the same way she used to- she sees him as just anotherdoctor at the hospital. Rick saw Blake leaving and asked if he could takeKevin to the park. Blake went to the nurses desk, and saw the list ofstudents for the physician's assistant classes, and put Abby's name intoRick's class. Ross came in and asked what she was doing.

Ross went to see Griffin, and told him that he doesn't appreciate the actin the courtroom. He asked Griffin to total his bill. Ross said he sawBlake the other day, and saw hope in her eyes, hope that she and he wouldget back together. He asked Griffin to get rid of that hope, by getting onwith the divorce. Griffin said there is another way to go. Griffin toldRoss to hold off the divorce to give things time. Ross told him thatwhenever he looks at Blake he sees betrayal.

Vanessa told her physical therapist that she has had enough of thecomputer. She said she is more rooted in the past. She began telling himabout Matt, and their life together. He encouraged Vanessa to keep onusing the computer.She did get back on it, and found the poetry chat roomshe had been into before. She began asking for someone, but no one was inthe room. At home, Matt went into the same chat room as Vanessa. Vanessais using the name Tess in the chatroom. Just as they started talking, Matthad to go, and they agreed to talk again.

Matt was at home, also using a computer that you talk into...he told Dinahthat he was thinking about looking into chat rooms. Hart came by, and Matttold Dinah that he wanted to keep Hart up to date on the new memorial wing. Lillian also came by, and they all began discussing the wing. They madesuggestions, and then entered them onto the computer. Hart asked Dinah ifshe was trying to play matchmaker for Matt and Lillian, and told her thatthat would be a mistake. Dinah denied that she was trying to set them up.Hart told Dinah that she was the sweetest thing to ever come into his life.They left Matt's house and Dinah told Hart that it was a nice surprise thathe came by. They began talking about how much they missed each other.

Wednesday, April 15, 1997

Ross began talking to Blake. He said that he has been thinking about the children. She asked if he meant just his son or both children. He told her it is hard to separate the two. Blake reminded Ross that he is not perfect, and that he was with Amanda that night. He started walking away from her, and she made him come back. She accused him of walking out on her and the marriage when the going got tough. He said that she hurt him badly. They talked some more, and he told Blake he is having a very hard time dealing with this. They talked some more, and finally Ross said they need to stop fighting. Blake asked if that meant they have a chance. He said he didn't know. Blake got up and moved beside him. She asked what he meant. He said he didn't know. He said this may be as good as it gets between them, and she said that is better than it was. He said they have to be civil to each other for the sake of the boys. As Blake was leaving, Ross said they need time, and agreed not to pursue the divorce right away. She asked if that meant he still wants to be married to her. Ross said he doesn't know yet...he just knows they need time. Blake agreed to take one step at a time. They were leaving the hospital, and Rick heard them talking with each other. He handed Kevin over to Ross. After Ross left, Blake told Rick that Ross agreed to put their divorce on hold.

Reva went to the diner to see Buzz. He told her that he signed up with a program with the halfway house to give a "kid" a job. It turned out to be Billy- he is going to work at the diner.d Buzz heard a noise in the kitchen, and went in and found Jenna in there. She came to tell him what Jeffrey said. She said that she offered Jeffrey her share of all their money, and he told her that he doesn't need her to get the money. Buzz told her that he would help her. Jenna told him that she thinks she should turn herself in, and asked if he would wait for her. He said he didn't want that. Buzz told Jenna that he would think of something. He said they should do unto Jeffrey, so that he can't do unto Jenna. Billy and Reva sat down and talked, about why she is ending her relationship with Josh. Billy told her that she and Josh are a done deal, no matter how she tried to run away!

Josh came home, and asked Annie if he could take her to her childbirth classes. Annie didn't want him to go because she was afraid that he would start to wonder why all the other mothers look so much farther along than she does. She tried to talk him out of going to the class. She began to tell him that she is afraid of giving birth. They did go to the class, and Josh did notice that she didn't look like she was as far along as the other women. She told him that women start showing at different times. Josh began having flashbacks to when Reva had Shayne and Marah. The class ended, and Annie began babbling about the baby, and Josh interrupted her by telling her that the lies have to stop, he can't do it anymore. Then he got up and walked out, and she ran after him.

Rick was with Kevin, telling him how proud he is that he is his son. Reva came by, and Rick showed Kevin to her. Abby came by, and they were talking. Reva began going into a room and Abby tried to stop her.It was the room where the new mother's class was. Reva got upset, and left.

Thursday, April 16, 1997

Abby talked to Reva in the hospital about Josh and Annie. Reva said that she didn't have a choice, if her sister wanted Josh, she had to give him up.

Abby told Reva she hated to leave, but she had to go to class. Lillian asked Rick if he was teaching the class and Rick said yes that he and the other doctor switched. Abby came up to Rick and told him she took care of the data entry problem and went into class. Rick entered the class and he and Abby were surprised to see each other. Abby got up and told him he wasn't supposed to be teaching this class.

Abby thought she was being set up and the two bickered. Rick thought she was playing games with him. They both then realized that it must have been Blake who set them up. Rick said that she clearly couldn't handle this so he would talk to Lillian about her switching classes. Abby protested she was capable of handling anything and decided to stay in his class to prove it to him.

Rick taught the class CPR and Abby volunteered, but Rick told her he didn't think she knew what she was volutneering for. He asked her to lie on the table and told her he was about to demostrate mouth to mouth resusitation.

Reva went into the chapel and started talking to her mother about how she found her mother's baby and she ruined her life. She asked her mother if giving her sister the only man she truly ever loved was what she wanted.

Reva told her mother that the truth was she hated Annie's guts and asked who the hell she slept with to produce her. She said she didn't want to hate Annie, but she loved Josh.

Reva told her mother that she wanted to be the kind of daughter her mother wanted her to be and promised to act the good sister to Annie.

Josh took Annie to the park and told her he couldn't keep hurting her.

Annie didn't understand what Josh was trying to tell her. Josh told her that in the long run this was the right thing and that she was a wonderful woman who deserved to be with a man who returned those feelings. Annie said that was him, but Josh told her it was over. Annie started crying.

Annie told Josh that he was just getting scared because they were expecting a baby. Josh told her that their marriage would never work because he was with her for all the wrong reasons. He told her he would provide for her and the baby, but that he couldn't live the lie anymore.

Annie said this was all because of Reva and Josh said it wasn't about Reva. Annie said that Reva must have said something to Josh about her to turn him against her. Josh yelled for her to listen to him. He said that Reva didn't even know they were having this conversation. He told her that the truth was that he didn't love her anymore in the way a man was supposed to love his wife. Annie begged him not to leave her.

Annie told Josh that she didn't need his pity. Annie told Josh that she had one person she needed to talk to. She left and as she was leaving said to herself "I'm going to kill you, Reva Shayne."

Buzz and Jenna discussed forging papers to beat Jeffrey at his own game. Jenna said that they would have to get Jeffrey to believe Jenna was falling for his wiley ways. Buzz asked if there were any feelings left for him and Jenna said no, but they would have to make him think so. Buzz didn't want her to be anywhere near Jeffrey. Jenna told him that she was putting the plan into action tonight. She said she was going to give Jeffrey everything he wants and Buzz replied over his dead body.

Jenna wanted Buzz to hear her out. Buzz told her he didn't want her to put herself in a compromising position with Jeffrey. Jenna said that she was the one who had to get his signature and fingerprints so that they could get into the safety deposit box. Jenna said that he must think she was going to slep with Jeffrey to get what they wanted.

Jeffrey and his lawyer went to see a judge about getting Jenna's probation sentence suspended. Jeffrey told the judge that his mother was ill and in dire need of her son, but that he didn't want to leave to go to England without his wife and son. The judge told him that because he and the lawyer went back a ways, he would consider the request. The judge left to go to court.

The judge returned to chambers and Jeffrey promised the judge that his wife would never return to the country again.

Buzz told Jenna she had a right to be scared of Jeffrey and Jenna protested that she knew how to handle Jeffrey. They kissed and she left. Buzz went over to Billy and asked him for his advice. He asked Billy what he knew about lifting fingerprints.

Billy told Buzz that he was no hardened criminal and suggested he ask Frank. Buzz said that Frank couldn't know anything about it and then tried lifting some fingerprints with flour, a pastry brush, and soem sticky tape.

Jenna went back to Jeffrey and he figured out that she went to see Buzz. Jenna told him that she was wrong about Buzz and that some of what Jeffrey had been telling her was beginning to make sense and that she was beginning to feel differently about Buzz. Jeffrey told her it was kind of hard to believe that Buzz would just let her go. She told him that she wanted to be with Jeffrey, but Jeffrey thought it was an awfully hasty turnaround. Jenna kissed him.

Friday, April 17, 1997

Amanda goes to see Roger, at his apartment, dressed to attract attention. Roger doesn't take the bait, but calls her on it instead. They talk a little business and then Amanda asks him why he didn't call her when he came back to town. The phone rings. It is the Valet, asking Roger how he want's his shirts done. Roger pretends that it is Holly on the other end and acts as if he is trying to hide that fact from Amanda. (The Valet thinks ol' Rog has gone off his rocker.) Roger hangs up and Amanda immediately asks if that was Holly on the phone. "No," Roger insists, "it was the Valet asking how I wanted my shirts done." "Don't give me that." Amanda retorts. She tells Roger that from now on he is to report into her, first thing, when he gets back from a business trip. Roger informs Amanda that he doesn't take orders from her or anyone and that he will be treated as her equal in business. She goes to slap him, but Roger grabs her arm and pulls her close. Amanda readies herself for a much awaited kiss. Roger looks at her and lets her go. Roger tells her that from now on they should only conduct business in the office. He hands Amanda her wrap and purse. Amanda stomps off. Roger looks over at his present for little Meg and calls Holly's office. Her receptionist tells Roger that, Yes, Mrs. Reed is still there. Roger picks up the present and heads out.

Annie goes to Alan at his home for help. She tells him that Josh told her that didn't want to be married to her anymore and to top it off, he told right after they had just had their first childbirth class. Annie asks Alan what Reva has that she doesn't. Alan assures Annie that she is beautiful and sexy, that any man would be happy to have her. Annie tells him that she only wants Josh. She makes him tell her what makes Reva so special. Alan tries to tell her and then Annie gets mad. Alan finally tells Annie that she has done everything possible to keep Josh . . . maybe she should just let him go. "No!!! I have worked too hard to lose him now." Annie bawls. "If you won't help me take care of Reva . . . I'll do it myself." Annie vows and storms off passing Amanda in the doorway. "What's the matter with her?" Amanda asks. "Why do you want to know? You don't care about Annie." Alan retorts. She informs Alan that he doesn't have a clue about what she feels or thinks. "Why do you still have her around?" Amanda asks. "I like her, " says Alan; "this house is dark and empty when she is not around."

At the diner, Buzz plays over in his mind what Jenna was planning before she left to go back to try to con Jeffrey. Buzz gets a weird feeling and decides to go check things out. He thinks for a second, then grabs a pair of gloves out of the "Lost and Found" box and heads to Jeffrey's apartment. Jeffrey is making strong advances on Jenna, back at his apartment. He is so moved by her desire to be with him and not Buzz Cooper. Jenna is trying to keep Jeffrey at bay, but is doing a lousy job of it. Jeffrey is very persistent. Just then there is a knock at the door. Jenna makes Jeffrey answers the door. It is Buzz. Buzz makes his "lame-o" excuse that Jenna forgot her gloves. Jeffrey doesn't buy it and Jenna comes to his rescue with a "Buzz, will do just anything to get near me." Then she scolds Buzz for not listening to her and getting over there past together, that she has chosen Jeffrey. Jeffrey shows Buzz the door, Buzz walks out but hesitates a couple minutes outside the door. Jeffrey tells Jenna that he doesn't like the way Buzz looks at her. He looks at her like a husband looks at a wife and he doesn't like it. Buzz leaves. Jeffrey then grabs Jenna by the arm and starts dragging her, protesting to the bedroom where he says, " that he is going to "erase every bit of Buzz Cooper out of her mind."

Reva, at her house, hears a noise. She grabs the fireplace shovel and heads toward the noise, and it is Hawk! They nearly scared the daylights out of each other. They laugh and talk. Over by the couch, on the coffee table Hawk notices a photo album. He starts leafing though it. Recalling each picture, what happened the day they took them . . . Hawk comes across the picture of Reva's Mother, Sarah, and he starts telling her the story that went along with that picture. He tells her that they took picture . . . (the same one that was in the brooch of Annie's), at Rusty's graduation. Reva says, "That can't be." That was only 14 or 15 years ago. You have to be wrong Pop." Hawk goes on to tell Reva how Rusty hated his Mother wearing that scarf. Hawk finally tells her that if she doesn't believe him, to call Rusty, he would tell her the same. Hawk finally tells Reva the real reason that he is there. He is leaving town to collect his thoughts and put in life in perspective. He needs time to get over Alexandra, . . . and Sarah too, of course." Hawk adds. Reva starts to cry and tells him to hurry and get himself back together so he can come back home to her. Hawk leaves and Reva picks up the phone and calls Rusty. "It's important," Reva tells Rusty, "I need to know if someone is lying through their teeth to me." She continues her conversation with Rusty when Annie peers into the window on Reva's house and stares at Reva.

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