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Monday, October 5, 1998

Dinah might have taken too many of her mother's blood pressure medicine. She keeps thinking that this might be it, and she may die. Hart remains by her side, and says that he will do anything for her. Dinah manages to say that all she ever wanted was to marry him. Hart says that he will marry her.

Dr. Cedwick tells Vanessa that there is an experimental drug to try, but it has pretty bad side-effects. Vanessa gives the go-ahead to try it.

A priest is called in, and he ends up performing a three second marriage ceremony between Hart and Dinah.

Harley throws a luncheon for Cassie. Reva, Selena, and Jenna are all there to support her through this terrible time in which Hart is having to stay with Dinah. Cassie doesn't yet know that Hart has married Dinah.

Blake wheels herself into Ben's bathroom, and finds him underwater. She tries to get her wheelchair over the threshold, but is unable to. Blake ends up walking over to him and pulling him out of the bathtub. She performs CPR and brings him back to life. Ben hugs her and is elated that she can finally walk. They realize that this is the work of the Nursery Rhyme Stalker.

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Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Sorry, everyone, I was out sick last week Tuesday. I'm actually still sick, so I'll try to make it a little shorter than usual!

Blake rescues Ben from drowning in his tub, after being poisoned by the "stalker". Of course, in the process of rushing to his aid, she jumps out of the wheelchair, and runs to him (walks, get it?).

Ross asks Vanessa where her high blood pressure pills are, as her blood pressure is all messed up from worrying about Dinah. Maybe he should ask Dinah!

Hart marries Dinah in her hospital room, as he believes she is dying. She is, but it was a scheme of hers gone bad! Dinah thinks to herself that now that she finally got Hart to marry her, it may be for nothing because she's dying from taking too many of her mother's high blood pressure pills!

Cassie thanks Reva for showing her a good time and helping her to temporarily forget her troubles with Hart and Dinah. Reva urges her to tell Hart about her pregnancy, and says that although she thinks Hart is trying to do right by everyone, she wishes he would do right by Cassie. Cassie reminds her he doesn't know that she's pregnant. Reva predicts that Dinah will pull through, and that the 3 of them will have dramatically different lives, as a result of Dinah's brush with death. Boy, has she hit the nail on the head!

Hart kisses the bride (Dinah), and she tells him she loves him. He speaks with the priest, who gives them his blessing. Dinah thinks to herself that she doesn't want to die, now that she tricked Hart into marrying her.

Cassie tells Reva she's prayed that something good will happen for Dinah, because then she'll leave Hart alone (not exactly!), and Reva says in that case, she hopes for the best for Dinah. Josh surprises Reva with champagne, and Cassie quickly excuses herself, saying she will go by the hospital to check on Dinah, and see if Hart needs a ride to the farm. Reva tells Josh she appreciates the thought, but her mind is on Cassie and her troubles right now. Josh says he understands.

Ben and Blake laugh about her walking again! Ben tells her she saved his life. He says that Ross didn't make her get out of that chair, he did! Blake tells Ben she can't lie to him, that the reason she came by in the first place was to tell him he needed to stay out of her life because Ross didn't want him around the boys, and she couldn't risk a custody battle. She tells him they must get to the hospital because he's been poisoned by the stalker, but he begs her to walk one more time for him, just to make sure she can. She does. She says she saw him drowning, and had to save him. He tells her to tell him that she loves him, not Ross. Blake reminds him that they must go to the hospital. She rushes to call an ambulance, when Ben collapses, coughing, to the ground.

Ross again offers to get Vanessa's pills and she tells him where she left them. Matt comes in to comfort Vanessa. She tells him Dinah's worse, and the priest has been in to give her last rites (not exactly!). She tells him that Bill went after Hart and that he blames him for everything that's happened to Dinah. She tells him that Bill took off out of the hospital, and no one knows where he went. Beth walks in unseen by Vanessa, and Matt motions her away. He tells Vanessa to go get her pills from Ross and he'll meet up with her with some water. He then catches up with Beth and asks her to leave, saying that her presence there would upset Vanessa.

Hart tries to get Dinah to fight. The nurse tells him that Dinah is getting weaker, and Hart tells Ross. Ross thanks Hart for marrying Dinah. Cassie, of course, overhears! She asks him if he really married Dinah. He says "yes", because it was her dying wish. Vanessa goes in to check on Dinah. Cassie says, "She must be feeling so much better, now that you married her!" She walks away.

Vanessa tells Dinah that she and her father are there. She says that Hart married her and she has everything to live for. Dinah mutters something about Hart only marrying her because she was dying, but Vanessa says, no, he married her because he loves her.

Beth tells Matt she only came by the hospital to look for her lost watch. Matt pulls it out of his pocket and gives it to her. She tells Matt to call her, if he needs anything. Matt walks away, and Harley walks up to Beth and asks her why Vanessa would be upset to find her with Matt.

Blake comes into the hospital with Ben and tells the nurses he's been poisoned by some unknown substance by the stalker, and asks them to help him. She begs them to find out what the unknown substance is.

Josh and Reva remember their vacation in Hawaii. Josh asks her to sell the business and move to Hawaii permanently. She says no because they have responsibilities, family, and friends there. She adds that she won't allow Annie to chase them away. He says that it's not that, it was just so nice when they were on vacation, that he wishes they could get that feeling back again. She tells him she needs to go check on the kids. She returns, dressed in a Hawaiian outfit complete with lei!

Matt goes in to see Dinah. He overhears Vanessa telling Dinah how much Hart loves her. Ross starts to stop her, but then agrees to tell her whatever necessary to get her to fight. He tells her how happy he was to learn that she and Hart had gotten married, but tells her that when she gets better, they have to do it again, so she can have a big fancy wedding, and he can walk her down the aisle. Vanessa tells her she will get her a beautiful wedding dress. Dinah seems unresponsive, so Ross goes to get Hart.

Hart tells Cassie not to get angry, but that Dinah is dying and he had to marry her, because it was her last wish. He added that he was the one who put her here, and Dinah knows what's happening to her and told him that was the only thing she wanted. He says, "I did this for her. I wanted to do this for her." He explained how they both signed the marriage certificate, when Dinah was conscious. Ross walks up and asks Hart to come and talk with Dinah. Cassie tells him to go ahead.

Blake runs into Ross at the hospital. He asks her how she is able to walk again. Ben comes out and says that Blake got out of the wheelchair because she was trying to save his life. He tells him how he was drugged and drowning, and that Blake walked again to save him. He leaves with the nurse for more tests. Blake tells Ross the only reason why she went to Ben's apartment was to tell him that he had to stay out of her life, as Ross wanted, but when she got there he was drowning and drugged, and if she hadn't come along when she did, he would have died. Ross says that means that actually he saved Ben's life. She tells him she would like to see Dinah, but he says, "No, family only" and walks away. What a sore loser!

Harley confronts Beth about Matt, and going after married or unavailable men. She says Beth has made very bad choices when it comes to men and relationships, and that she is only concerned about it because she cares about Lizzie and doesn't want to see her hurt. Beth tells her to "stay the hell out of my life!"

Hart tells Dinah that they have to think about where they will go for their honeymoon. He asks her if she would like to go back to Switzerland, since she loved it there so much the last time. He asks her to remember the things they did there, and what a great time they had. She thinks about their last trip there together. He tells her they had some really good times. He cries and tells her they can go shopping, and hiking. He tells her not to leave him and that she must stay with him. Cassie, of course, overhears. Ross walks away.

Reva and Josh get cozy!

Ben begins coughing and Blake rushes in. Ross looks into the room at the two of them together.

Vanessa and Matt look on as Hart talks to Dinah. He tells her to think about all of the people who love her and want her to live. He tells her, "Don't you leave me!"

Hart tells Cassie that he had to go into Dinah's room and talk with her. Cassie tells him she understands why he married Dinah, and why he's doing all of this, and tells him how sorry she is.

Meanwhile, Dinah's nurse says, "Huh, her blood pressure is going up a little!" Dinah says to herself, "I have to fight! I'm not going to die!"

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Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Sean arrives and interrupts Josh and Reva's romantic plans. Sean admits to Reva that he has strong feelings for her but quickly stops talking when Josh returns.

Ross thanks Hart for everything he has done to help his daughter get better. Vanessa pleads with Hart to stay with Dinah until she is out of danger.

Ben is pleased when his doctor gives him a clean bill of health but then explains that he ingested the same weed killer that caused Harley to pass out. Teri and Frank interrupt Ben and Blake with the news that their investigation of the Nursery Rhyme Stalker is switching from Annie to a new suspect.

On the way to question Ken, Teri blasts Frank for explaining proper police procedure to her in front of Ben and Blake and apologizes again for the innocent kiss she gave him.

Despite Holly's frantic pleas that her brother is innocent, Frank and Teri decide that Ken is now their number one suspect after the attack on Ben.

When Blake asks Ross about his daughter, Dina, he suggests that now that she's walking, she "go straight to hell." Ross ignores Ben's taunts and promises his brother a fight in court for custody of the twins.

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Thursday, October 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Realizing that Dinah took Vanessa's blood pressure pills to put her own life in danger, Bill blasts his sister for trying to snare Hart in such a dangerous and drastic manner. A weak but still-scheming Dinah pleads with him to keep her secret and claims that if he tells the doctors what she did, she will most certainly die. Bill finally agrees to keep her secret.

Reva and Sean are outraged when Cassie admits that she okayed Hart's idea of marrying Dinah in order to save her life. Reva stuns her with the thought that Dinah will never give up Hart should she get better.

Hart interrupts their discussion but before he can talk with Cassie, Sean sarcastically calls him a super hero for being able to save Dinah's life.

Hart won't give her a straight answer when Cassie asks him if he'll be able to annul his marriage now that Dinah is getting better.

Later, frustrated that Cassie still hasn't told him, Sean leaks to Hart that Cassie is pregnant.

Frank and Teri take a moment to discuss their working relationship.

Phillip tries to protect Harley from an angry Ken.

Determined to raise enough money to find her daughter, Selena angers Drew when Mick offers her a job at Millennium. Dahlia's upset when David interferes with her failed relationship with Marcus.

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Friday, October 9, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Ken pushed his way into Harley's apartment and told her that he had been watching her for a long time. Despite his odd behavior, he told her that he wasn't the Stalker and only wanted to hire her to clear his name. She offered to take some notes, but made the mistake of picking up the phone. After she got him to calm down, she was able to take the phone off the hook and call Phillip, who was buying dinner. Phillip got the call and only heard Ken talking about the Stalker -- he assumed that Harley was in danger and rushed out the door with Teri and Frank close behind. Back at Harley's, she was finally getting Ken to talk to her when Phillip, Teri, and Frank busted in. Ken, desperate to stay out of the sanitarium, held a knife to Harley, and Frank threatened to shoot...

Blake visited Ben and brought him some chicken soup. Ben told her that he would someday repay her and then gave her a key to his room. At first, she refused the key, but Ben told her that she was the first woman he had ever wanted to give his key to and that because of her he wanted to do great things for people.

Ross had a talk with Josh, and remained extremely resentful of Blake. A woman came into the Boarding House that reminded him of Blake.

Hart asked Sean to leave so that he could finish his conversation with Cassie. Sean got mad when Hart grabbed Cassie and broke the news that she was pregnant. Cassie immediately claimed that Sean was the father, which left Hart in total disbelief (as well as Reva and Sean). While Reva and Hart talked outside, Sean scolded Cassie for not telling the truth. Once they were left alone to talk, Hart told Cassie that he didn't buy her story -- he thought that the baby was his. Hart asked her if she still loved him and she told him that it didn't matter because he was with Dinah and finally suggested that they not see each other anymore. After hearing this, Hart left her to be comforted by Reva. She begged Sean and Reva to go along with her plan and Sean agreed. Afterwards, Sean told Reva that he still loved her -- Josh walked in and overheard his confession.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was visiting with Dinah when Hart arrived. He told Dinah about Cassie's news and Dinah was delighted. She told Hart that pretty soon he would forget all about Cassie. Hart didn't seem to want to talk about it and left. Vanessa, on the other hand, was stunned at what Cassie had done. Dinah was obsessed with her new marriage and told Vanessa that all of her dreams were finally coming true -- "her and Hart would be better than before, with no interferences, she could get pregnant and this time it can really be his" -- Vanessa caught on quickly and confronted Dinah by asking her if after all that's happened, this baby wasn't even Hart's...

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