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Monday, December 27, 1999

At the hospital:
Carmen visits Matt and Vanessa at the hospital. She tells Matt she thought Vanessa might like some music. She says that she and Vanessa are similar, both being strong women who will do anything for their children, but now Vanessa is alone inside herself. Matt tells her that he is with her and he isn't going anywhere. Vanessa knows why Carmen is really there and believes she wants to kill her. Carmen explains that she understands what Matt is going through because she sat by her husband's side willing him to come back to her. Carmen tells Matt that she knows he blames her for Vanessa's disease coming back. She says she was trying to make it up but realizes it will be hard for him to forgive her. She starts to leave and Matt asks her to stay if she wants to. They sit with Vanessa a little while before Matt goes to get some coffee. Carmen sets up the music to play and tells Vanessa that she suspects she is the one who killed Ben. She says that she will be there for Matt, that way she can keep tabs on Vanessa. Carmen thinks that she might be feeling guilty and wants to wake up and confess. Carmen says that if she does, Carmen will be in trouble too and they can't have that. Carmen advises that Vanessa stay asleep because if she wakes up, Carmen will have to put her to sleep permanently.

At the Bauers':
Michelle tells Danny that being with him feels like a fantasy. He assures her it's real and that they got their Christmas miracle. Danny tells her he can't let her go when they come to take her back to jail. He says that he wants to run away but she says Frank will lose his job. She tries to convince him that eventually they will get caught and things would be worse. He reluctantly promises not to put up a fight when Frank comes to get her. Danny gives her a Christmas present and she is sorry she couldn't get him anything. She opens it to find a gold house on a chain. He gives her the plans for their house at Laurel Falls and she tells him she is afraid it will never happen. He assures her that when she is acquitted, they will have a wonderful life together. Michelle looks for something to give him and finds her spelling bee medal. Frank arrives and Michelle asks Danny to not let them take her away. Danny gives her the medal and puts it on the chain with the house. He tells her that the house will remind her of their life together and the medal will remind her how strong and determined she is. They both promise to not give up and Frank takes her away.

At the Cabin:
Ross tells Blake that he loves their baby because she is part of them. Blake tells him that she loves him. Ross asks about Joe and Blake admits that she made him up. Blake knows that she hurt him before and is afraid she'll do it again. She says that being with Holly would be good for him. Blake believes that Holly must be in love with Ross a little bit. She also believes that no matter how much she denies it, a part of Holly must hate her too. Holly overhears this and then comes inside to see the baby. She congratulates both of them and asks Ross to bring in a bag she left in the car. He leaves and Blake and Holly talk about what's happened. Holly tells her that she read her book again and understands why she lied. Blake asks her if she's in love with Ross and Holly assures her it never got that far. Ross comes back and Holly asks what they named the baby. Blake suggests that they name her Clarissa after Holly's character in her book. Holly goes to get a camera and Ross follows her. He tells her that he knows she's been treated unfairly and she should be angry with him. Holly admits she was for a little while but she always knew he was still in love with Blake. She jokes that she'll wait for another criminal to come along. Ross tells her that she is a wonderful woman and he's glad she didn't fall in love with the likes of him. He goes back inside and Blake tells him that she doesn't want Clarissa to be anything like her because she's made so many mistakes. He assures her that the children aren't mistakes. Blake asks him where they go from here. He says they go home and try to work on their relationship and kisses her.

At the Reardons':
Olivia arrives at Matt's with a present for Josh. She says it is a coffee cake. He invites her for breakfast but tells her that he can't cook. She says she can and offers to fix their breakfast. They eat and she asks about Christmas with Reva and the kids. He says it was weird to come back to Matt's and wake up alone. He drops something on his robe and Marah walks in just as Olivia is cleaning it off. They awkwardly try to explain what is going on and Josh invites Marah to stay for breakfast. Olivia goes to get her a plate and Marah asks Josh to stop treating her like a kid. She asks him if Olivia is his girlfriend. Josh says that they are just friends and Marah doesn't believe him. Olivia listens to them and Marah tells Josh that she isn't going skating with him today. He can tell that she is upset and asks her about it. She leaves upset. Olivia comes back in and says that she doesn't want to cause problems between him and Marah. She says that there is something going on between them but he says that there isn't and they don't have anything to feel guilty about. They sit back down to breakfast and he says that he will talk to Marah.

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Tuesday, December 28, 1999

At Tower's:
Marah is setting alone feeling sorry for herself when Jesse comes over to comfort her. He tells her to talk to him because he can be a really good listener. Jesse listens for a while and Marah is enjoying the attention until Drew shows up. She is kissing all over Jesse and Marah feels out of place. Drew asks her to join them but Marah says she has plans. She gets up to leave and runs in to an older guy that tells her how hot she is. He introduces himself as Chad and asks her how old she is. Marah lies and says 19. He asks her to go to a party with him and she agreed to go.
Cassie and Richard are having dinner and Cassie thanks Richard for taking her to Reva's on Christmas Eve. She is concerned, however that Richard hasn't mentioned Reva since their talk the other day. Richard tells her that there is nothing to say, things are over between he and Reva and that is all there is to it.
Richard thinks they should set a wedding day and Cassie agrees. February 14th. Cassie is happy and leaves for something, while Richard talks to his servant and tells him that he couldn't tell Cassie how he felt about Reva, that he just cant shake his feelings for her.
Harley and Phillip are having dinner and talking about Phillips experience in San Cristobel. He tells her something's but of course leaves out the most important Beth thing. They talk to Richard and go about their dinner.
In the garage, Marah asks Chad where his car is but he acts ignorant and lunges towards her with a kiss. He rips her dress and proceeds with assaulting her.

At Spaulding:
Beth gives Phillip some forms concerning Edmunds expenditures. Phillip and Harley and Beth go in to his office and confront him. Apparently Edmund had taken Phillip literally when he told him to lease a car and apartment. Edmund leased not only the Penthouse at Tower's but also a Jaguar to drive around in. Not only that but he also gave the go-ahead for the ground breaking in San Cristobel. Phillip was furious, but told him that they would discuss it more later but that he was still the boss. Phillip and Harley leave and Beth is left to talk to Edmund. She tells him that in America all his charm could be misconstrued as sexual harassment and that he should learn to act as the natives do. Edmund asks Beth for her help understanding how he is expected to behave. Beth told him that he is not a Prince there and that he needs to remember the pecking order. They order in and Beth talks to Edmund about Spaulding. He asks her how she met Phillip and she tells him a little about their past.

At the firehouse:
Buzz and Selena are dressed up ready to go out when Drew comes by. She wants them to join her and Jesse for a while but they aren't up to it. Selena has a cramp in her leg and she and Buzz need to stay at home. They talk a bit after Drew leaves and begin to make love.

At a Psychologists:
Reva is talking to a doctor about her situation with two men. She claims that she is worried about Cassie and that she is willing to settle for an unrequited love with Richard. The doc asked Reva how she knows Richard doesn't love Cassie, and Reva told her that he was still in love with her. Reva said that she felt guilty for sending her son away and leaving Richard a note. She thinks that was the one thing that set all of the other things off, including the Richard/Cassie thing. Because if he had Jon, he would not need Cassie to produce an heir. Reva decides the best thing to do is to find Jon and bring him back to his father so he will not need Cassie anymore.

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Tuesday, December 29, 1999

In the Tower's Garage:
Chad is assaulting Marah but he is interrupted by Olivia, who saves Marah and chases away the bad guy. She hits him with her purse and then threatens to call the police. The guy finds out that Marah is only 17 and leaves. Olivia offers to take Marah home but she is afraid. Olivia tells her that she can come home with her. So she shrugs off the meeting and takes Marah to the boarding house.

At Tower's:
Josh and Matt are meeting with the Senator and don't really know why Olivia is not there. The Senator comes in and they try to talk a bit about the project but the Senator wants to wait for Olivia. The Senator gets angry after awhile and tells them that if Olivia was really part of the situation she would be there. She got up and left. Matt is angry and insists that they call her. They call Olivia and Josh is disturbed when she tells him that she can't talk and hangs up.
Matt comes in and Carmen inquires about Vanessa. He talks to her a bit and then on to Josh's table for a meeting. They are meeting with Congresswoman Stone. Josh says that the meeting will make or break Lewis Construction. Matt wonders where Olivia is and Josh assures him that she will be there.
Edmund comes in and talks to Carmen about what all had went on in their lives since they last spoke. Edmund asked Carmen about the money that she was holding for him. Carmen asked him to dance. After the dance, Edmund wants to talk about his money. She tells him that he will get it in good time. But he wants it now. Matt comes up and tells Carmen that she left her wrap in Vanessa's room at the hospital. She tells him that she will get it on her next visit to see Vanessa. Edmund wants to know Carmen's connection with Matt, she tells him that Pilar went out with his step son and left it at that. Edmund tells her that he is working at Spaulding and that they can benefit each other in many ways in the future.
Lillian and Susan are chatting. They are both happy that Beth and Jim are getting married. The new couple comes in and shows Lillian and Susan the ring. Jim takes Lillian aside and asks her for her blessing. She agrees and they all get together to talk. Susan notices that Jim isn't wearing his watch, that her grandfather gave to him. He doesn't want to talk about it and he and Beth dance. He finally admits to Beth that he sold the watch in order to buy her a ring. She feels badly that he sold something that was so dear to him. He tells her that he wanted her to have the ring and that he didn't want to discuss it any longer. They dance some more.

At the Boarding House:
Olivia tends to Marah's wounds and asks her what had happened. She tells her about Jesse and Drew and how she felt bad and left and that is when she ran in to Chad. She didn't understand why the guy was so angry at her. Olivia assured her that she did nothing wrong, and the guy was the bad guy. Marah said she went with Chad because she was lonely, everyone has someone knew in their life and she has no one. She got up to leave and Olivia stopped her. Marah couldn't understand why, because she doesn't even like Olivia. Marah thinks that Olivia is only helping her to get in good with Josh but she assures her that isn't the case. They talk about how she and Josh are only friends and that she works with him. Marah doesn't understand why she and Josh were together on Christmas Day and he wasn't with her mom. Olivia tries to comfort Marah about her parents. She tells her that they are trying to work things out. She tells her that she is hurting herself acting out like she is doing. Olivia admitted that she was also scared when that guy was attacking Marah and Marah thanks her for helping her. Josh knocks at the door and Marah is upset. She doesn't want her parents to know what happened. Olivia lets her hide and she answers the door. She goes outside to talk to Josh, who asks her where she was. Olivia told her that she had something unexpected come up and Josh pushed to know what. He wanted to know why she would not let him in, but she refused to talk. Josh accuses Olivia of letting them down and told her how the Senator walked out on him. He told her that he went to bat for her with Billy and Matt and he wants to know what is going on with her. Olivia apologizes to Josh and tells him to go home. He gives her a guilt trip and leaves Olivia upset. She returns to her room and Marah tells her that she heard some of the fight and that she is sorry. Olivia tells her that the only thing that is important is that she is okay.

At Spaulding:
Beth tells Edmund that he will be an asset to Spaulding if he will just follow the rules. Edmund asks her if she had never broken the rules and before she can answer, Jim walks in. Edmund leaves them alone and Jim presents Beth with a ring and asks her all over to marry him. Beth was very emotional and accepted his ring and told him how much she loved him. They leave to go to Tower's.

At Millennium:
Harley and Phillip are eating and talking about Zack. His pager went off and instead off answering it, he handed it to a waitress and told her to get rid of it. Harley loves the attention and Phillip doesn't want to waste any time with his family. Rick and Abby come in and Harley tell them about the new Phillip. Abby sets down with Harley and Rick and Phillip go to the bar to get some drinks. Rick notices that something is wrong with Phillip and asks him to talk to him. Phillip tells him that his life is a lot less than perfect. They head outside to talk a little while Abby and Harley stay inside and talk about their lives. Abby is impressed by Harley and how she is in control of her own life. She is a little upset about Rick and her. She feels a little overwhelmed with all the choices she has to make while she had no choices when she lived in Goshen. Harley told her that she can do whatever she wants. Abby says she has lost all desire to have children and before that was a big part of her life. Harley told her that kids are hard work and that she needs to think about what she wants and discuss it with Rick. Abby doesn't know how to tell Rick because he wants a baby ASAP. Harley tells her that she needs to learn to communicate with her husband again. Harley tells Abby that honesty in a marriage is the most important thing.
Phillip tells Rick about the plane crash and what happened with he and Beth. Rick tells him that he understands with what they were going through at the time. Phillip tells him that the videotape could have caught it all on tape, but that it was never recovered from the crash scene. Phillip tells him that he loves Harley so much and that he wants to tell her. He feels guilty and thinks that Harley doesn't deserve to be in the dark. Rick tells him not to say anything to Harley, she may not understand but he does. He tells him that the situation was dire and he knows what they had to have been going through.

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Thursday, December 30, 1999

Well, Today is Springfield the entire show revolved around the party at Millennium. Drew had a magician in and everyone in town came to the festivities to bring in 2000 there. The usual things happened at the party but some strange things also occurred. The magician, who was truly magical, enabled some of the guest to live their fantasy's in their mind if only for a few minutes.

Josh and Reva:
Josh is surprised to see Reva. Reva greets Cassie and notices that Richard is not with her. She assumes that Richard is trying to break things off with Cassie and that is why he didn't come to the party. Josh is setting with Matt and Bill. He runs into Reva again. They are a little standoffish at first until Artee, the magician/emcee calls on them for a little magic. He gets the two up in front of the room and give them both a piece of string, makes them hold hands and when they part, the string is one long piece instead of the two short ones they had earlier. This prompts a little conversation between the two and they share the rest of the evening talking.

Carmen and Danny:
Carmen and Danny are setting at a table, Danny is looking very sad. Carmen suggests that he has been upset since he met Michelle but he doesn't want to hear about it. Artee zaps himself off the stage and onto Carmen's lap. He hands her a piece of paper. She drifts off into her fantasy. Danny tells his mom that he will stay until midnight and then he was leaving to try to get in to see Michelle. Carmen of course didn't like it, but what could she do.
Danny also has a fantasy. His is of meeting Michelle for the first time and falling in love with her instantly. He shuns his mother and is enticed by the purity of the life Michelle has had. He asks her if she believes in love at first sight and he tells her that he didn't until he met her.

Artie is all eyes when Cassie walks through the room. She sets down with Harley and Phillip and begin to talk. She tells Harley that she misses Richard but that he had to work that evening. Cassie was trying to ignore the conjurer until he comes up and hands her a scarf and she pulls on it and pulls on it getting many, many other scarves. By the end of the scarves she is lost in her own fantasy. She is being carried over the threshold by Richard, her husband, who wants to immediately take her to their bedroom. Cassie wanted that also but told him that would have to wait until her sister left. Reva and Josh came in and are introduced to Richard, who neither one of them had ever met before. Reva and Cassie were on good terms and her life was a fairy tale.

Phillip and Harley:
Phil and Harley were setting with Beth and Jim and Cassie and were as lovey as I think I have seen them in quite a while. Artee comes by and ask for Harleys resolutions to which she replied, "If my life is a dream, may I never wake up." Harley had a fantasy of being a super woman. She comes home from work, a hero, has the magic touch with her baby making him happy with just a touch and her dutiful husband is setting at home working on his new novel. He had already had 14 best sellers all about Harley.
Beth and Jim come in dressed like nerds and Beth begs Harley for advice on how she got so wonderful. They are hungry and Harley goes into the kitchen and in 5 minutes has a super gourmet meal ready for them. Phillip has written a love song for Harley and she is the perfect everything. She wakes up and asks Phillip if they can have a weekend place to go to getaway, he tells her she can have anything she wants. They kiss.
Artee counts down from 10 and the 20th century was over. Everyone celebrated. Harley and Phillip Kiss. Carmen gives Danny a hug. Rick and Abby kiss. And Richard show up to surprise Cassie. He tells her that he would never leave her alone to face their first New Year together, he kisses Cassie on the cheek.
After the party winds down, Drew and Jesse are hugging, he tells her that it was a great party. Buzz and Selena, are alone in the ballroom area. He helps her up and asks her for a dance. They dance, Buzz tells her that this is going to be their year and he kisses her. Drew thanks Artee and asks him for his bill, he hands her an envelope and leaves. She looks at the bill and it is only a note that says, "May all you dreams come true." Happy New Year Everyone.

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Friday, December 31, 1999

Guiding Light will be pre-empted so that CBS News can provide coverage of the millennium celebrations around the world. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, allow me to extend to you wishes for a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Thank you for your patronage over the past five years --- and we look forward to seeing you in 2000!

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