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Monday, March 6, 2000

At Casa Santos:
Danny is on the phone with Josh and they do that thing about Vanessa coming to and Danny wanting to be there as soon as she wakes up. Everything is set up and Danny makes sure Carmen hears that he is on his way to see her. Carmen sneaks out into the foyer and looks upset. When Danny comes out he asks her if she is worried. She tells him that it has been a tough couple of days. Danny tells her "Guilt can be a real killer." Carmen tells him that she is innocent and didn't want any of these things to happen. Danny tells her that she lies so much she is beginning to believe her own stories. He tells her that the truth will come out, sooner than she thinks. He leaves. Carmen stands there and says she should have killed Vanessa when she had the chance. "If Vanessa wakes up and talks I have to do something." She grabs her keys and leaves.

At the Lewises:
Olivia says she is glad to help Danny. Josh doesn't want her in any danger but she is adamant about helping out. Josh tells her that they should wait until Frank gets there. Olivia tells Josh that they have a good plan and everything will be fine. Josh doesn't think it is safe. He warns her about who Carmen Santos is. Frank is there. They go over the plan and make sure his recorder is working. Josh asks Frank what he thinks. Frank tells him that it is a crazy plan but it just may work.
Inside, Marah walks in. Olivia freaks out and tells her to get out of there immediately. Marah tells her that it is her house and she will stay. Marah thinks it's all about the tape she made. Olivia tells her that it has nothing to do with that and that she has to leave. Marah thinks Olivia wants to play the tape to Josh but Olivia says this is the last thing on her mind. Frank and Josh are outside getting ready. Josh is worried and Frank says he will be there so nothing will happen to Olivia. Frank goes to the potting shed. Josh goes back in and is surprised to see Marah. "What are you doing here?" Marah wants to know what is going on, she doesn't want to leave. Josh finally gives in and tells her that she doesn't have to leave but she has to stay upstairs. She asks why and Josh tells her that he and Olivia have some business to take care of. M is offended and leaves.
Danny comes to the door. Olivia leaves for the shed to play the comatose Vanessa. Josh tells her that he will send Danny out there. Olivia thinks that she will be able to survive 10 minutes without him and smiles. He goes outside and Danny tells him that he wants to talk to Vanessa. Carmen is hiding in the bushes listening. Josh tells him that she is in the potting shed.
Inside, Danny and Josh hope the plan works. Olivia and Frank are in place, as Olivia pulls the covers over her. Danny goes out and stays in the potting shed a bit and then leaves. Carmen sneaks over and into the shed. "Vanessa? It's me Carmen...are you there?" Danny walks up behind her and says, "It's over.... she told me everything." Carmen looks horrified.

At Cedar's:
Beth is crying and telling Harley how all this is her fault. Harley tries to comfort her and tells her that she can't blame herself. Beth tells her that she has done something so horrible and Phillip knows about it. Phillip walks in and asks what is up. Beth runs off and Phillip starts to follow her. Harley stops her and tells him that Beth needs to be comforted but not by him, she needs her husband. Phillip is worried and wants to talk to Beth to make sure she is ok. He raises his tone and Harley says he can't push himself to take care of everybody else. Harley tells him that everyone is on his side and he needs to let his feelings out and not keep them bottled up inside of him. Harley understands Beth and Phillip need to come together but he has to let her help him as well. Phillip tells Harley that he is so used to being in charge and he feels so helpless. He is used to having his every need taken care of. "...but in this I'm the spectator and can't do anything to save my own daughter." he smashes stuff all around the room and says he can't stand it. Harley places her hands on his back. "All those powers I'm supposed to have and I can't do anything." Harley tells him that he just needs to be himself to help Lizzie. She tells him that he does not have to be strong for her and he need not hold back his emotions from her. He tells her that he is scared. He breaks down in her arms and cries uncontrollably.
Phillip tells Harley that he loves her and she kisses him. He apologizes for how he has acted for the past few months but she tells him there is no need to apologize.
Jim and Rick are talking. Rick tells him that Lizzie can go home as soon as she is finished with the test. Beth walks by in tears and Jim goes to her. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him that he should get rid of her before she ruins his life.
Jim kisses Beth's shoulder and says she hasn't ruined anyone's life. "Yes I have you just don't know it..." Jim says what happened to Lizzie is not her fault. He tries to comfort her by saying sometimes there is no reason. He said that when Connie got sick he went through blaming herself and finally realized that it wasn't going to do any good for him of for Connie. He tells her there is no way she can hurt him. But she says she can and already has. Jim wants to know what she means by that and she tells him that she didn't tell him about the baby when she found out. She told him that she just couldn't tell him the truth. Jim interrupts and tells her how great he feels about the baby and how much he already loves him or her. He says he could not be more excited and he completely understands why she didn't tell him right away. Jim holds her and says he is not going to leave her and they will all get through this. "I love you.... and I love Lizzie...and our baby." he holds her and calls her his angel.
Susan and Max are in the corridor. He heard about Lizzie and wanted to check on her and Susan. Susan is still very upset. She is blaming herself. She tells him that Lizzie is doing well. She tells him that she went down to the lab just now and they were doing this test on Lizzie and the needle was huge. She said that Lizzie's eyes were so big and that she had to pretend everything was ok. ."..but there will be more tests and more needles and it'll get harder and harder on Lizzie...I don't know if I can hide how scared I am..." Susan tells him that she doesn't thinks he can understand. He says he does and they hug. Susan is still feeling really bad. She says this whole thing all started with them. Max tells her that Lizzie didn't get sick because you wrecked the car. Max says it was actually a good thing because they found out what she had and they are treating her now. Susan says this is what Harley said too. "All I'm saying is one thing has nothing to do with the other..." he says. He knows what she is going through. He sat in the same place with his mom. Susan was there with her mom. Susan tells him that there is so much death in hospitals. He reminds her that a lot of people are born in hospitals and recuperates in hospitals. He tells her that she needs to stop being gloomy and help Lizzie. He tells her, "You're her big sister and that's what she needs the most." Max brings her a soda and tells her to stop acting scared. Max tells Susan she should bring in some jokes and comedy movies and laugh with Lizzie. He tells her that Lizzie's parents will not be able to do that but Susan is her big sister and she has to be there for Lizzie. "Lizzie needs you to be yourself..." Max says, "You go on and be the best sister you can and if it gets too hard I won't be far away alright..." "You better not..." she adds and he smiles.
Lizzie and Rick come in laughing and Susan is there. Beth is crying when Lizzie says it didn't hurt that much. She asks her mom what is wrong and she tells her, "I just love you so much sweetie..." Beth kisses Lizzie's hand.
Phillip and Harley go out when they hear Lizzie. Rick and Susan have a wheelchair race between Lizzie and Max! Lizzie wins! Phillip comes out and picks up Lizzie. He asks, "Alright! Whose idea was this?" They all laugh and Rick tells them that Lizzie can go home anytime now. Lizzie is all smiles and says she gave the nurses a hard time when Phillip asks if she is all right. "It was fine daddy.... really..." she whispers in a low voice. Phillip hugs her and Harley and Rick talk. Harley asks about other doctors Rick would recommend. He tells her that he is working on getting them there. Harley tells him if he makes out a list, she will do the rest. He tells her he will get right on it.

In Texas:
Noah comes up and calls out to Richard, "Richard is that you?" Richard punches Noah in the face. All the guys are wondering what is up when Richard drags Noah out of the bar. Cassie is stuck with Gil. Gil wants to know why that guy called her husband Richard instead of Dwayne. Cassie comes up with a cover that Richard is Dwayne's first name and he hates that guy because she had an affair with him years ago and Dwayne is still very jealous.
Outside, Richard asks if Noah is all right. He is and asks how Richard has been.
Cassie comes out and she and Richard tell Noah the story. Cassie tells both guys about the cover story.
Richard tells Cassie that Noah is an oncologist. And that he met him while taking some classes. Noah tells them that he is helping out with a clinic down there.
They go back in and Noah and Cassie and Richard start playing their roles. Noah apologizes and offers to buy the crew a round of beers. He lays down his credit card and Gil notices it. Noah signs the receipt and the bartender lets Gil look at it. Gil wonders what a doctor is acting like an out of work old ball player. He gets on the phone with Edmund and tells him that the guy he was telling him about is a fake.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

At Drew's:
Jesse is packing his stuff. He is looking at his drawings of Drew. Drew walks in and he gets up to finish packing and tells her that he thought she'd be out for the day. She says he doesn't have to pack right now. He has to go, he says and she asks if he really "has" to. She'd like him to stay if he could and he says he will for a while. Drew says, "I've been walking passed the places we've been together all day...trying to figure out what happened to me...I thought after Michelle was convicted I'd somehow feel satisfied and it would help me to put all this behind me, hasn't. The other day in court you said I was happy and I just want to say you were wrong. I feel madder and sadder. The only friend I have ever had could get the death penalty, my father is still gone and I'm losing you." Jesse responds that they have been losing each other for a long time now.
They were talking about how they were ready to get married. She asks him to come back home. He says that he has been dying for her to say that but he can't. He can't go through this again. Drew tells him that she was still having nightmares about her dad and reaching out for him but he isn't there. She says she doesn't want to wake up in the morning cause she knows he won't be there and it feels wrong. He tells her that all his inspiration was gone. He can't draw anymore. He misses her as much as she misses him. "Everything that allows me to create just died without you." Drew tells him to move back in and they would start over. Jesse says they can't do that and pretend nothing happened. "Look maybe you've changed but one thing hasn't. I still think Michelle is innocent. Can we ever get passed that?" Drew and Jesse talk honestly about Michelle being part of their life for a long time. Drew says that she knows all the things she did to get between him and Michelle. She understands that he might still love her because she was his first true love. He doesn't deny. They kiss and hug and she asks him not to leave.
Drew and Jesse make love. They both think it feels right to be with the other. "Holding you like this just makes me want to pick up where we left off before things got bad." she says. They want to forget all their problems so things can be like old times. Jesse isn't sure they can. "Because it's not just us Drew and they don't just disappear." Drew says, "You mean...she doesn't disappear. Michelle doesn't disappear..." Jesse tells Drew that without Michelle he would have never been able to fall in love. He would have never been able to fall for the right person. He tells her that he has to prove to everyone that Michelle is innocent. "The question is are you going to be able to live with that?" "I wish I could...but I can't." she says and they look at each other. Jesse gets up and takes his box and leaves. Drew stays there in bed in tears and Jesse closes the door. "I'm scared..." she sobs and hugs her pillow.

At the Lewises:
Josh is worried about Olivia and Danny. Marah comes downstairs and he tells her to go back upstairs. She is hungry but he orders her to go back upstairs. She is being pushy and he tells her that he can't explain things right now and yells at her to go upstairs! She does and the phone rings. It is a business call, Josh tells them it is a bad time to call and apparently the person wont take no for an answer. Josh goes into the other room to get some figures and Marah sneaks back down into the living room. She is worried that Olivia is going to play that tape for her dad.
Outside, Carmen walks into the room, Frank hidden behind a door, "Vanessa? It's me Carmen...Are you there?" Danny sneaks in behind her and says, "Hello's over...she told me everything." Carmen asks what he is doing here and Danny says Vanessa confirmed everything Pilar said on the stand. He closes the door and Carmen tells him that Vanessa is lying. "Really? Everyone's lying but you?" he says and Carmen denies all of it. "Look, you have done a lot of horrible things but you are still my mother and I don't want to see you go to prison. I will help you but you have to be honest with me, do you love us as much as you do. Why did you shoot Ben?" Danny tells her that the cops are on their way to talk to Vanessa and it will be her word against Vanessa's and they will believe Vanessa. "You have one choice, I can help you out with the cops, hold them off so you can get out of here or throw you at them...I'm the only person who can help you now. Tell me everything and we can work through this, and be a family again. I will work on forgiving you. Please..." "Alright, I'll tell you what you want to hear." she says as Danny is in tears.
Danny asks for the truth and Carmen asks again if he will forgive her. He says he will try. She just wants him to stop hating her. He hates what she has done but he will always love her, she is his mother. They hug and Carmen says she knew he wouldn't turn his back on her. "Why did you shoot Ben and set up my wife?" she said to explain it she has to go back to the beginning. She talked about Pilar and her being in the house and how she saw she was very upset but she had no idea what Pilar's plan was. Carmen started to talk openly and Marah burst in. She demanded to know where her dad and Olivia were. Danny tried to get rid of Marah but while that was going on, Carmen walked over to the bed and pulled the covers off of Olivia. Carmen looks at Olivia and says, "Well, the girl is right. Vanessa, my how you've changed."
Danny is yelling at Marah and Carmen finds Frank and everyone calms down. Josh arrives and asks what Marah is doing here and Carmen rambles on about her son wanting to frame her. "Bad timing Marah Bad timing!" Josh tells her. Olivia apologizes to Danny and he says it's not her fault. Frank and Danny close the door and keep Carmen in. Frank says he has the conversation on tape. "Why were you so desperate to see Vanessa?" Danny asks her. "Everyone knows you're lying. Carmen wants to leave but Danny gets in her way. "Oh no. I'm not finished with you yet!" Danny tells Carmen to sit down. She says she is disappointed in him. Danny tells Frank he can leave. Danny tells her not to fear him, "I won't touch are important to my plan. You will be Michelle's get out of jail card and then we will have our future together! A future without you!"
Carmen tells Danny that Michelle is the one who ruined his life. "I'm your mother Danny and you will never stop loving me!" Danny tells her when he heard Pilar on the stand he realized Carmen would sacrifice her daughter's health and her son's love for her freedom and he lost all love he had for her that day. "When I look at you I don't see my mother, I see my enemy. And thank you in advance for what you'll do for Michelle." He leaves. "What are you planning Danny..." she mutters. Outside, Danny calls Bernardo on the phone telling him that they need to have a talk about his mother.
Inside, Marah feels bad and ask why they didn't tell her what was going on. Olivia is mad and Josh is trying to keep peace. Olivia asks Marah, "What was so important that you had to come down there?" Marah tells her that she thought she was going to tell Josh. Josh wanted to know what they were talking about and Marah told him that she talked to Olivia the other night and she had admitted that she conned him into sleeping with her and she planned on making him marry her. Olivia tells Josh that Marah was tape recording her so she said a lot of things to teach her a lesson Marah goes on and on. Olivia tells her that she wasn't going to say a word about the other night, but since Marah brought it up she was going to tell Josh exactly how "Devious" his daughter is.
Olivia tells him about how Marah was recording and she knew it. Marah says it wasn't like that and Olivia says no it was much worse. Josh wants to listen to both of them but Olivia says this is the thanks she gets for always being nice to Marah. Marah yells at her dad for being on Olivia's side, but he tells her he is on no ones side. Marah yells that she is on her mom's side and always will be and storms out. Olivia apologizes to Josh for getting so angry because she knows it is tough for Marah but they can work with her. Right now, she thinks Josh is letting Marah get in the middle of their relationship. "Your kids pull the strings and you feel guilty. You still feel like you're cheating on Reva."
Olivia tells Josh that a part of him agrees with Marah and she knows it. "What do you want me to do?" he asks. All she wants is to know that when he is with her he is with her. "Prove to me I'm not an antidote to help you get over her or a substitute for Reva." He says she is not. She doesn't want him to say anything just to look at her and she says the things Marah wanted her to say on the tape about a life with him, she DOES want them but later. "I do want a future with you, someday. I am not trying to pressure you but I have to say this. Sometimes I'm trying to tell myself that you will love me someday but I know that this won't happen. You will not fall in love with me because you won't let yourself." He says he cares a lot about her and does want this to be love in the near future and she cups his face and says she knows he means it. She knows he wants it to be true..."But I'm not sure it's every going to happen."
Marah is outside, angry. She gets her phone out and calls her mom. Marah tells her that everything is going wrong. Reva asks what happened. Marah twists everything Olivia says and re-tells her story once again her version and Reva can't believe it. "I secretly taped her and she got really mad." Reva says she shouldn't have done that to Olivia. Marah says Josh threw her out of the house to be inside with Olivia and Reva got a bit upset by that.
Josh tells Olivia that he loves being with her and the time they spend together. This relationship is very important to him. She says she is sorry; this has been a crazy night. The best situation to bring out her worst insecurities she laughs. She says she should go and he asks her to stay for a bit. The phone rings and it's Reva! She tells him that she heard about the dramatics at the house and that Marah put her own spin on the whole thing and she'd like to hear his. They talk about what happened. "Ok when everything fell apart we came back to the house and Marah and Olivia said some things perhaps they shouldn't have" Josh says it won't happen again...Olivia is in tears when Josh tells Reva he agrees Olivia should not have said things like that to Marah and she leaves. Marah says, "I hope you didn't come out here to talk to me!" she tells Olivia and Olivia laughs and says "Don't worry about it kid." and leaves.

At the Jail:
Ross comes to visit Michelle and starts telling her about the appeal. She cuts him off and tells him that she is trying to accept things with the sentencing and now she has to see if the jury is going to sentence her to death. She thanks Ross for everything and he tells her that he knows she is innocent and he will help her get back where she belongs with Danny. Speaking of that, Michelle wants Ross to do her a favor. "I need you to help me file for divorce," she says. Ross asks her why and she says, "Because Ross...I could be here for a Very long time." Ross says this is non-sense but Michelle doesn't want false hopes, the jurors convicted her once they will not go easy on her this time. "Isn't it better to accept it than to sit here and hope and have my heart ripped out of my chest every single day?" she tells him that they can't be together because Danny has to move on. Ross tells her that Danny will never agree to it. Michelle tells him to file the papers or she will ask someone else to do it. Michelle tells Ross that if she keeps Danny tied to this marriage she will be giving him a life sentence too. "He has to let go..." she says but agrees that if it was him she wouldn't. "It's not fair Ross!" she cries out. Ross tells her not to make a decision like this before thinking about it for several days. "I want you to think what it feels like when you see this young man, all the beautiful things you've lived and those you'll be losing..." Michelle is in tears. Ross gets up and leaves. Michelle is still sitting there and gets up and walks back. Stops and thinks. She reaches and rubs her neck." Oh God I don't know how to let go of him but I have to." she brushes her tears away and a guard comes and takes her back in.

At Millennium:
Danny sits down with Bernardo. They talk about Danny's dad and when he died and all of the ups and downs between the families. "Remember I was almost your father in law Danny. You almost married my Theresa." They joke and Bernardo talks about the attention Carmen is attracting with the Ben Warren murder thing. Danny asks, "You want to do something about it?" "Like what?" "Like what you always do when you have troubles, you make it go away. Do you want to make it go away? Danny gives him a list of all the things the Santos owns and offers to give it to him, all of it, if he gets his wife out of prison. "How am I supposed to do that?" "I don't care, just do it and you get everything that Carmen owns if you give me back my wife."

Tuesday, March 8, 2000

In Texas:
Richard and Cassie wake up and are staring at each other. Noah makes some noise and they remember that he had spent the night on the floor by their bed. Noah is anxious to find out how they will get Gil to open up and talk about his boss. Cassie tells them to hash things out and she will hit the shower. After she leaves, Noah is concerned that Richard and Cassie wanted to be alone and he intruded by sleeping over. Richard tells him that it isn't like that at all.
Gil talks to the other waitress. He tells her that something is up with "Dwayne and Stella." He tells her that they are spies. The waitress laughs. He tells her how he saw Noah's ID and he was a doctor. She laughs again. Gil takes her arm and twists it hard. He asks her what she knows and she tells him nothing. Cassie walks in and he takes his hand off her momentarily. Cassie leaves and Gil takes her arm again. She tells him that Stella only had asked her about the crew. She says that Stella wanted to know who the boss was.
Richard and Noah are still in the room and Richard finishes the story about the arrangement he and Cassie have. He says that Cassie does not love him but he loves her. Noah says he should spare himself the pain and call off the wedding.
Gil calls Edmund and tells him that Dwayne is a phony and his real name is Richard. He also told him that Richard had a friend that was a doctor Noah something. Edmund is startled and tells him to pay all the workers off and to get the heck out of dodge. He wants the whole thing called off and he wants Gil to leave Richard alone. Gil still wants him dead and tells him that he can arrange the accident right there in Texas. Edmund tells Gil that if he hurt Richard he will hurt him. Gil hung up and kind of shook off the warning. Cassie came over and he made a point of telling her about needing to make a pick up at the docks from the boss. Cassie jumped on it and told him that she would go. Gil gave her the address and she left. The waitress tried to get Cassie to stay but she was out of there.
Richard and Noah come down and the waitress tells Richard that Cassie went to the docks and she thinks it was a set up. The guys tried to leave but were stopped by a group of big guys who were trying to start a fight.

At Millennium:
Danny comes in and asks Bernard what he had decided. Bernard tells him that there is a lot of risk involved in what Danny was asking. Danny reminds him that with those risks come lots of rewards. Bernard wants Danny to bring his associate up to speed. Danny tells him that he doesn't have time but Bernard tells him that his associate is there now and Teresa walks up. Teresa tells Danny that they will help him. She turns to her dad and tells him to take it. Bernard is hesitant at first; he says he has to take care of those you love. Danny says Carmen violated his trust. He tells Bernard that if he gets Michelle out, he will not only give him all their business holdings but he will also be in his debt for the rest of his life. Teresa leaves and Bernard tells Danny that he will do what he asked on one condition. He tells him that after he gets Michelle out and her life back to normal, Danny has to marry Theresa.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth opens the door to Edmund. He has brought Lizzie a stuffed horse to take to the hospital with her and tells Beth that he just wanted to check on both of them. He asks about the chemotherapy. Beth told him that the first treatment was scheduled for that afternoon. Edmund tells her that he understands this is overwhelming and that is why he came. He says he can help. He knows a doctor, an oncologist, the best in his field. He was a college buddy of Richard's named Noah. He asks if Beth wants him to call him. She said that she was definitely interested but she would like to talk to Phillip first. He understands but goes on to tell her about Noah's work and his successes. Beth leaves to call the hospital but asks Edmund to stay. Phillip walks in and tells Edmund that he needs to leave before he kills him.
Edmund and Phillip are still at a standoff when Beth and Lizzie walk in. Edmund gives Lizzie the white horse he brought for her. Lizzie thanks him. Phillip excuses himself. Edmund tells her that he gave her that not because she is sick but because she is so very brave. Lizzie thanks Edmund and then runs upstairs. Beth asked Edmund what was he was thinking. He tells her, "When I was seven years old, I got very sick. My brother never left my bedside. He gave me a white horse and told me the same thing. Beth left and got them some tea. Phillip came back in and told Edmund to leave. Edmund gets up repeats his offer about Noah and Phillip declines. Edmund leaves.
Susan meets up with Lizzie and asks her when she is leaving for chemotherapy. Lizzie said soon and Susan tells her that she will be at the house to celebrate when she gets back. Lizzie says it's not something to celebrate but Susan assures her that it is. She tells Lizzie that when she gets back they will do each other's nails and have a little party because she loves her and there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her little sister. Lizzie seemed happy and hugged Susan.
Phillip and Beth sat down with Lizzie and told her that the chemotherapy would be fine but she may be affected by the drugs. They tell her she may be overly sleepy or a little sick but she has to have the medicine.

At the Carriage House:
Blake is on the phone accepting an invitation to be on some morning talk show about her novel. Ross walks in and tells her that she is a celebrity. She gets off the phone and Ross talks to her about her success. Blake says she has never been so happy. Ross mentions Michelle and Blake tells him that Michelle's sacrifice of divorcing Michelle reminds her of how she tried to sacrifice her own happiness for something she thought Ross wanted. Harley comes over and talks to Blake. She tells her and Ross about how Lizzie was coping. Ross apologizes to Harley for not visiting more but he has been so busy with Michelle's trial. Ross says Danny is so wound up there is no telling what he will do.
Blake and Harley talk about how happy Blake and Ross are. Blake tells Harley that they have an unbreakable bond. Ross was her first love and the father to her children.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip tells Harley that something came up and the chemo was put off until the next day. Phillip comments on how great Lizzie is taking all of this and how he knows it has to be hard on her. Phillip shows Harley the stack of literature he found on Leukemia and how resourceful it is. They looked over it and Phillip tells her that he wanted to be able to answer his daughter's questions when she asked them. Susan walks in and tells them that she has an idea. She wants to give Lizzie a little party to get her mind off things and to make her see that they aren't all gloomy because of the illness. Harley and Phillip start the preparations. Buzz and Selena come in with gifts and a karaoke machine. Lizzie comes down and they have a great time. She and Susan act like the spice girls. Selena and Buzz sing and Phillip sings. He sings, "you are my sunshine" to Lizzie. He gets a little choked up when he sings the part about "Please don't take my sunshine away." He holds on to Lizzie and has tears in his eyes. Lizzie seemed to have a great time and Phillip thanks Harley for putting the smile back on his daughters face. He tells her how amazing she is and holds her. Frank comes in with more gifts. He tells Harley that he still hasn't heard anything about his job so for now he is still suspended. Harley has faith in her brother and knows he will be fine and back to work soon.

In Texas:
Noah and Richard have a little tiff with the construction guy and try to explain to them that Gil told them a bunch of lies so he could be with "Dwayne's" wife. They seemed to be buying it but then they didn't. Richard and Noah pushed there way through and locked the doors to the bar. They ran out to find Cassie.
Meanwhile, Cassie is at the docks looking for the "Boss." Gil appears and tells her that the boss isn't coming. It is just the two of them. He starts touching her and playing in her hair. He tells her that he knows she is a fake and her husband is too. Cassie tells him that the truth is she and Richard are reporters and they were looking into the sabotage story from San Cristobel. She asked him to give up his boss and he wouldn't be in any trouble. He told her that he didn't see why he couldn't tell her everything now, since she wouldn't live to tell anyone. He pulled out a knife and held it up to Cassie. Richard and Noah come in. Richard tells him to let Cassie go. Gil refuses. Cassie kicks him and Richard jumps on Gil. Cassie screams and Richard and Noah rushes to her when she falls on the ground. Richard and Gil get into a fight with the knife and they both fall. Richard has blood all over him, but it's Gil's. Gil is bleeding and Cassie rushes to Richard asking if he's ok and wraps her arms around him. "You have no idea what went through my mind," he says and they hug and Cassie says just hold me. He does and says he will never let anything happen to her. Cassie says she hasn't been that happy to see anyone in her entire life and they hold on to each other. Noah says Gil is in bad shape, he can't talk because the knife hit a lung, and Richard and Cassie look at each other, very worried.

At the Jail:
Michelle daydreams that Danny came in swept her up and told her that she had been cleared, Carmen had confessed and they were out of there. They kissed and Michelle woke up. She sat at her little window and received a visitor. It was Ray. She told him that she had a heavy heart and needed to talk. She doubts her faith a little and doesn't know if she can go on. She says she believes in God and in the overall plan for everything but when she is alone in her cell without the man she loves she has a lot of trouble to see his plan. Ray says sometimes they just have to have faith. She is trying but it's hard she says. She asks why this kind of stuff happens. Ray says he wished he could tell her why but he doesn't know. "I always thought God would be the only one who'd be judging me and here I am judged my 12 strangers for a crime I didn't commit." Michelle talks about Pilar and how everybody thinks she is nuts. Ray says he knows she doesn't belong there and Michelle realizes that he believes Pilar as well. She is concerned that he knew the truth all along and never said a thing. Ray says he is a priest and has taken an oath not to reveal what he hears in confession. He tells her that he prays for her everyday. "It doesn't make a difference because everybody thinks she is crazy. Ray says if there is anything he can do he will. Michelle says there is, he has to be there for Danny because he is alone right now. "He gave up everything he knew to be with me because he had faith and nothing worked out and now he has nothing. She tells him that she has filed for a divorce and that he needs to be there for Danny to help him accept it and move on. "I want you to promise me that you will be there and won't let him do anything desperate." He agrees. Ray watches Michelle and asks her what she is thinking about. She admits that she wished she had given him a child. "He loves children. I remember a time when things got mixed up and he thought I was pregnant and he was so happy. Michelle feels that she only brought pain to Danny's life but Ray told her that she brought a blessing to his life. She asks him to promise her he will not let Danny get back into the family business after this. "He will be very angry and will need someone to help him." Michelle cried when he says he would help Danny. Ray leaves and Michelle thanks him. She cries and says, "I'm so sorry Danny...I'm so sorry for what I have to do." she gets up to leave but Danny is there and she smiles and says hi. "I didn't expect to see you so soon." Danny smiles and says, "Are you kidding?" He says he missed her and he touches the glass and Michelle looks at him without saying a thing, a tear slowly rolling down her face. She has a sad little smile on her face and she touches his hand but doesn't say anything and he tells her that he missed her and smiles at her.

At Millennium:
Bernard tells Danny that he will get Michelle out of jail if he marries Theresa. Danny says, "You got to be kidding me right?" D says he was with Theresa when they were kids and its over. Danny asks Bernard if he had talked to Theresa about this. Bernard said that this really had nothing to do with love but about honor. He said that Danny dishonored his daughter when he left her and this is his chance to make it up to her, and to him. "Bernardo I can't live without my wife. I'm not fighting for her just to leave her afterwards this is crazy!" Bernardo says this is the deal. Danny says he is exactly like his mother and he can't understand why he came to him in the first place. Bernardo says because you know I can get her out..."you know I can fix it and make it go away. All you have to do is what you promised years ago and marry my daughter. Think about it Danny, I am your wife's last chance."
Danny gets up to leave and tells him that giving up his wife is like killing himself. Bernardo asks him to sit back down. "This isn't about your wife. I have nothing against her and personally I think she is innocent but she took you away from your family and destiny. Nothing good has come since you have married this girl." He says he would have had everything if he had married Theresa like he was supposed to. "I don't love her!" Danny says and Bernard says that it doesn't matter; Theresa loves you so it's a start. Danny says Theresa is a good woman and deserves to have someone who loves her. Theresa comes back and Danny wants to talk to her. He takes her aside. "Your father made the most insane suggestion, he wants me to marry you to get Michelle out of prison. Talk to him and tell him how crazy it is." Theresa tells him, "I don't think it's crazy. I'd love to be your wife."
Danny realizes that Theresa knew about this before Bernard told him. She said it was her father's idea but it was a good one. Bernard says he had to go make some calls and leaves them. Danny said, "Look you know I'm committed to Michelle for the rest of my life. I won't leave her for anyone." Theresa tells him that she has changed and it will be for the best. If he doesn't marry her, Michelle will never be free to see him and if worse comes to worst, she may even be sentenced to die. Danny was angry by this time and told Theresa it wasn't happening. Danny tells her again, "I will not marry you." Theresa replies, "You married her to save her life, you will divorce her to save her again." He says, "Never" and leaves.
Theresa breaks a glass she is so upset and Bernard comes back over to her.
Theresa tells him that Danny refused to marry her. Bernard tells her, "Of course he will marry you. It will just take a little me."

Friday, March 10, 2000

At Millennium:
Edmund walks over to Carmen and offers to buy her a drink. He compliments her and then offers to help her "take her mind off things" again that evening. He tells her that he is in an incredible mood. It seems as her reputation is bombing out, his is rising to the occasion. He tells her about his good luck and about how Gil found out about Richard just in time for him to stop the "accident." Carmen asked him if he was sure no one could ever trace anything back to them and he told her that all was under control.
Carmen goes over and greets Theresa and Bernardo. She tells them everything is fine now and her family will be back together soon. They tell her that is great and she tells Theresa not to give up on Danny that he will be free soon. She leaves and Bernardo made a comment about her not knowing what was going on. Theresa is still upset that Danny refused to marry her but Bernardo thinks he will come around. Theresa doesn't think so, so Bernardo picks up the phone to "make the call" to dispose of Danny since he disgraced his family. Theresa begs him not to and tells him that she still loves him. She says he loves his wife so much he won't marry her. "Michelle can rot in Jail for all I care."
Danny walks in and he tells Bernardo he has a new deals for them, all the operations to Bernardo for Michelle but Bernardo says no it's Theresa's hand in marriage or nothing. "No that's my final offer. If you say no, I go to your competitors." Bernardo says fine, but they can't deliver. "Marry my daughter or you will watch Michelle die on death row. Take it or leave it." Bernard leaves and Theresa gets up. "You shouldn't have threatened my father." "I'm not marrying you Theresa, I'm not." "Well then everybody loses." She says and she leaves. Danny bites his lip and takes a deep breath.

In Texas:
Gil is lying on the dock bleeding and Richard is pressing on his wound to get the blood to stop. Noah went to call an ambulance. "Hang in there Gil...listen to me...I want you to tell me who put you up to this..." Richard asks. Cassie asked Richard why he is questioning him now and he told her if Gil dies he takes the secrets with him. All Gil could manage to get out was, "He didn't want to hurt you." Richard asked him if he meant Edmund but that was all Gil said. Noah comes back and Gil is unconscious. Noah said he couldn't get through to the hospital and Richard tells him they would just have to carry him to get help. They start to pick Gil up when the cops arrive. He makes them all get on the ground and fold their hands behind their head.
The policeman gets Gil some help and comes back and tells the three that he will be fine and they had better be glad. Now at least they wont have a murder rap to deal with. He said, "What went on here tonight?" Cassie told the cop that Gil was attacking her and Richard saved her. Richard told him that he was the Prince of San Cristobel and the man laughed at him. Noah told him it was true but the cop told him to save it. Richard said he had proof in their room and asked the cop to go there. He amusingly said all right and they went back to Red's.
In the room, Richard got his suitcase and was digging through it. Cassie told Richard that he purposely left everything that would prove who he was at the Palace. Richard knows he must have something. Cassie told him that she called Harley and left a message for "HELP!" Richard finds the ring with the royal crest on it and produces it for the cop. He told Richard he got a ring just like that out of his cereal the other day. Noah told him that Richard is indeed the prince and that he is a doctor. The cop is very amused now and turned to Cassie. He asked what she was and she told him that she was the princess. They told him to call the palace. He did and said that the people told him that the Prince and Princess were on a cruise. The cop is just about to take the trio in to jail when another cop comes up and tells the first cop something. They open the door and Edmund walks in.

At the Jail: Michelle is still visiting with Danny. She tells him that she loves him but needs him to do something for her. She tells him that she needs him to go on with his life and to sign the divorce papers she is having drawn up. He gets upset and beats the phone on the table. He tells her that he will never leave her and he will never sign any papers. He will tear them up instead. Michelle told him that after she is sentenced she would be moved to the state prison 5 hours away. Danny told her that he would go there every week just to see her for the one hour she was allowed. She told him that she would refuse to see him and he told her that if she did that he would sit up there every week alone for the hour just to be near her. He tells her that they are still working on getting her out of there. Michelle told him that she has to accept that this is her life now. Danny said he will never accept it and that she will get out of there. The guard comes up to take Michelle back and they both call out to each other. The guard gets her past the door and Michelle faints.
Later, Rick comes in as they are calling for a doctor. He sees Michelle and goes to help. Michelle asks where Danny is and then tells Rick to tell him she can't see him anymore." Rick asks her, "Why what did he do to you..." "Nothing. Its because I love him and I have to leave him and divorce him please tell him.... tell him I'm leaving him please Rick you have to tell him.... tell him please..." Michelle cries out and he takes her in his arms.

At the Hospital:
Phillip is piling Lizzie's room full of toys and stuffed animals. Harley is with him. Rick comes over and Phil wonders why he is not with Michelle. He told him that he is going to see her but wanted to make sure everything was ready for Lizzie in the morning. Rick tells them that Lizzie is very strong and has a great team of doctors. He mentions the list of oncologists he gave Harley and Phillip freaked out. He hadn't heard anything about that and wanted to know what else was wrong with Lizzie that he didn't know of. Rick tried to tell him that everything was fine, but he didn't believe it. He yelled at Harley and Rick tells Phillip to calm down. He told him that they were just trying to get the best doctors. Phillip says he doesn't want conversation about his daughter's care behind his back and Harley tells him ok, she leaves to get some air. Phillip tries to stop her but she is already gone. "What the hell is wrong with me?" he asks and Rick stays silent. "Of course the people who are trying to help me the most I'm the hardest on..." Rick says it's not all about Lizzie's illness. Phillip says that is enough of a problem. Rick says the situation puts him (Phillip) in a difficult place, he is close to Beth again and she is clinging to him a little more but it's understandable because he is clinging to her too. Rick tells Phillip that he can't balance all of this; the pressure will get to him. "Harley just asked for a list of doctors to help your daughter and you snapped at her!" Rick leaves.
Harley comes back and Phillip apologizes. She tells him it is her fault. That she just married the wrong guy. She married the funny, gorgeous guy that worries and cares about his loved ones, not the other crappy one. She tells him that she wouldn't trade him for anybody. They kiss and hug.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth comes in to see Lizzie. She is reading a book. Lizzie lies down on her mom and they talk about the baby. Lizzie thinks that the baby is sleeping. Beth asks how she knows and Lizzie tells her it is because she has a bond with her sister or brother all ready. Beth smiles. Lizzie told her that she wanted her to hold her but not to let her go to sleep just yet. Beth told her that she needed her rest and Lizzie tells her that she will get it; she just doesn't want tomorrow to come so soon.
Beth hugs her and Lizzie has tears in her eyes. She said "everything's going to be ok, right mommy?" Beth promised her that was right and Lizzie said that she knew it would be because her mom had never broken a promise to her.
Beth brushes Lizzie's hair and asked her if she would like to go shopping to get some new clothes and a few hats. Lizzie said that she didn't really like hats. Beth told her that the chemo may lead to her losing a little hair and it will be okay. She says it will grow back and in the meantime she can get all kinds of pretty little hats to wear. Lizzie told her okay and then she told her it was no big deal, it was just hair. Beth cries as she brushed the rest of Lizzie's hair. Beth tells her that her hair is beautiful but it is really what is inside that makes a person beautiful. Lizzie said she knows that, except for Butterflies. They are beautiful outside too. Beth smiled and told her that she was very smart. She told her it was time for bed and Lizzie said her prayers. "Dear God bless mom and dad and Jim and Susan and Harley and Nettie and Cook and Grandpa and Zack and the baby and everyone and please don't make mommy cry. Watch over me while I'm asleep. Amen." Lizzie says and Beth is in tears and she gets up and tucks Lizzie in the bed. She says, "Goodnight my sweet little butterfly." "Goodnight mommy." Beth turns off the light and leaves. Lizzie gets up and kneels down again. "Dear God mommy said you'd be watching over me tomorrow, I hope so, I'm really scared," she cries. "And I really will be the best sister in the entire world. Oh and what I said to mommy about my hair, I was just saying that so she wouldn't be sad but if it's not too much trouble, could I keep my hair? I really like it. Amen." She is in tears and goes back in her bed.

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