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Monday, October 30, 2000

On the Docks:
The immigrants along with Noah and Reva were coming off of the ship and onto a truck. Catalina falls and Reva and Noah have to help her up while a guard is rushing them along. Noah says a few things to the guard in Spanish. The guards throw bread and water onto the truck with the people and shit them in. Noah is asking the man to back off and talks to him on behalf of Catalina and Reva. He tells Reva that he told them that Reva was his wife, and Catalina his niece and he wants to protect their honor. He tells them he is a doctor and will take care of Catalina. Reva is worried about the other workers. Noah says that she has to see the big picture to help more of them. They can't take any chances because life is cheap to these men. One of the workers on the truck starts singing and another is upset and confronts him. They argue and a fight breaks out. The man in charge gets involved and bangs his club against the back of the truck. Noah tries to bring peace to the workers while Catalina talks to Reva about how great Noah is. She tells Reva that it is obvious he loves her very much. Reva tells her that she thought he was the least complicated man she would ever meet but that has all changed now and she doesn't really know how she feels for him. Noah tells the aliens that they can't ruin things now that they are close to a better life. He sits back down and Reva tells Noah he did a good thing. Noah said he was worried that something dangerous would happen. She tells him he saved all of their lives. Noah says they are not out of danger yet and that they are sitting on a powder keg.

At Cedar's:
Michelle tells Rick that she is having severe back pains and left New York when her doctor was unavailable to see her. She came back to be with her family who she knew would always have time for her. Claire comes in and asks Michelle to lie back so she can examine her. Rick tries to reassure Michelle and tells her she is not cramping and that they will do tests to see what is the cause of the pain. Claire orders some tests while Rick holds Michelle and tells her to take deep breaths. Claire tells Michelle that she has a lot of bad points about her but she is a darn good doctor and promises to help her have her baby if she can. Michelle tells Claire that "her baby" is also Claire's grandchild. Claire excuses herself to go check on the tests. Once outside she breaks down in tears.

Michelle is sitting in bed, telling Rick she took the baby places in NY. All the museums and the sites and that she liked being a "we." Rick says next time, he will take them both and push the stroller. Michelle is worried that there will be no baby, but Rick tells her the baby will be alright. She asked Rick if he was okay and he told her that he met someone. He told her that they danced together at the royal party and that his significant other also liked football. Michelle wants to hear more and asks who it is. Rick tells her Frank Cooper. He is amusing Michelle, but she wants to know how he really is. He says he is okay and spends a lot of time with Aunt Meta. He teases Michelle that Aunt Meta is sick of him and is making excuses to avoid him. He watches Letterman late at night to deal with the insomnia. She tells him about Jesse and Drew shopping with her for the baby in NY. She tells Rick how much she missed him while she was gone. Michelle has another pain and is very scared. Claire walks in and says she is going to do an internal exam. She tells Michelle to relax. Later, Claire tells Rick that the ultrasound and internal exam are normal. They wonder if it may just be a backache irritated by Michelle panicking because of the last miscarriage. They both agree to keep her overnight for observation. Rick tells Claire he is glad she is there, and so is Michelle. They leave Michelle to sleep.

Father Ray comes in the hospital and asks a nurse what room number was scribbled on a piece of paper. She told him and he walked by the room Michelle was in. She was sleeping and he watched her for a while. She woke up and saw him and asked him to pray for her and her baby. She doesn't want to lose another one. Ray prays for both of them and leaves Michelle to rest.

At Company:
Buzz brings Selena something to drink. Selena asks him to sit down with her. She says she knows she owes David and Harley an apology. Buzz wants Selena to feel safe and tells her that she will have to go home sometime. He thinks she doesn't trust him enough to tell him everything. She says she trusts him but it is best for now if he lets it go. She tells him he should get back to work and that she will be okay. Buzz goes to see about a delivery. Selena finishes her water and turns around to Maria Santos. Maria greets Selena who is trying to leave but Maria insists she sit down. She tells Selena that they both have something that belongs to the other and thinks they should deal with it. Maria tells her that she has Selena's locket and Selena has Maria's grandchild. Maria tells Selena that she has lost too much time already and wants to know about her grandchild. She asks her if it was a boy or a girl. Selena tries to play dumb until Maria threatens to tell Buzz. Selena wants to leave Buzz out of it. Maria says it will be their secret and invites Selena to her house to discuss it. She says she is now a part of the family since she is the mother of her grandchild. Selena doesn't want to go but Maria says she will be expecting her and better not be disappointed. Maria leaves.

Selena is sitting at the bar, remembering a conversation with Miguel. She told him she wanted him to leave Carmen and did not want to believe that Carmen would kill her or her child. She remembers calling Carmen and telling her she was the other woman. She writes Buzz a note and leaves Company.

Harley and David come in and ask Buzz where Selena went. Buzz says she left a note that she would be back and not to worry. Harley wonders where she went. Buzz says she was going to apologize and wonders why Harley and David came back. They think Selena is behaving oddly and there are too many coincidences. They talk about the break-ins at the firehouse and the one at the carriage house and how they didn't believe it was just a coincidence. Buzz says that Ross is not usually panicky and he and Blake know something. Buzz tells them that Ross begged him to get Selena to tell him what is going on so they can both protect their women. Harley asks Buzz if he knows anything. She says if he does he has to tell her and David. She has to find out what Selena is hiding. Buzz says he is trying, but it isn't easy. He says the secret involves Miguel, but that is all he knows.

At Inferno:
Tony is stocking the bar as Sam comes in. Tony wants him to leave but Sam tells him he is there at the suggestion of his sister, Olivia. Sam tells him he has been in casinos in Europe. They trade insults. Tony tells Sam he doesn't know what it is like being on his own. He shouldn't complain about what he has. Tony tells Sam he should have stayed at prep school, gone to an Ivy league school, started up his own internet business and scammed people out of millions. Sam says that Tony is using a lot of stereotypes. They have a sort of truce and Tony offers Sam a beer and they start to talk. Sam tells Tony about all the places he has traveled. Tony wants to know the best place he has been. Sam says they were all beautiful. Olivia arrives with an envelope and wants Sam to explain. Tony gives Sam and Olivia some coffee. Sam tells her that the health insurance should cover the bill. Olivia says it is not about the money but about his health. She asks if he was having trouble with his medication. He says he has ADHD, not cancer. His brain is just wired differently. He wonders why this freaks her out so much. She says it is a heavy burden for him and she doesn't know how he lives with it. He tries to tell her she needs to cut him some slack. She wants to know why he thought she was upset with him. She thinks he has been up to something. Sam tries to change the subject. Olivia wonders if Sam will be okay and mentions taking college classes next term. Sam tells him SF is a trip and he will be fine. She asks if he has friends. He reassures her and kisses her.

Later, Danny is looking at May lighting a pumpkin. He says she probably had great Halloween costumes as a child. She says she started making her costumes in July and went on and on about all the movie stars she had been. Ray interrupts and tells Danny that Michelle is back in town and in the hospital. Danny perked up and asked him a million questions a second. Ray tells him he should go see her. Danny dropped everything and ran out the door. May was left standing there and looked very upset.

At the Santos Compound:
Selena goes into the back garden to see Maria. Maria is acting nice and invites her to sit with her. She asks Selena to forgive the way she reclaimed the locket and tells her that she wasn't supposed to be hurt. She asked Selena if she is feeling better now. Selena asks her to get to the point of the visit. Maria tells her that she has some of her property and wanted to return it. She gives Selena the picture of Drew from the locket and asks her if that is her daughter Drew. Selena said that it was. Maria holds up the locket and tells her that the she believed the other two pictures in the locket belong to her. She tells Selena that she thinks it is time for her to tell her the truth about her relationship with her son and her grandchild.

Tuesday, October 31
by Jenna

At the LeMay's:
Beth is meeting with Edmund. She wonders if he had already gotten the jewels appraised. He tells her that he had and they are quite worthless. Beth doesn't understand since he was so sure the night before that they were worth what most would consider a small fortune. He tells her that they are monetarily but they are worthless in her pursuit of happiness. She acts offended and like she doesn't want to hear the same spill from Edmund about her wanting him and not her husband. Edmund tells her that the truth hurts and she knows deep down what he is saying is true. He tells her that she continues to call him for help because she knows he will tell her the truth and hopes he will stop her from procreating with the wrong man. Beth insists that she wants her husbands child and Edmund asks her why she is in such a rush. He thinks she is feeling guilty for tricking Jim into the marriage when she knew the baby wasn't his and wants to relieve some of her guilt. Beth says she realizes every time she calls him she is asking for trouble and should know better. Edmund interrupts her and says, "And yet you do it again and again." Beth mentions that she now realizes why Edmund is so fond of Machiavelli and mentions that he thinks everyone has a hidden agenda. He tells her they usually do. Beth assures him that all she wants is a child with Jim. Edmund turns to go and tells Beth that if she sells her jewels it will yield at least $60,000 a year if invested properly. He gave her his friend's business card in New York and starts to leave. She insists again that she is sure she wants another baby. Edmund tells her if that is true she needs to be sure of her alternatives. Edmund leaves.

Jim comes in and sees all Beth's jewels on the table. He asks where it all came from and then answered his own question that it was gifts from her time with Phillip. He asks her where she had been keeping it and why it was out at that point in time. She tells him she was going to sell it and he sees the appraisal on the table. Beth tells him that Edmund had taken it for her to an appraiser. She tells him that she only wanted to sell it so they would have the money to have a baby of their own. Jim tells her that she is going about it the wrong way. Jim apologizes for being a jerk about money lately and tells her that they can have a baby anyway and will make it some how without Spaulding trinkets. Beth wants to start on their family right then but Jim says he has to go back to work. He tells her he may be very late, but if she were awake when he gets back he would be open to some practice. He kisses her goodbye and tells her to leave the money to him.

At the Santos Compound:
Selena tells Maria that she had Miguel's son and they also called him Miguel. Selena starts to cry and tells Maria that she loved Miguel very much and she promised him she would protect their son. She tells Maria that he has always been in her heart. Maria seems touched and says she understands. Selena tells her that she has told her everything. Maria doesn't believe her. She asks Selena to sit down and tell her about her grandson. Selena tells her that he is a lawyer now and doing well. Selena tells her that she doesn't see him much and that the last time was several years ago. Maria wonders why and Selena tells her that she was afraid of Carmen. Maria didn't understand what Carmen had to do with it. Selena told her that she loved Miguel and tried to leave him but she couldn't. She hated Carmen since she was the only obstacle between her and the man she loved and she called her and told her once. Selena said that Carmen realized before Miguel's death that he really loved someone else and wanted to leave her (Carmen). Maria asks Selena why Miguel was killed. Selena says she has had a hole in her heart for years about this and it feels good to be able to mourn Miguel with Maria. She said after Miguel died, she was terrified that Carmen would find her and her son. She said that Miguel had provided for them but she trusted the wrong person with the money and lost everything and ended up turning to prostitution. Maria is shocked and angry that her grandson's mother would be a hooker. She asked if he ever found out and Selena said she did but that wasn't the reason they didn't see much of each other. She said her son blamed her for something else. Maria gets out of the wheelchair and attacks Selena telling her to stop lying. Selena says all she wanted was for Miguel to be with them and for Carmen to know she and the boy existed. She tells Maria that Carmen realized what she said was true and had her men try to beat the name of Miguel's mistress out of him but he refused to give in. Instead he let the men beat him to death all the while smiling at Carmen, knowing she would never know whom he was hiding. Selena tells Maria that Miguel died to protect her and his son. He never told. Selena is crying. Maria is angry and says that she betrayed her son and hid. Maria says Selena lived and now she will make sure she doesn't. Geraldo comes in and announces the police are there. David and Harley enter. They see Selena in the garden with Maria.
Harley asks Selena if there was a problem. David is concerned she was there against her will. Maria turns the charm on again and says there have been false rumors that Selena was involved in Miguel's death and she wanted to reassure Selena. Harley says she will call Buzz to let him know. Buzz is relieved and tells Harley to get Selena out of there. Harley tells Maria that Blake was talking on TV about her new book that had a remarkable resemblance to the death of Miguel Santos. She said right after that Selena was attacked and Blake was robbed and wondered what Maria thought about it. She said she had no idea. Harley asks her to let her know if she thinks of anything. They start to leave and Maria calls out to Harley. She asks Harley to find out who killed her son so justice can be done. She said even if it isn't in this world she knows the fires of hell burn forever. Maria thanks Selena for coming and blesses her. Selena kisses Maria and tells her how sorry she is for her loss. She leaves with Harley and David. Maria tells Geraldo she has a job for him.

At Cedars:
Danny goes into Michelle's room and sees her sleeping. He calls her name but she doesn't wake up. He gets her chart and reads it. He realizes she is pregnant and that it is his child. The chart said that Michelle was having intense lower back pain and is in her second trimester. The fetus is at risk. Danny sits down by the bed. He says that he understands now why she left. She didn't want him to know and didn't want the baby to grow up like he did. Danny says he doesn't want that either and swears it won't. He tells her he saw what happened and swears on his father's grave that their baby will grow up safe and free. He gives the baby his word and asks him or her to hang in there. He tells the baby that his mom will take good care of him, and Danny will make him proud of his father too. He can give the baby and Michelle what they need. He wants the baby to live and tells him that they will make it work. Danny is teary eyed when Michelle wakes up. She smiles at him. Danny tells Michelle everything will be okay but she says he doesn't know. He tells her he read her chart and he knows about the baby and everything is fine with the pregnancy. She wants him to leave and he tells her that he understands why she tried to hide the pregnancy from him. She asks if he is angry with her. He says all he feels is love for her and the baby. He knows she came back to him because they belong together and the baby proves they are still a family. Michelle says no, but Danny insists it is fate and a new start for them. He says he will turn his back on the family for her and their baby. He tells her he loves her and kisses her hand. Rick comes in and tells Danny to get out. Danny goes out in the hall with Rick and tells him that he knows Michelle is pregnant. Rick tells him that they are no longer married. Danny tells him he would never have consented to the divorce if he knew that. He tells him that he loves Michelle. He tells Rick that if Abby were to come back and tell him she was pregnant with his child he would never let her go either. Rick seems to understand more. They are interrupted when Michelle gets out of bed and walks to the doorway. They both help her back to bed. Rick takes her pulse and says it is okay. He asks Danny if he knows how to take a pulse and he said he does. Rick asks him to hold on to her wrist and take her pulse every few minutes. Rick says that if it gets higher than 80 press the call button. Danny sits with Michelle and holds her hand telling her he is there and not going anywhere. She looks at him and then closes her eyes. She falls asleep for a little while and wakes up to see him again. He kisses her hand and tells her everything is okay and he is here. He rests his head on her stomach as Michelle looks at him, smiling.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie is playing in the courtyard with Tammy, RJ and Rourke. He is making paper airplanes and Tammy is laughing. One flew into the hallway and hits Richard. He bends to pick it up. Cassie hugs Richard and tells him she is glad he is home. She says that Rourke has been amusing the children. Rourke offers to take the kids out to play to give them some time alone. Cassie tells Richard it is good to have him home. She asks if he had a rough trip and says he looks tired. She says she will have to pamper him. She hugs him and says she was imagining them throwing paper airplanes to their kids. Richard hugs her and looks sad, thinking about what the doctor told him. Cassie said she was going to check on the kids and asks if he wants to go. He says he has a few things to take care of. She leaves and Edmund comes in. He is just back from Springfield. He asks about Richards visit to the doctor. Richard tells him about the infertility and that he has to tell Cassie. Edmund says he should wait until he sees if it can be corrected and asks if he can help him in anyway. Richard thanks Edmund and walks away. Edmund seems very smug.

At Infierno:
The club is open and one of the dealers ask May where Danny is. She tells him he had something important to deal with. She goes over and greets Jim. She tries to sell him a flower but he tells her that he is there to gamble and doesn't have much time.

At the Firehouse:
Buzz is happy to have Selena back and thanks Harley and David for bringing her home. She tells them she is tired and wants them to leave. Selena locks the door and starts freaking out. She yanks her suitcase out and starts packing. She says she has to leave and won't be able to come back. Buzz grabs her and she screams and tells Buzz she has to leave. He tells her that he deserve the truth and wants her to tell him. Meanwhile, Geraldo is lurking outside.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

At Cedar's:
Danny holds Michelle's hand and she tells him she could get used to this. He says that three hours ago everything started over for them. He thinks she should get some rest. Claire walks in and says she hopes he was just leaving. Danny tells her that Rick asked him to monitor Michelle's pulse. He asks about the baby and she says they'll know more in the morning. She asks to speak to Danny in the hall and he goes outside. Claire asks Michelle if she's sure she wants him there and she tells her how happy she was to wake up and see him. She asks Claire not to mess this up for her. Claire tells her to rest and not worry about anything. She goes outside and asks Danny why he's there. He says that he loves Michelle. She thinks if he really loves her he'll do what's best for her and leave. She reminds him that Michelle needs to be free of the violence. She wants him to walk out of Michelle's life permanently. Danny goes back inside and Michelle wants to know what Claire said. He tells her that Claire is on top of things and thinks they are getting along well. Michelle tells him that Claire has been good to her. He thinks he should go so she can get some rest but she doesn't want him to leave. He tells her he doesn't want to but they have to do what's best for the baby. She tells him about being in New York and how nobody knew her there. She felt alone but realized she wasn't. She says she carried a piece of him inside her. She would go see the sites and wish he were there to share it with her. She tells him she kept thinking back to the day he asked her to go away with him and she said no. She admits she wishes she'd told him yes. He asks her to say yes now. He tells her that he prayed everyday since she left for a second chance and thinks this could be it. He says he'll take her anywhere she wants to go if she'll just say yes. She wonders how he could forgive her after she hurt him so badly. She asks if there is anywhere they can go where they will be safe. Danny promises her that he will always protect her. He says that things are different now because all the questions he had about whether or not he could run the family have been answered. He shows her the Santos ring and says he's the boss now. He says he's ready to drop everything if she just says the word. She tells him yes and he says it's done. He tells her once she's out of the hospital, they will leave town. Michelle says she can't wait and her pulse starts racing. Danny asks her to forgive him and she tells him she already has and they kiss.

At the Firehouse:
Selena frantically packs while Buzz continues to ask her what's going on. Selena realizes she has no money and that all her credit cards are maxed out. She asks Buzz for his ATM card and promises to pay him back when she can. Buzz doesn't care about that, he wants to know the truth. Selena says that she thought she could bounce back from loving the wrong man but she can't. She tells him that life isn't safe for her but thanks him for trying to make it that way. She says that she thought everything would be okay since Carmen is dead but it isn't. Buzz wants to know what Carmen has to do with this. Selena admits that she was in love with her husband. She tells him the story of how they wanted to get married but couldn't because of Carmen. She says that she was so angry that she called Carmen to confront her. Selena tells Buzz that Carmen had Miguel beaten to death and that he died protecting her. Now Maria wants revenge for Miguel's death and since Carmen is dead, Selena is her target. Buzz tells her he knew something like this was going on. He wants to know how the burglary fits into the story and she admits that her locket was a Santos family heirloom. She tells him that there was a picture of Miguel in it along with the picture of Drew. Buzz gets upset and tells her that he talked to Danny for her but she reminds him she tried to talk him out of it. She says that Danny doesn't know anything about it and Maria didn't either until Selena told her today. Buzz doesn't understand why she didn't trust him with this. He says that he stood by her when she told him she was a prostitute and had a child with Ben. He asks her why she didn't think he would help her this time. Selena admits that she had a child with Miguel. She says she didn't hide this from him to hurt him or protect herself; she did it to protect her son. Buzz wants to know if there's anything else he doesn't know and she tells him to read Blake's book. Buzz gets angry and Selena blurts out that Miguel was the only man she ever loved. She tries to cover by saying until she met Buzz but he thinks she had it right the first time. He thinks she wanted to get caught but not all at once because it would have been too painful. He says she let it out little by little so she would have to face the consequences. Buzz thinks she's a survivor and she tells him just like him. He says the only problem is that he loves her. He gives her some money and a picture of them for what might have been. They hear someone break in and he tells her to go out the fire escape. Maria's men arrive and Buzz tries to fight them off. Selena listens to the fighting outside and starts to go back in but leaves. Later, Frank finds Buzz unconscious.

At Inferno:
Josh thanks Olivia and Sam for having dinner with him. He notices Jim is there gambling again and knows he doesn't have the money for it. Tony sees that May is upset and asks her what's wrong. She tells him it's hard having a stiff upper lip. He takes her to Danny's office and she admits that she thought she was important to someone but now sees that she's only a bit player. Tony tells her how beautiful she is and that Danny thinks so too. She tells him that Danny went to see Michelle at the hospital. She describes how romantic it was to see him rush out to her without saying goodbye. She says that it was just like the movies but starts crying that it was real. Tony hears Marah trying to get into the club. Marah is telling the guard to find Tony and he will explain. Tony gives the guard a signal not to let her in yet. Tony goes back to May and says that she isn't the first girl Danny hurt but she is the sweetest. He says that Michelle and Danny are like a movie. He promises to take her out later and give her, her own happy ending. May leaves and Tony goes out to see Marah. He tells her she looks hot but she says she dressed this way for herself to prove a point. She says that if Reva can go off and not tell anybody anything about it, she can go to a club. Sam comes over and tells her she is supposed to be at the library. Tony asks him what he's going to do about it and he says nothing, but Josh might and points him out to them. Marah thinks she's busted but Tony asks Sam to distract Josh. At the table, Olivia tells Josh to go over and see Jim since he's worried. Jim tells him he's winning but Josh says he hopes Jim won't be a regular there. Jim knows his family is his first priority and Josh agrees when he sees Marah. He goes over and Tony tells him he was just about to call a cab for her. Marah says he wasn't. Josh says that she isn't old enough to be in the club and Tony tries to speak but Josh tells him to shut up. He takes away Marah's car privileges. He tells Olivia and Sam that he's taking Marah home. May sees what happened with Marah and tells Tony she feels cheap enough. She thinks another Santos would only make her feel worse. May realizes that Tony reminds her of Scarface, who wound up dead. Meanwhile, Jim loses all his money at blackjack. He finds a quarter in his pocket and puts it in the slot machines. He wins some money there and heads back over to the blackjack table where he loses it all again.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard hasn't slept all night and is terribly upset about how to tell Cassie he is unfertile. Edmund comes in and tells him that he shouldn't tell Cassie just yet. He suggests Richard look into the condition and see if anything can be done to reverse it before he dashes her hopes. Cassie comes in and kisses Richard and asks him if he had a rough night and tells him she was aware he didn't come to bed all night. He tells her that he had things on his mind and didn't want to keep her awake.

He asks her about the state dinner and she says it went well and she raised a lot of money for the museum. She tells him that she and the kids are going to rummage through the attic for his old toys for the museum exhibit and hopes to add their own children's toys some day. Richard kisses Cassie and tells her he is proud of her. Cassie can tells something is wrong with Richard and he makes up a story fairly fast about Horace and his injuries and how he may never be able to be the same again. Cassie apologizes and says she should have asked more about Horace. She was preoccupied with the museum fundraising. She tells him she is going to make some follow up calls and leaves. Edmund comes out of hiding in the bushes and tells Richard he is getting good at deception. Richard says he can't stand it and cannot lie to Cassie anymore. He is upset and tells Edmund that he just isn't a good liar. Edmund reminds Richard that he shouldn't burden Cassie until he knows for sure and being an honest man will get in his way. Edmund assures Richard he wouldn't have to lie for long. Richard says he cannot describe what this is doing to him. He leaves. Edmund says to himself that he can imagine what it will do to him.

Edmund goes to Rourke and gives him Cassie's diamond garter. He tells him he had a hard time getting into the safe and that Jenny hid the combination from him. Rourke wants to know why Edmund is undermining his brother when they seem to care for one another. Edmund says he doesn't know any other way to live anymore not to mention he is darn good at it. Edmund tells Rourke to lose some of the diamonds in a game of chance and to be sure Colonel Dax finds out about it.

At Cedars:
Buzz is in bed, unconscious and covered with bandages. Harley asks Frank what happened to Buzz. Frank says he found Buzz unconscious last night and Selena was missing. The doctor comes in and tells them to keep Buzz calm when he wakes up. Harley says that there are three crimes connected now. Frank goes to warn Blake and Harley stays to sit with Buzz. Buzz wakes up and has a headache. Harley tells him he looks terrible and he asks her what happened. She tells him he has been unconscious for hours. Frank found him last night knocked out and the firehouse was trashed. Buzz was concerned if anything was messed up besides the bedroom and foyer. Harley told him she didn't think so. He seemed relieved. Harley wants to know what happened and Buzz refused to talk. She asked where Selena was and he told her that they broke up before the brutes came in. Harley wants to know what happened but Buzz insists he can't remember. He tells Harley he had a fight with Selena and they broke up. Harley doesn't believe him and he asks for water. She says someone worked him over and Buzz says maybe it was Selena since she was angry. Harley asks him why they broke up and he teases about how she was sick of his chili. Harley knows he is lying but Buzz refuses to give any straight answers and Harley asks if he is in danger. He says he needs no help from her or the law. Harley is annoyed. Blake arrives at the hospital and is upset to see the battered Buzz who is resting now. She starts to fuss over him and feels responsible for his injuries. She is upset apologizing over and over. Buzz opens his eyes and motions to Blake. She leans over him and he tells her to shut up. Blake steps back and tells Harley that her dad spoke to them at least. Ross asks him how he is feeling. Frank tells Buzz that he had them scared, and Harley tells Frank that Buzz is not talking to her. Frank sits down next to Buzz and tries to get a description of the guys. Buzz says they looked like this and puts up his fists. Buzz asks Frank and Harley to give him a few moments with Blake and Ross. They refuse. Buzz then tells them that he needs to confer with his attorney privately and points out Ross. Frank and Harley reluctantly leave. Buzz tells Blake and Ross that he wants to tell them something but it cannot go beyond that room. They agree. He tells them that Blake is safe and the mob is only looking for Selena. He tells them that Grandma Santos is in charge. Buzz says that Selena had something to do with Miguel's death and that she confessed everything to Maria. Buzz told them he kept the thugs busy beating him up in hopes that Selena would have time to get away. Blake wants to find out if she is okay but Buzz tells her not too. Blake apologizes for the book and the mess and Buzz says that it is not her fault. He says Selena couldn't be happy with this hanging over her head. Ross also says he is sorry things turned out this way but Buzz says he doesn't think they could have turned out any other way.

Danny runs into Frank in the hallway and asks if Buzz is okay. Frank says that Danny doesn't have to worry that he is in the clear. He tells him that Selena was visiting his grandmother at their home and it seemed to be left of friendly terms. Danny wonders why Selena was talking to Abuela. Frank tells him that some people thing Selena is connected to Miguel's death in some ways because of Blake's book. Danny has no idea what he is talking about and Frank asks him to keep his eyes open and protect himself. Danny says that he and Michelle are back together and he wants to protect her. Frank tells him he hopes he does. Frank leaves. Danny sees Claire and she tells him Michelle is asleep. He tells her that he will leave then and not bother her. Claire asks him to stay for a minute so she can talk to him. Claire tells Danny she won't try to change Michelle's mind about reconciling but she wants him to promise that he will take Michelle and vanish until his family stops looking for them. She mentions Carmen and says others in his family must feel as strongly as Carmen did about having him lead the family and they won't let him walk away. Danny says he knows how to protect Michelle and goes into her room.

Alan sees Claire and asks if he can help her with something. Claire tells Alan that Michelle came home because she is pregnant and was in danger of miscarrying. Alan asks if she is better now and Claire tells him that she will never be okay as long as Michelle is involved with Danny. Alan tells her she should follow the advice she gave him when dealing with his children and their lives and that is to just back off. He invites her to Infierno for a distraction. Claire thinks it is ironic that he would invite her to Danny's club when he is the cause of her angst.

As Buzz sleeps, Selena comes in dressed in black. She leans over him and says "Hi Baby". He wakes up and is glad to see that she is safe. She tells him she heard the fight and asks if they hurt him badly. He says it felt good to actually do something this time since he was unable to help Jenna or Nadine. He was glad he could buy her some time to get away. Selena is upset over his face and asks if he had any broken bones. She apologizes again. He says she shouldn't be there and she says she had to see him again. She apologizes for everything and says she didn't know how to tell him about Miguel without blowing their relationship and she couldn't leave without making sure he was okay. He says he always seems to bounce back. She asks how he will explain this, but he says he has already told Harley and Frank that they broke up. He promises to make up a story about the goons and she thanks him again. He swears he would never rat her out. He tells her he knows she has been paying for this for years and he hopes it is over. He tells her he can forgive her for not letting herself be happy with him but he cant forgive her for not letting him be happy with her. She says goodbye and tells him she will be in touch with Drew. She cries as she kisses him goodbye. Buzz tells her that this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. She tells him she will always love him and she leaves.

At Infierno:
Blake and Ross sit back and relax talking about what Buzz had told them. She says she feels badly for Buzz and still blames herself. Ross tells her that he is proud of her. She is surprised. He tells her she handled herself well in the situation. Blake is surprised and says he has been good to her. He says she got involved in the book and didn't know there was danger. When she found out, she acted appropriately. Blake has a brainstorm and tells Ross that she had an epiphany of what her new book should be about. She says the idea has been staring her right in the face. She will make Selena's story mean something but it will be completely fictionalized. She tells Ross the heroine in the new book will be haunted by the tragic mistakes in her past. She continues by saying that the forces from her past are unleashed and affect all of the people around her. Ross would rather read the book than live it. He wants to know how the book ends. Blake said that the heroine winds up sadder but wiser, leaving the others to live happily ever after.

Claire and Alan are at the club, flirting. He is glad they share similar taste in distractions and they toast. May comes over with flowers and Alan reminds her who they were. May remembers and gets them a couple of cigars. Alan asks May if she is okay since she doesn't seem like herself. Claire asks if it is boy trouble. May says it is an old story. A sweet guy can have a fling and when his wife comes back, he goes back to her, blah, blah, blah. She apologizes for going on with her troubles and leaves to sell more flowers. Claire says, "It couldn't be, could it?" Alan tells Claire she has a death grip on her cigar. He thinks she is distracted. She says she is thinking about May and feels sorry for her. Alan is surprised. Claire walks over to May and asks if she is okay. May says she will live and Claire asks her if the boy was Danny and May finally admits it was. May says she knew he wasn't the love of her life but her feelings are more than she expected. Claire tells her she never knows what will happen tomorrow. (She seems very pleased by the news). Claire goes back and tells Alan thanks for the evening, it was just what she needed.

Friday, November 3, 2000

At Infierno:
Claire comes in to see May. May tells her that they aren't open yet but Claire tells her she just wanted to see how she was after last night. Claire tells her that she wants to be honest with her and admits that she is Michelle's mother. May feels terrible. Claire tells her how Michelle is pregnant and Danny hasn't left her side since he found out. May thinks it is very romantic and is glad that Michelle has forgave Danny for the affair. Claire suggests she go talk to Michelle and tell her that it didn't mean anything to her and Danny and also let her know that she isn't a threat to her and Danny's reconciliation. May thinks that is a good idea and starts to leave. Claire tells her to just go in and be blunt about it, admit what happened and tell her that you are glad she and Danny are working things out. May asks for the room number and leaves.

At Cedar's:
Phillip and Harley come in Buzz's room and Buzz points to Phillip and says he is the one that beat him and tells Harley to arrest him. Phillip laughs and tells Harley that Buzz is feeling better. Harley starts right in on Buzz asking him what happened. Again he wouldn't tell her. She tells him that they stopped by the firehouse and Company and there were no signs of Selena. Buzz told her that she left and wont be back. Harley doesn't believe that he and Selena had such a terrible fight and then he just let her walk out. He tells her that Selena is much bigger then him and he was scared of her. Harley doesn't want to hear any more jokes but Buzz isn't telling anything else. Harley tells him that he is quitting again. Buzz doesn't want to talk about why he and Selena broke up and tells Harley she is nosy. He tries changing the subject and Harley wonders why he is taking this breakup so easily. She tells him maybe he never really loved Selena. Buzz is stunned by her insensitivity. Phillip tells Harley to stop talking to her father like that. He tells her she is too hard on people sometimes. Susan walks in with flowers and jokingly makes a comment about Harley being hard on Buzz. Harley gets upset and walks out of the room. Phillip follows. Susan asks Buzz if it was something she said. Buzz tells Susan he needs protection and for her to come on in. Susan looks at Buzz and tells him he looks terrible. He thanks her and tells her he is glad she is there. Susan asks what happened and he tells her that he doesn't remember since he was unconscious most of the time. Susan asks more questions and he has to tell her he doesn't want to talk about it. She asks him if the bad guys would come back again and he told her they wouldn't. She hopes not because she loves him and wants him to be around for the rest of her life. He tells her he doesn't know about that long but she makes him promise. She kisses him and gets up to leave.

Outside, Phillip and Harley are talking. He tells her that he believes she is hardest on the people she loves and he is getting tired of it. Harley says that she doesn't have high expectations and that Buzz just knows how to push her buttons just like Alan pushes Phillips buttons. Phil understands that all too well. He tells her that she just snapped at Susan for no reason and lately he feels like he can't sneeze without apologizing to her first. Harley tells Phil she is ready to hit him. Phil says he knows he made mistakes and he is really trying to be a good husband but she keeps digging in her heels and won't give an inch. He tells her that he broke their marriage by himself but it would take the both of them to put it back together again. He asks her if she has given up on them and if she still loves him. She tells him she does love him when she isn't hating him. He asks if she wants to be married to him and she says yes, but not all the time. Harley says she is angry and Phil asks her when she might stop being angry. Phil thinks he is doing everything he can and she agrees that he is. Harley wishes things would be the way they were before the plane crash. She tells him she can't rush the process. She asks if she should apologize to Buzz and Phil says that is up to her. Phil leaves for work. Harley goes into Buzz's hospital room but he is gone.

May arrives at Michelle's room and introduces herself. Michelle is very friendly and offers May a seat. May is surprised at the warm welcome. Michelle says if May is looking for Danny, he went home to shower. May says she wouldn't look for Danny in her room. May tells Michelle that Danny always talks about her and he really loves her. Michelle has to forgive him for what he did. Michelle is confused, she has no idea what May is talking about. May says they both thought Michelle was gone and never coming back. May says she never believed Danny could love her, just wanted to make him feel better. Michelle is confused. May wants Michelle to forgive her and Danny. May eventually says she is very sorry she slept with her husband. Michelle says "Did you just say you had an affair with Danny?" May wonders what else they have been talking about. May asks her if something was wrong. Michelle tells her she needs a minute to process this. May says she will wait and then gives her a flower. Michelle is taking deep breaths. Danny walks in to see Michelle and notices May.

Near Springfield:
Reva, Noah and Catalina are at a dock and Reva recognizes the area. Noah says they have to get out of there "The jig is up." There is a high fence and Reva is wondering how they will get out. Noah tells her to hang on the wheel well of a truck and he will distract the guards. She can drop off when the truck stops and needs to get help for them. She doesn't want to leave him, but Noah says she is the logical one to leave since she is definitely not foreign with her blond hair and limited Spanish. The guard is lurking around and Catalina is getting worried. Reva walks over and starts talking to some women standing by the wall. She asks them if they know Ramona. One of the women speaks English and wants to know how she knows about Ramona and Diego. She tells them she is from SF and there was an accident. The woman asks about the accident and if anyone was hurt. She tells them about Diego and Josh and tells her that she has a message from Diego to his wife. The woman wants to know why Diego would trust her. Reva tells her that is was because Diego wasn't sure he would ever see her again. Reva calls the woman Ramona, letting her know that she realizes she is the woman she is looking for. Reva tells Ramona about the accident and Diego being trapped. She tells her that she tried to get him out and sat with him until he died. She tells her that Diego was a hero and died a hero's death. She tells her that his last thoughts and words were for her. Reva repeats the words to Ramona and they both cry. Reva tells her that Diego wanted Ramona to stay in America. Ramona weeps loudly and hugs Reva as the guards look on. One of the guards goes after Ramona as the other one takes off Reva's straw hat, revealing her blond hair. They call Reva a spy and someone recognizes her from television. She tells the guards that she was holding the hand of the man who died at the construction site. She pretends to have the area under video surveillance. The guy is not impressed. He says she has been in a container for three days and then a truck. Reva says they were waiting for her. The guy pulls Reva by the hair and calls her bluff. One of the other guys gets on a cell phone to tell someone there is a problem. While the one guard is on the phone, Noah attacks the other one to save Reva.
The guys turn around and start talking to Noah. He speaks Spanish to them but they think he was with Reva. They start beating Noah and Reva runs out of hiding to help him. He says he was a traveling salesman. The guys start beating Noah and Reva comes out of hiding. One of the guards stares threateningly at Reva and they grab her as well.

At the Santos:
Buzz goes into the garden and tells Maria that they have some unfinished business to deal with.

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