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Monday, April 16, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is listening to the news concerning San Cristobel . The reporter is speculating on what Edmund will do next and says Richard is in hiding. Beth looks annoyed and turns off the television. Alan comes in and is surprised to see Beth. He tells her it is about time she came home. Beth tells him she doesn't want to hear any of it so he should just save his comments about her and Phillip belonging together. He tells her that she did leave Edmund in San Cristobel . She tells him she doesn't want to fight; she only came home because Phillip forced her into a corner with the threat of taking her children. She is back and ready to play hardball. Just then, Phillip comes in and tells Beth he will go get his catcher's mitt then. Phillip asks Alan to leave them alone for a few moments. Alan leaves. Phillip thanks Beth for bringing his luggage home with her. She tells him he left so abruptly she thought he might need them. He tells her he left abruptly because he was shackled and escorted out of the country by armed guards. Beth tells him it was his own fault for helping Richard and Cassie escape. She tells him she doesn't want to fight and she thinks they should speak in the morning. Phillip tells him that he was not threatening her about the kids. They are where they belong, at their home and not with a man that has declared martial law and living in a fortress. Beth tells Phillip that they were not in danger with Edmund and she is betting the anger and hatred Phillip has for Edmund doesn't outweigh the amount of love he has for the kids. Phillip doesn't understand Beth's logic. He tells her she doesn't make sense to him. She wants her kids to live in another country with a lunatic that is holding his entire country at bay. She tells him if he takes her to court she will bring up his wanting the kids to live with a man like Alan Spaulding. Phillip tells her not to compare Alan to Edmund. Beth says they are both ruthless. Phillip tells her that Alan is ruthless in business but Edmund is tormenting a nation. Beth tells him that she worked at Spaulding and she knows where all the skeletons are hidden and she will bring it all out if he forces her to go to court. She asks Phillip if that is what he wants. Phillip tells her he would like to look at her and see someone that he actually knows. He tells her if they do go to court, he will win. He leaves. Beth goes over to the desk and calls Edmund. She tells him she misses him and asks him what he has been up to. He tells her he is working on his speech and waiting to hear from her. She tells him she wishes she was there with him but she is afraid that the situation with Phillip may keep her busy for a good while. Edmund was disappointed and asks her how long will she be away. Phillip walks up in the hallway and listens in on Beth's side of the conversation. She tells Edmund that she would definitely be back in SC for his coronation and no matter what Phillip thinks, the kids will be with her. He tells her if she needs him to say the word and he will be there in a matter of hours. She tells him he has too much to do but she appreciates the offer. She tells Edmund she doesn't want thinking about Lizzie being torn between Phillip and her. She doesn't want to make her chose, but she has to win. She tells him she won't lose Edmund or her children. She tells Edmund she will not give up.

Alan comes into the den and only Phillip is there. He tells Phillip he made his point to Beth and he and Phillip should discuss strategy. Phillip tells him to stay out of it. Alan tells him to let him be his ally. Phillip says Beth is in a precarious position and Alan will only make it worse. Alan promises he will stay in the background. Phillip says he should stay way in the background. Alan says he has known Beth for a long time and can pry her away from that two-bit prince, he is sure of it. He tells Phillip that Edmund isn't the only one who has read Machiavelli. Phillip tells him that he hasn't lived it though. Beth walks in and Alan excuses himself. Beth asks Phillip what that was all about. Phillip tells her she doesn't want to know.

At Company:
Harley is sitting at a table with David and Frank. They are talking about a case and Harley says she is feeling left out. David says he and Frank know more about the case. Harley has been assigned to be special liaison to the FBI and she isn't happy about it. She tells them she doesn't want to work with that arrogant jerk, Gus Iaturro. David tells Harley to cut Gus some slack. Harley says he is arrogant with the subtleness of a pit bull. Gus is behind her listening now as she tells David and Frank that the cocky agent thinks he is God. She is so angry she says she doesn't know what to call him. Gus steps up and tells her that starting tomorrow she can call him Boss. She is upset and surprised to see him. Gus goes on to tell her that since they will be working in close proximity to each other things should be less formal and she can just call him God. He leaves.

Harley tells the guys they could have warned her he was back there. They tell her they tried. They tease her about her future working with Gus. They think he is an attractive man and she may have noticed it. Harley slumps over in the booth. Frank and David go over to check on her and find that she had fainted. They take her pulse and get her to come around. She tells them she is okay; she just skipped a few meals and has been working hard. They want her to go to the hospital but she doesn't want to. Frank asks what is going on with her. They tease her about being excited and stressed about her new job. She agrees that working with Gus makes her feel faint and sick.

Outside Company, Buzz is sitting on a bench. Sam comes by and asks him why he is out there. Sam drops all his mail and Buzz goes to help him pick it up. Buzz looks it over and sees two thick envelopes from different colleges. Buzz asks him if they are acceptance letters. Sam tells him he doesn't know he hasn't gotten around to opened them. Buzz wonders why Sam wouldn't open them and asks him if he is upset about something. They talk a bit about Marah. Sam says he is not in love with Marah, at least he doesn't think so. He has lived with ADHD all his life and has always felt he was moving faster than the rest of the world but everything slows down when he is with Marah. Buzz thinks it could be love. Sam doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in SF but doesn't want to make decisions about his life until he knows what he wants to do about her. Sam is not sure he should let Marah influence his decisions and doesn't know if he can wait for her. Buzz says he was one who always got the girl but never could keep her. Sam asks if he thinks Holly may break that cycle. Buzz smiles, he says Holly is the only woman he knows that has had as much trouble as he had. Maybe he can save her and himself.

At the Springfield PD:
The FBI has taken an office in the police station. May is on the phone with Gus while she is unpacks boxes of evidence. She tells him she will take it to the evidence room and log it all in. There are videotapes and audiotapes lying with paperwork on her desk. Michelle stands outside the office and sees the evidence that says U.S. vs. Santos. May continues to talk on the phone about warrants for all their wiretaps. Michelle steps in and puts her hands on some of the evidence. She is thinking of what she should do. Michelle steps back out and May goes back over to the desk. She grabs all the evidence and puts it in a briefcase and closes the case. Michelle comes to the door again and knocks. May sees her and puts the briefcase beside the desk and goes on to ask Michelle what she is doing there. Michelle tells her she wants a meeting with her. May asks what she can do for her. Michelle says she wants May to help Danny; she thinks she owes it to him. Michelle tells her she isn't leaving until Danny gets a break one way or the other. May says she doesn't owe Danny anything. Michelle says she knows what Danny is really like, he let her in. May says she did what she had to do. Michelle says May slept with her husband and she wonders why May can't look her in the eye now if it was all just business. May knows Danny was trying to get out and went along with the other families just enough to protect her and the baby. May again offers them witness protection. Michelle says they can't turn their backs on Rick and the rest of their family. Michelle says they are going to trial and tells May that Ross is shocked they are even bringing a case. May says there is enough evidence to convict. Michelle says Danny was trying to shut down a crime family and wonders why they are prosecuting him. They are using him to get to the other families. Michelle wants May to help him. May says only Danny can help himself. May tells Michelle this isn't easy for her. She can't help Danny and she can't risk ruining her career. She thinks Michelle can talk Danny into cooperating with the Feds. Gus arrives and asks Michelle what she is doing there
Michelle tells Gus they are having a meeting. Gus says that is fine if she is offering info. Michelle tells him he has no case. Gus tells Michelle to leave if she is not interested in cooperating. Michelle says she isn't done with what she has to say. Gus wants her to leave. He gets a phone call and has to take it. He turns his back and then has to ask May for her help finding something. Michelle tells them she will leave then. When she sees that both have their back to her she grabs the briefcase and leaves the police station.

After the call, Gus asks May why Michelle was there. May tells him she was trying to play her. She says Gus can't relate because he will never be used in a case as a piece of meat. He reminds her that she volunteered for the job. She goes on to tell him that Michelle was trying to relate to her as a woman. She tells him that Michelle said they are taking this to trial. Gus is upset; he thinks her lawyer knows how thin their evidence is. May tells him she got everything she could. He tells her that he doesn't want to be reminded of the rotten job she did. She tells him she got all their was, she wasn't going to manufacture evidence. He wished she did. He wants to look at everything again and asks her where it is. She tells him everything is in the evidence kit. She goes to get it and finds it is gone. Gus is upset. He runs out of the office with May. Gus gets on the phone relay Michelle's description and the type of car she is driving. They want the police to help track her down.

At the Bauer House:
Rick comes in and sees Danny playing with Robert. Rick tells Danny he needs to go to the hospital and get his wound checked. Danny hands him the baby. Rick tells Robbie about his adventure at the bus station. Danny thanks Rick for risking his life for him. Rick says he did it for the three of them and actually had fun. He tells Danny he checked on Tony and he is doing fine. Danny says he will wind up in a cell. Ross is doing his best but is using the word miracle. Danny says the feds are coming after him hard. The other families should leave them alone but the feds won't. Rick asks where Michelle is and Danny says she left to find a miracle. Rick thinks she is scheming. Danny wonders what she can really do. He tells Rick he is kind of worried about Michelle and wants to go look for her. He heads for the door just as the bell rings. Rick looks out and sees the feds. Gus and May come in and tells them they are looking for Michelle. May says Michelle came to see her and then left. She and Gus want to talk to her and tell them they aren't leaving until they do. Danny tells them they aren't waiting for her there. Gus tells him they will. Rick tells them he owns this house and they will leave or he will call the police. Gus tells them they will wait outside. Rick asks Danny if Michelle did something. Danny isn't sure but says if it got the feds that mad, he is sure he will like it.

At Laurel Falls:
Michelle has a bonfire going and is humming and singing, "Home on the Range." She smiles each time she tosses a piece of evidence into the flames.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Josh and Reva are talking to Marah about Tony. She refuses to give him up and Josh reminds her that because of Tony her mother almost got killed. Marah tells him that the break in was not Tony's fault. She tells her parents that she loves Tony. Josh tells her that is what she thought she would say because she and her mom are twin souls. He tells them both that he has decided to go in a different way with the situation. He has decided to offer Tony a job with Lewis Construction. Marah doesn't go for the idea and tells her dad that it won't work out. She thinks Josh will be sitting in judgment of Tony all day every day and it will make Tony uneasy and he will feel an overwhelming need to act perfect all the time. Josh tells her that he will treat Tony like all of his other employees. Marah tells him he won't because she won't be dating the other employees. She thinks Tony will try so hard to prove himself not realizing that it is impossible to do so to her father. Josh tells her he will be fair to Tony. He tells her that apparently he has no future with his family so maybe a career change will do him good. He wants to give Tony a chance to learn a trade and go legit. He asks her if she is okay with him offering Tony a job. She tells him to go ahead but Tony won't accept it. Marah says Tony has too much pride to accept a handout from Josh. Josh tells her he would like to hear it directly from Tony. Reva asks Marah what she will do if Tony accepts. Marah says he wont and she excuses herself to go to bed. Reva asks Josh what kind of job he has in mind, she thinks it is a generous idea. Josh apologizes to Reva for their argument earlier and says he owes one to Noah too. Josh asks how things are going with Noah. Reva says they're fine and Josh is happy for her. He finally tells her he is going to go home unless she needs something. She tells him she is fine and she will see him later. Josh tells her that he will call Noah later to apologize. He leaves and Reva looks a bit sad.

Reva calls Noah and tells him to expect a call from Josh to apologize to him. She tells him she is scared about their argument and she misses him. She would like him to come over and stay with her for the night. She apologizes to him for turning to Josh and tells him that when she thinks of parental situations she thinks of Josh and not him. He asks her when she thinks of him and she tells him when she is alone, she thinks of him holding her close in bed. Noah smiles and says he will be there in ASAP.

Noah shows up and kisses Reva. She tells him she was scared she was going to drive him away. She apologizes for making a mess of things. He tells her that she hasn't done anymore than usual. Reva tells him she is sorry for making him feel excluded. She says turning to Josh is a habit that she will try to break. Noah tells her he wants to be her "go to guy". She asks him to hold her and not let her go.

At Olivia's:
Olivia is packing. Holly is over and asks where she is going. She tells her that she is going to SC and explains about the project she is thinking about. She says she is tired of the Lewis women calling Josh for everything and she wants to create this business opportunity for them so he will be away from them and all their drama. Holly doesn't think Olivia should do business with Edmund but Olivia tells her that she has years of experience at the palace and she isn't worried. Holly tells Olivia she must have lost her mind to want to work with Edmund. Olivia says she is aware of Edmund's faults. Holly thinks Edmund is immoral but Olivia says this is business. Holly asks Olivia if she is so desperate that she will do anything to compete with Reva. Olivia says Josh doesn't know about it yet, she is going to SC on her own. Holly asks her if she is willing to deal with a sociopath. Olivia tells her she will do anything to get as far away from Reva as she can.

Josh comes home and sees Olivia's suitcases. Olivia tells him to relax, she isn't leaving him, she is just going on the business trip she told him about earlier. She tells him she will gather all the facts they need and when she gets back she expects him to have champagne waiting. Josh wants to know about the deal but she will explain when she gathers all the facts and the deal is ready for his approval. Josh tells her when he saw her suitcases; he thought she might be leaving him. Olivia tells him she won't quit on him. He apologizes for arguing with her at Company. He agrees with her and Noah on changing his approach and has decided to offer Tony a job. Olivia wonders if that is the best idea now that she has had time to think about it. Josh thinks he should at least try. She whispers something in his ear and they kiss. She tells him she wants him to give her a proper sendoff.

At the Bauer House:
Michelle comes home and Rick and Danny asks her where she was. She tells them she went to see May and then came home. She doesn't want to tell them anything else. They want to know what she has done to tick off the feds so much. She tells them she isn't going to say anything so they will have deniability. Just then May and Gus ring the doorbell. She opens the door and they barge in and start accusing Michelle of taking something that belongs to them. They tell her they want it back. Michelle plays dumb and asks them what they are accusing her of. May says she has one chance to make things right. Gus tells her that he will do her a favor and try to get her an adjoining cell to her husband. Michelle asks Gus what she is accused of doing. He says theft, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and conspiracy to racketeering. May tells her that this is going to hurt them more as well as mean the end of her career. Michelle tells Danny they are charging her with more than they have against him. Gus tells Michelle he is confused at who is the innocent party in this. Michelle says his anger is misplaced and again asks what she did. She says all she did was go over to talk to Mary and when Gus asked her to leave, she did. Gus asks Michelle where she went when she left the office. Michelle says she went for a walk. Danny and Rick open the door and tell them to get out. Gus leaves. May turns to Michelle and tells her that she made the mistake of turning her back on her but she will never do that again. The feds leave. Rick turns to Michelle and asks her what she did. She tells him she doesn't know but she assumes by what the feds were saying that something must have been missing. Danny tells her to try to guess. Michelle tells him it seems to her that someone must have taken all there evidence, video, audio, and field files. Danny and Rick can't believe it. Michelle tells them if the evidence is gone so is the case against Danny and Tony. Danny asks her what she did. Michelle says she just prayed for a miracle and got one. Rick goes to the phone and calls Ross. He tells Michelle that the trouble may be over for Danny but is just beginning for her.

Rick is pacing the room. He is sure Gus won't give up. Danny tells Michelle that the other problem is, if the case is gone against him and Tony the case is also gone against the other families. Michelle tells him she knows that. He tells her that they may come back now. Michelle says no one has to know the case is gone and she is betting Maria is having a great time in Cuba. Ross comes in and Michelle tells him she needs him this time. He tells them it is time to discuss his group rate. Michelle asks to speak to him alone. Michelle says she thinks the FBI lost their case against Tony. She tells him about their visit and says she thinks the evidence went up in smoke. She has a strong feeling, almost as if she saw it happen. Ross tells her she is scaring him.

Ross gets call from Tony at the hospital. Tony tells him that Gus is there. Ross asks to speak to him and asks Gus to meet him at Company. He leaves. Michelle sits on Danny's lap and tells him not to worry, they are sure Ross will figure things out. Danny tells her that it is always the quiet ones. She looks so soft and innocent but underneath is pure steel. He tells her he saw that the first time he saw her and that is one of the reasons he fell in love with her. He asks her to marry him. She tells him she has done that four times now and suggests they go to bed. He likes that and they go upstairs.

At Company:
Ross offers Gus a seat. Gus tells him he didn't break any laws seeing Tony, he didn't even talk to him until Tony spoke first. Gus tells the waitress he wants a scotch. Ross goes on to tell him that he wants full disclosure and he wants it now. He tells Gus they are to be in the judge's chambers first thing in the morning and if he doesn't have anything he had better drop the charges, else disclose it all. Ross tells him he also better stay away from Danny and Michelle. Gus gets an understanding look on his face and tells Ross he thinks he is in on this as well. He gulps down his shot of scotch and tells Ross he can see right through him. Ross wants to know if Gus has a strong case or if he is bluffing. Gus tells Ross he will be dropping the charges against Tony. Ross thanks him and tells him to stay away from Michelle and Danny. Gus says the investigation is ongoing with them and far from over. He leaves.

At Cedar's:
Gus is sitting at Tony's bedside. Tony wakes up and asks what he is doing there. Gus says he needed a place to think and ended up there. He wonders if Tony regrets giving it all up; he knows he was next in line when Danny left the family. Tony grabs the phone and calls Ross. He says Gus is there and is preventing him from sleeping. Ross wants to talk to Gus. He asks Gus to meet him at Company in 15 minutes. Gus tells Tony he is not done with him yet; he is just getting started. Gus leaves.

Later, Ross calls Tony at the hospital and tells him the charges will be dropped first thing in the morning. Tony is surprised. Ross says the case wasn't good enough. Tony thinks he is the best lawyer in the world. Ross tells him to have a good night and it is over until next time. Tony says there will be no next time. Ross is glad to hear it. Tony is happy and calls Marah. He tells her he is free. She is happy for him. She tells him all about Josh's offer of a job. She doesn't like it but Tony thinks it may be a good idea. He thinks it may show her dad that he isn't as bad as he thinks. He tells her he can think of worse things than pounding nails and getting a tan. Marah says Josh is trying to control them. Tony tells her things are starting to change for them, he can feel it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

At Olivia's:
Josh is in the kitchen when Sam comes in. Sam asks if Olivia had already left and Josh says she has. Josh asks Sam if he knows where she was going. Sam said he did but promised not to tell. All he can tell Josh is that if she gets the deal it will mean much money for Lewis. Josh just hopes Olivia doesn't sign anything without talking to him first. Sam tells Josh that Olivia needed the getaway for more than business purposes. She needed to get away from Reva and Marah. Josh tells him he knows. Josh tells Sam that he had an idea to deal with the Marah/Tony fiasco. He is going to offer Tony a job. Sam thinks a bit and tells Josh he is impressed. Josh tells Sam that Tony has the option to prove he is serious about turning his life around all the while proving his intentions to Marah. Josh tells him that fighting with Tony hasn't worked so he will offer him the job. Sam tells Josh it doesn't sound like him. Josh tells him it was Noah's idea. Sam thinks Marah will hate it thinking her dad is trying to control her life. Josh tells him that is exactly what she thinks. Sam smiles and tells him that if Tony takes the job and becomes a legitimate part of society, he may not have as much appeal to Marah as the forbidden bad boy. Josh thinks that is also a benefit to offering him the job.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund tells Dax that they have to find Richard and Cassie ASAP. He goes on to tell Dax to set up a meeting with the proper authorities to plan his coronation. Dax tells Edmund he has a lot of confidence. He thought the whole idea was for Edmund to rule until they could schedule another vote for the people. Edmund tells Dax that he has decided to do it this way because it will boost confidence for the people. Dax leaves. Olivia comes in and asks Edmund how it is to be in charge. He asks her what she is there for and she tells him she has a business proposition for him. He tells her he isn't interested. She asks him to hear her out before he turns her down. He tells her he doesn't trust her so it will be a hard sell. She opens her portfolio and shows him all the plans she has for the harbor project. She tells him how she wants to save the atmosphere and original architecture and modernize the interiors. Edmund tells her that she made a good presentation but he thinks she is crazy. He wants to know why she didn't bring this up to Richard months ago. Olivia said she only thought of it recently. He tells her with all that has happened in the past few weeks with Richard, Cassie, Reva and Phillip he doesn't trust her motives. Olivia tells him she doesn't care anything about all that, all she is interested in is business. Edmund asks her what is really in it for her. She tells him she wants to do something for SC as well as get Josh international recognition. She admits that it doesn't kill her to get him away from Reva for a while. Edmund believes her but tells her he isn't sure Lewis has the financial means for a project such as this. He tells her he wants a security deposit of $10 million cash, non-refundable, up front. Olivia tells him she can handle that. He tells her that will secure the deal. Edmund leaves and Olivia is ticked off that he wants such a kickback. She goes to call Alan Spaulding to see if he will front her the money. She asks him to meet her for dinner that evening.

At the Bauer House:
Ross comes in with Tony. Michelle and Danny are glad he is there and ask if he got bail. Ross tells them that the charges have been dropped. Tony wants to file false arrest charges but Ross tells him it is best to let it go. Tony tells them he doesn't understand what happened to get the case dropped so fast. Danny tells him the evidence must have disappeared. Tony is just glad the case is over. Ross tells them all that he doesn't thinks Gus will give up that easy. Ross says Gus isn't a nice guy; he met with him last night after Gus showed up in Tony's hospital room. Ross seems to think that Gus is out to get Danny. Danny wonders why he would target him now that he is out of the life. Ross asks Danny if Gus digs long enough will he find anything on him. Danny tells him he is clean. Ross is glad to hear it. Ross turns to Tony and tells him to keep his nose clean. Ross leaves.

Tony tells Danny he doesn't know what he is going to do now. He doesn't know how to live any other way than he did. Danny tells him he can keep on working for him if he would like. Tony tells him he likes Infierno but it isn't really for him. Danny asks him what he would like to do then. Tony tells him he has a line on another job. Before he can tell him anything about it there is a knock on the door. It is Josh. Josh greets Michelle and Danny and asks if he can talk to Tony in private. They go into the kitchen and Josh congratulates Tony on the charges being dropped. Josh tells Tony that he has made his feelings clear as to why he opposes his relationship with Marah. Tony tells him he will never put Marah in any danger. Josh asks him to prove it. He tells Tony that his lifestyle and family were what caused him concern. Now that he is out, he should be looking for another type of employment opportunity. Josh tells him that he has a choice about where the rest of his life goes and if he wants to keep seeing Marah, he will have to make some changes. Josh offers him a job at Lewis Construction and tells him he will train him. Tony tells him he is concerned that he will be looking over his shoulder every minute waiting to fire him. Josh asks him why he thinks that. Tony says that it sounds like a set up to him.
Josh says if Tony commits to the deal, he will also and he will be fair. Tony has his word on it. Tony tells him he will think about it. Josh tells Tony he has his phone number and Tony thanks him. Josh leaves. Tony is thinking and tells Manny they can come out now. Danny asks what Josh wanted. Tony tells them about the job offer. Danny tells him to take the job. Michelle asks Tony why he would say no. Tony tells them that he is worried about losing Marah. If he fails at this job, he will be small in Marah's eyes. Danny understands that Tony is scared. He tells him to take the job and lose the attitude. Michelle tells Tony he will be great at it. Tony smiles and says he will do it. Michelle goes to make a celebratory breakfast; she thinks things will be better for all of them.

At Company:
Gus comes in and says hello to Frank, Harley and David. He asks them why they eat in such a greasy spoon. They tell him their father owns the place and once again Gus has to apologize. He tells them that he had to drop the case against Tony. The detectives can't believe it. He tells them how Michelle came in and stole the briefcase right under May's nose. Now they will have to start again from scratch. The three detectives can't believe Michelle would do that but Gus tells them he is sure she did. Gus tells Harley he runs a solid operation and doesn't tolerate sloppiness. This is just a setback. They will start over and get both Danny and Michelle this time. Harley tells him to count her out. Gus tells her to shut her mouth and open her eyes, and she may learn something. Gus tells her he didn't even want her but the chief said she was the only one they could spare. David and Frank vouch for Harley's competence. Harley tells Gus it will be a cold day in hell before she works for him. She tells him he makes enemies very fast. He tells her to grab a pad and takes notes because as of now she is working for him. He gives her the keys to the office and tells her that he wants computers, faxes and phone lines installed before the end of the day. Harley is ticked. Gus leaves. Frank and David tell her she will have to learn to accept the fact that Gus is her boss. Harley sees the chief over at another table and goes to ask him to assign someone else to the feds. He tells her that she is it, so deal with it.

Outside Company, Gus is smoking a cigarette and looking through the window. When Harley comes out she tries to go around him without him seeing her but he does anyway. He tells her she cried to her friends and to the chief and nothing has changed, she still works for him. He tells her he doesn't want her to be a friend, just do her job. The sooner she does the sooner he can leave town. He wants Danny Santos in jail. She asks him what will happen if he is wrong about Danny. He tells her that he will take him down.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is talking to Edmund via phone. She tells him she misses him and wishes she were there with him. She tells him that Phillip is softening a bit and he isn't trying to use the children to get what he wants. Phillip and Lizzie come in and Beth ends her call. Edmund thinks to himself that Phillip better stay away from Beth. Phillip and Lizzie have just gotten back from Lizzie's playhouse. Lizzie wants a lot of work done on the playhouse including a pool added to the grounds behind it. Lizzie goes off for some ice cream, leaving Phillip and Beth alone to talk. Phillip tells Beth that he is happy she is back; he feels it makes a big difference with the children. Beth tells him she knows the security it brings to the kids having both of their parents with them. Phillip reminds her that neither of them had that when they were young. Beth says not many people do and sometimes you can give a child a false sense of security by denying your own choices. Phillip asks her if that means Lizzie should just sink or swim. He reminds her of the tough time Lizzie has had in the past few years. Beth tells him it isn't all her fault and Phillip concedes that they both had a lot to do with it. Phillip tells her that he only wants the kids to be safe, happy and well adjusted. Something that he doesn't believe will happen if they are in San Cristobel . He tells her it will not work with one parent in one country and the other in another. Beth tells him that is why they have private jets. Phillip says that goes both ways. Edmund has a jet; he can come visit them in Springfield. Beth tells him he is just against Edmund. Phillip admits that he doesn't want Beth living with a sociopath. Beth says Edmund loves her and the children. She knows that annoys Phillip but he isn't all bad. Phillip says Edmund has a way of communicating with children because they are easily fooled but he knows Edmund is completely immoral. Phillip doesn't want Edmund's bad influence on them, he doesn't want his children thinking it is okay to run all over people and manipulate. Beth tells him that Edmund has his faults but she doesn't believe he is immoral. Besides she thinks it will be good for the kids to learn that they should be tolerate of people's flaws and that no one is perfect. She believes they should know how to forgive and forget. Phillip tells her that some things shouldn't be forgiven or forgotten. Beth tells him that both she and Phillip had terrible fathers and they turned out okay. They are both caring, compassionate people despite their upbringing. She tells him she doesn't want to argue with him. He is a wonderful father and she doesn't want to stand between him and the kids. She needs him to help her raise them. She asks him to promise to work this out. Claire and Alan come in and Beth leaves. Alan tells Phillip he is playing his cards perfectly. Phillip leaves. Claire tells Alan he could be less obvious. He is approving of Beth too much which only guarantees Phillip won't go back to her.

Olivia comes in and asks Alan if he got her message. He tells her he did and offers her a seat. She sits and tells him she would like to talk over a business proposition. Alan asks Claire to leave and she is not happy about it but leaves anyway. Olivia tells Alan about the SC project and how she needs a bit of cash to start the deal. She goes over all the good points and offers him a big return on his investment as well as a piece of all work Lewis gets in the Caribbean thereafter. Alan agrees to loan Olivia the $10 million.

At Harley's:
Ruth is leaving to look at an apartment. As she leaves Rick comes in. Harley has a cold or allergies she doesn't know which as well as a bad rash. Rick wants her to have it looked at and asks Harley if she would like to order a pizza. She likes the idea and they go into the den to talk. Rick tells her he heard about her working with the feds and he wants to know if that will cause problems with their relationship. Harley tells him she will make sure it isn't a problem; she doesn't want to lose their friendship on top of everything else she has lost. Rick asks Harley if she is teaming up with the feds to nail his little sister. Rick tells her he is kind of glad she is working with Gus now because he knows she will be fair. She tells him she won't have that much influence on the case but suggests Michelle and Danny keep their noses clean. There is a knock at the door, Gus. He barges in with a few bags. Harley tells him she has company. He tells her that is okay; he wanted to talk to Rick anyway. He goes on in and makes himself comfy. Gus goes on to ask questions about Michelle. Rick at first refuses to answer them. Gus tells him that he knows all about his and his sisters past run-in's with the law. He tells Rick if he knows anything about what Michelle did at their office the other day he is an accessory after the fact. Rick says he knows nothing. Gus wants him to explain his sister's relationship with the Santos family. He understands the beginning but wonders why when Michelle became a part of the problem. Rick starts to defend Michelle and her actions but Harley stops him. Rick says he is tired and leaves. Harley is upset that her friend left and Gus stayed. She tells Gus that he ran her friend off; Gus says Rick left on his own. He opens one of the bags will all kinds of take out. Harley is staring at him and he tells her that he was assuming she wouldn't have him something to eat so he brought his own. She tells him she is off duty and has kids to take care of. He tells her to go ahead, he will be fine. They argue and he starts what she knows about the Santos. He tells her that May thinks they have two sets of books to Infierno. Gus asks Harley if she had any idea where the other set would be kept. Harley tells him she didn't know if they existed but if they did they were probably at the bottom of the lake. Gus asks her if they could be at the Bauer home. Harley tells him Danny would never put the Michelle or the Bauer's in that position. Gus isn't so sure. He wants to go over Danny's assets but he doesn't have many, most of everything is in Maria's name. Harley talks but Gus doesn't listen. She asks him why he doesn't trust her. Gus tells her she has to earn his trust. She asks him to leave and hands him his stuff. Gus tells her they will get along fine as long as she learns to do things his way. He leaves.

At the Lewis House:
Reva and Noah go to answer the door, it is Josh. Josh apologizes to Noah and tells him and Reva that he offered Tony a job. Josh tells Noah that with his and Reva's engagement he realizes he will be involved with the kids and he is sorry for how he reacted. Noah and Josh sit down and chat while Reva goes to get the door again. It's Tony. Tony greets everyone and asks how they are doing. Marah comes down to see Tony. Josh asks him if he thought about his offer. Tony tells him he has but he still thinks it is a setup. He thinks the job is a test. Josh tells him it is a test, a test to see if he is serious and worthy about his daughter. Josh says he loves Marah and wants her to be with someone who can support her and who deserves her. Marah tells him he is trying to control them. Tony tells her that it is alright, and he tells Josh that he understands and accepts the job offer. Josh is shocked. He asks Tony when he would like to start and Tony tells him he will start in the morning. Josh tells him he will tell Billy and they will see him in the morning. He welcomes Tony aboard and they shake hands. Josh leaves. Reva tells Tony that Josh is a great guy to work with. She and Noah go to make dinner. Tony tells Marah that he knew he would be in the family business; he just didn't know it would be her families. Marah thinks Josh will watch them all the time and never leave them alone. Tony tells her that he wants to earn Josh's trust. Marah thinks that will never happen. Tony says he wants all the same things for her that Josh does. He even wants to go to the prom with her. She can't believe it but he tells her she is worth it to him. They kiss. Reva and Noah come back in and Reva invites Tony to stay for dinner. Marah tells them that they were going to go to Company. Reva tells them to have a good time and Tony thanks Reva for the invitation. Reva turns to Noah and talks about Tony working for Josh. She thinks it may start a whole new set of problems.

Friday, April 13, 2001

At the Lewis House:
Marah calls home and Noah answers the phone. He asks if she is okay and she tells him she is but wants to leave a message for Reva. Reva takes the phone and asks where she is. Marah tells her and Reva says she is not safe with Tony. Marah says there was a mix up with the FBI but Ross will fix everything. Reva tells Marah to come home but Marah refuses. She tells her mom she will be staying until visiting hours end and then she hangs up. Reva is upset and wants to call Josh. Noah says not to drag Josh into this, they don't need a big drama. Reva tells him he just said the wrong thing. She grabs the phone and calls Josh. Afterwards, Noah is angry that Reva's first impulse was to call Josh. He says that they should let him know where Marah is, but he doesn't think she should have called when Marah is fine and said she will be home later. Reva says Noah doesn't understand. He tells her that her kids love him and if she would have given him a chance to go pick Marah up he would have for her but instead she called Josh. Noah wants her to turn to him and he is sick of being an afterthought. He says he will come by tomorrow if she wants to talk. He has had enough for one night. Noah leaves.

At Company:
Olivia and Sam are talking about the San Cristobel project that Olivia is working on. She thinks she can preserve the 19th century architecture on the exterior and still have a modernized mall inside. She is very excited and knows that Edmund will agree to it. Sam thinks a project like this will being her and Josh together for many long hours. Olivia agrees and smiles. Sam changes the subject on Olivia suddenly when Josh walks in. Josh comes over and flops in the booth with them. He tells them they will not believe what has happened now. Olivia braces herself for more bad news concerning Josh's ex. Josh tells them about Marah and Tony and what had happened in the past few days. Olivia thinks this is really over the top and she is angry and uncompassionate to Josh about it. Josh finishes up by saying that Marah is going to continue seeing the young mobster anyway and to top it all off Noah lectured Josh about helping Tony. Olivia thinks that may be a good idea. Sam tells Josh that he should ride it out and get used to Tony being around. Josh asks if he has been talking to Noah. Olivia defends Sam and says that Josh might have to lock Marah in her room for the next five years. He tells her he will if he has to. Olivia is very upset and tells him to send her a postcard from Reva's house. Josh is annoyed. Olivia tells him she would love to have one day that didn't involve Marah, Reva or Tony. Just in time, Reva phones Josh and tells him that Marah called her and said she was with Tony at the hospital and she wants her home. Josh said he would go get her and he leaves. Olivia is irate and asks Sam if she blew it. He tells her she could have handled it a lot better. Olivia looks over and sees that Sam is very upset. Sam tells her that Josh said Marah took Tony into her bed last night. Olivia apologizes to her brother and tells him that he doesn't deserve to have Marah treat him like dirt. Sam tells her she doesn't deserve it either. Olivia agrees but tells him that she signed up for it and has to deal with it. Sam tells her that no one would blame her if she just walked away. Olivia thinks that when they get the San Cristobel project everything will be okay and the focus will be off Reva and Marah.

At Cedar's:
Marah is still with Tony. He suggests she go home before her parents get upset. She says she is almost 18 and they will have to accept her choices. She thinks they will come around and see him as she does. Tony doesn't know, he thinks they may only see a punk kid who is on his way to jail. Ray comes in and is happy to see his brother. He tells Tony he is proud of him. Tony tells Ray that Ross advised him not to tell the feds what he knows about the hit and if he talks against the families he is dead. Ray suggests talking privately but Marah tells him she knows everything. Ray asks if her parents know where she is and suggests she call them. She does.

Ray tells Tony it kills him seeing him like this. Tony says it could have been a lot worse. Ray is proud of Tony and says he did the right thing. Tony agrees but says he may feel differently after doing time in jail. Marah thinks that Ross will help and Ray agrees he is a good lawyer. Josh comes in but the guards won't let him go into the room. Ray tells him it is all right and Josh enters. He asks Ray and Marah to leave him alone with Tony. They reluctantly leave. Josh tells Tony he thought this is where he would wind up. Tony tells him he didn't expect this; he was only trying to save Danny's life. Josh asks him why he isn't concerned about his daughter's life. Tony tells him he tried to keep away from her but she just happened to be at the lighthouse. He tells Josh he would never put Marah in danger. Josh says he believes him, which makes this so difficult. He knows that danger seems to follow Tony around. Josh says Tony has done a good job of hiding his dark side from Marah but he wonders how long he can keep up that fašade. He wonders what will happen once he is back on the streets and ordered to harm someone. Will his violence come out? Tony tells him his family is out of the business and he is not that kid anymore. Josh is unconvinced. Tony tells him he has changed and he believes a good bit of that is because of Marah. Josh tells him you can't change because of another person. He tells Tony he doesn't believe he has changed at all and that is why he wanted to speak to him alone. Josh tells Tony that he knows he will break his daughters heart one day and that is why Josh wouldn't care if they put him in jail and threw away the key. Tony tells Josh he may just get his wish. Josh says that his wish was for Marah to have a happy life and look forward to proms and dates and not have a broken heart because her boyfriend is in the federal penitentiary. Josh tells him the best he can hope for now is damage control. He asks Tony to stop seeing Marah. He tells him if he doesn't the feds and the mob will pale in comparison to his wrath.

At the Bauer's:
Ross arrives and is surprised to see Danny. Ross wants to know if the police know Danny is here. Danny says he just finished talking to the FBI and asks about Tony. Ross says he is fine and he is trying to help him although he is a handful but he confesses that he likes Tony. Michelle asks if Ross would like another client. Ross looks concerned. Danny tells him he is looking at a RICO prosecution and Michelle asks for Ross's help. Michelle leaves them alone to talk and Danny fills Ross in about all the possible evidence against him. Ross asks if the weekly meetings were about him getting out. Danny said they were for the most part. Ross thinks the FBI must have more evidence than they are telling. He wonders why they are targeting him but Danny says maybe because they know he wants to get out. Michelle comes back in and asks Ross what he thinks. Ross is upset that the FBI is pressuring Danny. He thinks they are either pressuring him for information or they have something they aren't telling. Someone must be targeting Danny specifically. Michelle asks if they can fight this in court. Ross says that Danny and Tony may be in serious trouble but he will do his best. Ross starts to leave and Danny gives Ross the letters he wrote. He tells Ross that if anything happens to him or his family he should send one copy to the feds and the other copy to the Springfield PD. He tells him that they will also have copies put in their safe deposit boxes. Ross agrees and tells them he will put them in his office safe. Michelle thanks Ross for his help. Ross tells her that he isn't a miracle worker and they should be prepared if the worst happens. Ross leaves.

Michelle grabs her purse and keys and tells Danny where the baby formula is. She tells him that Ross said they needed a miracle so she is going to go find them one.

In San Cristobel:
At the villa, Cassie answers the phone, its Phillip. He tells her that he is out and being deported. Cassie gives Richard the phone. Phillip tells him he is leaving but he will be in touch. Richard thanks Phillip and tells Cassie that he is relieved Phillip got out safely. Phillip is worried about Dax, Phillip told him he was being watched. Richard says the message is clear, if Edmund gets to them they won't get away again. Cassie says they will have to lay low, but Richard says they need people who can move around out there. Cassie says there are patrols everywhere. Richard wants to go out for help but Cassie is scared. She begs Richard not to leave her. He takes her in his arms and promises not to do anything dangerous. He tells her they will take their time and will get back to the states safely. Cassie says it is safe here now and she needs him. She thinks they should put that time to good use. He looks at her and she tells him she misses his touch. It has been months since they were together and she wants him. He admits to feeling the same way but he thought she needed time to heal. Cassie tells him they can't heal if they aren't together. She asks him to make love to her. He asks if she is sure and she says yes. He kisses her and she says she has thought about this for so long. He kisses her again and asks if it is too soon after the baby. She tells him it isn't. Richard takes off her shirt as they continue to kiss.

Later, Richard and Cassie are wrapped in blankets lying on the couch. She tells him how much she missed being with him. He tells her that she has always been there for him and he wants her to know he gets his strength from her love. Cassie feels the same. She tells him that there at that moment it is like no one else exists. He promises her they will find their way back home.

At the palace, Beth is pacing around the palace sitting room. She is concerned. Phillip has never threatened sole custody before. She thinks he is serious. Edmund thinks Phillip doesn't have a case but Beth assures him he does and a judge would see it Phillip's way. Beth says Phillip has her cornered and there is only one thing she can do. She has to return to SF ASAP. Edmund looks hurt but Beth tells him she will come back as soon as she can. She hates what he is thinking right now. She says she is not leaving him; she just can't risk losing her children. She tells Edmund she will reach an agreement with Phillip and then return. Edmund says Phillip is not reasonable and will do everything to keep them apart. Beth says it won't come to that because now she knows how to win. Edmund believes her and asks her to make it back for the coronation. She promises to return for that. Edmund calls for the royal jet to fly Beth to SF. She thanks him and he says he can deny her nothing including letting her leave him.

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