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Monday, August 6, 2001

At Company:
Frank and Buzz come in talking and ask Rick why he looks so down. Rick hands them Harley's note and Frank reads it. Harley tells them why she is leaving and that she will be okay. Buzz thinks she left because of him and she is upset with him. Frank explains that Harley and he love him and they have forgiven him many, many years ago for leaving them. Buzz thanks him and tells him that his kids are great. Rick tells them he hates missing so much time with Harley especially the birth of his son but if it is what Harley needs, he hopes it helps her.

Ross tells Danny that he could very well be sent to prison and he thinks he should entertain the thought of a plea bargain. Ten to twelve for manslaughter. Danny can't think of that without talking it over with Michelle. He cannot imagine losing that much time with his son. Ross tells him that if he doesn't take the deal, he may never get to see Robbie again. Ross reminds him that he has two things going against him. He killed his mother and he is a Santos. Jury's are strange and those two things may be all they need. Danny tells him he will discuss it with his wife. Ross asks if he has heard from Gus and Danny tells him he hasn't. Ross says he may come by to get even, he showed up at his house that morning trying to cause trouble. He still isn't quite sure why Gus hasn't admitted to faking the body and dental records when he has admitted to everything else. Danny thinks about what Michelle told him about Carmen possibly being behind everything. Ross leaves and Danny cant believe she may be right. He goes to Rick and tells him he has to talk to him. He tells him about Michelle's theory and why he thinks it is possible but he doesn't want to encourage or scare Michelle just yet. Meanwhile, outside Company, Michelle tells Frank her thoughts and why she doesn't want to tell Danny just yet. They both are thinking the same thing and both not telling each other because they want to protect the other. Meanwhile, Frank and Rick both think it is impossible. Michelle leaves to go see Claire and Danny calls Tony and asks him for his help.

At the Docks:
The man that came upon Michelle tells her that he is a fisherman named Pete and he is there everyday and every night. She asks him about the day last year and he tells her he remembers it because something strange happened that night. He tells her he heard a shot and when he finally made his way over in his row boat he saw something floating over to the shore and then two men dressed in black drug it out of the lake and placed it in the back of their car, then they left like nothing ever happened. Michelle believes the men pulled Carmen out of the lake.

At the Carriage House:
Holly comes in and Blake tells her about Gus kissing her and Ross not even caring. Holly tells her it is because he trusts her now and it took a long time to get there in their relationship so she should be glad. Blake thinks it shows he doesn't care. Ross comes in and Holly leaves. Blake nags at Ross about not being upset that another man kissed her while she was in that man's hotel room. Ross tells her he trusts her. He asks her if she wants to go back to the time where they argued all the time and every fight jeopardized their family. He tells her that he just doesn't want her to revert to her old patterns. Blake doesn't understand why he isn't reacting to this. Ross doesn't know what she wants him to do. Blake asks if there is something wrong in their relationship. She wonders if the spark is gone, if the passion is no longer there. Ross asks Blake if she liked it better when he flew into jealous rages. She wants it to be like it used to be, when he couldn't live without her. They used to be hot and fueled by fire and now he doesn't even seem to want it back. She tells him he has changed. Ross says he is late for a meeting and they will discuss it later. He gets outside and tells himself that she is wrong and he hasn't changed.

At the Airport:
Alan comes in, having to fly commercial to San Cristobel because Phillip took off in the jet. He has to sit between two brats that are fighting back and forth. Claire comes in and Alan is mad. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk to her right now. He has to go to SC because she failed to give him a message from Olivia that may cost him millions. Claire apologizes and tells him that she needs a favor. Alan isn't in a giving mood but she goes on anyway and tells him that she wants him to offer Danny a job. He is annoyed and tells her that he is too busy right now to deal with her or her hoodlum son in law. He goes to board the plane when the flight attendant comes over the intercom canceling the flight.

In San Cristobel:
The walls are coming down all over the place and Cassie, Reva, Noah and Richard are caught in the thick of it. Reva and Cassie are worried about the kids and want to look for them. They take a step and more walls come crashing in. When the shaking finally starts the women go to look for the children. Cassie has a guard take Tammy and RJ to safety while Reva still searches for Marah and Sam. Reva comes back and they learn that Marah and Sam never left the palace so they are there somewhere. Reva goes to look some more and Cassie goes with her. There is another tremor that causes the floor to crack and the ground to separate. Cassie grabs hold of Reva and presses her against the wall so they will be safe.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

In Mexico:
Phillip finds Vargas and tells him that his father reveres him as one of the best attorneys in Mexico and that is why they contacted him for Beth. Now she is missing and he is worried. Vargas tells him she was dancing in the streets at the festival earlier. Phillip tells him that he is having trouble talking to the desk clerk at the hotel because of the language barrier and he would like Vargas to ask him about Beth. Vargas tells him that he will and he will meet up with him soon. Later, Vargas finds Phillip and tells him that Beth had checked out and left. Phillip tells him that is impossible she would have let him know. Vargas tells him that she is a big girl and doesn't have to answer to anyone so maybe she didn't think she had to contact him. Phillip tells him that she would have let him know. He tells Phillip that is all he can do for him and he leaves. Phillip calls home and asks Lillian if she heard from Beth, she hadn't. Phillip hangs up, sure that something is wrong and that Edmund is behind it.

The thugs have Beth in a secluded place. They tell her that she can offer them more money then the boss and they may let her go. She screams out at Edmund and he arrives shortly thereafter. Edmund tells the men some errands to do and they leave. Edmund tells her that he hadn't planned this but he wouldn't listen any other way. She tells him he is holding her prisoner. He tells her that he will let her go if that is what she wants as soon as the men get back with the transportation but he would like her to listen to him. He wants the chance to tell her he loves her and he wants her to listen with her heart. He goes into this mushy spill and she tells him how she felt when he locked her up. Beth thinks he only wants the silver mine and if it weren't for that they wouldn't even be talking right now. Edmund is offended that she would say that after he poured his heart out to her. She tells him that she is no longer his equal, nor his partner. She is stronger then he is now and she intends on saving herself and not let him drag her down. Edmund says if he is so totally loathsome and incapable of love maybe he shouldn't disappoint her. Beth seems shocked at what he is saying. He goes on to tell her that they don't need to pretend anymore, they can be totally honest. He takes out his memo pad and begins writing. He tells her to sign it and it will all be over. She asks what it is and he tells her it is a deed signing over her silver mine to him. He gets his power and money and she gets her divorce. She is still in shock when he yells at her to sign it.

At Company:
Ross is meeting outside with Doris. Blake comes up and asks if that is the meeting he had to leave her for. Ross tells her that it was and Blake is a bit perturbed. Ross finally has to ask Blake to leave so they can finish their meeting in private.

Inside Company, Tony comes in with Romeo and Catalina. He leaves them at the bar and goes over to meet with Danny. Danny tells him he needs his help. He thinks Carmen is alive and he wants Tony to use his connections to see what he can learn. Danny tells Tony that he knows he is back in the business and he hopes it works for him but he wishes he wouldn't go that way. Tony is hostile and tells Danny he can no longer boss him around. Danny tells him he understands how he feels but if Carmen is alive someone will end up dead soon and it could be him. At the very least she will turn him into her own personal gopher. If Carmen is alive, she had to have help and that help is either Maria, Carlos or Bernardo, Tony's new friends. If that happened they weren't up front with Tony, which puts him on Carmen's list too, just like he and Michelle. He warns Tony that Carmen plays for keeps. Again, Danny asks for Tony's help. Tony tells him he will help him. Danny goes on to tell Tony that Carmen's henchman Lucas knows something and he may be able to get him to talk. Tony says Lucas has a gambling problem and owes a lot to Infierno; he may be able to use that. Danny asks Tony not to tell Michelle anything and he says he won't.

At the hospital:
Michelle comes in and asks Claire what she remembers about the night Carmen was killed. Claire tells her there wasn't much going on. Michelle asks if anything or anyone acted strangely that night. Claire remembers an intern leaving after a phone call during the middle of the shift. She thought it was weird because the girl reeked of ambition, just like she had at that age. The funny thing was she left and then never came back. Claire tells Michelle that about a week later they received a fax that said she had moved to Europe but she didn't believe it. She left all her things and they still have them storage. Claire goes and gets the box of things the Intern had left and Michelle goes through it. She keeps asking Michelle what she is looking for and Michelle tells her she isn't sure. Michelle finds a piece of paper and sticks it in her pocket. Claire takes the box back and Michelle looks at the paper. It says, "Laurel Falls", on it. Michelle isn't surprised. Claire comes back and Michelle tells her that she has to go but asks her not to mention any of this to Danny. Claire promises.

In San Cristobel:
Marah and Sam are walking in the rubble of the palace. The ceiling starts falling and Marah is worried about her mother who she still believes to be blind. Sam promises not to let anything happen to her.

Everything is shaking and Reva is calling out for Marah and Sam. Dax comes through looking for Richard and is glad to find him okay. Dax says it is chaos out there and Richard orders crews sent to the factory area. He says to send people to the football stadium for safety and to keep people off the beaches. Cassie wants to go to the children but Richard wants her to stay in the palace for now. He asks her to stay with Reva to keep her calm. Reva tells Noah she has to find Marah. Just then Marah yells out and Reva hears her and calls to her. They run toward each other when the floor opens up even more. They finally get everyone to safety and Marah realizes Reva can see. Reva asks about Josh and they tell her that he and Olivia are on another island. Noah wants them all to get out of there. Reva asks Cassie if Olivia engineered the earthquake to cover her tracks. Cassie asks Reva if she has the tape and Reva pulls it out of her pocket. They all start to head out when Marah realizes she lost the necklace Tony gave her and she runs back to find it. Reva goes after her. There is another tremor, which breaks the ground open, and Reva falls into an abyss.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

In San Cristobel:
Marah finally realizes that her mother has fallen into the earth and it is all her fault for having to locate a stupid piece of jewelry. She cries out for help. Noah and Richard start going through the rubble but cannot locate Reva. They will have to dig. Richard tries to get a signal on his cell phone to call for help but is unable to. He wants Cassie to get out of there before something else happens but she refuses to leave without Reva. Marah is worried that her mother is going to die, she has been under all that debris for quite a while and they aren't even sure there are air pockets in the mass. Marah tells Sam that her dad would be able to help; he would know just what to do. She asks him to help her find him. Sam tells her that there is no communication on the island he and Olivia are at. No phones, cables, nothing. Marah pleas with him and he tells her that they will find a way to get out of there and the two of them with find her dad. She thanks him. Sam tells her that they can manage a boat if she doesn't mind "borrowing without permission." Marah is all for it. They go back over to Richard who is still trying the phone. He asks them to go find Colonel Dax and tell him what happened and ask for him to send help ASAP. Sam and Marah leave after Sam tells her that they will go find Dax and then her dad. Noah and Richard dig some more and Noah calls out for Reva to give him a signal if she hears him. There is no response.

In Mexico:
Phillip is showing a photo of Beth around but no one has seen her. He calls home again and asks Lillian if Beth had called. He tries not to alarm her and tells her that she is on her way home but says if she calls to tell her to call him. Vargas comes over with a young lady and Phillip questions him again. Vargas tells him he will go talk to the police about Beth and Phillip can stay and keep his lady friend company. Phillip notices Beth's bracelet on the girls arm and agrees. When Vargas leaves, the girl and Phillip dance. He comments on her bracelet and she tells him that Vargas gave it to her a few days ago. Vargas comes back and tells Phillip he has news. Phillip grabs his wrist and twists his arm behind his back. He tells him he thought he was lying and now he knows it. He demands the truth. Vargas doesn't know what he is talking about. Phillip tells him he saw Beth's bracelet on his girlfriend. The Girl tells him that Vargas bought the bracelet and shows Phillip that she has more than one. Phillip apologizes to them both and Vargas goes on to tell him that while he was at the police station he met someone who had seen Beth. He introduces Phillip to a cab driver that identifies Beth's picture as the woman he took to the airport recently. He tells Phillip that the woman said her husband was bothering her and she wanted to get back home to be with her children, a baby boy and a young girl. Phillip is satisfied and thankful that Beth is on her way home. Phillip calls the jet and tells the pilot he is going to be heading home.

Meanwhile in a shack somewhere in the desert, Beth asks Edmund if he really wants her to sign the deed. He tells her that is the only way for her to get rid of him. She tells him she doesn't even have to think, she will sign right now. She starts to sign and Edmund stops her. He tells her that she is about to give up everything. She thinks he means the mine but realizes he means their relationship. They argue a bit more and he tells her that he wants her and not anything she has. Beth tries to jerk away from Edmund and ends up falling through a table and breaking some glass. She curls up against the wall and cries. Edmund tells her that she is seeing Bradley and not him. She tells him that right now they both seem like the same man. Edmund is taken aback and tells Beth he never wants to bring her pain. He tells her to go. He tells her how to get back to the road and she asks about the deed. He doesn't want anything, just for her to be happy. He can't take her being upset. Beth gets up and finds the paper and signs it anyway. Edmund asks Beth to promise him that when things are clearer to her and she can change her mind about him, he hopes she will call him. Beth hands him the paper and tells him that he isn't losing a wife he is gaining a silver mine. Just then one of the ruffians comes back holding a gun. He tells them to hand over the deed to him.

At Millennium:
Danny comes in asking for Tony. He isn't there so he goes to a table to call him. Claire comes in and tells Danny that she is worried about Michelle who is going around asking tons of questions trying to get him out of trouble. She is on the trail of Carmen. Claire gets a call and leaves after telling Danny not to let Michelle do his dirty work. Danny calls Tony again and leaves another message. While he is out of the room, Michelle comes in to meet Rick. Rick tells her that Harley went to California to have the baby. He is upset and thinks maybe he should take the legal stance. Michelle tells him that isn't how he is and he should just be himself. She promises him that nice guys do finish first. She leaves.

At Company:
Catalina asks Buzz if she can have a job working at Company. She tells him she can handle two jobs and they won't conflict with each other. He gives her the job and she starts to work right away. Tony and Romeo come in. Buzz asks Catalina how things are going with her and Tony. She tells him Tony isn't interested in her like that. Buzz says Tony is a bigger fool that he thought.

Catalina goes over to Tony and Romeo. Tony is surprised she is working there too and asks if she needs a raise. She tells him she doesn't want charity, she will work for what she has. She asks what they would like. Romeo comes on to her while Catalina is telling them about the desserts. They order and Catalina leaves. Tony tells Romeo not to treat Catalina like that. She is a good person who deserves respect. He tells Romeo that Catalina isn't interested in him so he should leave it alone. Romeo thinks Tony is interested. Catalina brings the cake out and leaves. Tony talks to Romeo about a job he has for him. He wants him to find Lucas and learn who paid him to lie at Danny's trial.

Maria comes in and she and Buzz greet each other. She heads over to talk to Tony but he tells her he will talk to her when he is through talking business. Maria goes to the bar and sits while she talks to Buzz. She asks Buzz to get Catalina to come over there. Catalina comes over and Maria tells her that she wants something from her. Maria tells her that she is the woman for Tony, she knows it and she wants her to act on her feelings and not be so shy. Catalina tells her that she is the woman for Tony, she knows that too, but when she and Tony do get together she is sure Maria won't like it. She will make sure Tony knows that he is powerful and important without the family business. Maria tells Catalina that will be perfect. Tony will want to succeed for Catalina. She says if Catalina wants to she can try to change Tony but no matter how loudly anyone protests, people do what they want to do. Tony is here because he wants to be. She wishes Catalina good luck. Catalina is upset because she believes Maria thinks Tony will want her as a mother figure. Maria tells her it is better then nothing.

Romeo leaves and Tony goes to Catalina and asks her where Maria is. He asks if she left any messages for him. Catalina tells him she did and she goes and kisses him. He is surprised. Catalina asks if that felt grandmotherly to him. He tells her it didn't. Catalina smiles and walks away.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

In San Cristobel:
On the other island, Josh is lying in bed thinking when Olivia comes in. Josh is preoccupied and Olivia is concerned. He tells her that he had a dream earlier that Reva and Marah were in an open car or wagon on the edge of a hill. The car started to move and he couldn't help them. Then he woke up. Olivia tells him that it was just a dream. Josh tells her it just stuck with him and being there without any way to contact Reva or Marah makes him think something is wrong. Just then Marah comes in crying and tells Josh that there was an earthquake and Reva is stuck and he is the only one who can help her. Marah tells Josh what happened crying hysterically. Olivia is upset about the earthquake and Sam tells her about it. Marah tells Josh that Reva was in the palace and the walls came down on her during an aftershock. Marah tells them about losing her necklace and how Reva fell into a chasm and is buried alive. Olivia asks about the harbor project and Josh tells her that is the least of their worries. Marah tells Josh, she is stuck in darkness and she just got her site back. Olivia is shocked and asks how long Reva has been able to see. Marah tells her dad they have to get back to SC but he tells her they aren't going anywhere. Josh gets on the phone and talks to someone while Sam comforts Marah. Josh tells them that he is going back to the island and he has to know his daughter is safe. He tells Marah to trust him and stay there with Sam. Sam promises he will take care of Marah. Olivia gets ready and she and Josh leave. Marah wants to follow but Sam stops her. Finally she convinces him and they head out accidentally leaving Sam's cell phone behind.

At the palace, Richard is trying to calm Cassie while Dax, Noah and some workers are digging. Another tremor comes which causes more debris to fall. Richard tells Dax to get the men out of there; it is too dangerous. He wants everyone out. Noah and Cassie refuse to leave without Reva. Noah and Cassie keep digging and Richard tries to get them to leave and let him do it. They refuse and Richard tells Cassie that he will carry her out of there. He reminds her about her children. Cassie tells him that he has to promise her to take care of himself and not to leave there without Reva. He promises and Cassie leaves. Noah and Richard start digging. Noah tells Richard that he isn't prepared for this. He seems really upset. Richard tells him they have to know that Reva may not be alive. Reva is lying underneath the rubble unconscious.

In Mexico:
The Thug has Beth tying Ed's hand behind his back. Ed tries to talk to him but the thug tells him that he is no longer the boss, no one told him about the silver mine. While the thug is talking, Beth finds a piece of glass and puts it in Ed's hands. While Beth is talking to the thug he offers her a deal. He wants her to sign the mine over to her under more 'favorable' conditions. She starts to flirt with him while Ed works the glass into the rope. Beth tells the thug that she will do anything if he keeps Ed away from her. Ed starts arguing with Beth and she argues back to keep up the pretense. Beth tells Ed that the thug can have the mine as long as she never has to see Ed again. Ed is really looking upset about the thug touching Beth but he continues to work on getting free. The man kisses Beth and tells her that he doesn't believe her little act. Ed tells him they both want the same thing, the mine and they can make a deal. Ed gets free and when the man turns around and pulls a gun to Beth, Ed jumps him and holds the gun to his neck. Ed tells Blake that they have always made a good team. Beth tells him he was only the lesser of two evils. Ed tells her that he will take her back to town and she can catch a plane home because he is sure that she will come back to him when she is ready. Just then another thug comes in holding a gun. A helicopter hovers outside and Beth is sure it is Phillip and he has found her. The men tell her it is the feds and they know about the drugs. Ed tells Beth they have to get out of there, drug cases are different down there and they will be in deep trouble if there are caught there.

At Company:
Frank and Buzz are talking when Michelle comes in. She asks to speak to Frank. She tells Frank that she found out some more on her theory of Carmen. She tells him about the intern, Jennifer Tarver, that disappeared from the ER the night Carmen died and she never came back. Frank still doubts the theory. Michelle asks him to follow up on the intern. Michelle is sure about this. Frank tells her that he has a bad feeling about this. She begs him to help her prove it. Michelle tells Frank to think of Robbie and help them. He finally agrees to help. He is going to try to find the intern. Michelle asks him not to say anything to Danny and Frank agrees. He leaves and Michelle looks at the paper she found in the interns belongings and leaves.

Danny and Tony meet outside. Tony tells Danny he has been looking into things and he has Romeo on Lucas. Danny tells him that they have to hurry for Michelle's sake. Romeo comes in with Lucas. Romeo leaves and Danny asks Lucas who paid him off. Lucas tries to leave and Tony reminds him of the $80,000 he owes Infierno. Lucas tells him he has money coming. They offer to pick up his marker at the club if he answers some questions. The guy tells them that he got a message shortly after Carmen's death that told him to go to a shack in Laurel Falls. He tells them he got there and someone put a blindfold on him. They took him inside and told him to go down to the docks and throw something in the water. It was a canvas bag that was heavy that had metal clanging inside. He dumped the bag and stripped the car. He also remembers he smelled Roses at the shack. Lucas leaves and Danny tells Tony that Carmen always wore "royal rose" perfume. He knows Carmen is alive but for now they should keep it to themselves.

Danny comes inside Company and tells Frank he needs his help.

At Infierno:
Blake and Rick meet up and have small talk. He is upset about Harley. Blake tells him that she talked to Harley and she is really sorry. Rick tells her that he has waited a long time for this and now Harley has left town. Blake tells him he will be a great dad and everything will be okay. Rick shows her the sonogram and he is already acting like a proud papa.

Blake tells Rick about the Gus kiss and Ross' reaction. She is upset about it but Rick thinks it just shows Ross trusts her. Rick tells Blake she needs to find Ross and tell him what she told him.

At Laurel Falls:
Michelle comes upon the shack while thinking back to the night Carmen died. She goes into the shack and looks around. She doesn't find anything and starts to leave when a bat flies through and scares her. She runs outside and thinks she didn't find anything. She remembers the furnace inside and goes back to search it. Michelle finds a piece of paper that says something about the Springfield Airport.

Friday, August 10, 2001

At Company:
Danny asks for Franks help. David sticks his nose in the conversation and tells Danny that if it is official he can talk to him as well. Danny tells them that he thinks Michelle may be in trouble, he believes Carmen is still alive. David accuses Danny of trying to play them to save his own hide. Frank tells Danny that Michelle is thinking the same thing and investigating herself. Danny is getting upset and tells Frank that if Carmen is alive, Michelle is in danger and he needs his help. Frank doesn't really believe the theory of Carmen being alive but knows that if she were Danny would be right to worry about Michelle's safety. Frank tells Danny about the intern Michelle wants him to find. David thinks the whole thing is bunk and thinks Frank is crazy to listen to it. Danny tells Frank that all this time they haven't had a trace of Carmen and now all of the sudden there are clues popping up all over about her being alive. He knows his mother and tells Frank that she covers her tracks unless she wants to be found. He thinks she is sitting Michelle up. Frank tells him he will look into the intern thing but that is all he can do. He leaves and David goes to make some calls while watching Danny. Danny tries over and over to get Michelle on her cell but there is no answer. Claire comes over and tells Danny that she has talked to Michelle and she thinks she is after Carmen. She also tells him that while she was on the phone she heard an announcement for a plane to Montreal. Danny leaves.

Buzz turns on the tube and hears the news about the earthquake in San Cristobel. Tony is worried about Marah. Maria comes in and tells Tony that she has a message from Machado. Tony takes her outside and Maria tells him that Machado wants him to go down and check out the harbor project in San Cristobel. Tony tells her that he isn't there errand boy and he will not go. Catalina comes out and tells him he should go. He is surprised that she knows about his business but she tells him she does and she supports whatever he wants to do. She goes on to tell him she will never pass judgment on him and she only wants him to be happy. Catalina tells him if he is hesitant about Marah, he shouldn't worry about that either because she is confident that he will be able to handle it. Tony agrees to go. He leaves and Maria tells Catalina she did very well. Catalina tells her it wasn't an act.

At the Airport:
Michelle tries to get an airport employee to tell her about a chartered airline. She showed them the paper she located at Laurel Falls with the letterhead of the airline and asks to speak to the man in charge. While she is waiting, Claire calls and begs her to let her help. Michelle tells her she will talk to her later and ends the call. Shortly after, the head of the airline comes over and she asks him if he can tell her who chartered their plane on a certain date last year. He tells her he can't help her with his private clients. Michelle pretends to start crying and then spins a story about looking for her birth mother because she is dying and needs a transplant. The man tells her he will check his records for her. He brings out the record book and verifies that an injured woman traveled on the dates she was talking about from Springfield to Bear Lake, Canada. Michelle asks him how fast he can get her there. He goes to check and brings back a ticket on a commercial airline that will take Michelle to Montreal and from there his man will meet with her and take her on to Bear Lake. Michelle thanks him and goes to board the place. She passes one of Carmen's thugs and seems to recognize him. She goes on to the plane. The thug calls someone and tells him or her that Michelle is on her way.

Danny arrives at the airport and begs them to get his wife off the plane. They tell him he can't go on the plane without a ticket and he throws a credit card at the stewardess telling her to sell him one. David has followed him and goes over and arrests Danny. Danny yells out for Michelle to get off the plane.

Meanwhile, at the shed in Laurel Falls, Carmen is happy that Michelle is on her way to Canada. Just then Michelle burst in the shack and tells Carmen she didn't take the bait.

At Millennium:
Phillip is on the phone trying to locate Beth. Rick comes in and it is awkward. They talk about Harley and Beth. Rick tells Phillip that sometimes you have to let people make their own mistakes and back off. Phillip asks Rick if that is what he would do and tells him if it is he wonders why Rick didn't back off the night he crawled into bed with Harley.

In San Cristobel:
Reva is coming to under the rubble and she yells out but no one hears her. She grabs a chair leg and starts to make noise with it but more debris starts to fall on her. She wonders if everyone else is okay. Meanwhile, on the surface Josh and Olivia show up and Richard tells them it is too dangerous to be there. Josh tells Noah he will help him but he wants Olivia out of there. Josh goes to call his crew on the harbor project to get them to help. He talks to Lou, the crew chief and asks him to gather everyone up and come to the palace with all the land moving equipment. Lou tells him the harbor is in terrible shape but Josh tells him he doesn't care, just get there ASAP. Josh hangs up and tells Noah and Richard that help will be there in 30 minutes.

Olivia is out where the hall used to be calling up about the harbor. Someone tells her it is in serious trouble. She asks to speak to Lou and tells him to get busy working. Lou tells her that they are on their way to the palace. She tells them not to, she has to much money tied up in this. Josh comes out and hears Olivia and tells her that Lou and the men are coming there and to hell with the money. He yells at Olivia that there is a life at stake, which is more important then any amount of cash. Olivia tells him that Reva is dead and he wants to risk everything to dig up a corpse. Olivia says she is trying to save them and their life together. Josh asks who the hell she is. Olivia says she is his wife and his future, not his past. Josh says the men are coming to get Reva out. Olivia says do what he has to do. She will save the project whether he likes it or not. She will do it if she has to dig it out herself.

Meanwhile, Marah and Sam are back on the boat. He tries to get something on the radio but Marah rushes him to get started so he heads up to the controls. They both are out of the cabin just as a severe weather report comes on warning people to take cover. Later, they come back down to get the radio started and things start to get turbulent. Sam looks out the porthole and sees a major storm. He tells Marah he can save the boat if he gets to the controls. He starts out of the cabin and hits his head, knocking him out. Marah is whining trying to get Sam up. When he finally wakes up, Marah tells him they are taking on water.

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