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Monday, October 29, 2001

Furious with her for ruining his plans, Edmund warns Lorelei that he's going to tell all who she really is if she doesn't include him in the scheme. When she vows to tell all about what he really did down in Mexico, he backs off. Phillip interrupts and worries Lorelei when he announces he wants to throw a welcome home party in "Beth's" honor. Finding Marah upset, Clay suggests to his student that she put her pain into writing in an effort to understand her grief and herself. As a frustrated Felicia watches them mis-connect again, Clay misses the point of the jazz CD when Remy offers him a collection of Clay's favorites as a birthday present. Buzz offers Sam advice as he learns that he's considering applying to Harvard to escape his big mistakes her in Springfield. Holly hears about his decision and offers him a job at her newspaper. Sam thanks her for the offers and agrees to consider it but worries about having to see Marah everyday. Romeo also overhears about Sam's travel plans and lets Tony know. Stranded on an island, Cassie is grateful when Alonzo saves her from a poisonous snake but worries when he destroys their radio in the process. In front of a campfire, Alonzo admits to Cassie that he was adopted and then tells story about his life growing up. With Cassie and Alonzo missing during a storm, Richard is alarmed when Alonzo's professed enemy Walton warns him that Alonzo stole his wife from him.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Blake and Holly observe Tory as she interacts with Jeff, a fellow law school student. Tory turns Jeff down when he asks her out on a date. Blake approaches Tory and offers to give her a makeover. After she watches Blake and Ross playfully think of ideas for their Halloween costumes, Tory agrees to let Blake make her over. While Rick stocks Harley's house with baby supplies, Harley pressures him to give an answer to her proposal. When she leaves to show Buzz some new baby pictures, Mel stops by and questions Rick about his arrangement with Harley. Mel and Rick share a kiss. Meanwhile, Babe, Gus' FBI boss, has come back to town to remind Gus not to let this case get personal again. She tells him that he has two weeks to make a legitimate case against Danny. Harley goes to Company and informs Gus that she and Rick are planning on taking their relationship to the next level. Harley leaves and Gus is unable to get her off of his mind. When she returns home, Rick suggests that they not rush into marriage, but he agrees to move in with her. Tony arrives at Company and asks Sam about his plans to leave Springfield. Sam tells Tony that he has accepted Holly's job offer and is staying in town. In San Cristobel , Cassie and Alonzo enjoy a makeshift breakfast. Cassie is certain that as long as Richard knows that she's with Alonzo he won't be concerned about her. She tells Alonzo that she was surprised by how easily he gave up his child and why she wants him to remain a part of Will's life. Alonzo is amazed by Cassie's generosity and embraces her. Richard arrives on the beach just in time to see them in each other's arms. When Richard tells them about Walton's accusations, Alonzo explains where Walton's animosity came from. Richard doesn't believe that Alonzo is as much of a stand up guy as Cassie does.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Ross tells Phillip how happy he is that there is a new woman in his life Tory has freed up so much of his time! Ross tries to convince Phillip to sit down and talk with Rick, but Phillip doesn't want to. Blake gives Tory a complete makeover. Ross is shocked at how beautiful Tory looks and invites her to join them at Beth's homecoming party. Blake agrees and is hopeful that Tory will meet an eligible bachelor at the bash. Rick moves into Harley house. She convinces him that because of his past with Beth, he should attend her party. When Rick eventually caves, Harley decides that she will go as well. At Company, Gus tells Carmen that they need to push up the timetable for Danny's heist. Carmen agrees to get the message to Danny and Michelle. Gus sets off to meet with Phillip at Towers. Phillip confides in Gus that he doesn't trust Danny's new security system and he wants to hire his own extra guards immediately. Gus pretends to hire more security, but he plans on being the only person at Spaulding to catch Danny and Michelle in the act. Meanwhile, Carlos tells Danny and Michelle that they have to steal the money tonight. Michelle grows concerned that they will have to be in two places at the same time Phillip's party and Spaulding Enterprises but Danny has an idea. In Civil War era New Orleans, Jack informs Reva that he is going to leave New Orleans and head out West. Reva, determined to solve everything, vows to speak with President Lincoln about General Hudson's abuses of power. Regina sees how close Reva is getting to Jack and demands that she stay away from her husband. Regina decides to set Reva up and secretly stows the intercepted Yankee dispatches in Reva's bag. When General Hudson finds the dispatches, he accuses Reva of being a spy.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Ross goes on and on to Phillip about Tory and how she's changed his life since he hired her. Phillip confides who he's invited to the welcome home party for Beth. Blake works her magic on Tory and gives the law student a makeover. Comparing her to his daughter Dinah, Ross is speechless as he stares at her new look and invites her to join them at the Halloween party for Beth's homecoming. Rick moves in with Harley but decides not to tell anyone at the party for Beth. In Civil War New Orleans, Jack and Regina are surprised to come home from their son's funeral and find Reva waiting. Jack confides he's glad she's there but later, Regina fires Reva. Reva boasts to Regina that she's traveling to Washington to tell President Lincoln about his corrupt General Hudson. Regina plants some important papers in Reva's purse which Hudson conveniently finds. He then accuses Reva of being a spy. Carlos orders Danny and Michelle to make the Spaulding heist tonight during the masquerade Halloween party. Danny doesn't like it and asks why it has to be tonight. Carlos claims he doesn't ask questions and warns him that the "man at the top" is expecting results tonight. Meanwhile, Phillip orders Gus to be at the Spaulding offices tonight while he and Alan are at the party.

Friday, November 2, 2001

Mel stands up for Remy to a disappointed Clay. Though Gus almost catches them at Spaulding, Danny and Michelle make a successful getaway but fail to make the $25 million transaction Carlos demanded. Olivia discovers Josh trying to figure out why the mobster in the photo may be taking the fall for someone else. She urges him to forget about conducting his own investigation but after she leaves, Josh makes a phone call. An upset Frank explains to Buzz that Marina was suspended from school. Buzz offers to help him bring Marina home. Ross is upset when Blake chooses to leave the masquerade party early in order to take an impromptu meeting with the director. He takes an upset Tory home and allows her to fall asleep in his arms after she reveals her husband died a year ago tomorrow. Falling for the phony letter from the phony relative Uncle George, Lorelei is in trouble until Edmund jumps in and takes the blame for her miscue and claims that George is his relative. Later, Lorelei agrees to allow Edmund back into the scam but orders him to stay away from her so that she can woo Phillip. Phillip assures Rick and Harley that he's moved on with his life and doesn't care about what they are doing. Mel's upset when Harley leaks that Rick's living with her. Harley reacts when Rick runs after Mel.

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