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Monday, JUNE 17, 2002

Romeo dishes out the details of his night with Marah to Tony, relishing the telling of every elicit detail. Needless to say, Tony is fuming and a breath away from all-out ballistic. Mara makes her way to the jail after being taunted by Carmen that Romeo was planning to bare all about their tryst. After hearing the news, Tony leaves the jail in a rage and Mara arrives to a gloating Romeo. Mara proclaims to Romeo she is certain Tony will forgive her and their love will triumph. But she doesn't look as sure as she sounds.

Cassie sits in a traffic jam, late for her second honeymoon with Richard at the Beacon. She lovingly reminisces about all the adventure and romance they have enjoyed in their marriage thus far.

Gus finally opens up to Harley and tells his story, the secret, that's inside his juvenile record Phillip had unsealed. Instead of Harley being put-off, as Gus feared, she is understanding and their bond is made stronger than ever. But wait, there's more. Gus explains that the official record is, in essence, a cover story that was created to save someone else's reputation. Harley wants to know whom Gus is protecting, but Gus stands by his promise to keep the secret. After Harley leaves, Gus gazes at a photo of a young woman and vows out-loud to her that he will never betray their confidence.

An on-call Harley arrives at the scene of the accident that Cassie has been held up by for what seems like hours. Restless and wanting to help, Cassie leaves her car and approaches the crash. She is surprised to see Harley there, who looks even more surprised and anguished to see Cassie.

Back inside a police cruiser, Harley is trying to find the words to tell Cassie that Richard is involved in the accident. There is a horrible moment of recognition, as Cassie looks through the pouring rain and sees it is Richard's wrecked car in front of them. Cassie runs to Richard, who is being carefully extricated from the car. She calls to him, but he does not answer.

Tuesday, JUNE 18, 2002

Olivia reads Lorelei's diary and smiles as a napkin falls out. It is from the Palomino Bar, scribbled with "No one like you, never before, never after." Beth enters and searches behind the couch cushions, claiming she's lost an earring. Alan and Phillip enter and join Beth in teasing Olivia on her "champagne binge" at her ex-husband's wedding. Alan notices Olivia's good mood and guesses she's "up to no good." Nolan announces the arrival of Bill Lewis. Alan can't believe Olivia had the nerve to invite "a Lewis" into his house. She tells him not to worry; Bill is doing some work for her (estimates on repairs to the Beacon). Beth looks worried as Bill enters the study. She remembers talking to him at Company, how he mentioned Lorelei's red hair and her striking resemblance. He implies they knew each other quite well... "Just how well?" Beth asks... She snaps out of her thoughts as Olivia invites Bill to stay for a drink. Beth and Bill exchange uncomfortable "how are you's," and Olivia asks how long Bill will be in town. He doesn't know; he's done so much traveling lately, but the Beacon was the only thing keeping him in Springfield. Olivia frowns, saying Beth will miss him - and his dancing. At the wedding, it seemed like they'd danced a thousand times before. Bill and Beth ask why Olivia keeps mentioning that fact. She sips her brandy, "It'll keep; drink up."
Bill entertains Phillip and Beth with stories from his travels as Alan takes Olivia aside and warns her not to continue this little game. He wouldn't want to see anyone he loves get hurt. Nolan enters with a plate of pork rinds. Olivia pretends to have made a mistake as she asks if Beth likes them now "or when you were Lorelei?" Bill eyes Beth suspiciously, "You're Lorelei?" Beth admits she was, then asks Phillip for a moment outside. Olivia explains to Bill about Beth's brush with death in Mexico and how the trauma brought about the "alternate persona" of Lorelei Hills. In the hall, Beth says she meant to tell Phillip she knew Bill as Lorelei, but only found out last night and hadn't found the right time. She doesn't even remember her time as Lorelei, and she and Bill were just friends anyway, so it shouldn't matter. Phillip passes it off as a "weird coincidence." They return to the study where Phillip suggests Beth see Bill out. Olivia asks if all is well between the happy couple. Much to her dismay, Phillips says everything is fine. Olivia looks disappointed as Alan smirks.
Outside, Beth apologizes for not being honest with Bill about Lorelei. She wanted to tell Phillip first. Bill realizes Beth must have had a rough time and is sorry for bringing the past back to haunt her. He leaves but Beth still looks worried.
Alan warns Olivia not to start trouble for Phillip and Beth. Olivia wanted justice, however petty. She accuses Alan of lacking the "feeling" with which to understand her situation. She questions his intentions to her and leaves in a huff. Beth overhears on her way to join Phillip again. Phillip is well aware of Olivia's plan to stir things up, and he assumes Bill was the reason Beth started looking through Lorelei's things. Beth assures him it's no big deal, but Phillip jokes - Bill is a nice guy, handsome, good taste in women. They laugh.
Bill listens to country music at Company as Buzz asks if he wants another beer. He is deep in thought, but snaps out of it and tells Buzz no thanks. He leaves, holding his head, but hesitates outside. He reads the sign on the window, "Room For Rent," and goes back inside.

At Infierno, Tony asks Marah point-blank if she slept with Romeo. She admits she did and that it was a mistake. She is sorry he had to hear it from Romeo instead of her. She was angry and drunk and didn't know how to tell him without hurting him. Tony is too upset to let her hug him. He pushes her off violently, sending her to the floor. He screams for her to shut up. She gets up and accuses Tony of lying to her as well - said he killed Catalina and didn't love her (Marah) anymore. She was heartbroken and confused and angry with him. Tony is disgusted, remembering prom night and how she was too "pure and perfect" to touch. He wanted to do right by her, almost went to jail and risked his life to protect her. He accuses her of playing him for a fool, all the while conspiring with Romeo behind his back. Marah explains that she used sex in order to get a better look at the St. Anthony's medal around Romeo's neck. She suspected he was the killer and needed proof. Tony claims that she never would have slept with Romeo if she loved him the way he loves her. He pushes her away and implies she deliberately hurt him. Marah admits that she was in pain and wanted him to feel it too. Tony grabs her and begs, "Tell me how you wanted to hurt me," he wants all the details. He pins Marah to the wall but she breaks free, reminding him that she forgave him for sleeping with Catalina; why can't he do the same? He thought Marah was holding out for the "perfect guy" and after all they've been through, she didn't wait for him. Marah explains that it didn't matter who is was - it was always about Tony. Romeo told him otherwise, said Marah enjoyed it. Angry, Tony grabs Marah and rips off her shirt. He demands to know how she enjoyed her "perfect moment" with his best friend. He holds her down on the couch and takes off his shirt. Marah screams and breaks free, stripping off her clothes. Sobbing, she screams, realizing Tony thinks she's a slut and only wants sex. She lays down and screams at him, "GO ahead! Take what you want!" Tony stares in shock, then picks up her clothes and tells her to leave "before I do something that I can't take back." Marah gets up, "You already did." Everyone warned her about Tony Santos, and she always defended him. But she now sees he's everything they said he was. Tony retorts that Marah Lewis isn't all she pretended to be. On the other side of the slammed door, Marah cries.

Outside Company, Michelle tells her father that Danny has a meeting so he won't be joining them. Ed knows it must be hard for her and offers to find another place to stay. Michelle assures him he is welcome to stay with them. Ed feels his presence may be causing the rift between his daughter and her husband. And, he adds, just being around won't fix things. He comments on the red moon on the horizon. The villagers in Africa always said it was a bad omen - the gods are "wrathful," and anything can happen. Inside, at a table, Michelle tells Ed she disagrees with his red moon theory - there must be a scientific explanation for everything. Ed's travels have shown him there is more to it. For example, if someone cuts corners to achieve a goal, it doesn't mean he's a criminal - and if you treat him like one, it's worse than the corner-cutting in the first place. Michelle knows he's talking about Danny. Buzz greets Ed as Michelle's phone rings. He reminds them that they have a grandson in common, rubbing in that he is with Holly now. Buzz walks away as Michelle hangs up with Mel. The hospital is overflowing with accident victims from the storm. They need volunteers. They leave for Cedars.
Buzz lays on a booth in the now empty restaurant as Frank enters and asks if he's ok. Buzz seems down and speaks lethargically. He's alone and feels like something bad is going to happen tonight... or maybe it's already happening... "maybe here. And I just can't face the truth." Frank urges Buzz to tell Ed he is with Holly and that they are happy together. Buzz feels he's crossed a line with Ed and maybe "I should let her go while the going's good." Holly's always had a connection with Ed - they have a history together. Besides, Buzz is bad luck. Frank says so is Ed and maybe by being with Holly, he's sparing her more pain. Frank suggests his father fight for the woman he loves. Frank leaves for work as Buzz contemplates his son's words.

Rescue workers try to extract Richard from the crashed vehicle as Harley tries to keep a hysterical Cassie away from the site. She is stubborn and calls to Richard, "What happened?!" Harley tries to bring Cassie to reality, but Cassie resists, "He is not dead!" An EMT finds a pulse and Cassie insists on riding with Richard in the ambulance. She promises him they'll get through this; they've only just begun their new life together.
Richard is brought into the hospital as Cassie sees Michelle and Ed and begs for help. Richard is taken to a room as Harley and Ed pull Cassie away. He promises to tell her as soon as he knows anything. Cassie gives in and sinks to the floor, "Oh my god." Harley comforts her.
When Ed exits Richard's room, Cassie asks if he'll be alright. Richard needs surgery and Cassie is asked to sign forms. As she reads the paperwork, she is stunned, "He could die?" Ed promises the surgeons will do all they can. Cassie bends over Richard as he is brought out on a gurney. She reminds him of their date and expects him to keep it. Cassie watches as he is taken to the OR, "See you soon. You promised."

Wednesday, JUNE 19, 2002

At the Bauer cabin
Rick is coughing and woke up to ask Mel if it was still raining. Rick seemed depressed and had difficulty in breathing. Mel told him that they are going to get him a heart. But Rick wanted to be realistic. Mel proposed a new idea that they have a normal day. Rick turned over to face her and said that it has been awhile since they had a normal day. Mel said no hospital talk or transplant talk, but to talk about their life together. As romantic music played in the background, they laugh and talk as they ate wedding cake. Mel wiped cake on Rick's face and they laugh. They cleaned up the kitchen together as Rick put soapsuds on Mel's face. They played cards and gambled with chocolate kisses. Rick won a hand and tried to eat the chocolate. Rick kept telling Mel that she deserved better than this. She told him how it is going to be with the five children and him coming home from work. Mel said, "If they can dream it, they can do it."

Mel answered the phone and found out from Michelle that there is a heart for Rick. Michelle told her that she needed to get to the hospital. Mel said she would get him there. She woke up Rick and told him that there is a heart. Rick hugged Mel. Mel tried to get the Spaulding helicopter, but the weather is too bad. As Mel looked outside the thunder and lightening intensify. Mel said they have to get him to the hospital. She told Rick she would bring the car around. Mel enters and told Rick that the car won't start.

At Company
Michelle asked Danny where Robbie was. She told Danny that it was overwhelming with all of the accidents. She told him that she doesn't know if she can do this or not, especially when a patient cannot recover. She told Danny about Richard and how bad he was.

Holley told Blake that Richard is still in surgery. A reporter showed up to work with Holley and Blake on a charade that Blake has planned. Ross enters. Blake told Ross that they are not officially married. He wanted to know why he woke up with her gone again. She told him he didn't ask for her permission when he slept with Tory. Harley enters. She told Blake that the basement where Tory was imprisoned went up in flames, and she wanted to know if she set the fire. Blake asked Ross if he thought she did this, and he said it won't be the first time she lied. Harley smelled Blake's napkin and smelled the hint of gasoline. Harley exits with Blake.

Carmen said it is nice that someone else is under arrest besides the Santos. She told Danny that she was worried about him. Michelle gets a page that a heart may be available. She exits. Danny tried to pay the check as Carmen begged him to stay. Danny told Carmen that he spoke with Edmund about being threatened, and he sent him on an elevator ride.

Outside of Company
Danny talked to his hit man and he told Danny that he took care of everything. Carmen enters. Carmen wanted to know if she heard him call Danny boss. Carmen wanted to know what he did. Danny told her that he knew that she wanted him to take his place as head of the family. He told her that Edmund probably isn't too happy right now.

At Cedars Hospital
Ed comes out to talk to Cassie and told her that Richard is still in surgery. As he leaves he told Cassie he would come and get her when surgery is over. Reva and Josh enter. Reva embraced Cassie. Reva said their flight was delayed and they got up this morning and heard the news. Cassie explained the accident. Ed enters. Josh asked Ed about Richard. Ed said it isn't very good. He said Richard's central nervous system is damaged and most patients in this condition do not survive. But the human spirit may keep him alive. Ed promised Josh he would stay close. Ed exits. Cassie told Reva that the children don't know. Cassie knows how hard this will be for Tammy. Cassie felt that if she was with him it wouldn't have happened, and she asked what kind of ambassador duties Richard would have been taking care of. Cassie exits. Reva is upset and told Josh that Richard should have told her about the car dealership job.

Josh told Reva that nobody could have prevented this accident. He embraced Reva. Richard is wheeled out as Cassie enters. Ed told Cassie that he will come and get her when they get Richard set up. Richard began to wake up. Ed told Richard who he is and where he is. Richard asked for Cassie. He told Ed that he couldn't move. Ed goes out to waiting room and told Cassie that there is injury to his spinal cord. That means he is paralyzed from the waist down. Ed doesn't know if he will live. Crying, Cassie said he would survive this. Cassie commented to Reva that the surgery saved his life. She wanted reassurance from Reva. Reva told her that Richard is paralyzed, but Cassie cannot accept it. Nurse told Cassie that she could go see Richard. Cassie bended down to Richard and kissed his forehead. She sat by his side and talked to him to let him know that she is there. Michelle enters. She wanted to give Cassie Richard's things. Reva and Josh enter. She pulled out a handkerchief that she gave him. Cassie reached out to touch Richard's hand. She opened his wallet and found pictures of Tammy, RJ and Will. But then she noticed a car dealership card. Cassie figured it was the place he was going to buy her the car.

Michelle told Ed that they found a heart for Rick. But Ed said they needed to get there fast. Michelle told Danny and Ed that there is another man who is waiting on a heart and he has five children. Ed said he is there in case Rick doesn't make it to the hospital.

Basement where Tory was kept
Harley told Blake to stay there. Blake said she didn't need Ross' help. Gus enters. Harley told Gus about Richard. A reporter asked Harley if she had a statement about Blake and arson. Fire fighter told Harley that there is a body in the basement. Blake told Harley that she doesn't know what she is talking about. She told Blake that they found a body in the basement, but Blake said that Tory is dead and she had nothing to do with it. Fire fighter told Harley he had identification of the dead body. Harley told Blake that the body they found was Tory Granger. Harley put Blake under arrest for the murder of Tory Granger. Blake and Harley exit. Gus wanted to know why Ross isn't defending his wife. Everyone left the scene. In disguise, Tory asked fire fighter what happened. He told her they found the body of Tory Granger.

Thursday, JUNE 20, 2002

At the Bauer Cabin
Mel attempted to try to start the car. Rick told her that he felt good as he continued to cough. They cannot figure out how they are going to get to the hospital. Then Mel got a brainstorm. She got in the backseat and gets the heart apparatus to try to jump the car. She hooked it to the battery and Rick started the car. They began on their journey to the hospital.

At the Spaulding mansion
While Beth tried to find Lorelei's diary, Phillip enters. As Beth was straightening the pillows on the couch, she told him that she was looking for a book. He offered to help and she told him about the diary. She said it had disappeared, and she described the appearance of the diary. She explained that it was about people she didn't know and that she doesn't remember. She felt that this might help her to remember. Phillip commented that he wants her to do what she wants to do, but he hated for her to get this information in her head. He told her it doesn't matter because they are together with the kids and Rick is going to get a heart. He wanted to concentrate on the present not what she did months ago. He said he was worried about her because he doesn't want her to be Lorelei again. She agreed. But she still wanted to know what was behind her. Felicia enters. She needed to cancel her appointment because of Mel and Rick on their way to the hospital. Beth exits to get her daybook to reschedule the appointment. Phillip told her that he wanted to talk to her about Beth's therapy. He was afraid that she is making things worse.

Beth gave Bill the Beacon file. She told him that she is sorry for not telling him because it is hard to admit that she doesn't remember things. She wondered if Lorelei had mentioned a diary to her. Bill replied that he couldn't imagine Lorelei writing a diary. Beth wanted Bill to tell he about Lorelei. He told Beth how wild and fun Lorelei was. He mentioned how he and Lorelei danced all night long. Bill knew that she can remember. Phillip enters to hear Bill's comment.

At Company
Olivia reading diary and Bill enters. He told her that he got a call from the insurance company and that the generator had been tampered with at the Beacon Hotel. He told her that the insurance won't cover because it was sabotage. She told him to swing by the house and pick up the papers. Alan enters and wanted to know if she was stirring up another plan. She told him about the insurance. Bill told her to not call Cassie because Richard was in a terrible car accident. Alan said that is why he was there because Richard is paralyzed. Bill exits. Alan asked Olivia if she has work to do. Olivia reminded him that she was engaged to Richard at one time. But Alan said she had her priorities right and wondered when she was going to strike. But Olivia said she couldn't do this to Cassie right now. Alan said this is what she wanted, full control of the Beacon. She told him that there are some lines she won't cross. But Alan doesn't believe her because her desire for dominance is always there. Olivia denied it. She told him that he needed a dancing dog to roll over when he snapped his fingers. She commented that she would not be controlled. She exits.

At Cedars Hospital
Dr. Ethan Pierce talked to Ed about the heart transplant. Ed told him that his son is having difficulty in getting there. Dr. Pierce said he would have to check with the other recipient. Dr. Piece told the other recipient's wife that if Rick isn't there in the next five minutes the heart will be given to her husband. Rick enters. Mel exits to go to ER. Ed told Rick that the lady is the backup recipient's wife. Ed told the lady that he is sorry. He took them to her husband. The little boy goes to Rick and wanted to know if he is going to get the heart that his dad was supposed to receive. Rick said yes. Little boy exits.

Rick stopped a nurse and told her to get the other heart candidates chart. Mel and Felicia enter and Mel told Rick it is time. She asked whose chart that Rick had. Rick told them it was patient that was very ill. He told them that he feels better. Mel and Felicia exit. Ed enters and told Rick that he is running a fever. Ed told him that they couldn't operate on him sine he had a 103 fever so the heart goes to the backup recipient. Ed exits to talk to Dr. Pierce. Mel told Rick that they canceled the surgery. She was upset because the heart is going to someone else and she cannot understand why he has s fever. Rick told her about the man's son and how he looked at him. Mel figured out that Rick faked a fever and was upset that he gave this up. Screaming she wanted to know why he is doing this and how could he give up this heart. Mel exits.

At the office at Inferno
Tony is looking in the mirror at himself remembering what he did to Marah. Father Ray enters and wanted to know what is going on with the broken furniture and his bandaged hand. But Tony told him to get out of his face. Tony screamed and said it was Marah. He told him that everybody was right about him. Ray got him by the collar and said he had better not had hurt Marah. Father Ray reminded him of his bad temper and he thought he loved Marah. Tony told him to leave God out of it, because he has never been there. But Ray kept asking him why. Tony told Father Ray about Romeo and Marah, and he found out it was true that Marah slept with Romeo while he was in jail. Ray wanted to know if there is a way to get past this. Tony told him that he wanted to hurt her and punish her, so he tried to rape her. Breathing heavily, Tony said he hated her as much as he hated himself. As they look at the messy office, Ray told Tony that what he did was wrong. Tony told Ray that he was going back to being bad where he belongs.

As Tony is taking a drink, Josh grabbed him by the collar. Screaming at Tony he told him that he thought he would protect Marah even after he gave him a job. Josh told him he definitely was a Santos and always will be. He doesn't want him to speak to Marah ever again. Tony wanted to know if he wanted to fight, and Josh said that if he gets started he wouldn't stop until he was finished. He told him that he wasn't worth it. Josh exits. Aloud Tony screamed Marah and wondered why.

At the Lewis house
Shayne was trying to call Josh because of Marah who was sitting on chair. After he hung up the phone, he was told that they have not checked in to the hotel in New York. He got a blanket to put on Marah and told her he wouldn't leave her. Josh enters. He saw Marah and wanted to know what happened. He told Shayne he would take over from here. Shayne exits. Josh wanted to know who did this to you. He looked at the bruises on her body. She told him that he was right about everything and about Tony. She finally admitted that Tony did that to her. As she cried, Josh held her. Josh wanted to know exactly what happened. She told Josh that Tony was breaking up with her. Josh said that is no excuse and he was going to call the police. But Marah said no because it was over. Josh wanted Marah to go upstairs and take a hot shower and get some rest because he wanted to think about this. Marah exits. Shayne enters. Shayne told Josh that he knows that Josh isn't going to let Tony get away with this. Josh told Shayne to stay there and take care of his sister and don't let anyone in the house. Josh exits. Marah put all the clothes she had on in the fire in the fireplace. She burns all mementos of Tony. She noticed the necklace and thinks about it. As she cried, she threw the necklace in the fire.

Friday, JUNE 21, 2002

Outside of Company, Blake and Harley talk about their plan to trap Tory. Blake starts to question if their plan is going to work. Harley insists that it will and that they needed to get inside to get the plan rolling. Inside Company, Ross is being interviewed by WSPR about Blake's' bail. Ross claims he has nothing to say on the matter and that he would like to be left alone to drink his coffee. The interviewer continues to ask Ross who set the bail for Blake. Ross said that they could think it was him if they wanted, but not to ask whether he thought Blake was innocent or not. Just then Blake steps in and says "Go ahead and ask him!" The two start to fight about whether Blake was innocent and Harley steps in and begs them to stop and to keep their voices down. All the while they were being taped by the camera man. They get mad and storm out of Company. Outside, they hide behind some bushes and they talk about how good their acting was and hope that Tory sees the broadcast.

At the Spaulding Mansion, Beth and Bill are talking about what kind of woman Lorelei was....about how fun she was, and Beth says she wishes she were more like that and Bill says that she is and that somewhere in the back of her mind, she has to remember him and her. Just then Phillip walks in and isn't thrilled to see Bill there. He asks what he was doing there and Bill says he came by for the papers for the Beacon. Beth leaves to get something to eat and while she's gone, Phillip makes some rude comments to Bill about the fact that Olivia has an office and that in the real world that's where "big boys" do business. Phillip comments about the fact that Bill will be going back to Texas and Bill says he's not so sure that he's beginning to fall in love with Springfield all over again, and then he walks out. Beth returns to find Bill gone and asks Phillip what those comments were for. Why was he treating Bill like a little boy? Phillip says he is a little boy. Beth defends Bill and starts to realize that Phillip is jealous. She starts to tease Phillip about it and they end up kissing and laughing about it. Beth asks Phillip if a person without a past can have a future and Phillip says he's not sure. She said it's hard because she's been thinking about Lorelei a lot and has dreams about her.

At the hospital Cassie sits and talks to Richard about their wedding day. She tells them that she remembers how much he loves her and that they will dance at their 50th wedding anniversary. Outside the room Reva and Josh talk about the fact that Cassie is fooling herself if she thinks Richard will make it because the chances are very slim. Reva comments on how bad she feels that she didn't tell Cassie about Richards' job at the car dealership. Josh tells her to wait till the time is right to tell Cassie about it. Josh hands Reva some pictures of the wedding and she opens them to find pictures of Richard and Cassie. Cassie comes out and takes the pictures and says how wonderful Richard looks in them. She asks if she can take them into the room to show Richard. She starts setting up the pictures in Richard's room, trying to make it feel more like home for him. She says that she knows of some good pictures in his wallet and goes to get them out when she finds a note in it. The note is a "to-do" list. She reads it...Buy present for R.J......Call McBride to confirm car deal, get final price. She said that calling this man should be simple enough to do for Richard so she gets on the phone and find out that the note wasn't about a car Richard was buying from McBride, it was about the fleet of cars Richard was selling to McBride. Cassie insists there was some mistake. And that her husband didn't sell cars. She got off the phone and pulled out the car dealership card from Richard's wallet. She called down there and the man said Richard had been working for him for about a month. She is very confused and tells Reva what the men had said and Reva confirms it. Cassie insists that Richard is not a liar and Reva continues to tell her how Richard was going to tell Cassie the truth after he came back from Chicago. Cassie is angry that Richard would tell Reva something so personal and not her. She demands that Reva tell her everything she knows from the beginning.

At Harley's house Gus is trying to clean. He reaches down under the couch and finds the CD with the picture of the brunette woman. He thinks back to his conversation with Harley about his juvenile record. He wonders what the CD is doing on the floor. He sets it aside and finds the remote control to the TV and turns it on. He sees the live broadcast at Company and the fight between Ross and Blake. He finds out that Blake was let out on bail and wonders why he wasn't informed of it. So he leaves to find out what is going on.

At the Marler house, Harley is there and goes in the kitchen. Blake and Ross are hugging and telling each other that their plan has to work. Blake says how much she misses the children and that she hates pretending to mad at him. Ross says it will soon be over, and the children will be home. Then the doorbell rings and it's Gus. He walks in and Blake asks him to leave but he doesn't. Just then, Harley yells from the other room that nobody is going to catch on to what they are doing, not even Gus. As she's saying that she walks into the living room to find Gus standing there.

Back at Harley's house, Gus and Harley come home and he is furious. She begs him to talk about it with her and he asks why she wasn't honest with him. He was honest with her and she had claimed it was what their relationship had to be built on. She asked him to cut her some slack and that she has a lot on her mind between Cassie, and Rick and Blake. She said she hasn't been making the best decisions. He asks if this is a ploy to get him to move out and if it was that he would gladly do it. She can't believe he would say that and she gets upset and gets a garbage bag and says she's going to help him pack his stuff.

Back at the Marler house, Blake sits alone watching the news broadcast of her and Ross and Harley's performance. She comments to herself about what a good job they did. Just then she looks up and Tory is standing there. Tory says, "Well if it's not the murderous witch herself! Hi Blake....miss me?"

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