GL Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on Guiding Light
Edmund played both sides in Alan and Alexandra's sibling rivalry. Phillip and Olivia were determined not to give in to Alexandra's blackmail, and forced Alan to get a second opinion so they could tell him about 'the video,' unaware that the second opinion would reveal his game of deception toward his wife and son. Edmund told Reva that Cassie played 'dirty' to get her out of prison, and advised her to watch her back. Meanwhile, Josh manipulated the governor into possibly granting Reva a pardon. Cassie was frantic to keep Danny alive and his whereabouts a secret, as well as keep herself out of harm's way. Tony and Marah, and Gus and Harley respectively joined forces to get to the truth about Danny's disappearance and to keep Michelle and Robby safe. Tony and Ray put the pressure and guilt on Carmen, who seemed to repent for her twisted crime of passion for the sake of love. Ed suspected Cassie was in trouble. Ben lost something dear to him.
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Michelle and Marah discuss what loving a Santos boy involves. Danny challenges Carmen that she can't kill him, but Carmen insists that he isn't the son she raised. They struggle and the gun goes off. Danny falls backwards off the cliff and Carmen is horrified to see what she has done. Meanwhile, Tony is surprised to learn that Danny and Gus were working together. When he realizes that Eden was preventing him from helping his cousin, he is furious. They all set out for the beach. Harley blames Eden for her involvement in Carmen's scheme, and Eden defends herself. Carmen searches for signs that Danny may have lived, but when she hears Gus and Tony approaching, she hurries off. Carmen runs home to recruit Maria as her alibi. After Gus and Tony don't find what they are looking for on the beach, they go the mansion to confront Carmen. Gus leaves and Tony demands that Carmen come clean with him. Meanwhile, Eden runs into Marah and taunts her that she and Tony were becoming intimate. Marah goes to see Tony and walks in as he is threatening Carmen. Later, Gus admits to Harley that he is feeling guilty for what may have happened to Danny. On the beach, Cassie hears the gunshot and discovers Danny. She goes to run and get help, but he stops her, insisting that no one know where he is. He tries to convince Cassie to leave him alone, but she refuses to give up on him, despite the danger she may be placing herself in.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Cassie tends to Danny's wounds. He tries to convince her to leave him for her own safety, but she refuses to abandon him to die. She takes off to get medical supplies and breaks into Ed's clinic. Ed catches her red-handed and she insists that it is important that she take the stuff and promises to replace it. Ed allows her to go, but makes her promise to call him if the situation becomes dire. Cassie returns to the beach and is shocked to find Danny gone. Tony stops himself before he becomes violent with Carmen. Marah comforts him and he confides in her that he blames himself for what may have happened to Danny because he was letting Eden sidetrack him. She tells him how proud she is of him for not letting the situation get out of control. Meanwhile, Ray follows Carmen out to the beach, where she searches for Danny. He asks her the truth about what happened with Danny and she admits that she killed him. She asks Ray to absolve her, but he refuses. At Company, Marina observes Ben and Lizzie bonding over the type of sports car that Alan promised to buy for her. Buzz insists that money isn't everything, but Marina's not convinced. Later, Holly admits to Buzz that she doesn't know how to tell Ben that his trust fund is running out.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel
Alan met with Edmund to plan Alex's downfall. Alan said his sister had a sensational appetite for scoundrels and this was why she would fall in love with Edmund. Alan explained that Alex fell in love with a musician and his father put an end to it. That was why Alex was so guarded and careful and became attracted to men that are safe. But then she fell in love with a man that was capable of fighting for her. Alan said when it came to love Alex was as naive as a 12 year old. He suggested that Edmund charm her to win her over. Edmund agreed to accept the challenge. Alan wanted him to distract her and catch her off guard.

Edmund told Alex that he missed her very much. She wanted to know why he stayed in Springfield and he reminded her that the rest of family was there. Edmund said she was a very important part of his plan. He said he expected her to fall madly in love with him. He told her he was different than any other man she had been with. She reminded him that if the relationship worked out her bank account would not be a part of it. But Edmund said he was financially set for life because of Alan.

Outside of the Beacon Cassie saw blood. She began to look around. Danny was lying beside of the Beacon, but Cassie didn't see him.

At the Spaulding mansion
Alex enters. She kissed Phillip and wanted to know if he missed her. He said he was delighted to see her. Phillip wanted to know how well they knew each other since she wanted to destroy his father and the company. But she denied the accusation. He reminded her of the videotape she had, but she said she was trying to save him from himself. Alex said he felt guilty because he caused the heart attack. Alex said he didn't know Alan's condition. Outside Olivia listened. Olivia enters. She was furious they were discussing her sex life. Phillip escorted Alex to the hallway and told her to stop this because it was beneath her. Phillip told Olivia they have to do something to stop Alexandra. Olivia was afraid that Alan would find out about the tape. Olivia wondered what would happen if she showed Alan the tape. Olivia said she could tell Alan it was wedding jitters. Phillip said that might give him another heart attack. Phillip said he knew she was trying to be a good wife to his father and he respected her for that. He decided to call Dr. Pierce to get a second opinion. If Dr. Pierce gave Alan the green light, they will show him the tape. As Olivia was leaving she ran into Alan.

Phillip asked Dr. Pierce if he would make a house call. Dr. Pierce enters. But Alan was not cooperating. Olivia just wanted him to have a checkup. Dr. Pierce said they could go the hospital. Phillip continued to insist.

Edmund called Alex to ask her to join him for a cup of coffee at the Beacon. Alan enters. Alan made the comment that he hoped she would be leaving soon. Alex exits.

At Ed's clinic
Reva enters. She brought Marah some lunch. She thanked Marah for being at the party and wanted to know why she left early. Reva was persistent and said she was worried about her. Marah said she needed to see Tony the night before. She told Reva she didn't want to talk about it. Reva wanted to know why she was concerned about Tony. Marah explained what she heard at the Santos house about Gus. Marah said that Danny was missing and Tony thought that Carmen had something to do with it. Marah said that Tony stopped threatening Carmen on his own, but Reva said a person couldn't escape who they are. Marah thanked her for the concern and went back to work. Reva decided to take a walk on the beach. Reva exits.

Michelle enters. Marah called Ed to let him know that Michelle wanted him to look at Robbie. Marah asked if something happened after she left the Bauer house. Michelle wanted to know what was going on. Marah told her she went over to the Santos house and it seemed as if there was trouble. Marah informed her that it wasn't about Tony. She told her that Tony told her something. Marah apologized for upsetting Michelle.

At the Bauer house
Cassie enters. Cassie asked Michelle where Ed was because she needed to see him as soon as possible. But Michelle said that Ed had an early morning appointment. Michelle explained that Danny decided to not have any contact with the family. Cassie exits.

Michelle talked to Robbie about missing Danny. She went through her feelings of anger and tears, but she got through it. She told him they had friends to get them through this.

At Company
Marina told Buzz that she sensed trouble with him and Harley. Marina suggested he fight for what he wants. Buzz exits.

At the Beach
Cassie tried to call her room at the beacon to see if Danny was there. She paced back and forth wondering where he went.

Cassie ran into Reva. Reva thanked her for coming to the party. Reva wanted to go to lunch, but Cassie said she couldn't. Reva mentioned
Danny and Cassie wanted to know if someone found him. Surprised, Reva said she didn't say he was missing. Cassie said that Danny stopped by to let her know that her debt had been paid. Cassie said she needed to go. But Reva insisted that something was going on and she could trust Reva to tell her anything. Cassie exits. Marah enters. She explained that Michelle had been at the clinic. She didn't know what to say to her about Danny. Reva said that Michelle and Danny needed to put some distance between them in order to survive. Marah wanted to go see Tony to be sure he was safe. Reva told her to go.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Outside of the Beacon Hotel
Cassie found Danny unconscious. He coughed and finally heard her calling his name.

At the Beacon Hotel
Edmund admitted to Alex that Alan was paying him to fall madly in love with her. Edmund made the statement that Alan underestimated her. When Alex asked how much Alan was paying him, he showed her the amount. Edmund suggested she take the number and double it.

Alex wanted to know how it worked. Edmund said they pretend to be intimate and in turn Edmund would tell her anything she needed to know. Alex showed him a number she could afford. Edmund said that was good enough. Alex doesn't want him to fall madly in love with her and get hurt. They had a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Alex said she needed to leave.

Cassie tried to get Danny to move. Cassie suggested they go down in the second wine cellar since it wasn't used much. Once they were in the cellar, Cassie had Danny drink some water. Cassie ran into the bartender who was getting some wine. Cassie told him that this cellar was off limits from now on because of the asbestos. She wanted him to inform the other employees. Bartender exits. Cassie returned to Danny. He was gasping for breath. She began to put the bandages on his wound. Danny told Cassie he did it to keep Michelle and Robbie safe. Cassie gave Danny one of the antibiotics. He became delirious and thought Cassie was Michelle. He told her he loved her and he did it all for her. Cassie pretended to be Michelle and told him they would get through it together. Danny began shivering and Cassie covered him. Still thinking Cassie was Michelle, he begged her to not leave. She lay beside him to keep him warm.

At Cedars hospital
Alan tried to call Dr. Kirby to ask if the other doctor could discover he faked his heart attack. When Olivia walked in he was on the telephone, so he said that Allied Tech had taken a nosedive. Olivia reassured Alan that Dr. Pierce was a good physician. Olivia asked him to do this examination for her. Alan agreed. Olivia exits.

Alan wanted to know why they were doing so many tests. Olivia said there were no records of any tests. Alan called Alex and told her to get to Cedars immediately. He told her that Olivia and Phillip were getting a second opinion. Alex said she would be there shortly. She let him know she was with Edmund and Alan called him a swine. Alan continued to insist they wait for Dr. Kirby, but Olivia was persistent. Alan rolled up his sleeve to give some blood. Olivia approached Alex to let her know that she wasn't needed. But Alex said that Alan called her.

Alex hugged Alan. Alan suggested that she bribe the nurses. Olivia entered and said the test results were back. Dr. Pierce enters. He said that his echo showed blockage and he needed to perform surgery.

Mel said that Robbie had an ear infection. Mel exits to get Robbie a lollipop. Carmen enters. She asked Mel if someone had been admitted. Carmen said she didn't know her friends name that may have gotten seriously hurt. But she said she needed more information. Mel exits. Carmen asked Ed what he was doing there with Robbie. Ed told her that Robbie had an ear infection. Ed refused to let Carmen hold Robbie. Ed reminded her that Michelle and Danny gave up their happiness so that they could be safe. Carmen said he was all she had left. Carmen said he had nerve to talk about her when he also left his family. But Ed said she wasn't getting near Robbie.

At the Gym
As Father Ray was working out, Tony reminded him that there was no sign of Danny. Ray said there was no redeeming of Carmen. Tony realized that Ray knew something. Ray said if Carmen confessed he couldn't say anything. Tony begged him to tell what Carmen said. Ray said it wasn't easy for him either and he loved Danny too. Tony wanted to know why he was talking in the past tense. Marah enters. Marah said she wanted to make sure he was ok.

She wanted to know if they had heard anything about Danny. Tony said from now on he wanted the truth. Tony said that someone may have heard something, but they were not telling. Marah said she wanted to be there with him. Ray told them to leave and he would call them if there were any news. Ray had a flash back and remembered that Carmen had confessed to shooting Danny.

At the Beach
Almost in tears, Tony asked Marah where Danny was. He wanted to know if Danny was alive. He wished Danny would have trusted him, but Marah said that Danny wanted to protect him. Tony said everyone he ever loved had died on him. Marah said, "Not everyone." Marah said that Michelle thought Danny was out of town on business. He said Michelle probably would want to know about Danny. Marah agreed they should tell her. Marah said she would go with him if he wanted her to. They replied that he wanted her to go with him.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Danny woke up and recognized Cassie. In his attempt to explain what happened he lead her to believe Michelle is the one who shot him. She left to try to find someone to help. Cassie saw Carmen in the lobby of The Beacon and told her they need to talk about Danny but was interrupted by Edmund. While Carmen and Edmund had not-so-friendly words, Cassie heads back down to the wine cellar to tend to Danny. She told Danny she's going to tell Carmen what has happened to him and he informed her that she's the one who did it. By this time, Carmen was looking for Cassie to see what she had to say about Danny.

Edmund confronted Reva in the lobby of the hotel and told her that when she gets sent back to jail, Cassie will be joining her for forging the Living Will. Reva questioned him on why he things it is a fake and how he knows so much about the Will. When Edmund left, Reva found Cassie in the lobby and questioned her about the Living Will. Cassie told her she has people that will testify in court that Richard had a Living Will and that she needs to leave it alone.

Meanwhile at Company, Josh is with Billy when the Governor arrives and he tried to convince him that pardoning Riva would be good for his career.

Ed expresses his concern about Carmen to Michelle and tells her what happened at the hospital and tells her that he fears for her and Robby. Michelle tries to call Danny but finds no answer and his voice mail was full.

Gus found Tony and Marah at the beach and informs them that they found bullet fragments and blood and are having it tested to see if it's Danny's. Tony blames Gus for Danny's death and accused him of being involved with the disappearance.

Tony and Marah agreed that Michelle needed to know Danny is missing but when they arrived to tell Michelle, Billy was there. Michelle told Tony that she's afraid of Carmen but Tony assured her he will "take care of Carmen." Tony and Marah left without telling Michelle.

Gus went to talk to Harley while she was working out at the gym and told her that Reva is out of jail and about the shell casings and blood found. Harley decided to fight for her position back at the police department and is going to talk to the Commissioner.

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