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Monday, March 24, 2003

Gus stared in disbelief as Lucia announced that she was his birth mother. Harley forced Alexandra to another room so Gus could talk with Lucia then demanded to know what Alexandra's role in all of it was. While Alexandra evaded Harley's questions, Lucia did as Alexandra had pleaded and lied that Miguel was Gus's father. Gus fell for the lie, but later, when Harley explained that the DNA test showed that Danny and Gus could not be brothers, he realized that Lucia was lying. Buzz offered Harley advice to temper her bitterness.

When the phone he found in Alan's briefcase dialed his own cell phone upon hearing Alan's voice, Phillip realized it was Alan who had set up Olivia as the stalker and announced that he would never believe anything Alan said. Though Alan insisted that he would always be Phillip's father, Phillip told him and Alexandra that he was no longer a Spaulding and was moving out and leaving the company. Alan blamed Alexandra for this mess and vowed to take back the company from her. A frantic Alexandra decided to get a more powerful drug to use on her brother.

Michelle was touched to receive a gift of lovebirds from Danny but admitted to Cassie that she was tired of his games. Danny asked Cassie for her help with Michelle, so she asked Michelle to meet her the following day.

Buzz offered Lucia a room at the boarding house.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Cassie's trick phone call about a house viewing allowed Michelle the opportunity to "convince" Cassie to go take a look at the place. Surprised to see the house on the market was one she had once called her dream house, Michelle was further surprised to find Danny inside with the keys for her. When she became angry with him for trying to manipulate her, he explained that he was trying to romance her, something he had never done before. Bill heard about the surprise and guessed that Michelle had found her "happy ending."

Handing Olivia the cell phone he had found in Alan's briefcase, Phillip boasted to her that it was the evidence she needed to clear her name and nail Alan. After another argument with Alan in front of Alexandra, Phillip and Olivia met with Ross about her case and told him about the lipstick and the cloned phone.

Escorting Reva to the rundown building on Fifth Street, Marah argued with Reva that it was her new home with Tony. Though Reva didn't think it was safe and didn't like the idea of Marah living with Tony, Marah boasted that she had no choice and that Josh had given his okay. Reva was caught off guard when she mentioned a fashion show and realized she only knew about it from "reading" Marah's mind. She turned to Felicia for advice about her sixth sense and decided to go to Europe to see an expert Felicia recommended.

Tony was troubled when Marah talked about a career as a fashion designer. He admitted that he'd be left out, but she insisted that she needed his support.

Spiking Alan's tea with the latest drug, Alexandra offered her upset brother the drink.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
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Escorting Marina to the old museum building, Ben showed off his new place, causing Marina to wish that she could live with him and his roommates. Downplaying the idea, Ben reminded her that he'd been trying to stay on her father and grandfather's good side. Shayne arrived with Marah and was amazed by the potential of the place. Eden was the next to stop by the Fifth Street building and took a moment to warn Marah that she thought Tony might not want her to be successful in the fashion business. Marah's frustration grew when she heard Tony complaining to a sympathetic Eden about "sharing Marah" with the fashion business.

When Michelle angrily blasted Danny for trying to control her, Danny insisted he'd bought the dream house for them so they could start over without "outside forces" pushing them to make decisions. Appreciative, Michelle was overwhelmed when Danny showed the bedroom scene he'd set up, complete with a fire in the fireplace. Touched by what he had done, Michelle joined Danny in bed, where they made love.

When Lucia approached Gus and Harley about spending time with him to get to know her son, Gus demanded she be honest and tell him who his real father was. Hearing that Joe Augustino had killed Miguel Santos, Lucia was angered and announced that Alan Spaulding was Gus's father.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

As the roommates started to move into the Fifth Street building, the battle of the sexes took place as the women argued about where the men wanted to put the pool table, gym equipment, and foosball table. As they argued, Reva led a cleaning crew consisting of Holly, Cassie, and Felicia. Josh then arrived with a state-of-the-art alarm system. Though Marah resented the way her mother had taken over, Tony pointed out that she was being selfish. Josh agreed to back off when he learned that Reva was going to Europe to look into her sixth sense powers.

Harley found Gus paging through information about Alan's past. Alexandra panicked when she found Alan with Lucia at the mansion. She managed to convince Alan that he was too tired for a meeting, and he left before Lucia could reveal that he was Gus's father. Alexandra then convinced Lucia not to tell anyone, especially Alan, about Gus. When Alexandra arrived at his room to give Alan more tea, she discovered he was gone.

After making love, Phillip boasted to Olivia about his plans for his future. Gus ran into Phillip at Olivia's Bar and talked about his adoption, just as Phillip announced that he was no longer a Spaulding and thought his former family was worthless. Just then, Alan arrived at the bar.

Friday, March 28, 2003

When a drugged Alan wandered into Olivia's Bar, demanding to speak to "his son," Phillip and Gus stared in disbelief. Phillip managed to slip out in hopes of leaving with Olivia before Alan spoiled his day. Alan talked with Gus about the importance of family, causing Gus to consider telling Alan that he was Alan's son.

Before Gus could stun Alan with the news, Alexandra discovered that Alan was gone from the mansion and rushed to the bar, where she stopped Gus. Gus warned Alexandra that he knew the truth and would choose the time and place for his announcement. Alexandra worried that her plan might not have enough time left. When she took Alan home, a drugged Alan mistook Edmund for an intruder and grabbed a letter opener to threaten him.

Phillip took Olivia to a beach house that he had owned for quite a while. He talked about his hopes for a future with her and announced that he wanted them to move into the cramped house, which caught Olivia off guard.

Having finished moving into the Fifth Street building, Tony and Marah celebrated by making love. Afterwards, Remy told them both about the history of their new home and the curse that lay within the walls. When Marah worried, Tony decided to act and called all the roommates together.

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