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Monday, September 29, 2003

At the hospital, the therapist is trying to get Shayne motivated, but he seems to be off somewhere else. He seems to be thinking about the conversation he overheard Marah and Marina have regarding Marina taking the semester off school. The therapist is ready to give up. Marina questions why he's not pushing Shayne to continue. He tells her that Shayne needs to push himself. Marina apologizes to Shayne for being inpatient. As she is getting a little tired, she curls up in the hospital bed with Shayne. Marina reminds Shayne of the time that he told her that he loved her. He told her that she didn't have to say it back yet if she wasn't ready. Marina tells Shayne that if he hasn't figured it out yet, she loves him and she tells him that she is going to stick there with him for as long as it takes because there isn't anything that she won't do for him. Marina has a dream that while she was lying next to Shayne, he began to move. Marina wanted to get the doctor, but he tells her not to. Marina is surprised that he can speak. Shayne then begins to stand up. Moments later, Marina wakes up to find Shayne still sleeping. Josh enters the room, and Marina discusses Shayne's therapy with him. She tells him that the therapist thinks that Shayne was a bit too distracted today. Josh notices how tired she appears and tells her that she should go to Company and have Buzz make her something. She tells Josh that she is going to get a cup of coffee. Josh then walks over to Shayne and wipes a tear off Shayne's face.

Just outside Shayne's room, Reva shows up and tells Josh that she got a call from the specialist, and he wants to meet with the two of them. Shortly after, the specialist shows up and tells them that he is a bit concerned about Shayne's lack of progress. He explains that Shayne needs to be encouraged to work hard, and they should all keep his spirits up because Shayne's progress depends on how hard he pushes himself. Josh gets a little defensive and tells the doctor that they don't need any pointers. What they need is a medical expert. He continues to tell him that they will worry about Shayne's attitude, and he can worry about his body. The doctor seems to understand that they are reacting out of pain, but quickly dismisses himself to see other patients. Josh instantly thinks that Reva is going to yell at him for the way he reacted, but she tells him that she probably would have said the same thing. Josh mentions that he wants to call in a few more experts. He begins to ask Reva out for dinner, but their conversation is interrupted when Josh gets a call. He doesn't want to answer the phone after looking at the caller I.D. and insists that it's not important. Reva insists on knowing who was calling assuming that Josh is hiding something. Josh tells her that it was an executive for the Cubs. Reva gets upset, and tells Josh that he was hiding the phone call because he didn't want her to remind him that his pressure on Shayne to go pro was the cause of the accident. Soon after, she apologizes. Josh tells her that it is alright because he has been wanting her to say what she is feeling. Reva feels that she doesn't know what she is feeling, and that is why she doesn't want to speak to soon because she is afraid that she'll say something that she can't take back.

In Joey's car, Lizzie tries to explain why Tammy wasn't with her. She tells him that Tammy left without telling her. She tries to tell him that Tammy did mention that she and Joey had a misunderstanding about something. She tells him that they can straighten things out once he gets to the Beacon. Looking at the gift she brought for Olivia, she quietly tells herself that she can straighten a few things out herself. In the meantime, Joey gets a call from Tammy. When he mentions that they are on their way to the Beacon, Tammy tells him that Lizzie is not allowed out of her house. Once he hangs up, Joey yells at Lizzie for making him believe that Tammy was mad at him. He feels that Lizzie used him to get out of her house. He tells her to give him a good reason right now why he shouldn't turn the car around and take her back home. Lizzie tells him that he can't. Joey begins to slow the car down and explains that he is going to make a u-turn and take her back. He tells her to ask one of the servants the next time she wants to sneak out of the house. Lizzie begins to pout and apologizes to Joey. She tells him that she just wanted to go to Olivia's baby shower. She wants to prove to everyone that she has changed. She tells Joey that she should have slit her wrist when she had the chance. Joey didn't seem to know about that incident and starts to feel sorry for her.

At the Beacon, Tammy seems a little disturbed. Edmund approaches her and questions why she isn't out with her Prince Charming tonight. Tammy tells him that Prince Charmings don't exists and that he should know that. She apologizes and tells him that she is in a lousy mood. Tammy questions Edmunds intentions towards her mother and wonders whether he plans on marrying her mother. Edmund wonders where this is coming from. Tammy tells him that since he is sleeping with her, then he should marry her. She tells him that the adults tell their teenagers that they are supposed to hold off for the Mr. Right and wonders whether there is a Mr. Right. She questions Edmund about how old he was when he had sex. He was a bit reluctant to talk about it at first, but finally tells her that he was a teenager when he first had "sex", but when he first "made love" he was much-much older and there is a big difference. Edmund questions whether Joey is pressuring her to have sex. Edmund tells her that if she and Joey can talk openly to one another, that is what counts, not the sex. He basically is telling Tammy that she and Joey need to talk about what they feel and then she will know whether Joey is someone she can trust and respect. Shortly after, Joey shows up and tells her about what happened with Lizzie. Tammy asks him if he would like to go for a walk by the lake.

At Olivia's baby shower, Cassie gets a little nervous as a few people are still missing. Just then, Alexandra and Lillian show up. Alexandra seems a little reluctant to stay, but Lillian tells her to get into the spirit of things. In addition, Dr. Boudreau and Mel show up. Olivia congratulates Mel on the news of her pregnancy. Alexandra promises to be on her best behavior tonight and to not cause any scenes, but she'll need a fat martini. Even though the party seems to be hopping now, a majority of the guests would rather be somewhere else. Dr. Boudreau tells Beth that she has been in contact with Dr. Langham regarding Lizzie progress. Beth tells her that Lizzie appears to be getting angrier, but explains that Dr. Langham has told her that it is a good thing. She is releasing all that negative energy. Beth still feels that she is the cause of most of Lizzie's problems. Beth excuses herself, as she is feeling the need to give her daughter a call. She feels that Lizzie must be bored home alone, and would welcome a distraction. In the meantime, Olivia begins to open her gifts. Shortly after, Olivia gets a message that someone wants to meet her outside. Reva is the one who wanted to see her. She explains that she didn't want to go inside because then everyone would not be having a good time. She tells her that tonight is about her and her baby, and she is afraid that if she were to go inside, everyone would be questioning her about Shayne. Reva then gives Olivia a gift and tells her not to ignore the moments of parenting. She tells Olivia to enjoy the party and heads out. Olivia sits outside on the bench for a moment. Moments later, Lizzie approaches her with a gift.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Eden begins to throw away documents from the Garden of Eden. Bill had assumed she gave all the files to Gus during the murder investigation. Eden tells him she didn't give all of them to him and explains herself by saying she wasn't guilty. Bill tells her that she is a "bad girl" which prompted Eden's discussion with him regarding the new product she is representing at Spaulding. Eden has him taste her neck to sample the new perfume. Bill seems to be rather impressed, but he is unsure whether it is the perfume or the girl wearing it. They are interrupted by a pizza delivery man - Gus. Eden tries to shut the door on him, but Gus pushes his way in. He was allowed to stay, but only because the pizza was with mushroom and pineapple. It didn't take long for them to have another disagreement. Gus noticed the room and questioned whether she was doing some fall cleaning. Eden accidentally slipped up and told him that she is trashing all of her Garden of Eden records. The records that Gus was supposed to have during the murder investigation. Gus instantly begins to question why she didn't give him all the records, and why she said that she had given him all the records. Eden tries to change the subject and tells Gus that she thought they were having a temporary truce. Gus tells her that he is over that about right now. Eden tells him that he knows his way out. Moments later, he noticed a receipt with the name "Brad Green" on it in Eden's trash can. He begins to question her about how she knows Brad Green. Eden refuses to answer any of his questions. Gus tells her that he is in the middle of an investigation that involves Brad Green. Eden blows up and tells Gus that whatever it is, she didn't do it. Eden begins to tell him that ever since he got his badge, all he has tried to do is to make his dad proud. Eden then reminds Gus that he has a new dad now, so maybe he should try to be more like him and take over a company or something. Gus tells her that he has tried to show her how much family means to him. He tells her that he dug up a disgusting pineapple pizza just to try to spend five minutes with her. In that five minutes, he found out that she lied to him once again. Both of them began to scream about which of them is the most "unbelievable." Bill interrupts the two of them. He tells Eden that Gus came over to patch things up. He tells Gus to stop being a cop long enough to be a brother. Bill makes the two of them shack hands. He then demands that Gus tell his sister he is sorry. Once he does, Bill makes Eden tell Gus she is sorry. He then makes the two of them hug. Bill feels that things are looking better. Eden is a bit tickled by the way Bill acted, and after Gus leaves she tells him that it is her turn to take charge. She begins to give him some chores to do around the house: take out the trash, do the dishes, fix the hinges, etc. Bill wants to have desert-Eden first. Eden tells him that she plays by the rules now. Bill informs her that the new Bill does not play by the rules, and they begin to kiss. In the meantime, Gus is in the hallway of Eden's room. He called the station and orders a stake out of Eden's place. He tells them to confiscate the trash once they set it outside.

Marina goes to Company for something to eat. Marina tells Buzz that she didn't go to the baby shower because she assumes that no one her age will be there and that the party would be boring. She tells Buzz that she really liked Olivia. Buzz jokingly tells her that she would really be out of place then.

At the Beacon, most of Olivia's guests are leaving. Cassie is thinking them all for coming. Beth questions the whereabouts of Olivia. Cassie tells them that Olivia got a note to meet someone outside. Cassie assumes that it was Reva. Coincidentally, everyone seems to be going out the back door which means they won't be running into Lizzie and Olivia. After everyone leaves, Edmund comes up to Cassie and asks her how the party went. Cassie tells him that it was a success. Jeffrey passes by with the woman that Edmund saw him with earlier. Edmund tells Cassie that he thinks Jeffrey is cheating on Beth. Edmund wants to call Beth. Cassie tells him that the woman might be a client and that he shouldn't put Beth through something that might not be.

Jeffrey tells his mysterious woman friend that he has taken care of the matter. She tells Jeffrey that is why she loves him because of how fast he works. The woman gives him a quick kiss and then leaves. Jeffrey soon begins to follow, but he is stopped by Edmund. Edmund questions the "I love you" statement that the woman made. Edmund then invites Jeffrey to sit down with him. Jeffrey rejects the idea, but Edmund tells him that he can speak Japanese. They began to drink shots and play a game of go fish. Edmund wins the game and tells Jeffrey that good guys don't always finish last. Edmund leaves the table, and the Japanese woman comes back. Jeffrey is a bit surprised that she has returned. She tells Jeffrey that Edmund is trouble. Jeffrey responds by telling her that he is trouble too.

Outside the Beacon, Olivia tells Lizzie that she shouldn't be there. Lizzie tells her that if she would have stayed home, then she wouldn't have been able to give her the gift. She tells Olivia that the gift is for her little sister, and she can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it. Olivia looks a little hesitant. Lizzie thinks that her gift is not good enough for her. Lizzie begins to raise her voice a bit just as Dr. Langham shows up. Dr. Langham tells Lizzie that she shouldn't have. Dr. Langham directs Olivia to go inside while he talks to Lizzie. Dr. Langham insists on knowing what is in the box, but she refuses to show him. She says that it is a gift for the baby. She explains that she was trying to give Olivia a gift, but everyone keeps looking at her like she is a criminal. Dr. Langham tells her that she could have given the gift to her grandmother or her mother. She could have even had a driver bring it over. He tells her to get it over, and just open up the box. Lizzie continues to explain by telling him that she wanted to give it to Olivia herself. She feels that if someone would have brought it for her, Olivia would not have believed that it came from her. Dr. Lanham reminds her of the baby that she tore up just hours ago, and questions why she is really there. Lizzie tries to leave, and the gift falls to the ground. A baby dress falls out of the package. Dr. Langham calls up to Olivia's room to check on her and tells her that he' s taking Lizzie home now.

Olivia and Cassie have a nice girly conversation. Olivia thanks Cassie for the party. Cassie helps her take the gifts up to her room. Cassie begins to clean up and offers to take the trash out. Olivia looks in on the baby crib that Phillip put together for her, and she finds a baby dolls head.

At the Spaulding home, Beth and Lillian arrive. Beth tells Alan that she is going to check in on Lizzie. Alan tells her that she is sleeping and that she should rest. Beth insists on checking in on her. Moments later, she comes back and tells everyone that Lizzie is gone. She tells them that she stuffed things in her bed to make them think she is sleeping. Moments later, Dr. Langham shows up with Lizzie. Beth instantly wants to know what she has done.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Eden and Bill are all over one another in her room. Someone is at the door, but Eden doesn't want to answer it. When Eden realizes that it is Marah, she lets her in. Marah soon realizes that she might be barging in on something and begins to leave. Eden tells her to stay. Marah came over to talk to Eden about Tony. Marah wonders whether Tony cheated on her with someone. Eden suggests that they go down to Olivia's bar to discuss this a little more privately. Eden tells her that she didn't even know what a friend was until she met her. She continues to tell her that is why she feels that she can tell her anything. She has something to tell Marah about Tony. Their conversation is interrupted when Bill calls her on her cell phone. Bill apologizes for interrupting the girl talk. Eden tells him that his timing is perfect. Marah wants to continue what they were talking about before the call. Eden tells her that Tony loves her and even if she knew he had been with someone else, that doesn't mean that everything before that was a lie. She tells her to put herself in Tony's place. If she were really confused and upset, and in a moment of weakness she might turn to someone else. Marah admits that she has done that before. Eden comments that even so, they found their way back to one another. Eden tells her to quit beating herself up about the what if's and why's. Just then, Tony enters the room.

Tony tells her that he stopped because he saw her car in the parking lot, and he wanted to talk to her. Eden offers some advice for the two of them before leaving. She tells them to stop making each other miserable, and get back together. Tony tells Marah that he is leaving town for good. He claims that he is fed up with being Danny's #2. He wants to be able to make his own decisions. Tony tells Marah that she should think about getting out a bit herself. Marah remembers the time when they met, and the things they have been through. She thanks Tony for all that he has brought into her life. She begins to caress Tony's arm, and tells him good luck. Tony grabs her hand and tells her that he is not leaving because of business. He is leaving because he is in love with her, but he has to go. He thought that he could just walk in and tell her that he was leaving town but seems to be having a little trouble with it. He begins to explain the woman that showed up with him at Danny's. He tells her that he knew she was going to be there, and he thought that she would let him go if she saw him with another girl. Tony admits that they make each other miserable. In addition, he knows that he scares her, and he can't live with that. Marah tells him that if they can't be together, that doesn't mean that he has to leave town. Tony explains that he can't be walking around town and seeing her. Tony tells her that this is the first decent thing that he has done, and tells her that he has to go. He starts to leave, but turns around with tears and hugs her. He begs her to please promise him that she will never forget that he loved her.

Sandy shows up at Eden's to see Bill. He brought over some papers for Lewis Construction. They begin to talk about Marah. Mostly about her and Eden being friends. The conversation is changed over to Reva. Sandy wonders whether Reva is as unsinkable as people say she is. Bill tells him that she is an amazing lady. Sandy mentions that she must be, especially since she has been in and out of her children's life, and they are still nuts about her. Bill tells him that is because no matter where she was, she never stopped loving her kids. Bill wonders why Sandy is so interested. Sandy tells him that he is so interested because they seem to be a terrific family. He knows a lot about most of them, but not so much about Reva yet. What he knows about the rest of the family, he likes. Bills tells him that he is just a bit protective with his family, mostly because they have been burned a time or two. When they did get burned, it was by someone who they thought was a friend.

Olivia screams in her room at the Beacon. Cassie was in the hallway outside of her room setting the trash out. Jeffrey was walking by at the same time, and the two of them rush into Olivia's room to see if she is okay. Jeffrey walks over to the crib and tells them that this is really sick. Olivia tells them that Lizzie was at the Beacon, and she must have put it there. Jeffrey tells them that they can't automatically accuse Lizzie of doing this. Jeffrey questions who has access to the room. Cassie tells them that security has a master key. Olivia feels that Lizzie was sending a message that her baby is a target. Olivia explains to Jeffrey that Dr. Langham came by earlier to tell her that Lizzie might be a threat to her and the baby. Olivia feels that she underestimated Lizzie and feels that this is a warning that if she takes her father, than she will take her baby. Olivia wants to know what Jeffrey can do to protect her from Lizzie. Jeffrey tells her that there isn't a whole lot he can do. 1: They don't know that she did this, and 2: Lizzie is a minor. Olivia blows up and tells Jeffrey that it is his job to protect the public. Jeffrey tells her to let him see what he can do. Cassie offers to spend the night

At the Spaulding home, Lizzie is being interrogated about leaving the home. Phillip enters the room and questions why she went to see Olivia. Lizzie claims that she just wanted to prove to everyone that she has changed. Lizzie begs Dr. Langham to tell them what she bought for Olivia and the baby. As Dr. Langham opens the gift, Lizzie asks them all if this is so horrible. Dr. Langham comments that the gift is nice, but the meaning behind it is not. Lizzie wants at least one person to stand up for her, but not even Alan can. Alan tells her that she has shown total disregard for everyone else. Phillip tells her that she should have given the gift to someone else. Phillip wants to call Olivia to make sure that she is okay. Dr. Langham tells Phillip that she is fine and Cassie is looking after her. Dr. Langham suggests that they sit down and talk about things a little more calmly. The smart-aleck Lizzie comments that she would like to have a lawyer. Dr. Langham tells her that if she can convince everyone that everything she has done was reasonable and responsible, then he would release her from his care. Lizzie admits that she has made a ton of bad mistakes and admits that they should be worried about her. She tells them that she is worried about herself too. She continues to tell them that she didn't set the fire in her dorm room. She does admit that she gave Ben a map so that he could find Marina. Lizzie tells them that she was jealous, but didn't know that Ben was a murderer. All of this is just about a bunch of bad luck. Phillip questions whether the night Olivia fell down the stairs was about bad luck. Lizzie tells him that she doesn't like Olivia. She tells them that it was a terrible accident and that she saw the tear in the carpet and tried to call out to her. Phillip tells her that he wants to believe her, but tonight Dr. Langham was there to see what she put Olivia through. Lizzie comments that the doctor just wants them to think she is crazy because the more crazy she is, the more money he will make. Dr. Langham steps in and tells Lizzie that Olivia did not want her there and she did not want a gift from her. Once Olivia told her this, Lizzie began to pressure her, and by the time he showed up, Olivia looked terrified. Lizzie tells her mother that she is trying to make things better and doesn't need to be kept in a cage like an animal. Their conversation is interrupted when Beth gets an urgent call from Jeffrey. While she was on the phone in the hallway with Jeffrey, Alan begins to stand up for Lizzie. Alan feels that this particular incident has been totally blown out of proportion. Phillip begins to explain to Lizzie that he and Olivia may be getting married, and even if they don't, they will be having a child together. He continues to explain that he will always love her, but he will also love the new baby. Lizzie tells him that this has been so rough for her, and she wants to love the baby. She begs her dad to help her love the child. No one seems to believe that Lizzie is sincere. Just then, Beth enters the room looking like she saw a ghost. She tells them that Jeffrey is with Olivia because she found a baby dolls head in the baby's crib tonight. Lizzie tells them not to blame this on her. Lizzie begins to blame Olivia for putting the dolls head there herself. Beth tells her that she'll just go and check her room for a headless doll then. Lizzie grabs a hold of her and begs her not to. When Beth seems to turn her back on her, she runs to her father. She clings to him and falls to the floor begging him to please forgive her. Dr. Lanham approaches Lizzie. Lizzie tells him that she knows that she was bad, but tells him that she can change. Dr. Langham tells her that this is not about punishment. Lizzie tells him that he was supposed to fix her, and she hates him.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Josh's arrival at the hospital causes Reva's departure. Marina arrives with a laptop computer for Shayne to type on, but he finds the experience frustrating. Lillian scolds Josh over upsetting the night nurses and asks him to stay away until one particular nurse cools off. Josh and Marina are both reluctant to leave Shayne alone. When Sandy arrives, Shayne taps out "MOLE" and Josh realizes the night nurse is a fan of the radio show. Under pressure to produce the Mole for intervention, Sandy phones the nurse as the Mole, making her laugh with his outrageousness until she says she'll leave Josh alone. Josh voices his gratitude to Sandy, who longs for such a father's concern. Meanwhile, Shayne contemplates everything he longs to say to Marina and cannot. Later, Josh is sleeping in a hospital chair and misses a call from Reva.

Reva has connected with Christopher and they go to the ferry docks to recharge their batteries. Chris urges her to reconnect with Josh. She tentatively tries to reach him, but is unable to.

Phillip arrives at the Beacon to do damage control with Olivia. Olivia tells him that she cannot marry him: it's too much to ask of Lizzie to control herself right now and Olivia must protect this baby from potential emotional abuse. Phillip begs for 24 hours to set things straight as Lizzie had one therapeutic breakthrough last night and there is another session scheduled for this evening. Olivia reluctantly agrees to give him 24 hours. Phillip calls Ross, telling him to meet him at the Beacon with a copy of his divorce decree from Harley so that he can get a marriage license. Ross arrives without it and tells Phillip to slow down. But Phillip has an anxiety attack, hyperventilating, after which, he swears to Ross he will have it all: a healthy Lizzie, a happy Olivia and the new baby too.

Friday, October 3, 2003

At Danny's, Marina is reading Robbie a book. Robbie doesn't seem interested in the book. He keeps throwing balls at Marina. Nico enters the room and comes to the rescue. Nico wants to take the two of them to get some ice-cream. Marina tells him that it's too close to Robbie's bedtime to leave. Nico wonders whether Marina is into the great outdoors. When Marina mentions that she walked over to Danny's tonight, Nico guesses that Marina is afraid to drive. He questions whether she has been in a car since the accident, and she tells him no, but only because she was busy. Nico tells her to prove it. He offers to take Robbie for a ride around the block which should help him go to sleep, and she can come along to help override her fears. Marina admits that she is scared, and she keeps remembering the accident. She tells Nico that she is not ready to get back on the horse but tells him that she doesn't want to be like this either. Nico tricks Marina into getting in the car. He tells her that all she has to do is sit in the car, but he pulls out. Half way into the drive, he tells Marina that he doesn't have a license. After that, Marina felt that she had to drive the rest of the way. She is none too pleased with Nico right now. Nico tells her that the mission was accomplished though. Their conversation is interrupted when Dr. Bauer enters the room. He looks at Marina as though he has something awful to tell her. Marina instantly believes there is something wrong with Shayne. Dr. Bauer informs her that Shayne is using the computer she brought him. Marina wants to know what he is saying. Dr. Bauer tells her that Shayne is saying that he doesn't want to see her. He tells her that Shayne wants her to stay away.

Tony is packing his things for his trip. Eden shows up and calls him a quitter. She tells him not to do this because it is not what he wants. Eden explains that things happened between them, but she is not letting it come between her and Bill. Eden thinks the only reason he is leaving is because of what happened, and she doesn't feel good about that. She wants Tony to have the life that he is supposed to have with Marah. Tony tells Eden not to hurt Marah. Eden tells him that Marah is her first friend, and she could not hurt her. She also feels that telling Marah would risk her relationship with Bill, and she can't risk that either. Eden tells Tony that she knows that he feels the complete opposite, but she wants to tell him that she will never regret what happened between them and she leaves. Soon after Eden leaves, Danny shows up to try to get him to stick around. Tony explains that Fifth Street is Danny's dream, not his. He tells Danny that he needs to go find his dream. Danny wants to know where he is going, but Tony doesn't want to tell him. Danny tells him that he is a good man and that he has always had faith in him. Tony tells him that he needs to find his own way.

Harley and Blake are at the Beacon waiting for Mrs. Green. Harley told Gus that she had to go out to buy party supplies for Jude's birthday. Gus told her that he had to go out for a haircut, but Harley doesn't believe him. Gus is outside the Beacon on the telephone trying to find Mrs. Green. When Mrs. Green shows up, she is under the impression that Harley and Blake want to talk to her about a donation in regards to their project on Fifth Street. Blake mentions that they are there to investigate the disappearance of Lori Jenson. Mrs. Green doesn't seem to know who she is. When they tell her that she worked with her husband, Mrs. Blake tells them that if they are suggesting that her husband and Lori Jenson have something more than a working relationship, they are probably right. Mrs. Green tells them that this wouldn't be the first time. Blake and Harley are a bit surprised that she would stay with a man that continually cheats on her. Mrs. Green explains that they have three children together that deserve the best in life. Mrs. Green continues to explain that her husband is only a womanizer and nothing else. Harley explains that she is not trying to pry or to judge, but there is a woman missing whose family hasn't seen for several days. Mrs. Blake tells them that her husband is an adulterer, not a killer. Blake assures her that they are just trying to get to the truth. Mrs. Blake doesn't have much more to add to the story. Gus enters the room as Harley is telling her that the police may want to question her at some time, so she should get a lawyer. Gus comes over and introduces himself as a detective to Mrs. Blake. He wants to ask her some questions, but she tells him that she can't talk to him without a lawyer. After Mrs. Green leaves, Harley tries to negotiate a deal with Gus. She tells him that she'll share the information she has from Mrs. Green with him if he'll let her have full access to the Spaulding records. Gus tells her that he doesn't have a problem with that, but he informs her that there isn't anything in the records because Mr. Green is clean.

Buzz and Alexandra are on a date at the Beacon. Before the date even begins, Alan comes up to Alexandra and tells her that she needs to come home right away. He tells her that it is about Lizzie.

At the Spaulding home, Dr. Langham is suggesting to the family that he feels that she can no longer be treated on an outpatient basis. Phillip wants to know what kind of hospital can give her what they can't. Dr. Langham explains that she needs around the clock care and tells them that he will continue to treat her. Dr. Lanham tells them that if they don't agree with him, he can't legally force her to be institutionalized. Alan tells Dr. Langham that he would like to speak with Lizzie alone first. Alan goes up to Lizzie's room. Lizzie wants to know what the verdict is. Alan begins to explain when he had a breakdown, and wants to know whether she felt the same way. Lizzie explains that it is different for her because Alan was drugged which made him do the things he did. She continues to explain that she did the things she did because she wanted to and tells him that she was in control. Alan is shocked to hear her say that she meant to terrorize Olivia. Lizzie feels that Alan probably wanted to do the same thing. Alan wants to know what gave her the idea that this was alright.? Lizzie tells him that it is the Spaulding way to protect their own. Alan tells her that she doesn't have to mold herself into what others think she should be and he will always love her.

Beth asks if they should give it some more time and thinks that the family being around her is what would help. Dr. Langham tells her that Lizzie is using the family to avoid facing her real problems. Beth instantly blows up at Phillip and starts to blame him, but soon realizes that he isn't to blame. Beth is having a hard time accepting that Lizzie needs to be sent away for treatment. She confronts Phillip with her feelings, and Phillip tells her that he thinks that they have to be strong and let her go. Beth begins to cry. In the meantime, Alexandra is in the background wondering whether they can leave Lizzie at the Spaulding home and just hire more doctors. Lillian jumps in and tells them that they need to deal with Lizzie 's hurts and her feelings. Lillian thinks that Lizzie has to go through this alone to come out of her pain. Alan enters the room and tells the family that Lizzie is in a lot of pain, and that pain has to stop. They come to an agreement that Lizzie should be sent away for help. Phillip and Beth decide to tell Lizzie together to make it easier on her. Dr. Langham tells them that they don't need to make it easier for Lizzie because she needs to know that her actions have consequences. He tells them that Lizzie needs to make it back on her own and not to depend on the family. He feels that if Lizzie will begin to care about that life and make good choices. Dr. Langham wants tell Lizzie himself. Phillip feels like he's unable to do something once again, and wonders what he should do. Dr. Langham informs Phillip and the rest of the family that they need to work on themselves. He tells them that the stronger they are, the better for Lizzie when she comes out. Dr. Langham goes up to tell Lizzie. Lizzie was looking at her family photo album. Lizzie seems to already know what Dr. Langham came to tell her. Dr. Langham tries to explain her parents actions by referring to when she was in the hospital with cancer. Lizzie tells him that she was dying then, and she's not now. Dr. Langham tells her that she is sick though, and her parents only want her to get better. Sometimes that requires being put into a hospital. He continues to tell her that her parents love her and only want the very best for her. Lizzie continues to look in the photo album, and tells the doctor that she wants to be like the little girl in the pictures and wonders when it all changed. She tells him that she did all the things she did because she wanted to be loved. Dr. Langham tells her that she doesn't have to earn their love because she already has it. Lizzie continues to tell him that she wants them to like her too. She begs Dr. Langham to help her. Dr. Langham tells her that she has just helped herself by admitting what she has done and wanting help. He tells her that he will be there for her every step of the way.

Phillip leaves to go tell Olivia the news and runs into Alexandra at the Beacon. Alexandra offers to buy him a drink, but he's on his way up to see Olivia. Alexandra finds herself a seat, looking terribly over-stressed, Buzz walks over to her with a drink. As Phillip enters Olivia's room, he finds that she has packed all of her things and left town.

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