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Monday, September 17, 2007

Doris has called upon Alan to help her out with an interview with the press on Main Street. He is reluctant to participate but does. Watching the interview on their televisions are Jeffrey and Reva at Cross Creek, Ashlee and Coop at The Beacon, and Dinah and Beth at Company. Reva rushes off to the interview fearing Alan will divulge their secret. Ashlee rushes off to the interview fearing Doris will reveal Ashlee's secret. Dinah and Beth remain at Company. Dinah is worried about her relationship with Mallet, with all the overtime he's been working as Doris's bodyguard and Beth is worried about her relationship with Rick and her feelings about Alan. Both women, however, put on a positive face and don't reveal their fears to one another.

When Alan excuses himself from the interview, a reporter follows himówanting to learn more about the "man of mystery." Reva arrives and she and Alan put on a show of solidarity for the cameras. Jeffrey has followed Reva to Main Street and can't believe he's seeing a true alliance between these two "once sworn enemies." Reva tells Jeffrey that she's just trying to make Alan believe she's letting go of her anger about what he did to Jon and Sarah so he'll back off. They return to Cross Creek where Reva says she's been distracted because she signed her divorce papers. She tells him she's ready to start a new chapter in her life and the two run hurriedly up to bed.

When Ashlee arrives at Main Street for a photo-op with her mother, she and Doris find that Coop has followed Ashlee. Ashlee and Coop kiss one another in front of Doris. Doris is suspect and asks Coop why he is with her daughter. Coop explains that he was the pursuer in this romance. He tells her that he had to prove himself to Ashlee, not the other way around. When Coop leaves mother and daughter on their own, Doris beseeches Ashlee to get a grip on this relationship. Ashlee says that this time it is different. As Ashlee leaves, Doris looks genuinely worried about her daughter.

Ashlee and Coop go to CO2 where Ava joins them. Ava springs the name "Jack" on Ashlee, who becomes immediately agitated. She wants to leave, but Coop insists Ava leave instead. When he asks Ashlee about Jack, Coop learns that Jack was her guidance counselor in Clayton and that he was a pain. Ashlee says she has to go home before she turns into a pumpkin. As they leave, Ava is watching from the shadows.

Ava has earlier lured Jack to her room to pump him for information about Ashlee's past. Other than telling her that he was once close to Ashlee as her guidance counselor, he will tell her nothing further. Ava goes to Jeffrey for help in finding out more about Ashlee's past, but doesn't get any help.

Dinah has gone to the police station to get Mallet to take off and go home with her. She overhears Doris badgering Mallet to get to work as her bodyguard. Dinah tells Doris that Mallet quits. Mallet, however, assures Doris that he will be there to work for her. Dinah is unaware that Mallet will still be working for Doris. Dinah and Mallet return to their room where they make love.

Alan runs into Beth at Company and reveals that he has turned over a new leaf and no longer wants to control the lives of others. Beth is suspicious of his newfound approach on life, but Alan is convincing. He promises to back off interfering in her and Rick's lives as long as she is happy. Beth confides that she now has the life she didn't know that she wanted.

There is a musical montage with images of all the couples. Doris is campaigning on Main Street when she stops to gaze at a young woman with her baby. Ashlee is asleep across Coop's lap at The Beacon when she wakes up and retreats to the terrace alone. Beth is at the Spaulding mansion, looking forlornly at pictures of her and Phillip. Alan is with her, drinking. Reva wakes up next to Jeffrey and gets up and dresses to leave.

After the montage, Mallet leaves The Beacon to go protect Doris. He tells Dinah that soon they may have all their financial problems behind them. He flashes back to his stealing part of the cash from the evidence bag. After Mallet leaves, Dinah calls Matt and asks him to hang out with her. Coop follows Ashlee to the terrace, asking her if there is more troubling her about Jack that she hasn't revealed. She tells him that Jack was a great counselor to herókind of like an uncle or dad. It turned out, however, that Jack "liked" young girls and his house was raidedóthen he was just gone. Coop assures her that he's not leaving and the two kiss and hug. Jeffrey wakes up to find that Reva is again gone. Ava calls him, again asking what she should do about Coop. Jeffrey tells her that sometimes it's okay to get involved where you shouldn't.

Ava calls Jack and invites him to be her date to the Spaulding gala.

Reva has left Jeffrey at Cross Creek to see a somewhat drunken Alan at the Spaulding mansion. She can't believe he is being so calm when she feels so weighed down by what they had done. He says the calm comes with practice. She says she can't let go seeing as, "for God's sake, we killed someone."

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jeffrey and Reva are on a dinner date when Alan shows up to warn Reva that Jeffrey has been doing some digging. Jeffrey keeps prying but avoids the truth all together. Jeffrey makes a suspicious call trying to find out where Reva and Alan really went. Alan, infuriated that Jeffrey spoke to his pilot, calls Reva and demands she end things with Jeffrey. Gus moves into the mansion, in the room right next to Natalia. After Gus tells Alan about Rafe having sex with Daisy, Alan points out to Gus that he has an opportunity now to protect Rafe from Daisy. Rafe and Daisy are distraught when Natalia and Gus insist on keeping them apart. Natalia tells Gus she's going to go out with Remy tonight, and later an angry Gus orders Remy to stay away from Natalia. Alan invites Natalia to the Spaulding Diabetes Event and surprisingly, she says yes. As Daisy tells Ashlee how much she enjoyed being with Rafe, it becomes clear that Ashlee is really uncomfortable with the subject. Daisy is thrilled to see Rafe but Gus orders her to go home. Later, Daisy and Rafe finally meet up and they fall into a blissful kiss.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Inside the Light: Strange Bedfellows

Reva feels guilty over what transpired with Alan and her on their mysterious trip. She has bad dreams of getting shot. Later in the day when she hears sirens, she tenses. Meanwhile, Alan conducts business as usual, setting up trusts and portfolios for Natalia. Ava goes over the information. She expresses her outrage over Alan's decisions to step down as CEO and to allow Alex to run the company. Alan is adamant that he's stepping back because he had a family once. He lost them and he'll be damned if he loses this new family he has found.

Gus enters the study, looking for a place to hide his gun. Alan offers the desk. Gus locks it in the desk and takes the key. Alan dismisses Ava, telling her that his decision to step down is final. When Ava leaves, Alan uses another key to unlock the drawer and pull out Gus's gun.

Meanwhile, Reva decides to visit Rev. Rutledge at the Beacon to unburden herself. Josh answers the door, saying that Rutledge is unavailable. He asks if he can help. She finds it hard to talk to Josh in a ministry capacity. With a little jeering and then friendly encouragement, Josh gets Reva to try to open up. She starts off telling Josh that she's blessed to have her children and she would do anything for them. The scene then cuts to Company where Reva is babbling to an older lady with a hearing aid. The lady wanders off when Reva laughs at the fact that the woman never heard a word she was saying. She realizes she can't confess to ministers or strangers.

Down at the dock, Alan laments to himself about missing Phillip. He wishes he had someone in his life right now like him that he could trust with the good and with the bad. He looks at a flight plan to Tourmaline, California, saying maybe someday soon he will. He rips up the plan and throws it in the water.

Reva runs into Jeffrey, still lying to him and dodging the issue about what happened with Alan. Jeffrey vows to find out. He couldn't get his hands on the flight plan, but he urges Reva to just trust him and tell him. Reva admits that she may need a lawyer. Just before Reva elaborates, Alan interrupts them and fakes a health episode to keep Reva from telling Jeffrey the truth. Concerned about Alan, Reva takes him to get checked out. Back at the mansion, she tells him that she knows he was faking. They argue about her conscience. Alan tells her that she can't live with both Jeffrey and this secret. She must choose.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva decides to move out. Jeffrey can stay there as long as he would like. She pretends that signing the divorce papers affected her more than she realized. Confused, Jeffrey isn't buying her excuses. She hams it up about Josh and then announces that she's moving into the Spaulding House. He vows to be there when she gets back because someone has to be around when she comes to her senses.

Later Reva runs into Cassie down at the docks. Jeffrey told her that Reva plans to move into the mansion. They go talk about it over beer at Company. Cassie tells Reva that she cannot move into her enemy's house. She claims she's moving in so they can work closer on the cancer projects. Cassie tells her that she can't be in her life if she does this. Because Reva has had drinks, Cassie calls her a cab. She goes with her to the Spaulding mansion. Reva goes off to find her room and Cassie stays to threaten Alan.

Meanwhile, at loose ends at Cross Creek, Jeffrey strums his guitar. A montage plays of Reva unable to sleep, Josh working late at the office and Cassie sleeping outside the door waiting for him. Alan and looks over maps when Reva comes into the room and pours a drink. She's bothered by their "cold-blooded" murder. Alan wonders if Reva would rather their late friend be there and she dead. Reva says no. Alan comments that she speaks like a true Spaulding. Alex always said that Alan and Reva would end up together one day. Reva scoffs. Alan mentions that they are attracted to each other. Reva says he was only interested in her because she was a challenge. Alan says she needs someone to ride her and tame her. Something Josh wasn't cowboy enough to do. Reva cuts it short, saying no talk of Josh or Jeffrey and she won't mention Beth.

The clock chimes and Reva sighs, wondering if this is it. Alan says that neither one of them trust each other, so there they are stuck until the coast is clear or one of them kills the other one. On that note, Reva wants to go back to bed. Before she goes, Alan asks if she's ever going to thank him. For what, Reva wonders. "For saving your life," he says. Thoughtfully, Reva turns and leaves the parlor

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

This show is about last minute preparations for the benefit event that will be hosted by Alex and Cyrus.

As Cyrus and Alex are in the final stages of preparing for tonight's benefit, Cyrus anxiously checks his cell phone, waiting for it to ring. He then makes an excuse to leave, saying he needs to go pick up the flowers that he ordered for her, but he really goes to Marina's room. He tells her that tonight's the night, the night that they can start their new life together. Marina is struggling with the decision. In some ways, the idea of leaving with Cyrus is exciting, but she knows that she would never be able to come back home to see her family, and doesn't want to leave what is 'home' to her. As the discussion become intense between them, they make love. Then, he leaves to go get ready for his big heist tonight, and asks her again to meet him later at the boat so that they can leave together to start a new life - together.

Meanwhile, Ava stops by the Spaulding mansion to leave a stack of work for Alex in between answering business calls on her cell. Alex is confused about why Ava is leaving all of that work for her, until Ava informs her that Alan is stepping down as CEO of Spaulding and is leaving Alex in charge, temporarily. Alex is completely surprised by this news.

Later, Buzz stops by the mansion and brings Alex flowers before the big event begins tonight. Alex tells Buzz that at first, Cyrus was just the newest, hottest accessory to have, but then she started to see him as something she wanted to keep around longer.

Cyrus arrives back at the mansion, with flowers, and Alex informs him of the news - that she is now the CEO of Spaulding. He congratulates her and is genuinely happy for her, while she believes he is the reason that her life is going so well these days.

Later, Marina sees Buzz at CO2, and basks in the warm, fuzzy feeling of her grandfather making her hot chocolate. She says she would miss those moments, if they were to end. Then she asks him if he would do anything for someone he loved, like Jenna, and Buzz responds that he would. Marina looks at him with goodbye in her eyes, and in her voice, and tells him she loves him, as if for the last time. She looks as if she has just made her decision.

Dinah and Mallet are at the diner, and finances come up. Mallet leaves to go get the car, and Dinah tries to pay the bill, but is having a hard time trying to figure out counting money. As customers wait in line behind her, one in particular grows impatient and adds pressure to Dinah to hurry. Frustrated, Dinah hands the clerk a handful of money and tells her to take it and keep the change. The clerk tells her it's too much money, but the one customer tells the clerk to take it, and then calls Dinah stupid. Mallet returned in time to hear that, and helps Dinah move away from that situation. He calls the station and leaves a message for Frank that he will be a little late for his shift. Shortly after, Frank comes into the diner, not having got the message yet, and finds Mallet, and suggests that it's time to get Dinah more help, and that he needs to write Mallet up for his work performance. As Mallet tries to take Dinah home before returning to work, Dinah argues that she can take a cab. Matt comes in and offers to taker Dinah home, Mallet agrees, and leaves for work, trusting his friend Matt to get Dinah home.

Matt has taken Dinah home and makes her coffee while he vents about seeing Vanessa having coffee with Billy. He tells Dinah that if Mallet saw that they had a spark between them, he wouldn't have let him take her home. Dinah seems to be stunned by the fact that Matt thinks there could be something between them, then tells Matt that she loves Mallet and will stay with him until he can't stay wither anymore. At the police station, Mallet secretly looks at a package of cash that he took away from confiscated money.

As Billy and Lizzie meet on Main Street, Lizzie encourages Billy to ask Vanessa out on a date. Billy bumbles nervously over coffee with Vanessa, but finally asks her to be his date for the Spaulding benefit, and she agrees. Just then, Matt happens to walk by, sees Vanessa with Billy, and approaches them, upset about how fast Vanessa began seeing someone else before their divorce papers are even final.

Later, Billy is having coffee at the diner, talking with Buzz, and lets him know he's taking Vanessa to the benefit tonight. Ava comes in to check to see what Coopers will be there, specifically Coop. She learns he will be there, with Ashlee. Ava seems happy that he'll be there, and leaves. Billy asks Buzz if Marina will be there (since Marina's name was the only one not mentioned among the Coopers who are going). Buzz responds that its best if Marina stays away from the who area, to help keep away from Cyrus.

Marina returns to her room, picas up the picture of the house Cyrus talks about, and curls up on her bed, as the camera looks down on her from above.

Cyrus calls Griggs and finalizes some plans. Cyrus asks how long will it take for the stolen money to be in the banks accounts that he set up. He doesn't get a clear answer, and then Griggs is spotted by Alex, who asks Griggs to identify himself. He stalls, and just as she is about to call the police, Cyrus shows up.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Alexandra sees Griggs and is ready to call the police when Cyrus interrupts and states that is his new driver. Cyrus leads Griggs away and whispers that he will call him. Cyrus returns to Alex and talks about how much he is looking forward to the charity ball. Later, Cyrus places a call to Griggs to test out the receiver and go over the plan.

After packing her gun in her purse, Marina tries to convince Frank to let her work security at the ball so she can be there for Harley. After a little bit of pleading from Marina, Frank finally agrees. Later, Frank finds Mallet's police notebook on Mallet's desk. Suspicious, he unlocks Mallet's desk and finds wads of money.

Vanessa arrives at the ball with Billy, surprising Dinah and Mallet. Dinah takes her mother aside and asks if she is dating Billy-isn't he the man who ruined her life? Vanessa states that she and Billy are just friends. Dinah then brings up Matt. How would he feel? Later, Vanessa is with Billy when he bumps into someone. Billy makes a joke -- more than once -- about it is a good thing he is not drinking. Vanessa believes that Billy is trying to reassure her. Vanessa states that she knows he is not the same person she knew and she likes who he has become.

Dinah calls Matt to warn him that Vanessa is at the ball with Billy. Matt has been drinking a little and asks if she thinks he should stay away Dinah admits that it is his call.

Marina gets Cyrus in a private moment and asks him how he is going to rob the Spauldings. Cyrus refuses to give her the details for her protection. If she does not know any details, she does not know of the crime.

Gus approaches Natalia and asks for a truce.. Natalia claims she was not angry at him. Gus tries to warn her about staying away from Alan but Natalia refuses to talk about him. As they are talking about old times, they spot Harley and Natalia encourages him to speak with her. Gus and Harley make small talk about Daisy who Harley states is depressed because her heart is broken. When Gus offers his support, Harley walks off.

Alan congratulates Alexandra at the job she did planning the charity ball. He thinks she is trying to outshine him to prove she can handle the business as will as he did. Alexandra asks Alan why he is stepping down at Spaulding. He tells her that there are more important things than business.

Alan is eyeing Natalia whom he has brought as his date. A little later, Gus accuses Alan of hitting on Natalia. Gus warns Alan to back off but Alan claims that since Gus does not want her she is fair game. When Natalia comes upon them, Gus asks her to dance.

Matt arrives at the ball and tries to get Vanessa to dance with him. Vanessa starts to resist and Billy intervenes. Matt is shocked that Vanessa picked Billy over him and states that he does not want Billy to have one minute alone with his daughter.

Vanessa angrily brushes Matt off and later, Billy pours himself a drink.

Frank arrives at the ball and privately confronts Mallet about the $ 30,000 in drug-bust money that he found in Mallet's desk. Mallet quickly reports that he did not spend one dime of that money but Frank does not find that excuse too comforting. Mallet explains to Frank that he was desperate. He is working three jobs just to pay the medical bills. But they keep coming and he is getting deeper into the hole .Mallet informs Frank that he had second thoughts and was not to touch the money. Mallet begs Frank to let him keep his job. Frank states that he does not know what he is going to do yet and walks off. Unbeknownst to them, the entire exchange was overheard by Dinah.

After Mallet goes inside, Matt rushes outside and Dinah quickly asks to talk to him. But first she asks a waiter to go find Mallet. Dinah then approaches Matt and comes on to him, stating that she has reconsidered their previous conversation. Though she is committed to her marriage, she would not want to miss out on something else. Soon after, Mallet walks out and sees a shirtless Matt being kissed by Dinah.

During all of this, Cyrus has been accepting personal donations and relaying the checking account numbers to Griggs. When Marina asks him how the donations are coming, he begs off the question stating that someone else is collecting donations. Their proximity to each other is witnessed by Harley who later startles Cyrus by sneaking up on him on the balcony. Harley asks Cyrus what he is up to but soon makes it clear that she is talking about Marina. She tells him that he is a married man and what he is doing to her niece is not fair to Alexandra or Marina. It is wrong. Harley tells him that he broke Marina's heart by marrying Alex.

Later, Marina approaches Cyrus and tells him that she knows he is relaying account numbers. She states that it was one thing when she thought he was robbing the Spauldings but she cannot let him rob other people. With that, Marina holds a gun on him.

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