Claire Marshall Lawrence MacNeill
Presumed Deceased
Actor History
Eloise Kummer (radio only, January 4, 1943 - 1946)
Sharon Grainger (radio only, 1946 - November 29, 1946)
Resides At
Last known address in Selby Flats, CA
Marital Status
Married/Dr. Jonathan McNeill (October 1946) (deceased)
Past Marriages
Tim Lawrence (deceased)
Lucille Marshall (sister)
Larry Lawrence (former brother-in-law; deceased)
Ricky (adopted son; deceased)
Flings & Affairs
Larry Lawrence (dated; deceased)
Crimes Committed
Brief Character History

In 1946, the various pastors of The Little Church of Five Points (in Illinois) became caught up in the life of young Claire Marshall who had married pilot Tim Lawrence and adopted a little boy, Ricky. Claire was shocked to learn that Ricky was, in fact, Tim's natural son by his first wife, Nina! Claire and Tim were trying to come to grips with this revelation when Tim was killed in an airplane crash. After a period of grieving, Claire married Dr. Jonathan McNeill, and the two moved to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Selby Flats. The newlyweds were happy to discover that Rev. Ruthledge's Friendship Lamp or "The Guiding Light" had followed them to their new home, when upon Rev. Ruthledge's death, his son-in-law, Ned Holden and his daughter, Mary, brought the "The Guiding Light" to Rev. Ruthledge's dearest friend in the seminary, the Rev. Dr. Charles Matthews. Soon Claire and her new husband, Jonathan would soon need the spiritual guidance of Rev. Matthews's, when their marriage was severely tested.

For about a year later, Larry Lawrence, Tim’s brother arrived at Selby Flats, CA. A fortune-hunting cad, Larry began to charm Claire, in hopes that she would divorce her husband, Jonathan, and marry him. Fortunately, Claire and Jonathan's marriage proved too strong for Larry to penetrate. In the end, Claire and Jonathan would weather the storm and with Rev. Matthews's help would have a long lasting stable marriage. As for Larry, he would find a better opportunity with Julie Barton Collins and her husband, Frank Collins.

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