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Monday, March 31, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Lies Between Friends
Casey told Rae the whole situation is getting out of hand and that they ought to inform Wei Lee of the truth. He doesn't see the point in continuing the lie. Rae stubbornly refuses to tell the truth. Casey thinks she is lying because she still cares about Wei Lee, to which she admits she does. Wei Lee walks in as Casey asks Rae if they were ever intimate. Rae introduces him to Mark and Caitlin, who have decided to go the party together. Tiff, Sean and Meg arrive at the party. Casey approaches Tiff and congratulates her on finding a place to stay. Sean asks Caitlin why she went to the party with Mark, Caitlin replies that she and Mark are using each other. In the meantime, Mark and Tiff mend fences. She asks him if he's seeing Caitlin, Mark answers that they "are just friends." Sean and Tiff return to the Richard's to look for a dress for Tiff. He gets one of his headaches, prompting Tiff's concern. Caitlin, Rae, and Meg talk about how much men take for granted while munching on chips. Wei Lee impresses the guests at the party with his card tricks, various languages, and smiles. The other guys step outside to get some fresh air in disgust at Wei Lee's success with the guests. Wei Lee asks Casey and Rae to the center of the room wanting to make an announcement. He is upset the she did not invite any of her friends to their nuptials. Wei Lee toasts their marriage, and Wei Lee kisses the bride, mush to Casey's chagrin.

Money Can't Buy Love
Tiffany's admiration of the Richard's decorations prompts Olivia to call the Sunset Police Department to report a thief. Olivia told Tiffany she knows she was casing the house. Tiff admits to Olivia that she wonders what it is like to be rich and safe, rather than poor and fearful. Olivia confesses she knows what it is like to be poor, and that she was once like Tiffany. Tiff asks Olivia to help her be just like her. Sean walks in, wondering what is going on. He admits to hearing some of the conversation, and asks his mother if she will help Tiff. Olivia offers to help her a little, and warns the two that if Gregory finds Spike, Tiff is going to get kicked out.

Allergy Season
Gregory searches for Eddie. As far as the Sunset P.D. is concerned his thug tells him, "Eddie is on vacation for the next 8 days." Gregory wants Eddie found immediately. Olivia told Gregory she knows he has a thug keeping an eye on her. He starts to sneeze and realizes there must be an animal in the house. As Sean and Tiff return to find the dress, Gregory finds Spike. Spike howls for Tiff, who is hiding in the closet. Animal control arrives to take Spike, Tiff watches from the closet.

Just Between Us...and That Prowler
Ben lets the girls in on the fact that Eddie has been out of the country for 2 days, in Europe. Annie whines about being cooped up and Ben told Annie she had her chance. Eventually Ben directs Annie to the kitchen asking her to make herself "useful." Annie went into the kitchen in a huff. Ben is concerned about Meg, and wants her to relax at the party. She wants Ben to go with her to the party at Surf Central. He says he will try to make it and hugs her. Annie watches and then angrily says she is tired of being a prisoner, and if Meg were in her place she would be uncooperative also. Meg pipes in that she agrees, but Annie yells, "I don't need you sticking up for me." Ben told her he is tired of putting up with Annie. Meg leaves for the party, and Ben asks her to relax, as he cares for her very much. Ben fills in Annie on the fact that he wouldn't take what he's taken from her from anyone else. He berates her for following him to the dunes, and only caring about herself and the jewels. He told her he hid the jewels elsewhere because he feared she would blow up the safe. He points out that she makes things extremely hard for everyone. She cries about her relationship with Del, and that her life is patterned after that. Annie told Ben that is what happens with him, she does things for attention. That he fell in love with her best friend broke her heart, she adds. She is afraid that the same thing will happen again with Meg. Ben told Annie she is his best friend, and he apologizes, saying he may never have those feelings again. If she wants to stay friends, she must change. If she insults Meg, or went outdoors, their friendship is over, Ben threatens. He leaves, reminding her to behave. As she is heading upstairs to take a warm bath, she spots a woman prowling around her house. Annie went to investigate, and asks the prowler, "What are you doing in my house Olivia?" As "Olivia" turns to face her, Annie gasps, realizing it is Eddie in drag!

Tuesday, April 1, 1997

I Think I See Stars
Tiffany bursts from the closet to stop animal control from taking Spike. Sean tells Gregory she is his guest at the party, and Gregory wonders why he's been sneezing so often. Sean told his father that "Tiffany lives here now." Sean gets Spike back from animal control, while Gregory comes down on Sean for letting Tiff stay. As Gregory rants, Tiff has visions of her father beating her and runs off. She starts "packing" and explains to Sean she must leave. He has a dizzy spell. Later he went to stand up to Gregory. Gregory allows Tiffany to stay the night, but she must leave after that. Sean threatens to leave with Tiff. As Gregory rants again, Sean has another dizzy spell and passes out. Gregory thinks its theatrics.

What A Lead
Ricardo told Paula that Sean made a statement recanting his identification of Annie and that the Del Douglas case may be reopened. Ricardo informs Ben that Ruiz recalls Sean's statement, but its missing and Eddie is out of the country. Ben told him to find Eddie and the case is solved. Ricardo fills in Paula, saying Ben didn't say much. Gabi wants to dance, Paula invites Ricardo to dance with Gabi. Paula leaves, saying she's got family problems to take care of. An old girlfriend approaches Ricardo, saying its a pity he's back with Paula, she would have wanted to get back together with him. Gabi watches curiously as he chats with his old girlfriend. She confronts Ricardo and insinuates that something was going on with the woman. Paula heads to the police department and on the "Registered gun owners 0.38 caliber" list, she finds Elaine's name. She flashes back to questioning her mother about it. She goes to the hotel where Del was murdered, and questions a service man who works at the hotel. He saw a woman in a dark coat walk by him, seeing her face for a moment. Paula asks him to view photos and see if he can identify the woman. She lets the man know that if he can identify the woman, good, if not that is fine too. He nods no to pictures of Annie, Bette, and Olivia. The last picture he sees is Elaine's, and Paula waits anxiously for a reply. "Is this the woman you saw on the night of the murder?" Paula asks him. "Yes," he answers. She falters, asking him if he's sure. He nods yes.

Finally We Hit It Off
Ben arrives at the party, welcomed by a smiling Meg. He told Meg he is meeting Ricardo there to discuss Del's murder. Ben adds that one more screw up from Annie and she's on her own. He kindly told Meg that, having been caught up in Annie's mess, he's missed seeing the things happening and the people in front of him. Meg wants to dance, but Ben says he has to go. Ben invites her to leave with him. At his place they dance closely on the deck, Ben told her he can't recall the "last time I wanted to do this" and they kiss passionately. Annie walks into Ben's, excited about what has just happened with Eddie. She is surprised to see Ben and Meg kissing on the deck and starts to cry. They stop kissing for a bit, and Meg offers to tell Ben something. Ben says, "Not now," and they kiss some more.

No More Lies
Casey gives his own toast, toasting Rae's beauty and brains. Alone, Casey reminds Rae she started this lie. She admits that Wei Lee showing up brought up some feelings. Later she steps outside with Wei Lee. Mark asks where Rae is, Casey told him she's outside with Wei Lee. Mark wonders aloud what will happen to the two of them after she tell Wei Lee. Rae told Wei Lee the truth, but he told her he already knew. She relates that she hates having to do what is expected of her. Wei Lee admits he would have done the same thing she did, however she had chances to tell him the truth. Casey observes Wei Lee and Rae holding hands. Vanessa check up on Michael, wondering why he isn't at the party. He lets her know he doesn't feel right not telling Jimmy and Virginia the truth. He finally dresses for the party and the two head downstairs. Eventually he told Vanessa he needs to be alone and leaves the party.

What A Woman, and She Loved Me?
Eddie grabs Annie, shoving a gun into her abdomen and putting his hand over her mouth. He wants the jewels, Annie told him Ben's got them. He tells Annie he didn't kill Del, that he was already dead. She asks him to tell her who killed Del, he says he isn't sure yet, if he's right they'll both be free. Annie sarcastically asks why he would want to clear her name. Connors answers, "You Annie, you're my reason." He asks her if she's ever been crazy for someone that she'd do anything. He told her he loves her and really cared about her and has done what he's done to get back at her. Eddie apologizes for what he did, Annie kicks him in the groin. Annie wants answers, Eddie wants her to trust him. He says she can tell Ben, but keep the cops out until he finishes his lead. They part ways "amicably."

Wednesday, April 2, 1997
by Mary

Who Do You Love? I Love You...
Ben has a flashback to Maria's drowning after kissing Meg, she asks if something is wrong. Ben denies that anything is wrong and decides to check on Annie. She decides not to share the nights events with Ben. He went to the Deep, saying it is safer for both of them to stay at his place. Annie tells that Ben would not give Meg the brush off since they're getting so close. She starts to be friendly towards Meg, who doesn't believe her facade. Annie admits to Meg that she knows that she and Ben will never get romantic, but she wants him as a friend. Meg told Annie she wants Ben to like her for herself without knowing about "Dorothy." "I know what I have to do," she tells Annie, who warns her that Ben will flip if she went to the Deep. Meg doesn't heed Annie's advice and leaves. The doorbell rings, and Annie thinking it's Meg, went to get it. Eddie barges in in drag and wanting his jewels. Annie says Ben will return shortly, Eddie answers that he doubts it since Ben and Meg might want to finish what they started on the deck. Annie is angered by the comment and smacks Eddie around. He wants her help in catching Del's murderer. Meg turns up at the Deep and eventually she and Ben kiss again. Ben told her that "this is a mistake" and they should stop seeing each other. Meg, crying, says. "I don't get why you are doing this again" Ben asks, "Again?" Meanwhile, Annie and Eddie rehash how much trouble they are in. Eddie offers to become partners, she threatens to turn him in. He informs her,"If you rat on me, I'll rat on you."

Please Come Home
Tim reintroduces himself to Ricardo, who is impressed that Ricardo knows a Laker girl. Ricardo brushes off Gabi's attempt to remind him of what happened between them. He grows anxious that Paula is taking so long. After much debating, he and Gabi decide to leave. Ricardo gets worried about Paula and calls Elaine's. Paula told him she will be home soon. At Ricardo and Paula's Gabi starts to get ready for bed while Paula holds back from telling Ricardo about her suspicions. Elaine closes up shop and hears a baby crying.

Don't Say That
Paula is speechless when the repairman assures her he saw the woman in the picture (Elaine) at the hotel the night Del was murdered. She again asks him if he is sure, and he replies, "I saw her here in the hotel just before Mr. Douglas was killed." Paula promises he won't get in any trouble, as he fears deportation, fills her in on what the woman was wearing. Paula heads to the waffle shop, trying to explain to Elaine why she is there. "Where were you the night Del Douglas was shot?" Paula finally asks. She told her of the employee seeing her at the hotel that night. Elaine avoids answering every way she can, urging Paula to forget about it and be with Ricardo. "Did you kill Del Douglas?" she asks desperately. Elaine admits she was at the hotel, and gone to see Del. She explains being behind on payments on the Waffle Shop (Del was the note holder for the shop) and going to talk to him about it. Elaine says they never talked because she never went to his room, she was afraid he wouldn't hear her out. She knocked, but he never answered the door. Paula apologizes to her mother about adding stress to her life.

The End of A Great Party
Wei Lee misunderstands Rae's "I care about you" to mean that she has chosen him over Casey. Rae walks away from him, rolling her eyes, looking for Casey. In the meantime Mark and Caitlin decide their not having fun, and wonder to each other about Tiff and Sean. Rae tries to explain things to Casey, but he "wishes her all the happiness" and kisses her lightly, telling her he'll "miss being married to you." She told Casey she cares about Wei Lee, "but not like I care..." when she is interrupted by Mark who informs her there is a call for her.

Nothing Like a Tragedy to Unite Us All
Gregory thinks Sean is faking passing out, Olivia calls an ambulance to "number one Ocean Avenue," while Gregory's voice grows quieter with concern for his son. Sean is taken to the hospital, while Tiff decides she must leave. At the hospital, Rae tends to Sean and explains to the Richards what is wrong with their son. Apparently the bruise from Sean's injury (from his "fall" st Ben's) has continued to bleed, his taking large doses of aspirin has increased the blood flow to the brain. Gregory faults Tiff for Sean's health because she failed to tell anyone about his headaches. Gregory wants "better care" for Sean, and asks Rae to transfer him to South Bay General. Rae warns that would be a mistake at this stage. Later Caitlin gets a call from her daddy, Mark drives Caitlin to the hospital. Once there, Tiff relates to Mark the Sean is passed out because of his "fall" at Ben's. Mark blames himself for Sean's current state. Tiff tries to calm him down, saying it was an accident because they fought over her. Mark told her it was not because of her they fought, but rather because Mark called Olivia a drunk. Olivia overhears this, and they apologize for what has happened. Olivia will not tell Gregory what she knows and will pray for her son. Tiff admits to Mark she cares about Sean, and that Mark is her best friend. Gregory starts release forms, and an angry Rae told him Sean is in critical condition and if Gregory moves him, it will kill him. Olivia interjects that it is best for Sean to stay for now. Gregory orders Rae to sign the form as the nurse calls her over to Sean. Gregory again orders a transfer, Rae asks orderlies to escort Mr. Richards to the lobby. As Gregory threatens to bring a malpractice suit against Rae, Sean flatlines. Rae immediately starts the lifesaving process.

Thursday, April 3, 1997
by Mary

Did She Do It?
Paula denies there is anything wrong with Elaine to Ricardo. He asks her to tell him, as she left the party early to see her mother. Gabi believes it is because of her that something is wrong with Elaine. Once they are alone, Paula refuses to tell Ricardo what is on her mind. They discuss upholding the law with a loved one, versus protecting a loved one. Paula confides to Gabi that she and Ricardo haven't been "close" since she was abducted. Gabi takes that information well. In bed, Paula wrestles in bed, unable to sleep and recalling the man's identifying Elaine and her story about the night's events.

Your Conscience Will Betray You
Elaine continues to hear crying, saying, "Please stop, I tried to make it right." Elaine gets a crank call. The caller told her he knows about her and Del. She asks the caller who he is and what he wants, to no avail since he has hung up. Eddie watches Elaine leave after the call, saying, "she took the bait." She went to the cemetery, to her child's grave. There she opens up to her child, "I wish I could have told someone that I killed Del, but I couldn't. I was afraid it would hurt Paula so much." She also "tells" her child she is tired of hiding. Eddie watches and listens from the bushes. Elaine screams to the cemetery that Del killed her child, and if she told of his deed, he would kill Paula. "I am so glad I killed him" she says. She is sorry that Annie had to die for her deed.

United We Stand
Gregory threatens to sue everyone in the Emergency Room if something happens to Sean. Since he was in cardiac arrest Rae has to perform a procedure to relieve the pressure on his brain. Gregory wants Sean to have the procedure done elsewhere, Rae explains that if she doesn't do the procedure, Sean "will die." She needs Gregory's consent to proceed, but he stands there. Olivia rushes to sign, pleading,"Please save my son." Gregory told her if anything happens to Sean, Olivia will be to blame. Casey asks how Rae is doing, Wei Lee doesn't think that the local facility suits her abilities. Caitlin begs her parents to stop fighting, and stop blaming everyone. Rae starts the procedure. Caitlin calms her parents down, as Rae appears, telling it went very well. Casey gives he a vote of confidence, Wei Lee interrupts, saying he has something to take care of in San Francisco. Rae thinks he is going to San Francisco to tell he parents, he won't tell them he promises. He will return later, "You'll understand someday" he says and kisses her. Casey tells Rae next time he returns, Wei Lee won't want to leave without her. She tells the Richards that the pressure is relieved and after more tests they will know if he needs surgery.

Love Lost And Understood
Meg falters, and says she meant again because Ben has done the same thing to Annie. He told Meg he doesn't want to hurt her. Meg asks if it is because of Maria, and fervently told him she wants to help. She realizes she should not have gone to the Deep, Ben walks her home. Eddie explains to Annie he wants to help clear her name. Annie doesn't think he can help, so he shows her the birth certificate he found. At home, Tim scares Meg. He told her about Sean being at the hospital. He told her he cared about her and still does. Meg told him she doesn't want Ben to like her for "Dorothy" and Tim lets it slip that there is also Annie. He covers, saying her memory may still be on Ben's mind. He promises to never hurt her, as seeing a friend going through what he did to her has made him realize how much he hurt her. Tim asks Meg for a second chance. Ben looks at Maria's painting, falls asleep on the couch, and has a nightmare about drowning. He awakens, screaming, "Maria! Maria!"Annie rushes to his side, asking him to talk to her about the nightmare. He told her his nightmare, and she hugs him, promising to never let him go.

Friday, April 4, 1997
by Mary

Everything Will Be Just Fine
Olivia is worried that Sean hasn't woken up, and that there may be more to his condition. Rae assures her he will be fine. Wei Li calls Rae at the hospital, saying he will return with a surprise for her. Casey wants to talk about the events at the party with Rae, but she doesn't really want to. He offers to drive her to South Bay General and talk on the way. Gregory forbids Tiff from seeing Sean, and has his son moved to South Bay General. Dr. Strahorne told the family that Sean must not have any stress, or his condition will worsen. He explains there are blood clots and blood continues to flow. Sean needs major surgery (a risky procedure) and might be paralyzed or go blind. If the operation is not done, Sean will die. Dr. Strahorne praises Rae's abilities to the Richards', saying Sean would have died if the procedure had not been done. Gregory again wants the best doctor in the country to do the procedure. They tell Sean everything is fine, and that he needs surgery. He's scared that something will happen to him, Olivia assures Sean he will be perfectly fine. Tiff and Mark arrive at South Bay General. Mark apologizes for what happened between them. Caitlin leaves in tears, while Sean told Tiff she's the only one he trusts, so Tiff gets a hold of his chart. She reads the chart aloud to him including the possible complications tearfully. Caitlin greets Rae and tells her he needs another operation. Mark talks to Casey about the events being his fault and told him about the fight. Casey tries to calm him down, saying "it takes two to fight." Sean asks his mother to tell him what is going on, she splits. Olivia seeks out Rae, telling her she trusts Rae more and about the MRI. She also told her which doctor will be operating on Sean, Rae quietly thinks about it. Meanwhile Gregory tries to get a hold of Dr. Anthony Moulton, realizing the man is busy.

A Weight Off My Shoulders
Casey assures Vanessa that Michael will be fine, realizing Michael has gone "surfing" with a riptide out. Casey struggles with Michael, trying to convince him how dumb he was to go into the water in such conditions. Vanessa has a change of heart, agreeing that the truth is the best choice for Michael. "I'll never tell Jimmy I killed his father," Michael told Vanessa. Jimmy overhears and confronts Michael. He explains about the gang wars and how James was killed. He wishes for Michael to rot in hell, calling him a murderer and a liar and runs out of the house. Later Virginia told Michael she knew long ago that James would end up dead no matter who did it. She loved James, but she hated for his gang activities. Virginia wants Michael to give Jimmy time to heal and to learn to forgive.

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