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Monday, April 14, 1997
by Mary DeRock

You're A Hero No Longer
Gregory almost calls security on Tiff for being in Sean's room, but instead he offers her a check for $10,000 to get out of Sean's life. She leans close to Sean and tears up the check. He threatens to get rid of her just like "I got rid of Caitlin's little boyfriend" he says. As he opens the door to usher Tiff out, Caitlin walks in, overhearing what Gregory's just said. Caitlin confronts him, telling him he let her down, "You will never be my hero again," she blast him as Sean awakens. He asks for Tiffany, and Gregory ignores the request. Rae told the Richards that all his signs are good. Olivia and Caitlin don't see anything wrong with Sean seeing Tiff. Gregory loses out, and Sean thanks Tiff as "everything's perfect," he says. Outside, Caitlin told Gregory he ruined the good between her and Cole. Olivia walks up to Gregory saying,"She found out, didn't she?" Tiff keeps Sean company, describing what she pictured them doing once he is better. Olivia tells Gregory everything will be fine between he and Caitlin. Caitlin informs Cole that she knows what has been going on behind her back. He nervously thinks she knows about his trysts with Olivia.

Mother Dear
Cole thanks Elaine for giving him the advice and she attempt to talk with him about the mother he never knew. Cole told Elaine he only feels contempt for the woman who gave birth to him and that he never wants to see her again. Elaine tries to explain that his mother may have loved him, that he should have an open heart. She wishes him luck with Caitlin, biting her tongue about her being his mother. Elaine replays her talk with Cole at the Waffle Shop as she stares at the picture of Armando Deschanel.

Just Between Roomies
Michael officially asks Vanessa out on a date. Wei Li returns, seeing Rae and Casey in the midst of their kiss. Mark encourages Meg to talk to Ben about what she saw. Meg asks the group to offer Michael ideas on what will impress Vanessa. Wei Li, as it turns out, rented Candlestick Park for Rae's 21st birthday. Rae and Wei Li leave for South Bay General to see Sean. Meg and Casey discuss relationships. Vanessa cancels on the date as all has gone wrong for her today. Virginia stops by the Deep to see Michael and they step outside to chat. Virginia thanks Michael for what he's done for Jimmy. She tells him she understands if he has to move on, but she feels James needs him. Virginia wants Michael to continue being a part of their lives. They hug each other as Vanessa watches. Casey throws out ideas about how to impress Rae to Meg. Meg encourages him to compete with Wei Li by being himself. At the hospital, Wei Li got her a job offer at San Francisco's Surgery Center. He has a letter of recommendation from the head of surgery at San Francisco, Rae is amazed and told Wei Li she has to think about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

I Got Away With It After All
Annie smilingly asks Ben if things are alright between him and Meg, while Tim asks the same of Meg at the Deep. Tim surmises that Meg is avoiding Ben, he tells Meg his parents had the picture he took with the Laker girl put in the Ludlow paper. She told Tim he hasn't changed. He's still a skirt chasing man, but he explains that, if Ben wanted to get caught, he would invite a woman over when he was going to be with another woman. Meg realizes Ben would be stupid to do that. She arrives at Ben's where Annie is cleaning her purse. "I know that Ben is not sleeping with you," Meg announces to Annie. She explains that its too much of a coincidence, and finds the pills. Meg "offers" to show Ben the pills. Annie plays it off that she was in bed with Ben because he has nightmares and was comforting him. Meg buys her excuse.

It's Closed, Let It Be
Ricardo went to the Deep to meet with Ben. Paula arrives, wondering what Ricardo is at the Deep for. She is persistent in her questioning, and Ricardo asks her to back off. "what are you hiding from me?" Paula asks Ricardo as Ben walks in. He asks Ben if the evidence against Eddie is the briefcase full of the Deschanel jewels. Paula calls somewhere, requesting that Elaine call her. Ricardo gets it out of Ben that Eddie had the jewels and kidnapped Meg. Ricardo told Ben he needs hard evidence, while Paula recalls her talk with Elaine. Paula is vehement about the Douglas case being closed, "Annie's dead," she exclaims to Ricardo. Tim chats with Ben, telling him that Meg shouldn't be getting hurt. He adds that he knows Annie is alive and doesn't want Meg involved. Ricardo breaks up their discussion when Ben grabs Tim.

Love Consummated
Caitlin told Cole she knows her dad made him break up with her, much to Cole's relief. He explains to Caitlin the other woman came around when he was hurt, but he loves Caitlin. She agrees to leave Sunset Beach with Cole once Sean is better. Caitlin adds that her mother has helped her with her relationship and covered for her the whole time. They discuss where they could possibly go when they leave Sunset Beach. They share a kiss while starting a fire and Cole tries to discourage things from going further. Caitlin and Cole make love at the cave.

First Date After All
Vanessa decides to go out on the date with Michael after seeing him and Virginia hug. Michael cancelled all the plans, as he thought Vanessa had cancelled for sure. At dinner, the two are uncomfortable on the first date. Vanessa worries their relationship won't work unless their involved in a crisis.

Let's Work Together
Gregory and Olivia discuss his need for control and their children. Apparently Gregory thinks Cole has left town, he thinks he is "out of sight, out of mind." Olivia told Gregory that Caitlin is just like him, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. He thinks she should return to UCLA. Olivia offers to help him get Caitlin back.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997
by Mary

Thursday, April 17, 1997

I Know The Truth
Ricardo considers Eddie's offer while getting some fresh air. Gabi decides to go out for the night, allowing the lovebirds some privacy. Paula tells Ricardo it is ironic she now has a brother and a sister. Ricardo leaves for the police department when he sees Paula isn't going to divulge anything else. He went to meet Eddie in an alley and bargains with him, giving him full immunity from the D.A.'s office in exchange for whatever he has. Ricardo asks him what he has on Elaine. "Enough to keep her waffles in the freezer for good," Connors replies. He pulls out the hair samples and shows him the birth certificate for "one baby Stevens, found in a secret compartment in Del Douglas's briefcase. Looks like you got yourself a killer," Eddie snidely remarks. Ricardo deduces he lost the briefcase to Ben and kidnapped Meg to get it back. He knows Ben duped Connors with the empty briefcase. Connors says he returned because of the birth certificate, and knows Del got the jewels in exchange for the baby. He asks Ricardo if he is willing to put his future mother in law behind bars and offers to keep the secret if Ricardo decides to bury the evidence. Ricardo arrives home, takes his coat off, and leaves the birth certificate sticking out of his coat pocket. As they are going to bed, Elaine calls and hangs up when Ricardo answers.

Meet Dorothy
Meg quietly says, "SB meet Dorothy," once Ben deduces correctly. Ben makes light of their chats "in cyberspace" saying they were "words on a screen." Meg says they weren't just words, they were both honest to each other and bared their souls. He wants to know how long she's known he's SB, to which Meg replies,"For a while." She told him she did not know he wanted nothing to do with "Dorothy" until she got to Sunset Beach. Meg told him of her frustration at finding that out and how lonely she was when she arrived at Sunset Beach. Both recall seeing each other that first fay, and Meg claims she felt a spark. Meg relates to Ben about the thief, meeting Casey, making him strawberry muffins and almost killing him in her search for SB. She asks him if he'd made it to the pier the night Annie kidnapped him, if things would be different now. She reminds him she mentioned about SB when she first started working for him at the Deep, but he was asleep. Meg adds that as she got to know Ben Evans, SB wasn't important anymore. He told her he never felt closer to anyone as he did to Meg the night she stopped him from going into the water the night Annie "died." Meg adds that she must have been unhappy in Ludlow for SB to have an effect on her. If Ben told her it was wrong for her to come to Sunset Beach, she won't regret having come.

A New Member In Our Family
Caitlin's condition to Gregory is that he accept Tiffany into the family. She emphasizes that Sean needs Tiffany, not just his family because Tiffany has supported him more than anyone else. Unwillingly, Gregory "will try to deal with Tiffany Thorne." Sean shrugs off his vision problems as "daydreaming" when Olivia notices him. Gregory offers to take the family on a long needed vacation, Sean declines, but Gregory adds that he wants Tiffany and Spike to join them on vacation, as he feels Sean has made it clear that Tiff is a part of the family. Olivia told Caitlin she is there for her whenever she needs to talk. "Enjoy love while you can," Olivia admonishes her daughter and she calls her mother "cool." Sean thanks his father for accepting Tiff, saying "It means a lot to me." Tiff thanks Gregory for that too, saying he won't regret it. Cole waits for Olivia at the Grotto, Caitlin arrives instead. Cole offers to take her home, as they are kissing Olivia arrives and realizes Cole is Caitlin's young man. Gregory decides Sean needs rest and takes Tiff with him. Before she leaves, she asks him to fill out his breakfast request and when he can't read what she has chosen for him, Tiff deduces that he can't see.

Friday, April 18, 1997
by Mary DeRock

I Know Who Did It
Gabi attempts to help Ricardo with whatever is bothering him, thinking it has to do with the night Paula was kidnapped. He thanks her for trying, but declines her offer for company outside. Alone he recalls his theoretical conversation with Paula about protecting a loved one versus upholding the law. Eddie arrives, saying he understands Ricardo's inability to sleep. As Eddie leaves Paula walks up to Ricardo, saying he shouldn't feel guilty about Annie's death. Ricardo mentions that if he were such a good cop, Del's killer would be in jail as he knows the killer is still on the loose. She encourages him to let "this go" that Annie must have done it. He professes his love to Paula, and reminds her he cares for her. Ricardo went to Elaine's, and she asks "What took you so long?"

Please Keep My Secret
Sean shrugs off his vision problem to Tiff as a side effect of the anesthesia. Sean asks Tiff not to mention the blurred vision to anyone, he doesn't want to "rock the Boat" as his family has never been closer. Tiff asks Sean to see a doctor for her, she doesn't want him to go blind. Sean agrees to talk to Rae, but doesn't want to tell his parents.

Dreaming About...
Ben told Meg his chats with "Dorothy" meant a lot to him, as he was able to get in touch with a side of him he'd "closed off." He adds that he may never share anything but a "close friendship" with another woman. Meg told Ben she respects his honesty and they start to discuss Tim. She mentions his cheating with her best friend and not trusting Tim. Both decide to get some sleep and Ben has a nightmare about Maria. He scares Meg as he is strangling her while yelling, "Stop Maria."

A Love For Both Of Us
Caitlin deduces that Cole must be expecting someone else, the other woman, as he is antsy. He denies it, adding she can't "do anything to jeopardize our future." Olivia recalls seeing Cole and Caitlin at the Grotto as Caitlin comes home. In the meantime, Cole rehearses what he'd say to Olivia when he cuts things off with her. Mother and daughter chat and Olivia dissuades her daughter from her romance, saying all may not be roses all the time. Caitlin says, "My heart is safe with Cole, mom." Olivia is unsuccessful at dissuading Caitlin, and went to the Grotto to confront Cole. She talks to herself at the beach, regretting what she did to her daughter. Meanwhile Caitlin fondly recalls her night with Cole.

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