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Monday, April 21, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Why Didn't You Tell Me?
Elaine told Ricardo she respects his intelligence and knew he would know the truth eventually. Ricardo went down the list of the evidence he has against Elaine, mentioning the birth certificate, the Deschanel jewels, and he thinks that suggests the Deschanel's were behind the baby switch. This indicates to him that Elaine had a motive, means (her gun), evidence (hair samples), and opportunity. She explains she killed Del because she was under the impression Del killed her son and about Del's threat to kill Paula. Elaine offers to be the one to tell Paula, and Paula arrives asking "What is going on here?" Ricardo tries to tell Paula, but she tries to stop them from telling her by talking about the wedding plans and how she wants Elaine at the wedding. Elaine asks for some time alone with Paula, and as Ricardo walks out the door Paula puts her foot in her mouth. "Oh no, you confessed," she exclaims. Ricardo turns from the doorway, asking, "What did you say?" He angrily berates Paula for knowing her mother killed Del.

Where Could They Be?
Eddie surprises Annie, who thinks it is Ben in the balcony. He brags to Annie that the killer will be identified in tomorrow's paper. She doesn't see why she should believe him. But Eddie told her he's done more for her than Ben has done to clear her name. He adds that as a cop he was tired of being second best, behind Ricardo. Annie and Eddie kiss passionately, but Annie slaps him for kissing her. He told her she'll be able to enjoy her freedom as of the next morning. Annie wonders where Ben is and hopes he isn't with Meg. Annie went to the Deep to look for Ben and finds his keys and Meg's purse in his office. She makes her way to the wine cellar, and sees them asleep in each other's arms.

Still Here
Meg awakens Ben from his nightmare and he apologizes profusely. She told him everything is fine, but he declares it'll never be over. Meg admits to knowing how nightmares can affect a persons mind, as she has nightmares about Tim's betrayal. Ben is amazed that Meg's stuck around after so much. She adds that there was no passion between herself and Tim, not like Ben and Maria. Ben admits he knew Maria was the woman he'd be with forever. His happiness diminished "until the accident" Meg finishes. Ben asks Meg how she knows it was an accident and "How do you know you're not stuck down here with a murderer?" Meg told him he isn't a murderer and he says he's not sure he isn't a murderer. When Maria fell into the water and he grabbed on to her, they were pulled apart and he lost her. He thinks if he'd done more to save her she would have lived. Meg tries to convince him he did everything he could. Meg told Ben she feels closer to him now that she knows what happened the night of Maria's death. She again tries to convince him he isn't a murderer and that it was an accident. Ben told her "Dorothy" was an optimistic person. Both agree they need some sleep, and Ben promises "No more nightmares tonight."

I Don't Want To Lose This
Olivia reflects on how there has never been a time when the family was any closer. She wishes she could die, so she won't have to deal with Caitlin finding out about her affair with Cole. Gregory sees Olivia at the beach, and she thinking he knows what she's done runs away from him. He thinks she's drunk, but she 's "painfully sober" she told Gregory. He admits he was worried about her, that they've had a rough week and he understands why she's out on the beach. At home they share the things about each other that attracted them to one another. Olivia thinks Gregory doesn't need her, he kisses her to prove the contrary. He wants to help her with whatever is bothering her. As Gregory holds her she told him she never wants to lose her family, nor Gregory.

Tuesday, April 22, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Annie walks in and finds Meg and Ben asleep in one another's arms. Tim, who had followed Annie comes in. Annie and Tim are both curious to what has been going on. Ben asks Meg and Annie to go back to his house while he talks to Tim. Tim has an outburst and realizes that Ben is in love with Meg. Tim vows to get Meg back and told Ben so. Ben told Tim to take Meg back to Kansas.

Sean and Tiffany are talking about how he can see and that they are happy. All of a sudden, his vision gets worse and he can't see. Tiffany is trying to convince him to tell someone. Caitlin comes to visit and Tiff covers for Sean. Caitin leaves without discovering the truth that Sean can't see. Tiffany calls for Rae to come and talk with Sean. Rae comes to the hospital. After a quick and tender moment with Cole in the closet, Caitlin sees Casey and Mark. They ask about Sean, unaware that she doesn't know anything. Caitin runs back to Sean's room. Sean convinces her not to say anything to mom and dad. She does this only after being promised that he will tell the doctors everything. He told her that he can see.

Casey and Mark are talking and Casey is wondering about the mysterious envelope. Rae walks in and overhears Casey saying something about asking her something. He makes up a lame excuse. Later, while Rae is pondering her offer from San Francisco, the phone rings. It is the hospital calling about Sean. Having overheard on a extension, Casey and Mark quickly follow her to the hospital.

Elaine watches as Paula and Ricardo have a heated confrontation. Ricardo lashes out about trust while Paula asks what would he have done if it was his mother. They are going back and forth. Elaine bursts out that she can't watch what they are doing to one another. She runs out and went to the beach. Paula catches up to her and tries to convince her not to turn herself in. Ricardo comes and Elaine urges him to get it over with and to arrest her because she is ready, She offers her arms for the cuffs and he says that it is not necessary. She says she doesn't want to be treated any differently. Ricardo arrests Elaine very relucantly while Paula watches while her hearts breaks.

After getting back from the celler, Annie tries to find out what happened at the celler between Meg and Ben. Meg just says that Ben openned up to her. Ben returned and he and Meg leave after he said that he doesn't want anything to happen to her. Annie feels left out. Ben and Meg leave and he is walking her home and they talk about relationships versus safety and passion.

Wednesday, April 23, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Thursday, April 24, 1997
by Sha-Sha Toth

I Have A Life!
Casey encourages Rae to take the job and move to San Francisco. While Casey and Rae Lee are arguing, Wei Lee walks in happily asking if Rae is ready to go to San Francisco with him. Casey tries to make Rae feel like she has nothing to live for because Casey mentions that if he had the opportunity that he would leave too. Casey also mentions the time when Rae first came to Sunset Beach, trying in a sense to humiliate Rae. In a stern voice Rae says that she is not going anywhere. Wei seems surprised and says that she is losing her temper and that all of them should go out and celebrate. Casey leaves saying that he has to go to work, leaving Rae and Wei together. Rae told Wei that she has a life and friends in Sunset Beach. Rae mentions to Wei about the time that she injected a drug into a hitman at the beach. Wei says that they can have excitement in San Francisco too, just like in Sunset Beach. She still says that she isn't leaving.

The Fugitive
Ricardo sees Annie on the stair well, he stands outside the door thinking that Annie is dead. Ben and Meg arrive, they see Ricardo at the door, Ben opens the door. Ricardo tells Ben that he has to talk to Annie, in fright she leaves. Ricardo breaks the news to Ben and Meg. Ben shouts for Annie to come down, they search the house in disappointment about not finding Annie. Ricardo leaves to the station, he leaves Ben his two-way radio. Ben and Meg worry about Annie, and think about the future. Ben phones Aunt Bette thinking that Annie might be with her, Ben told Bette about the arrest of Elaine Steven's for the murder of Del Douglas, she doubts him, but realizes that he is right, Bette hangs up the phone. On the two-way, they hear that a police man has been thrown into the water.

In Jail
Elaine is checked, she has to hand over all her jewelry. She is finger printed and photographed, Paula stares with no emotion. When Elaine is in her cell she paces back and forth, Michael comes to comfort Elaine, he leaves shortly after. Elaine told Paula that she wishes that Annie didn't die. Paula changes the subject telling her mother not to do her confession and wait for an attorney. Elaine and Paula argues about this subject. Paula and Elaine find out that Annie is actually alive. Paula questions Ricardo why he didn't tell Paula this when he even got a hunch. Paula went back beg her mother to have an attorney, Ricardo interrupts them saying that he must take Elaine to make her confession.

On The Beach
Cole and Olivia discuss about their affair. Cole begs that Olivia doesn't tell Caitlin. Caitlin comes running up to them, she says that she didn't want Olivia to meet Cole on her own. Caitlin asks how they met. Olivia changes the subject telling her that she has to talk to Caitlin alone at home. Caitlin and Olivia leave the beach.

She Almost Says It
Olivia starts the convo, telling Caitlin that Cole isn't what she thinks that she is. Caitlin tells her mom that she already know that Cole is a jewel thief. Olivia says that Cole can never change. The door bell rings, it is Bette, she asks if Caitlin can leave the room, Caitlin hesitates, and leaves the house. Bette told Olivia that Elaine has been arrested, they worry about what they should do.

In The Grotto
After leaving the house, Caitlin went to the grotto, finding Cole, she told him that there is nothing to worry about. Cole talks about leaving Sunset Beach, Caitlin told him that she will leave as soon as Sean recovers, he holds her by the hand saying that he wants to leave.

Triple Confession
Bette arrives at the station and says, "I need to talk to Ricardo, pronto!" Ricardo comes to see Bette. She blurts out "I killed Del!' Olivia rushes in, also saying that she killed Del. Everybody in the station has a puzzled look on their face, staring at Bette and Olivia.

"Splash!", Fugitive On The Run
Annie looks off the pier, but is startled when on a radio hears the mention of Del's name. She takes off running. A police officer sees her in a restricted area, he realizes that she is Annie. The officer grabs Annie, but Annie pushes him into the water. Michael sees and runs to rescue the officer. Passer-bys watch in amazement.

Friday, April 25, 1997
by Sha-Sha Toth

Over the Edge
The police man that was pushed into the water was rescued. Ben and Meg search frantically for Annie on the dock, Annie hides inside a watch tower. Annie climbs up onto a roof and locks herself up there, Ben spots her and went to help her. Annie stands on a door which opens from the floor, Ben opens it sending Annie flipping over the edge of the watch tower. Just in time she grabs a rung of a railing Seeing Annie dangling, Ben grabs her arm,
From the bottom Meg and Vanessa watch all of the action. Vanessa says that if anyone falls off the edge they will surely die.
After many heart pounding seconds, Ben pulls Annie up. Annie playfully punches Ben because he finally says that she is cleared, and she risked her life for nothing. Meg comes up, Ben greets her with a hug. In envy Annie who watches them jumps off the watch tower.

One Phone Call
Wei Lee hands Rae the pone, he says that he know that she wants the job and wants to leave Sunset Beach with him. Rae's reply is "I am happy here!"

Why Do You Want To Leave So Soon?
Caitlin asks why Cole wants to leave so soon. He replies that it is because of Olivia. Caitlin says that her mom won't think that Cole 'is' a jewel thief.

A Meeting
Eddie meets Gregory meet in the Richard's mansion, Gregory is concerned about the arrest of Elaine. Gregory suspects that Eddie has the jewels because he knows about the never known Stevens' baby. Eddie denies and says that Annie has the jewels. Eddie tries to blackmail Gregory about having something to do with Del's murder.
Caitlin unexpectedly walks in, she asks if she is interrupting with something. Eddie abruptly leaves.
Gregory suspects that Caitlin is seeing Cole. She asks why he is so concerned and if he trusts her enough to make her own choices.

Sticking Together Forever Olivia and Bette argues about killing Del. Ricardo leaves because of a sighting of Annie. Bette explains to Elaine that her late ex-husband had a case similar to this, and if a whole bunch of people confess people the court will get really confused and throw out the case.
Bette told Elaine that they will always stick together, Ruiz takes Elaine back to her cell.

The Picture Paula went off showing pictures of Cole. Paula finds Cole and asks him to come to see Elaine. Cole says that he doesn't understand how he could help but he says that he would give it a try.Paula and Cole leave the beach.
Paula leads Cole to the cell where Elaine is kept. They talk about minor things, he told her that he wished that he had a mother.
Outside Paula hopes that her mom told Cole that she is his mother.

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