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Monday, May 5, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

The show opens with Michael, Virginia, and James sitting at the table talking about the living situation. Vanessa knocks and comes in. She is angry about the article that she had written that got vetoed bt the new owner, Gregory Richardson. She told Michael that she plans to quit. Back at the house after going to the Richardsons house Vanessa and Michael share a steamy kiss. Virginia and James returned and find out that Michael has gotton her a job at the waffle shop.

Gregory and Olivia are laying in bed, and Gregory told her that she needs to show some gratitude so she starts to seduce him. The two of them have a SATISFYING encounter. Gregory gets a call telling him that Caitlin was gone all night and his fears are exactly where she is. She is with Cole. Later, Gregory told Olivia that he is going to call a private investigator to find the whereabouts of Cole. He leaves and Caitlin comes in and begs her mother not to say anything to Gregory. Gregory runs into Caitlin and orders her to tell him what she is doing. Vanessa confronts Gregory about not printing her story about Olivia's confession. Gregory refuses to accept her resignation.

Caitlin is nursing Cole who was wounded and is delirous. Caitlin and Cole pledge their love and she told him that she is worried about him and afraid that he is going to end up dead. Cole starts to ramble a confession about sleeping with Olivia. He doesn't realize that it is Olivia and not Caitlin he is talking to. Olivia and Cole hash it out about the jewels and about running away. She discovers the plane tickets and she gives him a mouthful of grief. She told him that Gregory would find them. Caitlin comes back, and Olivia hides so that she won't be seen by her daughter. Olivia watches from her hiding place as a worried Caitlin nurses Cole and tries to get him to a doctor. Cole sends her for something solid and then confronts Olivia that she won't say anything to Caitlin because she wouldn't have hidden then.

Paula and Ricardo are at his house talking about Elaine's predictment. Gabi is there and listening in. Paula tries to talk Ricardo out of going to the arraignment for Elaine. She told him that she knows that he is sorry about it but she can't handle it. Gabi offers a sympathetic ear to Ricardo. He tells her that he doesn't blame Paula for how she feels.

Elaine and Eddie are in their cells talking. Eddie is in custody for the attempted robbery of the Deschanel jewels. Eddie tries to convince Elaine that she had every right to kill Del for what he did and said that he would do to Elaine. She told him that she hates that Ricardo and Paula are fighting and are growing apart over the situation. Eddie gives Elaine a song and dance about how he doesn't care about the fact that he backed Ricardo into a corner. Paula walks in after hearing her mother saying that she will never forgive Eddie for what he did. Ricardo lets Eddie out of jail after Bette vouches for Eddie's alibi. Elaine confronts Paula about her attitude that it is Ricardo's fault and not Eddie's. Paula told her that she doesn't want to talk about it. Ricardo comes to visit and Paula leaves to go and call and ask Gabi to bring a dress for Elaine to wear to the arraignment. Ricardo and Elaine briefly talk about Ricardo and Paula. He told her that arresting her was the hardest thing he ever did. Michael comes to visit Elaine to offer her some support. Michael gets Virginia a job as a cook at the Waffle shop. Gabi and Eddie have a conversation about his dislike of Ricardo. Ricardo offers Paula his lucky dollar for luck at the arraingment in the hopes that it will save her mother. She told him that she doesn't think that their lives will be the same after today.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Elaine and Paula are waiting for the beginning of the arraignment to begin. Ricardo is ordered by the prosecuting attorney to make a statement as he is the arresting officer. He told Gabi that he doesn't want to make the statement to hurt Elaine. Olivia lets a stunned Bette know that she confided in Gregory about their involvement with the baby. Paula is still trying to convince her mother not to plead guilty. Elaine gets ready to enter a plea when Gregory walks into the courtroom and interrupts and say's that she has a new attorney. Everyone is quite surprised. He takes a minute and confers with Elaine who enters a plea to manslaughter instead of first degree murder. Ben and Mark have a discussion about privacy. He told Mark not to tell anymore stories about his past. Ricardo is put on the stand and he told the court that Elaine is a model citizen. The prosecution harasses him into making Elaine look badly by asking his relationship to Elaine. The attorney makes him answer questions under oath that he doesn't want to. You can just see the relationship just being torn apart between Paula and Ricardo.

Mark and Meg are talking about Ben and about his moods. Ben hasn't moved anything in the house since the death of Maria. Meg decides that the locked room is a studio because Mark told her that Maria was an artist. Ben and Meg have a conversation in the office but she gets the brush off when she asks him whether or not he is okay. Elaine is denied bail. Gregory asks that she can remain in the holding cell instead of being sent to County. Vanessa asks Gregory how she should write the story and she isn't the least bit nice about it. Paula told Ricardo harshly that there is nothing to say about anything. Paula lashes out to Ricardo and told him that she can't marry him and that she is moving out. Elaine tries to stop her as a Ricardo is stunned. She told Elaine she needs time away from Ricardo. Gabi is looking from afar.

Ben is on the balcony having flashbacks of his romantic encounter with Meg who left despite of him wanting her to. He starts focusing on the mysterious door that we have no clue as to what is there. Annie watches from afar. She tells him that she is leaving so that she can get out of his hair. They discuss her working with Eddie. Annie is moving the last of her stuff and Meg told her that she is probably glad to be at her own house. Meg tells her that she and Ben are getting closer. Annie finds Meg glancing at the locked door and the two of them talk about Maria. Meg starts looking up articles about Ben and his deceased wife. She starts to give in to curiosity and Annie makes sure that Ben know where's Meg is. She starts the countdown to the blow up between Ben and Meg. Ben finds Meg trying to open the locked door and he is shocked.

Rae is obviously distressed about her parents reaction to the news that she and Casey are not really married. Wei-Lee gets through to the Changs by phone. He sets a date with Rae's parents but you can be sure that he has a plan. He told Casey that he needs to go with him.

Wei-Lei arranges for the food to be brought to the table to decrease the interruptions. The meeting starts and they were just about to start with Mr. Chang and his feelings. Casey shows up and Mr. Chang gets upset. Casey figures out that Wei-Lee set he and Rae up to fall. Rae tries to convince her father that she just can't live a life that would make her unhappy. Casey tries to talk to Mrs. Chang who told him that she and her husband had been making progress. She told him that Rae used to always make her family and now has chosen to shut them out. He sees that Wei-Lee is comforting a heartsick Rae, and realizes just what his competitor is up to.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Caitlin and Cole are discussing the jewels and how they can obtain them. Caitlin told Cole of her parents rocky marriage and how she knew the night that they were hosting a campaign party that her mother was with someone. (doesn't realize that it was Cole).She says that she is going to get her mother to help them get the jewels. Cole tries to talk her out of doing this. She tries to discourage him to hold off trying to break into the police evidence room. She leaves to go home and talk to her mother.

Meg is getting ready to walk into Ben's secret room and he confronts her. He blows up and she walks away. He chases her and she told him she just wants to understand him better. After she leaves, he yells out angrily OH Maria.

Gregory reassures Olivia that her secret is safe with him and will not come out in court of her assistance in the kidnapping of the baby of Elaine's. Gregory talks to about his fears that Cole is going to break Caitlin's heart, and that she would probably run off with him. He doesn't realize that he is so close to the truth. Sean and Tiff decide they want to go to THE DEEP. Tim has to take them in case it to much for the recovering Sean. Gregory and Tim have a chat about loyalty. Gregory questions Olivia why she is trying to keep him from getting the information about Elaine's son, unaware that it is Cole St. John. He doesn't understand why she is resisting to help Elaine after everything that she had done to help Elaine. Olibis tries to help Gregory come up with a plan that will keep her in the clear. Caitlin comes home and tries to convince her mother to give Cole the jewels. Olivia tries to persuade Caitlin that Cole is taking advantage of her. Olivia is questioned about what else could be going on to make her feel this way. Caitlin catches that her mother knew of their plans to run off togather and asks how she knew that.

Tim and Annie get togather and have a chat about how they can break up Meg and Ben. They talk about a plan and then Tim is called back to the house by Gregory. Annie then confronts Mark about who his loyalty is with, Ben or Meg. Meg walks in to THE DEEP and Annie asks what is wrong, very smugly. Ben walks in and takes Meg by the hand and pulls her onto the dance floor. Sean and Tiff showed up and discuss whether or not he should apologize to Annie for falsly picking her out of a line up. She told him that she would have done the same thing. annie is visably upset at Ben and Meg dancing. Mark interupts, saying that Ben has a phone call. Tim starts talking about the good times and reflecting how they have a past. He and Meg start talking about Mother's Day and call a truce. Meg mentions that Annie and Ben will always have a past as they do.

Gregory walk in and asks for the file on Elaine's case. He almost catches Cole trying to get into the evidence room.

Thursday, May 8, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Things Will Work Out
Casey tries to comfort Rae after the ordeal with her parents. Casey suggests they fly to San Francisco to apologize to her parents, but Wei Li discourages the thought and told Rae she should give her parents some time. He surmises that Wei Li set this up to put a wedge between Casey and Rae. Wei Li denies the accusations and Rae sticks up for him. She blames Casey for her troubles and Wei Li "kindly" leaves them alone. Casey tries to convince her that her parents love her very much, but Rae told him that dishonor is what is causing the problem not the lack of love. "Wei Li understands, why can't you?" she told Casey. Rae returns later to thank Casey for trying to help, but Casey insists Wei Li is doing this to make her dependent on him. She tries to bring in his relationship with his parents, and Casey emphasizes that is exactly why he knows how important her closeness to he family is. Wei Li meets with Gregory to bargain. He knows some investors in Hong Kong, and wants Gregory to provide a better reason to stay in Sunset Beach "in case anyone asks." He told Gregory he knows he is using The Sentinel to his favor and that the investors and Wei Li like those actions. Wei Li calls Rae to make sure she is doing fine, and he told her that she shouldn't expect her parent to have a change of heart. She spills gratitude towards Wei Li over the phone, as a disappointed Casey leaves the room.

I Only Have Your Best Interest In Mind
Olivia told Caitlin her first love was Armando Deschanel Jr., Caitlin is surprised that's Cole's father was her first love, but is pleased. Olivia explains that she was going to run away with Armando, but she is glad she did not. Caitlin confides in her that Cole is trying to retrieve the jewels as a promise to his grandmother, and Olivia warns Caitlin she is an accessory to Cole's actions. Caitlin asks her mother to give Cole the jewels once the police give them to her. She tries to convince Cailtin that Cole "will do and say anything to get what he wants" and that he is most likely using Caitlin to get the jewels. Cailtin refuses to believe her mother, adding that she can "either be with us, or you can be against us." Gregory arrives, promising Caitlin he won't interfere in her life and that both he and Olivia want to insure her happiness. Cailtin asks her mother to "insure her happiness" by helping her. She told her mother she regrets having the conversation with her mother.

At The Precinct
In the evidence room, Cole recalls his fight with Ben. Outside of the evidence room, Ricardo explains the jewels will be kept as evidence and gives Gregory a copy of the files on Elaine's case. Gabi went to apply for work at the precinct. She "comforts" Ricardo about Paula's dislike towards him. Paula goes to the precinct and thanks Gregory to taking her mother's case. She snidely remarks, "At least there's someone trying to help my mother," as Ricardo walks by. Paula told Ricardo she's moving out. She refuses to change her mind.

Love Might Prevail
Gabi cooks a romantic dinner for two for Paula and Ricardo, she asks Gabi to move out with her. She refuses to leave with her, telling Paula she is throwing away something many women would want. Gabi defends Ricardo's actions and reminds Paula of his good qualities. Ricardo listens outside as Gabi adds how terrible loneliness really is. He asks Paula to work things out, but she adds that she wishes he's lied or cheated on her instead of what happened.

My Mother?
Bette arrives at the precinct to see Elaine, and runs into Cole. She blurts out that "finding out that you're her son" is the only good thing about the situation. A disbelieving Cole listens as Bette tries to convince him to talk her out of pleading guilty. He went to see Elaine and as she sleeps, he recalls the times he talked with Elaine. Elaine is puzzled by his visit, and he asks, "Were you ever going to tell me?" and told her it was his right to know.

Friday, May 9, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Please Let Us Help You
Gabi and Ricardo both try to convince Paula not to walk away. They keep asking Paula to let them help her, but she insists on leaving. She finds the engagement ring Ricardo was going to give her the night she was kidnapped, much to Gabi's disappointment. Ricardo explains he wanted to give her time to get over her ordeal, he didn't want to pressure her into being intimate or into marriage. He asks her stop seeing him as a traitor and realize he's there for her. "It's too late," Paula sighs. Ricardo counters that it isn't and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Paula admits to Ricardo that she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. She adds that she want it "to be the way it used to be" and they share a loving hug. They agree not to do "anything" (intimate) for a while, until Paula is ready. Gabi watches them make up, saying, "Not if I can help it." While trying to sleep, Gabi recalls her "moments" with Ricardo.

Michael and Vanessa kiss as Vanessa's beeper went off. It seems it is one of Gregory's ideas since buying The Sentinel. Michael suggests they spend the evening together. They dance and chat about their hobbies, dreams, and have a romantic evening. Michael mentions how Jimmy must be having a hard time adjusting to his being around after knowing Michael killed his father. Virginia and Jimmy arrive, and Vanessa says she has to leave for a meeting with her boss. Virginia discusses Jimmy's adjustment to Michael after finding out he killed his father.

I'll Not Let Go Of My Little Girl
Gregory offers Caitlin a summer internship at The Sentinel. She counters that she has other plans, and Gregory surmises that she wants to spend more time with her "new" friend. He mentions to Caitlin that he is representing Elaine. Caitlin is surprised that Elaine could have killed Del, but Gregory explains that he needs to find Elaine's son so he can testify on her behalf. Gregory offers Vanessa a promotion, and Vanessa told him she will consider his offer. She went to Michael's to share the news, but finds him and Virginia in an embrace. Vanessa decides not to share the news with him as a result. Gregory makes a phone call asking the other person to find someone for him. Meanwhile Caitlin mulls over her relationship with Cole and her choices with him.

This Is The Truth
Elaine explains to Cole what really happened when he was a baby. She tells Cole that she loved Armando, and that he never knew she was pregnant. Elaine adds that she was told her son was dead four days after his birth, and did not know he was alive until recently. Cole is puzzled and cannot believe what he is hearing or who could have done such a thing. Elaine told Cole, "I believe that you know the answer to that question." She adds that whoever had the him taken from her must have been around him during his childhood. Elaine reminds him that she tried to tell him the day at the pier, but his negative comments about his mother made her keep quiet. She adds that she received a phone call 3 months ago about Del knowing something about her son. Cole realizes that Del is the man Elaine killed, and Elaine told him Del told her he killed her son and would kill Paula if she went to the authorities. Elaine confesses to Cole that she would not have shot Del if she had known her son was alive. He recalls that Paula asked him to speak to Elaine, but Elaine did not tell Cole then because she was afraid he'd consider her confession self serving. Elaine leaves it up to Cole to decide if he wants to get to know his mother, and he leaves saying, "I have to sort this out." Alone, Elaine cries about losing Cole again. Cole comes to a conclusion about the mysterious woman who called Elaine.

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